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  1. YIBU

    Let's bug Walerito :D

    As stated, for ban appeal, please visit here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/
  2. YIBU

    Player Reports

    As stated, please go to Ban Appeal for your request. 请前往 Ban Appeal 版块申诉。
  3. YIBU

    gift for my fans

    It's legit in this case, so you don't need to worry about how to distribute your gifts. I hope you and your fans enjoy yourselves in PokeMMO :)
  4. YIBU

    Candy cane

    Here can be the answer.
  5. YIBU

    关于公会 About the guild

    不需要。祝游戏愉快! No and feel free to host your own team events. Have fun!
  6. YIBU


    请前往 Ban Appeal 版块申诉。 Please send your request in Ban Appeal section.
  7. YIBU


    Please be patient for a SGM response to your ban appeal. Making public threads will not speed up the process.
  8. 请前往 Support Request 版块申请帮助。 Please go to Support Request section for help.
  9. Dealt with so I'm closing this thread. And if anyone else has the same issue, As Kyu has stated in the changelog:
  10. YIBU


    As Diano has stated above, you should go to Ban Appeal section for your request. I'm closing this thread. 如上述 Diano 所言,请前往 Ban Appeal 版块申诉。此帖将被关闭。
  11. YIBU

    pc宠物问题 Question about Pokemon in PC

    针对你最后一个问题:Shift 键按住然后左键单击即可多选。更多操作可以看精灵箱子右上角的 ? 符号提示。 For your last question/suggestion: Shift + Left Click for multiselect. You can check the ? icon at the top right of the PC Deposit Box.
  12. YIBU


    如上 @nick870213 所言,你需要去精灵宝可梦中心内的电脑上才能操作。 此问题已经得到解答,因此本帖关闭。 As nick870213 has stated, you need to handle it on PC in Pokemon Center. Now that this question has been solved, I'm closing this topic.
  13. YIBU


    如上面 Diano 所言,如果你在寻找中文汉化包,可以前往我的帖子去下载。但如果你在寻找 ROM,抱歉我们不提供下载,也不会助你寻找。游戏愉快! As Diano has stated above, if you are looking for Chinese translations, please go to my thread where you can get the download link. But if you are looking for roms, sorry that we will not supply you with the roms, or help you find them as they are copyrighted. Have fun!
  14. Android but the OT is not from China.
  15. Not mine but a friend's.

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