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  1. Details: Automated Tournament | Single Battle | 64 Players | 6v6 NU Date & Time: Date : Friday 26th May Time : 7pm BST || 2pm EDT Registration: Registration will open 15 minutes prior to the tournament. You will be able to register for a tournament on the top floor of a Pokemon Centre, through the battle PC. The PC you need is the one on the right, which I am standing in front of in the picture below. You can also register for the tournament by clicking the PvP menu option (Masterball icon on the bottom right of your client). Clauses: Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP Item Tournament Clauses Explained Prizes: First Prize Shiny Gift Whismur Your choice of nature, two moves, 2x31 and 4x25 IVs & 1,000,000 Pokeyen OR 1000 Reward Points Second Prize 500,000 Pokeyen OR 500 Reward Points Third - Fourth Prizes 250,000 Pokeyen OR 250 Reward Points Host: Yohannovich
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