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    1. Parke


      "This video is not available" k :(

    2. Galata



  2. You feel so brave attacking me and hiding behind your screen, If you have any direct problem with me, PM me to solve and stop being a coward.

    1. Draekyn


      who even is that

    2. Aerun


      no idea lmao

  3. I'm dying of envy.CrCBJFt.png

    1. AlitoFernando


      can someone really die of envy ?

    2. Galata


      As I see, they are jealous of me, that's why they attack me kek

    3. Bluebird


      its okay to be jelly of the best girl at the server bae relajate <3

  4. Thanks to this guide I found my first shedinja comp.
  5. Xi6KvKE.png

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    2. Galata


      Stop crying at the "5" walls team were just 3, you should learn how to count.

    3. Savrad


      its okay guys, stop this shit here, you are right we should know how to counter that strategy

    4. Abrilsnow


      Oh, yeah? Because she was the one who visited first my profile and my boyfriend's last weekend, so I visited her as I visit lots of profiles here. You're not that important, really, just another bunch-of-walls-fan. Guys, instead of commenting, teach your little girl how to play as a strategic trainer. Cya IG!

  6. I need to water berrios :c

  7. Omg this looks so cute *^* Good job <3
  8. TFW u try to cover the user but u forgot the whisp window ("Whispering -no one saw nothing here °^°- LOL)
  9. need to talk with u asap...

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