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  1. UL, genuinely. The final is gonna absolutely stink now. GG France congrats.
  2. Rip golden generation. Feel for Belgium tonight, especially Hazard. France defended well but **** me I do not want to see Deschamps winning the WC like this. It's just so dull. Subbing Giroud off for Nzonzi when the game is open and Dembele could shred Belgium on the counter is the prime example. Chickenshit tactics. It's probably a good thing that we don't get to see Marouane Fellaini in a World Cup final though. Would have been a travesty.
  3. Lol Spain set to hire Luis Enrique as new manager. I'm just gonna quit at this rate, starting watching Cricket instead... FFS.
  4. It’s hard living in England but not being an England fan, lmao.
  5. FFS another week of this nonsense. Sweden you useless ****
  6. Coutinho probably Brazil's best player this tournament but my god he is frustrating. He can pull off gorgeous passes, like the one for Renato today, but 98% of the time he just smashes it over the bar from outside the box or gets blocked by the defender because everyone knows he really loves to shoot...and he's just not a midfielder tbh. Don't know why we paid all that money for him. Soon Paulinho, Coutinho and Willian at Barca lmao FML.
  7. So sad and hurt by this. What an opportunity with this draw and these players. GG Russia, we just didn’t do enough with the ball. They played for lottery and got it.
  8. Uruguay first goal probably won't get a mention when it comes to goal of the tournament, but it was absolutely amazing. Cavani played 3 positions all at once tonight. Lion.
  9. Pepe. Ronaldo. Mourinho. Carvalho. Figo. The list goes on. The only good thing that’s ever come out of Portugal footballwise is Deco, and even he was a nasty **** (Barca legend though). And I don’t care about England haha, Spain is my team. But watching Portugal cheat England out of Euro 2004 certainly had some bearing on my hatred for them. It’s a matter of philosophy too. The Spain way (Pep’s style) is so absolutely polar opposite to the Portugal (Jose style) that I cannot help but loath them with every fibre of my being.
  10. YEEEEEEEEES! Bye bye you snakes. I can relax now. Get ****** Portugal. Uruguay are incredible. Absolute warriors. Never seen a striker give as much as Cavani tonight.
  11. Ofc I get why Belgium and England are doing this, but my god it's lame. This could have been one of the games of the tournament, instead we have reserves vs reserves. Yawn.
  12. Holy **** LOL. Two words for you: Leroy Sane. Really sad for Reus though. Finally gets to a big international tournament....and it’s this.
  13. Aspas was onside. Agreed though Morocco legit were the better team in all 3 of the games. Just lack a number 9.
  14. Iran penalty was beyond comprehension. The fact the ref actually reviewed and overturned the original call is so bad that it could actually be fixed, and I say that as a Spain fan who loathes Portugal and Ronaldo with every fibre of my being. Oh well XD
  15. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Enjoy playing Uruguay and France you snakes. Eaaaaasy side of the draw boys! But seriously that penalty was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen.
  16. Absolutely nutty game. Kroos >
  17. That was a proper World Cup match. Mexico so likable! Mesut Ozil is an absolute fraud.
  18. This match took years off my life. Such a good performance from Spain - Isco what a player. ****ing Ronaldo =[ =[ =[
  19. I think Lopetegui would have kept his job if he had been honest about it. The way this whole thing was done is extremely snakey and that’s why the Spanish FA felt insulted. Instead of going straight to them and telling them that he’d accepted a job from Real, he waited until 5 minutes before the press release. And **** Real Madrid and Florentino for putting Lopetegui in that position in the first place. Just wait until after the tournament FFS. I am so upset, because I do think it torpedos Spain’s hopes of a WC that they genuinely had an amazing shot at winning, but in principle it’s the right thing to do (morally anyway). They only offered him a new contract two weeks ago, the least he could do was be honest with the FA. On top of that the head of the FA has literally said he wants to clear out corruption and have things straightforward, so if they let Lopetegui manage this tournament it would be a blatant disregard of their own policies. But they still could have, for the good of Spain. I am so dreading Friday =[.
  20. This would fix the RP market too, which has been utterly destroyed (assuming the items are traded for proper amounts and not the ridiculous prices on GTL). Absolutely 100% behind it, please implement so lazy people like me don’t have to grind.
  21. No but it should be. Ofc we have to keep some stuff like the games but freeze is the worst\most BS mechanic.
  22. Bumping for final signups! Will close registration tomorrow morning.
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