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  1. now we'll never see @Gunthug shadowball girafarigs again
  2. i was asking this for a friend @DaftCoolio either way im not too bothered about it being added, there was a mod which did the same. i just didn't agree with how Rache phrased it
  3. why don't those players with more experience, a better memory, or the willingness to google deserve an advantage? stop spoonfeeding imo
  4. its just annoying cause muscle memory kicks in and i tab out to do some random stuff while waiting for my horde to appear, and then it didn't cause i didn't click the lil arrow. almost as annoying as that 1 extra step in pokecenters
  5. Flavawhat


    so much new content but i can't get over the huge battle screen overlapping my chat
  6. you might have sprite mods still active
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