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  1. Mnemosyne

    Least liked staff member

    Bearminator for me by far. Most annoying person and worst mod on this game. Behaving like a vampire giving everyone undeserved warning points.
  2. Mnemosyne

    NBA Season 2018-2019 + NBA Fantasy League

    I like the same format as last year. A time that would fit for me living in Europe would be nice so please avoid that I have to do this at like 3 am or something.
  3. Mnemosyne

    NBA Season 2018-2019 + NBA Fantasy League

    I am in to defend my champions title :)
  4. Mnemosyne

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    If you hate Conkel just bring a rain team with mixed Dragonite and Pelipper or bring a Chandelure or something. I don't really think Conk is that problematic.
  5. Mnemosyne

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Well it's not healthy if you are forced to run either Chansey or Blissey to 'counter ' one mon. While Hydreigon also gets U-turn to keep momentum if the opponnent has one of the big blob's.
  6. Mnemosyne


    U banned though bye
  7. Mnemosyne

    What's the best way to make money?

    I like Ranked PvP and gym rematches
  8. Mnemosyne

    Pokemmo on ios when

    Can't they just make an illegal download so you don't need the app store. Because for android you don't need google play either
  9. Mnemosyne

    Pokemmo on ios when

    Who are you and why are you Moderator?
  10. Mnemosyne

    Pokemmo on ios when

    When we getting pokemmo on the amazing ios? takes too long
  11. Mnemosyne

    Football discussion thread

    No way Juventus will buy Pogba. Unless Juve selling more players.
  12. Mnemosyne

    Fantasy Premier League draft

    I am fine with that I guess
  13. Mnemosyne

    Football discussion thread

    It wasnt a jouk
  14. Mnemosyne

    Football discussion thread

    I can't take people screaming ITS COMING HOME seriously while they only won vs shitters and colombia

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