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  1. Well considering clamperl recovered to 26% usage before diglet was freed, i don’t think this is the story the usage is telling at all and moreso the story you want to tell.
  2. From 26% usage in december to 30% in january is not near enough of a difference to come to this conclusion. Under further investigation, it seems that clamperl did take a dip after the ban of diglett, from 30% to 18% from september to october. But it steadily rose from 18% to 26% (Oct-Jan), independently of diglett. This rise seems to suggest that clamperl is a threat withtout diglett, but certainly diglett had some effect on clamperl's usage.
  3. agree, doesn’t make since to drop down wob
  4. you forgot the part where he threw a tantrum and talked shit to his teammates all season
  5. I count 2 viable pokemon that have been added to lc, croagunk and snover. The meta will barely change from what it was before sinnoh and the pokemon that were broken before are still broken. Murkrow is absurdly powerful, having precisely 0 counters in the tier. Maybe you think it can be handled by archen or maybe chinchou. Archen, 2hkod. Chinchou must rely on resttalk w/ heal bell to stay alive against murkrow. Shaky at best. You could argue nosepass in sand can handle murkrow, but sand is quite hard to mantain and nosepass is pretty bad otherwise. Another shaky answer. Not only is Murkrow unwallabe, it is very hard to revenge kill due to its powerful priority in sucker punch. Some of the popular scarfers of the tier, not including the ghosts bc they die ofc. The only new mon that changes anything to do with murkrow is snover, which can get off a scarf ice shard for a lot of damage. Even then, locking into ice shard quite sub optimal. Murkrow still annihilates the tier. Scraggy is also still able to steal games with minimal effort. Here is its new check meh. Timbur and mienfoo are the best checks, but +1 zen headbutt does a significant chunk and thus need to be kept health/near full. Oh and vullaby gets 2hkod after rocks. Not a couple checks to misdreavus, a singular check to misdreavus, stunky. An unreliable and unsustainable check. It can't keep switching into misdreavus taking the chip and also has to keep playing the pursuit/sucker punch game with misd. You'd be better off cheking misd offensively, besides stunky is pretty poor outside of checking misd. So, can we stop this nonsense and not flood the tier with ridiculous threats. Let's move the tier forward, not backwards.
  6. Ok yes by definition misdreavus beats mienfoo 1v1 with a free switch so it’s a check. But if mienfoo isn’t uturning/switching out against many offensive threats then it’s checked by it. This is not a good standard to judge mienfoo by. The point i was making is that even with a free switch misd isn’t really “beating” mienfoo because it gets to do what it wants to do anyway, while recovering a portion the damage that misd does. I hardly consider this a check, and the absence of misdreavus certainly doesn’t make playing against mienfoo any harder/easier.
  7. Misdreavus is not a check to mienfoo, unless mien is already at low health and you predict the fighting move. Considering misdreavus a switch in to mienfoo is quite foolish, as you will get knocked, and then since misd can’t ohko mien, slowed uturned and lose momentum. Wilo wisp is a better option against mien, although depending on the matchup, mien is hardly hampered by a burn. Mienfoo should have nothing to do with an argument to keep misd around, shits broken.
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