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  1. Team Tournament June 2018 Place: 8vo Team Tournament July 2018 Place: 16vo Team Tournament August 2018 Place: 8vo Team Tournament September 2018 Place: 4to Team Tournament October 2018 Place: 4to Team Tournament November 2018 Place: 4to Team Tournament December 2018 Place: 16vo
  2. Updated and i will leave this here ...
  3. En este espacio se registraran todas las participaciones del equipo RÂGE en el torneo de equipos mensual. In this space have all the RÂGE team's participation in the monthly team tournament. Team Tournament November 2017 Place: 14vo Team Tournament December 2017 Place: 8vo Team Tournament January 2018 Place: 4to Team Tournament February 2018 Place: 16vo Team Tournament March 2018 Place: 8vo Team Tournament April 2018 ♛ Place: 1st Team Tournament May 2018 Place: 16vo
  4. Como miembro del equipo RÂGE, se acepta y esta de acuerdo con cumplir el reglamento interno hecho por el mismo equipo, y se acepta que en caso de incumplir se podrá expulsar al miembro. 1.- No cuentas alternativas en el equipo. 2.- Si se abandona del equipo sin una justificación valida, no abra reingreso. 3.- Si se acumula un tiempo de, 3 semanas de inactividad, el usuario será expulsado del equipo. 4.- Es indispensable respetar a todos y cada uno de los miembros del equipo. 5.- Es motivo de expulsión incitar a otro usuarios a irse a otro team. 6.- Cualquier indicio de estafa o robo a un miembro del equipo, usando el equipo como medio para realizar esto, es expulsión automática. 7.- Difundir información del equipo, a otros equipos es motivo de expulsión. TRANSLATE As a member of the RÂGE team, it is accepted and agrees to comply with the regulations internally made by the same team, and it is accepted that in case of non-compliance the member can be expelled. 1.- No alternative accounts in the team. 2.- If you leave the team without a valid justification, do not open re-entry. 3.- If a time of 3 weeks of inactivity accumulates, the user will be expelled from the team. 4.- It is essential to respect each and every member of the team. 5.- It is cause for expulsion to encourage other users to go to another team. 6.- Any indication of fraud or theft to a member of the team, using the equipment as a means to do this, is automatic expulsion. 7.- Disseminating information from the team to other teams is grounds for expulsion.
  5. I do not know if someone has already proposed something similar, or if it is possible. That is why I propose it, Add an option to pause duels and put play, or advance and delay the duel. Also add the option to minimize the duel, to do other things and then go back to watch the duel. Something like that Minimize
  6. Oh yes, I had not seen that they gave me small robot parts. Thanks
  7. I think the pole is bug, since the last update, I try to collect gifts from children, but it does not work. Translate Creo que el polo norte esta bug, desde la ultima actualizacion, intento recojer regalos de niños, pero no funciona.
  8. Try to use the compatibility mode, if the problem persist, i think the only option is look for a better computer.
  9. We will provide brackets in the next tournaments. Thanks to all the team for their participation.
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