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  1. Anyone here plays on EUNE? I'm LF anyone :3 I main Yorick and Vladimir, nick: Kiss My Ashe
  2. Hey Kaos...

    1. JLxKaos


      oh hey u looking good in ur profile pic man

  3. 4 years or at 346 hours. I'm at 905 hours now, no second shiny.
  4. What about Abomasnow? Some gym leader is using it.
  5. Also didn't fixed GTL fee of 25k dropped prices of shinies because you suddenly don't have to pay a lot of money to have it listed.
  6. What about if you beat all the gyms in certain region in certain timeframe you get a small bonus? For ie, if you beat all they gyms in kanto in 30 minutes or less you get bonus 10k.
  7. Sometimes when I have to take a shit, I connect myself from phone via Teamviewer. It works perfectly only typing is a little harder. Try that.
  8. Those in kanto NPCs that gave 4000-6000 money now give barely 2000...
  9. Hello, can I get help with value of this shuppet? Thanks
  10. Damn 3600 hours in only a year and half? Congratz on the shuppet tho :D
  11. Can confirm, once I got in grass I found shiny poochy.
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