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  1. i think hes making a point about the prize distribution and not the draft
  2. this is a good solution to that hopefully something like this is adjusted to snake format I see your point here but I still feel like the auction is an integral part to psl's identity, but i guess that doesn't really matter. What matters is that many feel that the auction is one of the most exciting parts of psl and it would be a let down for it not to take place. Personally the auction is what i look forward to most, but if I'm off about what the rest of the community thinks or coolio just wants to try something new anyways, so be it.
  3. If you want more even teams then the managers shouldn't get to play. A team with a top tier player as their manager is at a huge advantage to a team with someone who isn't as strong. If you want to do a snake tournament then call it a snake tournament, this isn't really what psl is. How the team is chosen is the whole gimmick of these kinds of tournaments.
  4. The auction is what defines an spl style tournament. This is just a shitty version of smogon's snake draft.
  5. for opposing pokemon with power split, noob
  6. larvesta uturn punish rufflet bulk up elgym trick room
  7. eviree is in volt switchers twice
  8. forgot lvl 1 probopass best dedicated lead in the game ;v, also probo/magnemite in the trapper section pawniard/ferroseed/druddigon/haunter in hazard remova punishment ember in scarf goreybyss rain abuser rhydon sd ferroseed uturn punish
  9. RLotus


    lol how is something like this not implemented yet
  10. Is it a nerf, because this isn't how it works in gen 7
  11. "Boosts the Speed stat if the Pokémon’s held item is used or lost."
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