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    El server aun esta en mantenimiento, y trata de comentar en ingles ya que las normas del foro lo requieren.
  2. I can not believe that it was forbidden because of that, I play very well since 2012 I know the rules, it would be very stupid to lose more than 6 years of progress, that's what the Chinese do, because they involve me in those things? This is very unfair, I would have accepted that I was banned for inappropriate language or something else, but for something I never did it is very unfair.
  3. I honestly do not understand the reason for my ban now, or are they banning random players? I'm not going to bother insulting, or create a new account, I just want to know the reason for the ban, I still do not understand the reason why I have so much contempt, I have helped Spanish-speaking players much more than the staff members, I have made many people know the game, I promoted their beta of android to buy reward points, and never asked for anything in return, I was always happy with only being able to enter to chat with my friends in the game, and it is the 6th account that they ban me.
  4. keep in mind that most players who post in Spanish or Portuguese are new players looking for a solution or help from a member of the staff, and by not getting that help in the game, they look for it in the forum, and not all they know the rules of this, so punishing them does not seem like a good idea, the ideal would be to explain how things work when posting in the forum.
  5. That's completely narcissistic on your part, PokéMMO is for users of all languages, the fact that you do not like Spanish-speaking players is your problem, and that's not why they should be banned or punished.
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