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  1. In my whole Pokémon gaming life, I've never had the fortune to encounter a shiny until I played PokeMMO. I was farming everstones at the Magma Hideout and ran from a shiny torkoal. But as far as I know, nothing has changed.


    Please kill me.

  2. 20 hours ago, Otoya said:

    Here you go but I can make better if you want. :)



    I'm kind of picky when it comes to my signatures, in this one it seems that you just resized a gif, gave the edges a fade and put a name in it.


    I'd love to see curves, some color balance modification going on, some light, or even an overlapping partial blur. Overall, it is simple cute and I like it, but I know you can definitely do better.


    I thank you and will mail you my donation accordingly. 

  3. I think the main reason why they don't want this to happen is because they'd have to do like a duplicate of the forum for every single language. And I really don't know if there's staff that knows each one of those languages, since obviously they'd need to manage the content in each one of the subforums if that happens.

  4. En cuanto al contenido que tiene PokeMMO hasta el momento (Dejando de hablar de solamente islas, sino de pokemon, habilidades, TMs, HMs, etc también), en lo personal me parece bastante basto aunque debo admitir que ese tipo de preguntas no dejan de entrar a mi mente de vez en cuando.


    Pero a su vez, también me entran otras a la cabeza: ¿En realidad cuánto tiempo se necesita para que los GMs, Desarrolladores o Programadores o quien sea que se encargue del contenido en sí de PokeMMO puedan agregar una nueva generación? La respuesta probablemente sería que bastante, porque no solo hablaríamos de nuevos mapas, o nuevos pokemon, sino de un mapa completamente ajeno a lo que existe ahora dentro del juego. 

    En cuanto al contenido de una sola isla, agregada meramente así en el mapa con pokemon diferentes creo que sería más fácil, pero en realidad desconozco la complejidad o posibilidad de que esto pueda llegar a pasar. 


    Creo que por el momento disfrutar del contenido y tratar de ser el mejor, mejor que nadie más! Será lo mejor.

  5. Me parece una idea genial, pero temo que como con muchas otras cosas, si un sistema así llegase a implementarse los usuarios podrían llegar a abusar del sistema para farmear cosas. Fuera de eso, no le encuentro ningún inconveniente y suena muy bien!


    Zombra's post in English (In case someone needs it)


    After playing PokeMMO for hours and getting through all the gyms, I got a little bit bored and thought: What if PokeMMO had an achievement system? You know: An achievement that unlocks once you get a certain quantity of pokemon, or once you defeat a certain number of opponents, or even if I had a certain number of people in my buddylist, for instance. And also it'd be a good idea if once they're unlocked <the achievements> they could provide some sort of rewards with it. For example: After unlocking achievement X you get X number of rare candies, or certain amount of experience for one of your pokemon. That'd keep the players more and more engaged with the game, or they'd just keep them doing to kill some time.



    Here's my own answer in english, just in case someone wants to read it



    I think it's a great idea but I'm afraid that as same as with a lot of stuff, if a system like the one described gets implemented the user could get to a point of abusing it to farm stuff. Other than that, I don't see any other inconvenience and sounds great!


  6. Hello there, PokéTrainers!


    My name is Ereissa, and I recently joined PokéMMO. I wanted to try the game and community experience before doing an official introduction to y'all! Right now it seems to be very exciting and there are very competitive people in the game, which is good.


    Feel free to add me in-game: Ereissa is my trainer name as well. Hope you guys have a nice day, and have fun!

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