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  1. alright, I've sent you 10 mons along with the cash. Thanks again
  2. Hey man. I have around 8 or 9 mons that are ev'd but at a lvl 25ish. Can you get them up to level 50 ? If u can, tell me how many u like to get at once or should I just sent them all back to back ?
  3. oops change the number to 48 then, please. thankyou
  4. if im still eligible, give me number 48 pls
  5. lucky number 40 for me pls IGN Nikhill
  6. It was nice having occational duels with you Rams. You were probably the only other person ingame who made me furious after losing a match xD lol... Goodluck and have fun.
  7. oh you are a host, wonderful!! hope this turns out to be a big success. Good luck
  8. Lol I thought that was an honest opinion.
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