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  1. aye you creepin. it's mayu's blog
  2. I wanted to come here, so the jokes on u



  3. when you're looking for them dank memes
  4. there are bound to be arguments when it comes to players their valuable pokemanz, but is it rlly any worse than half the psl or other comp related threads. i don't know how bad VD got in the end before it got closed, but it ran 'fine' for like 500 pages. i think its worth giving it a shot, POYS thread got closed 47 times but the icebreaker thread is doing pretty good!
  5. i did it mom
  6. i don't get it
  7. aye let's get a 3v3 mmo players only going
  8. while I agree, i usually just check on the official event calendar. seems to be up to date usually
  9. its not like we want GTL gone, it's a nice feature. but there's no reason a better trading community and GTL can't coexist. same with automated vs silph tourneys. lucky eggs might have been the worst currency ever, but back then you could buy a staryu for 8 eggs, an onix and 3 earthquakes and it was awesome.
  10. the first thing i remember about getting into pokemon was just trading cards on the playground, not even knowing the actual card game. then later hooking up your gameboy color to your bro's and trading some pokemon around, what a time to be alive. just saying trading is a huge part of pokemon and pokemmo killed it. bring back value discussion, change high price taxes on gtl, make tradechat global again. pretty much everything draekyn said and then some.
  11. if you rocksmash geodudes they have a chance of holding 1 of the fossils, which you can then hatch
  12. i added you on Myspace.