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  1. Hello DevBlue - Make sure you are on the same channel as them. Your current channel is displayed on the top left corner of your screen and you can change channel by clicking on the Community icon, then Change Channel on the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Le PTS est seulement ouvert pour donner aux joueurs l'opportunité de tester le contenu à venir et rapporter les bugs avant la sortie officielle. Il a été rendu disponible il y a quelques mois pendant 2-3 jours. Il est normalement toujours fermé. Par ailleurs, assurez-vous de toujours inclure une traduction en anglais à chacun de vos posts. PTS is made available to players for a short period of time only to test upcoming content and report bugs before the official release. It was available a couple months ago for 2-3 days.
  3. Feebas tiles do change every 45 minutes and the best way to farm Feebas is to search for them in groups
  4. Finalists of a Player Of The Month tournament get confirm seats for the Player Of The Year tournament
  5. Thread for POTM November is up - will send invites in the following days
  6. Bienvenue sur PokeMMO Badrsan! N'hésite pas à nous contacter si tu as la moindre question, il nous fera plaisir d'y répondre! D'ailleurs, tous les posts qui sont fait sur le forum doivent inclure une traduction en anglais. Bon jeu!
  7. A bit late but congratulations to OscarFail, Player Of The Month of October! And to YEYOxD who won the Second Place! Both players will receive an invite to the Player Of The Year tournament. Congratulation to you all and thanks everyone who took part in the event! Also special thanks to @CommanderBlue @MPDH @TheChampionMike for their assistance. https://pokemmotournament.challonge.com/POTMOctober
  8. I won't get into the "Wobbuffet isn't fairplay" debate but I'll take this opportunity to explain you how the things work here. Basically, PokeMMO has its own tiering system and a tier council to monitor all tiers. While it is true tiers are inspired of Smogon, PokeMMO has different rules/mechanics which have a direct impact on the metagame. As a result, you might see Pokemon that would normally end up in Uber tier in OU tier, etc. It is also worth noting that we have a different approach with Ubers. We want to avoid putting as much Pokemon as possible in it because it excludes certain species from being played in official formats and removes "gameplay" in a way. Furthermore, the Tier Council is a team of 7 experienced players with a competitive background. Together, they discuss and vote to ban certain Pokemon in order to prevent them from being too centralizing and therefore, unhealthy. I won't get into details but my point is that it's a group-decision and not simply one guy who decides what is and what isn't banned. They often seek the community for feedback as well. Finally, I would recommend you to go through this thread to get a better understanding of what the Tier Council is and how the tiering process works: By the way, gbwead's post was a joke in case you missed it.
  9. Most items (like the Reaper Cloth) obtained during Kanto/Hoenn/Unova storylines (Pokeball items or items received from NPCs) are untradeable. Nevertheless, wild Duskull may hold Reaper Cloth if you are lucky enough and these ones are tradable
  10. Salut neoerimenvink - Assurez-vous de remplir un ticket support dans la section Support Request afin que nous puissions répondre à votre problème. Il y a beaucoup de tickets support en attente donc s'il vous plaît, veuillez rester patient jusqu'à ce que vous recevez une réponse. __ Hello neoerimenvink - Please make sure to fill out a support ticket in the Support Request section. There are a lot of support tickets pending at the moment so please be patient while waiting for a reply from the support team.
  11. Let's keep this thread on-topic and please stop flaming each other
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