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  2. That doesn't explain how users are farming stacks x99 from item and publishing them to gtl in such a short time.
  3. It would be good for the staff to investigate if bots are being used, because if it seems suspicious as there are exorbitant amounts of items
  4. The possibility to customize the android client with themes, as is possible in the pc version.
  5. In-game name : Sunamie Forum name : Sunamie Country : Mexico Tiers signed up for: OU
  6. I do not know if someone has already proposed something similar, or if it is possible. That is why I propose it, Add an option to pause duels and put play, or advance and delay the duel. Also add the option to minimize the duel, to do other things and then go back to watch the duel. Something like that Minimize
  7. IGN: Sunamie Timezone: GMT-6 Fluff: Looking for the first experience in psl, I do not feel the same feeling with Unova, but I've been working hard. Most Preferred Manager: N/A Least Preferred Manager: N/A
  8. Oh yes, I had not seen that they gave me small robot parts. Thanks
  9. I think the pole is bug, since the last update, I try to collect gifts from children, but it does not work. Translate Creo que el polo norte esta bug, desde la ultima actualizacion, intento recojer regalos de niños, pero no funciona.
  10. Try to use the compatibility mode, if the problem persist, i think the only option is look for a better computer.
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