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  1. There are some rules for email change that you can read here: https://pokemmo.eu/account_change_email/ If the link above doesn't work for you, please visit Support Request to create a ticket. Welcome back :)
  2. These pages may help: Pokemon Locations @Goku for you too.
  3. Hi, please visit Ban Appeal for your request. Good luck!
  4. Please visit Ban Appeal for the request. If the decision has been made then it is final and will not be overturned. Good luck!
  5. 你好,请前往 Ban Appeal 版块申诉。申诉的时候可以中文。祝好! Hi, please visit Ban Appeal and feel free to post in Chinese there. Good luck!
  6. YIBU


    As @Bestfriends as stated, please go to Ban Appeal if you feel unfair. Good luck!
  7. As Kyu has stated: and according to the rule in TOS: Your friend can freely and legally give away his assets to you while account sharing is not allowed.
  8. No. The data and API I provided were also community-sourced.
  9. Sounds like an awesome project! If you get to the step that users can also choose egg moves, I can provide some data for you like: https://m.pokemmo.net/move.html?id=curse&lang=en
  10. Sorry, there's no ETA for new regions at the moment.
  11. If you fail to update directly, could you please try downloading the client here?
  12. We truly appreciate what Nico has done for the game and all of his efforts are never forgotten. Thanks for bringing it up.
  13. YIBU


    Now that Bear has responded, I will close the topic. Joining the staff rank is not the only way to help the community. There are many non-staff-member players who devote themselves to the game and win respect from others. Anyway, have fun here!
  14. YIBU

    Help me

    As @Deviluke has pointed out, please visit Support Request to submit your request if the web tool is not available for you. 请前往 Support Requst 版块提交申请。
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