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  1. Aroma and Leech Seed are good options aswell.
  2. Meganium needs HP Fire for Scizors.
  3. AJAX AMSTERDAM !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Take care Eggplant, was nice knowing you :)
  5. I paid LeJovi, will pay Jice and DoubleJ soon
  6. I take the Yub vs me from these 3.
  7. I forgot to add Hitmonchan, Rapidasj and Primeape. I will 100% do them later. I don't think Seviper, Togetic and Breedill are good pokemons tbh.
  8. Thanks DoubleJ, Didi and Jostarr, I will add them later. I totally forgot Expload. And DoubleJ I don't use Diglett cuz I think its scum and I rather give no set then a bad one.
  9. Thanks Risadex, I appreciate the support. I will add the pokemons that starts with L-Z later. I also changed Flareon wallbreaker set.
  10. I already changed some things you noticed before you told. Is if worth investing in more speed on Flareon though? HP Grass is a good shout, I will add it later. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. I could ask Diglett to the list, although I don't really know what the used sets for it is. Same goes for Cacturne.