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  1. YIBU


    Very much. Part of life.
  2. YIBU


    请前往 Ban Appeal 版块申诉。 Please visit Ban Appeal section for your request.
  3. SGM 的裁定即是终审,不可撤销。请勿重复申诉。 The decision given by SGM is final and will not be overturned. Please do not post duplicate ban appeals anymore.
  4. Transfers between alternate accounts are allowed. I hope you enjoy the game. 大小号转账是允许的。游戏愉快!
  5. YIBU

    No gm to deal with my Ban Appeal?

    Please be patient. Making a public thread won't speed up the process.
  6. Just as Kyu has stated: 我们不禁止好友交易、大小号转账、赠送以及售卖礼物商城道具等。
  7. YIBU

    Let's bug Walerito :D

    As stated, for ban appeal, please visit here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/
  8. YIBU

    Player Reports

    As stated, please go to Ban Appeal for your request. 请前往 Ban Appeal 版块申诉。
  9. YIBU

    gift for my fans

    It's legit in this case, so you don't need to worry about how to distribute your gifts. I hope you and your fans enjoy yourselves in PokeMMO :)
  10. YIBU

    Candy cane

    Here can be the answer.
  11. YIBU

    关于公会 About the guild

    不需要。祝游戏愉快! No and feel free to host your own team events. Have fun!
  12. YIBU


    请前往 Ban Appeal 版块申诉。 Please send your request in Ban Appeal section.
  13. YIBU


    Please be patient for a SGM response to your ban appeal. Making public threads will not speed up the process.
  14. 请前往 Support Request 版块申请帮助。 Please go to Support Request section for help.

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