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  1. Electrode Tournament

    We will provide brackets in the next tournaments. Thanks to all the team for their participation.
  2. You do not need to spend if you train, I particularly pass the story without spending anything, obviously you'll take a little longer, but it's possible.
  3. Your Team for Unova

    Metagross helped me too much in the last part of the history
  4. Finally someone has the courage to say it
  5. Modalidad/Mode: 6vs6 OU TM FECHA/Date: 20/112107 Pokemon ban (Special Rules): Dragonite | Dugtrio | Gengar | Salamence | Snorlax | Tyranitar | Wobbuffet | Blissey PREMIO/Prize: ELECTRODE - MODESTA 26/29/21/30/21/27 Host: ChinoSkyVz Winner: Sunamie
  6. Unova's worth as off Nov 18

    Congratulations, and thank for the info!
  7. Add Possibile Abilities in the pokedex entry

    It would be useful, I like the idea
  8. Con el fin de proporcionar a nuestros miembros, media/fotos para representar el equipo en el foro, se ah creado este post el cual servira para aportar y recolectar firmas, banners, fotos oficiales del equipo RÂGE. The purpose of this post is to provide our members, media / photos to represent the team in the forum, this post has been created which will serve to contribute and collect signatures, banners, official photos of the RÂGE team. Official Signatures

  10. RÂGE Somos un equipo relativamente nuevo en la comunidad, aunque quienes lo integramos no lo somos tanto, puesto que tenemos varios años recorriendo el juego. Somos un equipo hispano hablante, un grupo de amigos y amigas que busca divertirse compitiendo y que a partir de eso, surge la idea de crear esta agrupación. Nuestro propósito es conformar un equipo de gran nivel pero que no deje de lado la colaboración grupal en ningún momento, puesto que buscamos mejorar en conjunto. De nada nos sirve la gente egocéntrica e individualista. Somos un equipo abierto a jugadores y jugadoras que aspiren a llegar a lo alto, unidos. Translation RÂGE We are a relatively new team in the community, although those who integrate it are not so much, since we have been touring the game for several years. We are a Spanish-speaking team, a group of friends who are looking to have fun competing and from that, the idea of creating this group arises. Our purpose is to form a team of great level but that does not leave of side the group collaboration in no moment, since we look for to improve altogether. It is useless to us self-centered and individualistic people. We are a team open to players who aspire to reach the top, together. ChinoSkyVz @ChinoskyHz Sunamie @Sunamie Chujl @Chjul19 Raihco @Raih KingCabe @kingcabe DianaMoran Ketze WarritaV Walerito @Walerito MagoDeLuz @MagoDeLuz IvanTPA @IvanTPA Beatricce ChicoPandita Naeee xDarkLord Geesehw SilverxCrack ElPacmanZido BernardoEscalona OscarDST Javiit iCarlosE Conaviciosa @conaviciosa Kinoax Josmannz ErMexicano CivilianTF JosueXT Lossue GarrasAsesinas Osmgall Lettel + 20 members
  11. [Sig] Nyas' Motion Text Sigs

    Awesome thank you, nice job !
  12. [Sig] Nyas' Motion Text Sigs

    Choice of two colors: Blue and Dark Name: Sunamie Team (Optional): Render: Feraligtr
  13. PTS

    If I have this error it means that my computer will not be compatible with the update? I think it's my processor
  14. The next generation is ...

  15. Samurai Jack (Adult Swim season 5)

    You talk about the parallel world of Professor Utonium?

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