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  1. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeathTeam Tag: HDLMRegistered Players: RealDevilLegend, AkaruKokuyo, Nagahex, MedioMuerto, Neblinamist, JorgeFirebolt, Uriincrdbl, TojoYoyo, VadimEmpoleon, Luxye, IndigoSike, GabyPinkWings, Hernjet, Bishmillah, Toxicz, bocajrmatt, aspaceeTeam Captain: Nagahex
  2. with what i propose, they would have pve content that would be the raids where you would get pokemons with ha and legends we need it or the competitive will die
  3. Instead of an event like the previous ones, it would be better for everyone to implement the hidden ab and legendaries with the dungeons, which they promised so much in 2016.
  4. Team name: Play 4 fun Player UU: RealDevilLegend Player NU: Belesy
  5. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeathTeam Tag: [HDLM]Registered Players: RealDevilLegend, MedioMuerto, Nagahex, Uriincrdbl, Neblinamist, JorgeFirebolt, AkaruKokuyo, VadimEmpoleon, bocajrmatt, Artemisaaa, Belesy, GabyPinkWings, Hernjet, NotLuffy, aspaceeTeam Captain: RealDevilLegend
  7. IGN: RealDevilLegend Accolades: Ban from Wc cuz im bad 😉 Fluff: Nothing to say
  8. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Tag: HDLM Registered Players: RealDevilLegend, Nagahex, Pablobacas, CarolML, MedioMuerto, Uriincrdbl, AkaruKokuyo, InuYashaL, JorgeFirebolt, Artemisaaa, VadimEmpoleon, Neblinamist, Hernjet, NotLuffy, TojoYoyo, AaronRC, Corazones, Toxicz, Luxye, aspacee Team Captain: RealDevilLegend
  9. @SaKuRaluv ign pls @clayclovermanda la bet de endo vs abs
  10. Uri won 2-1 vs sweet Filantropia 2-1 arca
  11. The Wooper's Punch (0) Vs Celadon Porygons (0) OU1: zKuroko Vs Quitezy OU2: qmanzanop Vs Azphiel UU: xNotYourFriend Vs MadaraSixSix @SaKuRaluv NU: xJossue Vs ByronerAJNG Dubs: YJos Vs Rickypoke LC: Kokenosaurio Vs xWhinkz MC - OU: zLumiere Vs Edwardinho MC - UU: Huargensy Vs BadButWin 100k each Air Slash - Kiss (0) Vs Mystical Sylveons (0) OU1: PoseidonWrath Vs SumiSakurasawa OU2: abstractt Vs Endosad @clayclover UU: ninamik Vs iYaseer NU: Cristi Vs zDeviljho Dubs: Alaniz Vs JeanMarcH LC: awaLLz Vs Skylux MC - NU: Tawla Vs CapitanVane MC - Dubs: xSofy Vs AkaruKokuyo 100k each The Shuppet's Puppets (0) Vs Atlantic Kingdras (0) OU1: MedioMuerto Vs ELMALOTE OU2: xBaraTojox Vs Onraider UU: CarolML Vs zAnderson NU: Uriincrdbl Vs SweeTforU Dubs: HALOTT Vs Paramore LC: Hernjet Vs Arveri MC - LC: GabyPinkWings Vs Badbaarsito MC - UT: Toxicz Vs KaynineXL 200k each Facursarings (0) Vs Our Force Arceus (0) OU1: Zhiko Vs Bund OU2: DiositoSlurpuff Vs SecretPlayerZ UU: IIpizzaboyII Vs MrXehanort NU: manymony Vs DrTylerGrey Dubs: Larosoa Vs GodXebec LC: Arca Vs Filantropia MC - Dubs: lKillua Vs Kepzal MC - Dubs: folagara Vs NotLuffy 100k each
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