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  1. how many times are you gonna change your name bro
  2. are dragons cold blooded animals ?!!
  3. i dunno, the whole catch a white walker and bring it to cersei plan seems pooped. what will it accomplish?
  4. such a weird way to introduce gendry again. lemme just pick him up in the exact same spot we found him 7y ago
  5. coolio clearly best manager
  6. it was rather disappointing. if i want some last second heroic 'the main character got away' crap, i'd watch every movie ever made.
  7. jamie or bronn should have died there tbh. episode was hype af. must ve been a tough call for tyrion
  8. it has a shit watermark anyway
  9. so epi 4 leaked, anyone watching ?
  10. why is cath not in the poll ? everything is her fault tbh
  11. the best game i have ever watched
  12. bran using his 3 eyed raven powers to watch his sister get the rape
  13. is aimi like the final boss
  14. 'tweaking it a bit'