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  1. [läva] Team läva

    Every journey ends but we go on.
  2. [läva] Team läva

    spectating from the side lines :'[
  3. [läva] Team läva

    we should have like a wall of fame
  4. [läva] Team läva

  5. [läva] Team läva

    I didn't want to say this but :3 ... look at the dates Sat 13th of July and Sun the 14th of July is in 2019
  6. [läva] Team läva

    woah a free shinny
  7. [läva] Team läva

    GrizLee should try doing a signature shop.
  8. [läva] Team läva

    that's it I quit . I QQUUIT!!
  9. [läva] Team läva

    i want one too
  10. [läva] Team läva

    *June :3
  11. [läva] Team läva

    gl with the events guys ^-^

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