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  1. I know the lc tournament scene has been quite inactive lately, but the doubles pool just is not strong enough. In doubles there seems to be very few good players at the top, then a huge dropoff in skill after like the top 5 or 6. While in lc, there is a more fleshed out pool of players. Additionally, OU/UU/NU is much more translateable to LC than to dubs, so we see many more players from higher tiers that can play lc as a secondary, which makes it far easier to account for in drafting. Perhaps neither should be manager's picks, but dubs certainly shouldn't be a managers pick. About showdown tiers, the player pool for psl becomes thinner and thinner of top level players every season. Generally, the pool of showdown players are players that aren't going to be playing MMO tiers anyway, with a couple exceptions. Therefore, adding a showdown tier just adds more depth to the lineup while not taking away from the rest of the lineup. Overall, having a showdown tier, specifically dpp, is a positive to the player pool.
  2. They have to pay the amount that they went for in the last psl they played in order to play, similar to what other pls do on smogon.
  3. I like that there is voting for this, nice job. What is going to be done for managers playing the week. Can they play, not play, have to buy themselves in order to play maybe?
  4. A Pokémon is uber if, in common battle conditions, it can consistently set up a situation in which it makes it substantially easier for other pokemon to sweep. Knocking off eviolites from opposing walls makes them much more frail and gives sweepers an easier time. Also, mien can often slow uturn on whatever is in front of it bc there are very few things that ohko it, giving sweepers a safe opening. Mien’s stupid bulk and regenerator allow for many opportunities for it to come in making it absurdly consistent, often netting momentum or crippling a wall multiple times a game. Even after a wilo or getting poisoned from tspike it’s still doing what it pretty much wants to. Even when the opponent has a sticky hold user miens bulk makes spamming uturn quite easy, making it hard to deal with. There is yamask, but it’s worn easily and isn’t really contributing enough to warrant an entire slot to imo. All of that aside, i don’t really see an issue with banning pory if it become too overwhelming after mien goes. I don’t see any pokemon that will become too much of an issue if it goes resulting in further chain banning, unless i’m missing something?
  5. Idk why were discussing healthiness when mien is blatantly support uber.
  6. Won after coolio tried to scum me out of the game. Not only did he lose the game in dominant fashion, he lost all of my respect. Additionally, thank you to forfi for calling it down the middle.
  7. this wasnt in lc btw, the game has not happened
  8. Yes exactly. Not letting all second places qualify punishes the teams that get 2nd in a tougher group and rewards those who end up in an easier group.
  9. Well considering clamperl recovered to 26% usage before diglet was freed, i don’t think this is the story the usage is telling at all and moreso the story you want to tell.
  10. From 26% usage in december to 30% in january is not near enough of a difference to come to this conclusion. Under further investigation, it seems that clamperl did take a dip after the ban of diglett, from 30% to 18% from september to october. But it steadily rose from 18% to 26% (Oct-Jan), independently of diglett. This rise seems to suggest that clamperl is a threat withtout diglett, but certainly diglett had some effect on clamperl's usage.
  11. agree, doesn’t make since to drop down wob
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