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  1. also could we get dubs and lc usage one time
  2. how much do you do for just leveling and no eving, 1k per level?
  3. larvesta uturn punish rufflet bulk up elgym trick room
  4. eviree is in volt switchers twice
  5. forgot lvl 1 probopass best dedicated lead in the game ;v, also probo/magnemite in the trapper section pawniard/ferroseed/druddigon/haunter in hazard remova punishment ember in scarf goreybyss rain abuser rhydon sd ferroseed uturn punish
  6. RLotus


    lol how is something like this not implemented yet
  7. Is it a nerf, because this isn't how it works in gen 7
  8. "Boosts the Speed stat if the Pokémon’s held item is used or lost."
  9. on top of this, there is a bug where if you knock off the item of drifloon, unburden will not activate
  10. need a new profile picture whatever you think is nice bb
  11. nothing wrong with an influential father figure smh mods
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