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  1. kingcabe

    [MOD] Talking Pokes - Gen I-II-III-IV-V

    Está resuelto eso de los bugs que habían? :o
  2. kingcabe

    [GUI] Tansparent

    I have this bug bro! The HP bar in the hordes appears like this, and it should be full if I have not attacked- Nice theme! :D
  3. kingcabe

    Problemas con el último parche.

    kari <3 haz lo que dijo sango, pon "fix client"
  4. kingcabe


    It was me, i try to hack walerito everyday
  5. kingcabe

    Event organized by KMIM

    Bro, eso pasa porque en la tarde/noche el foro se buguea xd. Intenta editarlo más temprano :D saludos.
  6. u have to search in google, we can not provide u links here
  7. kingcabe

    [MOD] Talking Pokes - Gen I-II-III-IV-V

    Thanks u, and thanks for write the spanish translation!!
  8. kingcabe

    must be update hype

  9. kingcabe

    Secret Base (Utility) :D

    I understand, then my proposal would change to modify (as with the port of Vermilion) a secret base (a tree maybe) and placed near a pokemon center, preferably Vermilion or Slateport, which members of a team could access directly to your base , or appear in it, something like that. I think that in economic terms, it would be quite favorable if there were interest in buying items for the base, especially if they are exclusive for RP.
  10. kingcabe

    Secret Base (Utility) :D

    [ENGLISH] : Hi, i think that secret base could be a better utility if you change 2 (little) things: 1. PC of secret base works like the pokemon center PC. 2. A link in the description of the team to go to the secret base of a player (previously chosen) to make it the base of the team, and go directly. In this way it would make sense to want to buy objects for the base, and could even add exclusive "customs" to buy with RP. I hope you read it and thanks for making this game better every time. (google translator) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ESPAÑOL] : Hola, pienso que la base secreta podría tener un mejor uso si ustedes cambian 2 (pequeñas) cosas: 1. El PC de la base secreta pueda ser usado como el PC del centro pokémon. 2. Un link en la descripción del equipo para ir a la base secreta de un jugador (previamente escogido) para hacerla como base del equipo, y poder ir directamente a esta. De esta forma tendría sentido el querer comprar objetos para la base, y podrían incluso agregar objetos "exclusivos" para comprar con RP. Espero que puedan leerlo y gracias por mejorar este juego cada vez más.
  11. kingcabe

    [GUI] Positive-Dark Theme

    Great GUI bro, ty!
  12. kingcabe

    [GUI] Tansparent

    best GUI
  13. kingcabe

    [MOD] Anime Sounds and Cries [SoundPackTV]

    Está muy bueno bro ! Lo único si que esperaba que Meowth dijera "Meowth así es!" jajaj

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