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  1. Shiny trapinch prices anyone ?
  2. CursedLehnwa

    My own Gym

    Too complicated and so much improvement needed.. but nice idea.
  3. There is a button after pressing release pokemon that says "Are you sure to release ?" So i dont think it is accident.
  4. Shiny spheal & shiny minun ?
  5. so the time limited vanities such like rudolph antler hat + penguin set wont come back to the game anymore ? and the seasonal vanities will come back next year , am i right ?
  6. price on shiny ninetales ?
  7. I mean our character in the public test :P
  8. so the server is still beta and we will lost our character if we play it ? :P
  9. i watch anime while playing pokemmo.
  10. im gonna be livestreaming right now on youtube ! check out my channel @Lehnwa :D here is the link to my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs43gXh_sZnEJx15it3UrZQ here is the link to the stream :
  11. i think grinding and stuff makes what people loves mmo the most , but its kinda true we need some update like that in the future , but overall , this game is great :D
  12. Yes it is , but youtube is like more easier and not much you can customize lol
  13. hahaha , that is easy but i don't want to stream without preparation cause when i stream i wanted to put all efforts into it :3
  14. Cause twitch require lots of preparation and stuff ? never use twitch before xd
  15. I don't have twitch for now , when i get my new computer , i'll try to stream at twitch :3
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