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  1. Mnemosyne

    Pokemmo on ios when

    Can't they just make an illegal download so you don't need the app store. Because for android you don't need google play either
  2. Mnemosyne

    Pokemmo on ios when

    Who are you and why are you Moderator?
  3. Mnemosyne

    Pokemmo on ios when

    When we getting pokemmo on the amazing ios? takes too long
  4. Mnemosyne

    Football discussion thread

    No way Juventus will buy Pogba. Unless Juve selling more players.
  5. Mnemosyne

    Fantasy Premier League draft

    I am fine with that I guess
  6. Mnemosyne

    Football discussion thread

    It wasnt a jouk
  7. Looks like a solid team. You could also use Ferrothorn which really appreciates rain to get yourself rocks or spikes on the field.
  8. Mnemosyne

    Football discussion thread

    I can't take people screaming ITS COMING HOME seriously while they only won vs shitters and colombia
  9. Mnemosyne

    Football discussion thread

    but pickford a trash goalie he a midget
  10. Mnemosyne

    Football discussion thread

    Daley Blind and Dusan Tadic joining Ajax. What an amazing summer this been so far. We gonna win the Europe League and Eredivisie!
  11. Mnemosyne

    Breedin'shop - Buying shiny minerals/Solosis female

    How my breed doin
  12. Mnemosyne

    Breedin'shop - Buying shiny minerals/Solosis female

    Hey, can you make me a competitive Skarmory: 31/27+/27+/x/27+/31 Egg: Brave Bird Nature: Impish Let me know if you can, if so I mail you the 200k. Let me know if you are able to do this - Mnemosyne
  13. Mnemosyne

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Swiss Round 1/5

    me and elcoolio playing in 10 mins
  14. Why can Tj get a Porygon2 for 50 credits ??

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