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  1. Nikhill

    Hop - Hop - HOPPIP ! #2

    eww.. hoppip
  2. Nikhill

    Shiny Showcase

    that pic is the highlight of the thread, Red.
  3. Nikhill

    [läva] Team läva

    Too many ladies and a troubled MonkeyDMathew. Thats his fantasy right there
  4. Nikhill

    LAVA Roster

    hit that block button, ziin
  5. Nikhill

    Monophobia #2

    guess i'll play a rain team this time
  6. Nikhill

    ICE ICE BABY!! (1st December)

    this is interesting
  7. Nikhill

    [läva] Team läva

    Congrats Greek !
  8. Nikhill

    Boss's birthday :)

    Happy Bday MM. i have been part of a few teams before this one but team Lava has been the most active and fun team by far and all the credit goes to u. congrats again lol the last sentence ...
  9. Nikhill

    Shiny Showcase

    this shiny bulba gives me a new idea, i'll make an account named Reginik and test out my RNG luck lol
  10. Nikhill

    Ghostbusters Lottery

    haha lost by a number i see
  11. Nikhill

    Ghostbusters Lottery

    are u guys sure the winning number is not 29+3
  12. Nikhill

    Shiny Showcase

    you'll have to wait for a hundred years for that
  13. Nikhill

    Ghostbusters Lottery

    I pick number 32 this time. good luck everyone
  14. Nikhill

    Welcome to Keyys Pokeball Axew !!!

    Just say Nikhill won and all will be forgiven
  15. Nikhill

    Happy Halloween - Lottery

    hey @MathewMat there's a small correction, i picked 28 and u have written my name on number 27 on the list. anyway thanks for making the lottery again.

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