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  1. The Taillows losing, you love to see it.
  2. 1M on Tailows winning week 1, void if tie or activity decision making the decision (either way)
  3. Hey @Kyu loving the update so far so good job with the work you put into! Have you thought about what is going to happen now with the value of BattlePoints? The way you can get BP now is very easy (without any chance of losing BP) this will result in massive drops of items like Choice -Bands/Scarf/Specs, which I expect to end up being very cheap in the near future. Isn't it better to tweak the amount of BP you get so these items will actually hold its value that it had before this update (or close to that?)
  4. Hannahtaylor is also being around for years. Not really an argument imo.
  5. Me vs Archonnn in 10 minutes from now on
  6. Take the Taystee vs BlueBreath bet for 200k.
  7. IGN : Bulbasaur Country : The Netherlands Tiers : OU
  8. Banning an ability doesnt seem very complex for me. They banned Sand Veil on Garchomp. Might aswell ban uncompetitive abilities that trap. Its better for the competitive meta. And that is the most important thing.
  9. Well if you and the TC are aware of this problem why does it take so long to do something about it. Even when you know the solution of the problem, which is banning Wobbufett or banning the ability Shadow Tag?
  10. From what I heard (I don't know if this is actually true) is that the TC don't want any ubers. So an uberless tier. Something just has to be done because this current meta isn't healthy at all.
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