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  1. Shiny Watchog Lottery

    26 and 97 for me drugggggg
  2. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Vieze bloedhond Dennis
  3. Come back at mmo my italian friend xd

  4. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Ofc Coolio that gets the best shiny in unova ;-; I am jealoussss
  5. Make TMs craftable

    There is no reason to do this to comp players. Also take in consideration that breeders are very expensive to make comps.
  6. Make TMs craftable

    This is fucking bullshit. EVERY comp player lost millions and millions on comps that AINT usable cuz new update. Having to pay 30-40k for each TM is a JOKE. Why hurt the people that aint rich like comp players. Hurt the rich people that lowball shiny's and shiny hunt. Make leppa's 100k each
  7. Selling Shiny Stunfisk! Only one in server!!

    He most likely just buying them to list for more expensive on gtl
  8. Elite 4 totally broken

    I 100% agree. The storyline is hard as fuck. I had to use my OP comps like Ttar, Dragonite and such to beat them. If you are just playing for storyline its almost impossible to beat it. Also revive's cost 3k???? xdxdxd
  9. Rate my team

    On blastoise I would use surf in stead of Rapid spin. On Roserade Synthesis in stead of rest
  10. Rate my team

    We don't have Infernape in this game
  11. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    do we have cancel button now?

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