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  1. 请前往 Ban Appeal 版块申诉。 For ban appeal please visit here.
  2. Yes. I've resigned. You can download the client on the unofficial forums but you can also go here directly: 是的,我已辞职。 你可以在中文社区下载客户端,但也可以直接这里:
  3. Sorry man, I know nothing about it. You don't need to ask a normal player but an incumbent GM, btw.
  4. 如果不是汉化文本造成的,那我就没辙了,抱歉 I have no idea if it's not because of the translation file. Sorry.
  5. The translation file can cause the problem. Open the file (with any text editor) located at: 可能是汉化文本造成的。打开如下文件(任意文本编辑器均可): ./data/strings/string_zh.xml Remove the following texts: 移除如下文本: typeface="sc" The updated contents should be like: 更改后的内容大致如下: <strings lang="zh" lang_full="中文 (Chinese)" is_primary="0"> Have fun! 游戏愉快!
  6. As stated here, don't worry. Have fun!
  7. As told, please visit Ban Appeal for the issue. Gonna close this thread. Good luck! 请前往 Ban Appeal 版块申诉。此帖将关闭。祝好!
  8. Please be patient for the reply from my superior. Every appeal will be carefully dealt with. Making public thread doesn't speed up the process.
  9. There are some rules for email change that you can read here: https://pokemmo.eu/account_change_email/ If the link above doesn't work for you, please visit Support Request to create a ticket. Welcome back :)
  10. These pages may help: Pokemon Locations @Goku for you too.
  11. Hi, please visit Ban Appeal for your request. Good luck!
  12. Please visit Ban Appeal for the request. If the decision has been made then it is final and will not be overturned. Good luck!
  13. 你好,请前往 Ban Appeal 版块申诉。申诉的时候可以中文。祝好! Hi, please visit Ban Appeal and feel free to post in Chinese there. Good luck!
  14. YIBU


    As @Bestfriends as stated, please go to Ban Appeal if you feel unfair. Good luck!
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