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  1. 4 ppl died trying to save that guy. pls die
  2. the episode was hype but what is Bran even doing ? i thought atleast he was trying to pull some badass shit while they guard him but he did literally nothing. And why do they want him so badly anyway? the whole dragon 'battle' was a bit weird, i think Jon could have done more damage on the ground with his sword tbh. i wonder where things go from now, are the ded just gone ? arya is the final boss of GoT ? rip dorthraki, the fiercest warriors
  3. shiny houndour value estimate ?
  4. it didn't even start yet and ppl are already angry. good job coolio
  5. Flavawhat


    but are you TEH PENGUIN OF D00M ??!
  6. the trick is to first trade the trumpet to your friend and THEN seal it
  7. - Epic name: FlavaJabari - Platform: pc rastermace - Server: eu - Overall K/D: 0.89 - Fluff: will jovi be there
  8. what if they are hatching all these rares cuz the masuda method is implemented in mmo ?!!?!
  9. Flavawhat


    i'd prefer if they added legendaries in some other way, like a dungeon !!
  10. adding a bunch of moneysinks, while at the same time nerfing most of the ways to get yen = barely have enough money to finish some comps, let alone buy shinies.
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