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  1. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeathTeam Tag: [HDLM] Registered Players: RealDevilLegend, JorgeFirebolt, Killuminatis, Azzazz, SkullDeus, Nagahex, Makx, Zenenn, DylanWoodZ, DarkNightzZ, xMago, yaritan, InuyhasaL, AaronRC, AurumPegasus. Team Captain: RealDevilLegend
  2. Team name: HDLM no shinys Players: Nagahex, JorgeFirebolt, RealDevilLegend
  3. Team Name: HDLM no shinys Registered players: Killuminatis, DarknightzZ, RealDevilLegend
  4. WallsLife Hitmontop, garchomp, togekiss, ferrothorn, gastro, rotom-h
  5. PedroLindoUnico Garchomp, gengar, rotom-h,Carracosta, amoongus, toge
  6. BranYT Toxicroak ludicolo pelipper kingdra metagross gastrodon
  7. @urquidi @Xigbar @Supermann @isperea edit post with team 50 min for close registration.
  8. GabyPinkWings kingdra, torkoal, liligant, scizor, togekiss, amoongus
  9. @iJulian @isperea @Supermann @XondeX @Kaitha @LordCyber @GasaiYunoSan @Xigbar @MknsZblex @Rendi @JamesFaul @AlejandroGB @urquidi need edit with team pls
  10. hitmontop, togekiss, metagross, arcanine, reuniclus, porygon2
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