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  1. jokes on you, Coolio already was the worst psl host ever.
  2. i honestly never read the club pages where as before i would read whole pages of different team threads. is the benefit of not having to moderate this dead section of forum worth it? if the answer from devs is yes, then whats the point. 'we're working on it', just seems like a standard excuse. It's been like this for years.
  3. screw mayoral elections, how do we get on that hitlist??
  4. a bit yes. i didn't vote so i am also not responsible. or is that not how it works? xd
  5. i still think he is a very advanced troll
  6. how indepth is that hiddenpower guide gonna be if you're willing to postpone the whole election and can't focus on anything else while making it ?? you're starting to sound like a dictator, grasping at straws, digging up old (irrelevant) screens. coming at Dusty for what seems like no reason. deciding all by yourself when the next election will be. Clearly this is what the people want and you are a man of the people. Don't let this scare you off Bestfriends. You're the best mayor a game could hope for. you got 27k views, thats something we could only dream about 5y ago. #MyMayorBestfriends
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