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  1. Awww, I actually really like the look of shiny tentacool/cruel :( But seriously, thanks for the answer! I guess over the years of people playing this game some Pokemon just accumulate
  2. Found my first and only OT shiny so far a couple of weeks ago.. and one I really wanted at that! By the way, can anyone tell me why especially shiny tentacool and diglett are so much cheaper than all other shinies? I can see how some shinies would be exceptionally rare, like fossils or Porygon, but everything that can be encountered should be fairly close in price, shouldn't it? Must be something I'm missing here.
  3. Oh, damn, I didn't even know outrage was weaker here! Thanks for the heads up.I will definitely look into doubles once I find the time! Don't really mind that Dragonite might not be absolutely tier 1, I've never been ultra-competetive when it comes to building teams, moreso I just like using Pokemon that I've always liked anyways, haha! Nothing against salamance, but Dragonite has that benefit of the rose tinted nostalgia glasses.
  4. Thanks for the answers! I think in that case I will look into double battles and decide if they interest me. Never played doubles, but who knows, they might just turn out to be really fun! Thanks again for you guys' assistance in this matter!
  5. Hey everyone! So, I'm relatively new to Pokemmo and not yet fully certain about how the meta looks here. I did pick up on how to breed now though and, while I will probably usually be content with 5 perfect IV's, want to create some of my favourite Pokemon with 6 perfect IVs, just because I can be sort of a completionist at times. Now one pokemon I really want to get 6 perfect IVs on is Dragonite, firstly because I have so many fond memories of that Pokemon playing first gen as a kid, secondly because I can use Magikarps to breed, which are obviously going to be easy to catch and also useful for later breeding projects due to their egg groups. Now here's my question; Is a mixed sweeper Dragonite viable in Pokemmo? I was thinking of something like this: Dragonite @ Life Orb - Dragon Dance - Outrage - Earthquake - Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/ others With an EV Spreaf of something like 100 ATK, 252, SPAtk, 156 Speed The special move would depend heavily on what Pokemon are meta in that tier and what I need to counter that. The EV spread is meant to make it so that special attacks have to be taken seriously, while a DDance can establish enough physical threat to not warrant any further IV's used. Again, all of that could be tweaked depending on what the meta calls for, when I actually know what exactly is going on in Pokemmo battling. Keep in mind that I don't actually have a lot of experience in competetive battling, this is just my initial theorycraft. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!