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  1. Yangsam vs Forfiter. One of the best UU players. Never seen them battle eachother. Willing to pay 100k to see this
  2. I take Mihawk Aerun and BlueB
  3. Make it 325 then
  4. Muk (Adamant) - 27 / 27 / 29 / 20 / 25 / 31 - Thunderpunch, Ice Punch, Substitute, Focus Punch 300k for this one
  5. I am in! Nice tourney :)
  6. Kimi vs Nikh already happened but I don't mind getting that free 100k ;d I take Des vs yang
  7. I still get 50k from you @BlackJovi from the qbeert vs belieberboy bet.
  8. Are you serious? Everyone expected Buzzwoles to be last place and we are top 2 :) Keith best manager by far
  9. Sejuani lost vs The Drug should count as 3 losses jaja
  10. Best Overall player: Enchanteur Best OU player: Enchanteur Best UU player: BurntZebra Best NU player: SejuaniSupport Best Doubles player: Gbwead Best DPP OU player: NikhilR Best SM OU player: Raptori Breakout player of the season: Moises Best pick/buy: Enchanteur Worst pick/buy: Murcielago? Didnt even play lol, such credit waste Best manager: OldKeith Worst manager: Eric Meme player of the season: TRANZ
  11. Worst manager: EricTheGoat
  12. Lmao fuck ya all who want this banned. Granbull is NU and stays Granbull c u.
  13. I won this bet @BlackJovi. Can you mail 49k or meet me in game?
  14. tbh isn't qbeertje kinda dead in this game? I played world cup thing with Netherlands and he didn't even bother scheduling or coming online.