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  1. Didnt saw you on the list. But done
  2. 100k on BlueBreath 100k on YettoDie 100k on EVLGoon 200k on Forfiter 100k on Julian
  3. This is impossible to do since matches dont end at the same time.
  4. Thinking to start play the NU tier. What are the 'top' NU mons right now? Can't really find a viability ranking or something unfortunately.
  5. Kean is was so amazing. I hope he gets more gametime. Shame he didnt took the penalty for a hattrick.
  6. I give the game 2 more years before its gunne be dead
  7. Bearminator for me by far. Most annoying person and worst mod on this game. Behaving like a vampire giving everyone undeserved warning points.
  8. I like the same format as last year. A time that would fit for me living in Europe would be nice so please avoid that I have to do this at like 3 am or something.
  9. If you hate Conkel just bring a rain team with mixed Dragonite and Pelipper or bring a Chandelure or something. I don't really think Conk is that problematic.
  10. Well it's not healthy if you are forced to run either Chansey or Blissey to 'counter ' one mon. While Hydreigon also gets U-turn to keep momentum if the opponnent has one of the big blob's.
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