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  1. This post will serve for those who lack players for the tournament next 28/04. You can publish the tiers you play and how many players you are looking for. Traducción:
  2. IGN: RealDevilLegend post team for mail
  3. I only played because they said there was no other way, but if you want to be a Host to do what you want with the rules, I can not do anything, I do not cry, I only tell the truth. You also make me play a tier that is not mine, ez no?
  4. When busso did not show up for the fight, they made him get up at 4 am to fight and yellow card, now that our OU are not there, they make me go OU that is not my tier, they pass the rules in the ass. GG again and enjoy 3rd place
  5. GG Belgium won by breaking the rules, enjoy the 10M
  6. in 10 min RealDevilLegend (Spain) vs Stelian (Belgium)
  7. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Tag: HDLM Registered Players: RealDevilLegend, Makx, Nagahex, xMago, Joalza, Zreetx, Navetas, AaronRC, VadimEmpoleon, DarkQuiler, lKillua, Lluvvia, KEIMBWG, BlascoN, JasonSparrowX, AssasinGK, Killuminatis Team Captain: RealDevilLegend
  8. Me vs iJulianFNT -> when Julian connects.
  9. in spain is gmt+1 xD about 12-13 hours from now.
  10. xk pones a enchan bailando? GL in final prooooooh
  11. sorry again but in battle screen say RealDevilZegend, can u remplaze for RealDevilLegend?
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