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  1. Popplio

    [Tutorial] How to make Music Mod

    PVP/Ranked. I Went Recheck ,Notice It Was In Brstm instead of Ogg Format =w=\ . It's Work Now.
  2. aren't it bad just attack frankie in forums .
  3. omg xD I Can't breath how he mess up
  4. no u (bring back hide and seek)
  5. Popplio

    [Tutorial] How to make Music Mod

    doesn't seen to work
  6. Popplio

    [Tutorial] How to make Music Mod

    does anyone know how to change bgm that play on matchmaking/tournament batttle?
  7. long time no see

  8. Hello :3 I Have Made A Sinnoh Music Mod For Kanto. Sinnoh Soundtrack Are One Of My Favorite DOWNLOAD: (v1.0) https://tinyurl.com/ya3vrc2e HOW TO USE: Place This Zip Under Mod Folder "\PokeMMO\data\mods" CHANGELOG: Added Sinnoh Music Mod *Haven't Replace SS Anne And Prof Oak Track * *This Mod Might Not Loop*
  9. Popplio

    [Tutorial] How to make Music Mod

    I did try Unova mod and doesn't seen to work. 1128-1139
  10. @ReddoKun *Use Max Revive*
  11. sure sure.gl then ^^
  12. @Jordzi Comp Team <3 Reddo http://challonge.com/training_camp_day_1 update now.

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