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  1. No matchamaking support for LC. Countless people yelling for matchmaking and tournament series in support of the tier. Hmmm no growth for the tier lets get rid of it.
  2. IGN: Lotus Co-manager IGN (optional): Axoa Series (pick one option): Singles / Doubles / Both Timezone: me gmt-6, axoa gmt+1
  3. A 16 team round robin or split into 2 divisions? If you split it you can do a separate draft for each so that solves the problem with tiers
  4. Exactly. Sometimes, in order to prepare for your next opponent you want to bring a prebuilt team but 1 pokémon switched that has a favorable matchup. Removing possibilities like this is not conducive to a competitive environment. Furthermore, i think it’s an exaggeration to say that the old system is based on purely on counter building. If you use the same team over and over, you deserve to get counter teamed. That is the nature of pokemon tournaments. Just change it back to the old system, there was nothing wrong with it to begin with this change was based on some dum
  5. Tbf, it makes it hard to sympathize with someone who blames their misplays on hax
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