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  1. RLotus

    MMO LC Teambuilding Compendium

    larvesta uturn punish rufflet bulk up elgym trick room
  2. RLotus

    MMO NU Teambuilding Compendium

    eviree is in volt switchers twice
  3. RLotus

    MMO NU Teambuilding Compendium

    forgot lvl 1 probopass best dedicated lead in the game ;v, also probo/magnemite in the trapper section pawniard/ferroseed/druddigon/haunter in hazard remova punishment ember in scarf goreybyss rain abuser rhydon sd ferroseed uturn punish
  4. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    sweet oltan myself
  5. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    VGC (0) vs Red Scale (0) OU: SpartacusGD vs Schuchty OU: NecroskullDark vs Stairway UU: Wiriketchup vs yangsam Dubs: iJulianFNT vs Zigh LC: OrangeManiac vs YettoDie KIENZANGOOSE (0) vs Strawhats (0) OU: Redav vs abstractt UU: villadelobos vs ZDFire NU: EfronX vs Kizhaz  DPP OU: Kamimiii vs StriderXDxDxD 100k each one call
  6. RLotus

    [PSL X] The Salty Suite

    Sure, although he barely has money to pay 100k bets. I doubt he has any real money to wager. @Lazaaro
  7. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    ouch i guess its hard to win when you barely play.. xdd Yes yes... the lazaro in very corny
  8. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    Ha, trash player.
  9. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    dont tell me what to do plz
  10. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    this one too
  11. RLotus

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    sweet, shuchty, stairway, yetto, and xploz

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