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  1. Registered, thanks! See you Friday!
  2. The hardest part will be getting everyone ready before the actual tournament. Once it starts it's really easy, all you have to do is post the bracket and then let everyone get on with it. You played in my going away tournament a while ago and that was easy to run, so this should be the same. Don't worry it will be fine! If we get the full 32 then I can easily just get two extra hosts to help out if necessary.
  3. Don't worry, I'll get @SteveDerBaum to help me host. Hosted like 50 tournaments in the past and played in all of them, and it was never an issue - this one is a bit bigger but it shouldn't be that hard.
  4. Thanks, added you to the list =].
  5. Added you to the list. See you Friday!
  6. SIGN UP LINK IS LIVE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/sGLnu7ojWk 32 spaces available (3 already filled). I'll shuffle the bracket on the day that signup closes.
  7. On the first Friday of every month, I've decided to host a tournament. I want to do something cool for the community and it would be nice to get everyone together to play some fun matches. The tournament will take place in various cities throughout Kanto and Hoenn (because I'm too lazy to do Unova right now). Every month, the winner will take home a prize of 2 million pokeyen. The winner of each month's rumble will be commemorated in this thread, with a picture of them and their Pokemon. After 12 months (ambitious I know but humour me), every single winner will compete in a 'final tournament', where we will decide the best of the best - and the winner of that final tournament will take home 6 million pokeyen. The tier will generally be OU (unless Dragonite gets multiscale and turns Uber XD), but we may do some Uber and UU a few months down the line. I know some of you would probably like to play doubles but I'm hopeless at it (and understandably want to play these tournaments) so it's unlikely we'll see that in the rotation - sorry! So, without further ado, I present the FIRST EDITION of Jordzi's Monthly Rumble. Details are listed below: DATE: 04/05/2018 (Friday 4th May 2018) Time: 10PM BST LOCATION: Lilycove City, Contest Hall, CH1 Tier: OU. Standard tournament rules apply, no OP items, no Ubers, nothing fancy here. Baton pass banned, etc etc. Team preview: Team preview will be on for this tournament. Before your match, whisper the names of the 6 pokes you are using to your opponent. Doesn't have to be in the order they are sent out in. Other rules: You must be at the designated tournament venue at least 15/20 minutes before the event starts, to send me the monies and get ready for your match. I'll shuffle the bracket once registration has closed and post it, so that everyone can see who they are fighting well in advance. If you haven't sent the monies by the nailed on time of the event, your opponent will get a bye. Prize: 2 million pokeyen for the winner! Second place gets their buy in back. Donations to the prizepool are obviously welcome. Buy in: 30k. Obviously, this is quite a large price to pay, but I think it's fair given there is so much $$$ on offer. If people are outraged by this then I'll consider lowering it, but it seems reasonable to me. Signup: Sign up will open a week before the tournament starts (via Challonge), and close the day before. Participants: There will be a limit of 32 participants per tournament (because managing anymore than that will make my head explode). First come first serve, I will post the bracket underneath all this once it's ready. Let me know if you are interested, whether there's any info I've missed out or any suggestions that could be made for improvement, dates, times, potential conflicts, whether you think second place should get more etc etc. SIGN UP LINK HERE https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/sGLnu7ojWk TLDR: OU tournament, 4th May, 10PM BST - Lilycove Contest Hall. Lots of $$$. Oh, and credit to the guy from DeviantArt whose banner I nicked. Looks great.
  8. What is it you would like see customized/made? Extra 3D battle animations How would you like to see it customized/made? No idea whether it's plausible, or too advanced for the game in it's current state, but it would be really cool to see the battles play out like in the later games. At the moment (using mods) we can see the move hit the opposing Pokemon, but there isn't much reaction. And if they faint, they just drop down out of sight, whereas in the later games they actually faint on screen and then get withdrawn into a pokeball. Reference examples (optional):
  9. Not sure if this goes in bug reports or not - trying to sign in from a new device (PC) but I'm not receiving the emailed security code. Tried changing the email address but it said it won't update for another 24 hours or something. Does this mean I'm stuck and just can't play until the email updates (in which case I still might not get a code), or is there a fix to this? Halp.
  10. Thanks guys, appreciate the love <3. I'm boss of HERB again now and basically rebuilding from scratch. Once we get our crap together would love to hold some joint tournaments with any other teams interested.
  11. Hello, I'm back after a 5 month hiatus! Not expecting much fanfare or anyone to even remember me, but I was boss of Team HERB (the drug team) for a while, also known as that **** who uses Ubers outside of Verm. Spent 5 months comprehensively failing at Overwatch, and now I'm back and ready to take on the new meta. Leggo! See you all soon =].
  12. This is gonna be super long, and I’m not sure whether anyone will read this, or if anyone will care, but it seems like the right time to add my story to this thread! So, here goes… 2013 I first joined this game in 2013. Back then, all of the cool kids hung round outside Viridian. I remember spending weeks (literally) hunting for a lucky egg in Safari zone. Weeks looking for decent Dratini, because Dragonite has always been my favourite Pokemon. I remember biking up past Viridian and seeing all of the trainers gathered round outside, and wanting to be like one of those guys. I remember trolling channel chat mercilessly – ‘Lucky egg giveaway on CH3 Lavender Town’ and then laughing my ass off as swarms of people turned up and followed me round, ‘Where’s my egg? Where’s my egg?!’ I remember the first time I ever played against a guy’s Starmie, and it absolutely ripped me a new one. Then 2 weeks later I went back and countered and beat that guy. I remember the first time I ever got ‘stalled out’ by a Blissey, and I was genuinely in awe. It seemed like dark magic or something. I grinded and worked and finally got a team that I could take to Viridian gym, and become ‘one of the cool kids’. My first match went down to the wire. Some guy’s Nidoking missed his Megahorn on my Dragonite, I took him down and went nuts. It felt so awesome. I carried on winning (and losing) for a while…and then they introduced breeding. I’m dedicated to my Pokemon, but that was a huge blow. I worked hard trying to breed for about a month, but finally just gave up, and moved onto other things… 2016 Fast forward to summer 2016 and Pokemon Go hit the market. I wasn’t interested in that nooby game, but it made me want to start playing Pokemon again, and actually be good at Pokemon (not just good at mashing a button). So, I came back. The first thing I did was log in, and check where my old Pokemons where at. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember half the buttons. So I went into the daycare to check on my old Dragonite, who I’d been breeding, but couldn’t get the lady at the desk to talk to me. I stood there for ages, spamming chat: ‘HOW DO I GET THIS LADY TO TALK TO ME?’ Nobody responded, until this one guy finally came up to me, stood right in my face and said, ‘KYS kid’. Lol. After I worked out the basics again, I started the biggest grind of my life. I identified the 6 or 7 Pokemon which I liked the most, and said I am going to grind non-stop until I get these. And so I did. From July to the end of September, I spent every single spare moment of my life fighting NPC trainers, breeding and trying to get the best pokes possible. Some of the grind sessions were ridiculous – literally waking up at 9am on a Saturday and fighting NPCs until 9 at night. And then, it happened. Shiny Skarmory appeared. And the IVs were great too! I don’t care about shinies, and I don’t like Skarm that much, so I was just thinking $$$. I put it in trade chat and immediately all hell broke loose. I was getting messages right, left and centre: ‘PLZ PLZ GIVE ME YOUR SKARMORY I’ll DO ANYTHING PLZ.’ ‘PLZ ILL LET YOU HAVE MY MUM AND MY SISTER JUST PLZ PLZ GIVE ME YOUR SKARM.’ You get the idea…I actually had to log off because it stressed me out so badly. When I came back on, I eventually sold it for 30 million. I probably could have got more, but I was a noob back then. Anyway fast forward a few months and I finally had the team I wanted. I was ready to fight (now outside of Vermillion). I won my first match, and just carried on beating people. Then one day a guy turned around to me and was like ‘Hey, I like your style, do you wanna join my team?’ I was on the fence, but eventually he persuaded me. That guy was Rusty, the original leader of HERB. So I joined up, and I started playing HERB tournaments. Those early days were the most fun I ever had on this game. It was me, Wu, Law, Rusty, Sjado, Obama, Gallick and some others. I remember us all going to catch Mewtwo, and me getting it at the first attempt, before getting rolled by some guy’s Snorlax. I remember winning my first ever tournament vs PkmnTrainerJC, with salac berry Gardevoir, and losing the title the very next week. I remember getting flinched haxed by Law's Aero in my first ever tournament, semi final, and just being absolutely devastated. Anyway, come late December Rusty wasn’t on very much anymore. A big argument ensued between certain other members of the team, and I eventually ended up being given the title of Boss, pretty much by default. This wasn’t something I had planned for or expected at all, so I had to get used to the position very fast. I would like to think I’ve done an okay job, although there have been ups and downs. I won a record number of HERB tournaments, had some killer matches outside Vermillion and recruited a group of staple players into HERB who I hope will be there for a long time. I still never won an official though, even at Uber tier, and I have always come up just short against the really top players on this game =[. It's been really eye-opening though, and I think it's genuinely taught me a lot - which isn't something that you ever expect to happen in an online video game. July 2017 From July onwards things went downhill for me a bit. You can only run the same 6 Pokemon for so long before everyone figures you out, and even though I would like to think I’m good at what I do – everyone has limitations, especially if people are prepared for you. I hate losing, especially outside of Verm. I find it humiliating and difficult to take, and the losses just kept coming. My confidence was gone, I just couldn't do it anymore. The 6 mons I run though are the only 6 Pokemon I like , so I’d rather die using them than live using something else. This game isn’t about winning for me, it’s about winning with my favourite Pokemon, and if I can’t do that then there’s just no joy for me. When it was announced that Gen 5 was going to be the next one, I knew my goose was cooked. Gen 4 I could handle, but Gen 5 just doesn’t hold any interest for me. It’s the right time to retire and hang up my Pokeballs, and so I gave Xatu the boss title. I know people on this forum have mixed views on Xatu, and some of his suggestions are hilariously funky – conga line (lol) but he truly cares about this game and he is a genuinely good dude, so I can’t think of a better person to lead team HERB forward. I have made some amazing friends on this game – @SteveDerBaum @WuMethodMan, @TrixieTheTank @Xatu, plus so many others, and it’s got me through a tough time in my life. This game is so different to anything else out there, and I hope it carries on for years to come. And so, my journey ends here. It’s been absolutely amazing, and I don’t think I will ever enjoy playing another game as much as I have this one. I have loved every minute of it. <3 HERB. TLDR: I had a great year. Cya.
  13. Just to confirm for anyone who wants to play this, tournament will take place at 7PM GMT, Vermillion CH6. Please be there at least 15 minutes before the tournament starts, so I can sign you up. We will try and start dead on 7 if possible.
  14. Hey guys, didn't realise Xatu was posting this on forums haha. Anyway, Chansey is allowed. The only banned mons are Blissey, Snorlax and Wobuffet! Also to avoid utter chaos, we will likely be having the tournament on another channel - but I'll be in/around Verm nearer the time to update people. Hope to see you all there =].
  15. My bad, forgot about poison difference! Regardless though, she doesn't stand up well against Venu.
  16. Milo hates sludge bomb. Yeh the damage isn't too bad on calm sets but poison cripples her pretty hard regardless. If you run bold then the damage is pretty sizeable too. Sludge definitely isn't a free switch for her. My brief two cents: Venu is really good, but I can't see it as an uber. We can't just ban everything at the top of the usage stats. It's just a really good Pokemon. Choice Hera puts him away, Specs Zam, Blaiz, Aero...the list goes on. I know these aren't ez switches into Venu but it's not an unstoppable force.
  17. Sadly just don't see Milo staying OU. With stuff like yache berry and multiscale coming in (rip dragonslayer) + competition from the likes of Jellicent (no Rotom helps tho) and the general power creep, it's not gonna be an easy ride for her. Rip my bby </3
  18. Ridiculous red from the ref too at the end, but at least Vertonghen won't miss the Real game (I don't think?) Also, lol Liverpool. Lovren is a clown.
  19. Tbh Dortmund were pretty naive. Respect for the way they play but it's an away game in Europe. Spurs played it pretty much perfectly. Kane is phenomenal.
  20. Really nice game from Spurs tonight. Big win!
  21. It's a great start to the season, but everyone is fresh. Just don't think the quality in depth is there to sustain it for a whole season and compete with a stacked Real side (albeit slightly less stacked than last year). In midfield we could have had Samper and Roberto providing great backup but one is getting benched for Paulinho and the other has been loaned out. Instead we've got Gomes (poor guy) and Rakitic. If Raki plays like 3 years ago maybe, but I'll have to see it to believe it. Then again, we've got Messi.
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