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  1. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    I take LifeStyle vs Sejuani Torboiiii
  2. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Happy birthday to @queenjeanne. I hope you will have a great day.
  3. Akshit's Asylum [Vanity Items]

    very good and fast service. Got my order done in less then 2 hours. Would recommend anyone
  4. Account security

    I also read that in October 2016 Pokemon uguu has suffered from a data breach which has 830k accounts with IP, passwords, e-mails and all. I hope we can get some good verification added asap. Thanks for the quick reply Kyu.
  5. Dunno how to make poll's bro
  6. Account security

    Just wanna bump this I see @Kizhaz very very secure.... I really think this should be done asap with the recent hacking activity's in game. Getting an authenticator is something that really has to be done. Maybe having an code you have to typ to get into your PC would be a great idea, something similair as in Runescape.
  7. How are we gonna let a hacker take part of this PSL? Are you serious?
  8. WTB comps/shinies Water A WTS few stuff

    I think 400k for this Hippo is more then fair.
  9. WTB comps/shinies Water A WTS few stuff

    You put it up for 450k. I am willing to pay 400k for it, since I also have to pp max slack off.
  10. WTB comps/shinies Water A WTS few stuff

    400k hippo
  11. [PSL9] Player Registration

    IGN: Mnemosyne Timezone: Europe (think it's GMT+1) Fluff: Played 3 PSL's before, where I played the NU tier. I have been a part of team Buzzwole, Cuboned and I have been in Giantpipe his team, in all of them I reached semi finals atleast. I don't mind being used as a supersub. I went for 2000 last season and should go for around the same amount of credits this season. I have been important for Buzzwoles reaching the play offs, by beating several good players in the NU tier. Most Preferred Manager: Don't care Least Preferred Manager: Don't care Tier: OU MMO
  12. [PSL 9] Predictions Thread

    I would hope this Mkns Pachima K9 Jovi Porkporkpork DoctorPBJ Maekaay Sebat
  13. Knock Off

    Scarf Tyranitar outspeeds?

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