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  1. Team Name: Quiler coacheame Player 1: DarkQuiler Player 2: RealDevilLegend
  2. Team: SonsOfTheDeath Tag: HDLM Players: RealDevilLegend, Nagahex, DarkQuiler, JasonSparrowX, InuyashaL, AkaruKokuyo, JorgeFirebolt, Intimidoar, Corazones, Smbee, Neblinamist, Killuminatis, Uriincrdbl, DarkNightZz, Makx, Palmaker, Daveart, AmandaLopez, NotLuffy, aspace, yaritan Captain: NagaHex
  3. IGN: RealDevilLegend Accolades: i have won a few tournaments Fluff: I know about lc and have experiences managing teams, 2 time manager psl with op score, but lose final F Fluff2: If u want coach i can help u haahaahahahahahah
  4. https://pokepast.es/a2751d1e86ba573c -Simple team: spam spikes and rocks -Chandelure hp fight 2 hits on tyranitar -Reuni Double Dance and Loom Bulk Up free win
  5. https://pokepast.es/4923a1f9b74b325c
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