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  1. Best mods and themes for this year Enjoy! Los mejores mods y temas para este año Disfruten!
  2. If you try with another song, or download it again, maybe the file Is corrupted
  3. I dunno how thos works, the Sound alarm works fine, the Undertale one sounds twice, I have no idea why or how to fix it here its a video how to use the mod and showing how it works https://youtu.be/VmorGG-6KpE copy it on your post if you want
  4. are you trying to use on android device? themes only for PC
  5. I ll try to make a video to show the mod soo you can add it
  6. I have 3 different types of re-colors with red check them out hope you find one of your like there is also this one, not mine , but I updated it and its one of the best ever made here on the forum
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