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  1. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    take zd
  2. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    did you just take your own bets??
  3. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    500k on suigin
  4. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    the loneliness is dripping
  5. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    i’ll take myself, butler, and enchanteur
  6. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    take and take risadex vs butler
  7. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    Red Scale (0) vs Tactless Tangela (0) NU: Risadex vs Butlerrrr @Chjul19 Strawhats (0) vs The Dank Express (0) OU: abstractt vs kimikozen NU: ZDFire vs DoubleJ Dubs: Roxxass vs DoctorPBJ @foyone Transformers, Assemble! (0) vs KIENZANGOOSE (0) UU: enchanteur vs villadelobos DPP OU: Linken vs Kamimiii UU: Lotus vs Aftershocker 1m @aftershocker 100k each, 1 call 1m on cacturnes, 1 call void if draw IGN: Lotus
  8. RLotus


    lol how is something like this not implemented yet
  9. RLotus

    LC Discussion Request Thread

    Is it a nerf, because this isn't how it works in gen 7
  10. RLotus

    LC Discussion Request Thread

    "Boosts the Speed stat if the Pokémon’s held item is used or lost."
  11. RLotus

    LC Discussion Request Thread

    on top of this, there is a bug where if you knock off the item of drifloon, unburden will not activate
  12. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    1m on cacturnes to playoffs
  13. RLotus

    [Art] Soda's Skatches 2.0

    need a new profile picture whatever you think is nice bb

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