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  1. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    My bad, forgot about poison difference! Regardless though, she doesn't stand up well against Venu.
  2. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Milo hates sludge bomb. Yeh the damage isn't too bad on calm sets but poison cripples her pretty hard regardless. If you run bold then the damage is pretty sizeable too. Sludge definitely isn't a free switch for her. My brief two cents: Venu is really good, but I can't see it as an uber. We can't just ban everything at the top of the usage stats. It's just a really good Pokemon. Choice Hera puts him away, Specs Zam, Blaiz, Aero...the list goes on. I know these aren't ez switches into Venu but it's not an unstoppable force.
  3. New Offical Metas/Tiers

    Sadly just don't see Milo staying OU. With stuff like yache berry and multiscale coming in (rip dragonslayer) + competition from the likes of Jellicent (no Rotom helps tho) and the general power creep, it's not gonna be an easy ride for her. Rip my bby </3
  4. Ridiculous red from the ref too at the end, but at least Vertonghen won't miss the Real game (I don't think?) Also, lol Liverpool. Lovren is a clown.
  5. Tbh Dortmund were pretty naive. Respect for the way they play but it's an away game in Europe. Spurs played it pretty much perfectly. Kane is phenomenal.
  6. Really nice game from Spurs tonight. Big win!
  7. It's a great start to the season, but everyone is fresh. Just don't think the quality in depth is there to sustain it for a whole season and compete with a stacked Real side (albeit slightly less stacked than last year). In midfield we could have had Samper and Roberto providing great backup but one is getting benched for Paulinho and the other has been loaned out. Instead we've got Gomes (poor guy) and Rakitic. If Raki plays like 3 years ago maybe, but I'll have to see it to believe it. Then again, we've got Messi.
  8. Lmao don't worry, I wasn't being serious with the treble comment. Stranger things have happened, but the club is in way too much of a mess for that right now tbh. Don Andres looked great yesterday but he hasnt got the legs to do it week in week out anymore, and the rest of the midfield is so mediocre it's a joke, apart from Busi ofc. Also Suarez hasn't been Suarez for quite some time now. I have pretty much 0 expectation for this year, and all other years until the current board is done and can stop using the club's money to fund shady overseas business deals...
  9. Rakitic looked like he could be bothered vs Juve too, haven't seen that for a while. Funny how after the summer from hell Barca have started this season so good, and a bit of the opposite for Real. Treble incoming.
  10. But...but...they're my babies =[. So ruthless.
  11. Overwatch

    I'm still playing...although I only got the game like 3 months ago lol
  12. Uber PVP Option

    Please make this happen, if only to put an end to the discrimination you get from using Ubers in casual matches.
  13. Feel for you, don't think we have been amazing tonight but Isco was out of this world. I'm actually really confident for the WC, Lopoteugi is making the right calls.
  14. Isco ❤️❤️❤️
  15. Boy it's a bad time to be a Barca fan right now =[. We are the laughing stock of Europe (apart from Arsenal ofc). Last minute negotiations for rat-face Di Maria falling through, how low can we stoop? Benedito launching a vote of no-confidence atm...hope it goes through, although Barca is still a joke even if Bartomeu and his criminal cronies leave.

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