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  1. It's what i needed the most for streamings always wanted the fullscreen battle, now i just need time to use it, thanks again friend if you want a custom one just tell me, Android or PC
  2. https://youtu.be/cXuGM9nqf64 here bro, big thanks to you! at 5:00 you can see what i improved from the last one i sent you, hope you like it :)
  3. did u saw, they updated the site general view, now next the game GUI B-)
  4. this dosnt work on PokeMMO since 3 years ago when they added Black/White lol
  5. yes they cant encourage too many things... if want my advice just put on the title [ONLY ROOT PHONES] and every one telling how to do it, say the true, every phone has a different way, you cant encourage to make people root their phones but you can encourage them to use the; I n t e r n e t haha
  6. Haha you been waiting some official did the tutorial? Ahhahah sorry bro check out of long been since the last official tutorial to "how to edit GUI" lol Btw i'm working with the theme i already sent you, i fixed some here and there and i'm planing to show it on my yt channel, i will send you the link when i post it :) Half the credit it's yours bro
  7. i dont think so bro... the mostly alike would be put that sky as a fixed background, without the animation
  8. Yes same here, i already tried this back in the day but i couldnt and i don't think there is a rule here against modding files, at least just for cosmetic ends Any kind of work i make i will be posting it here for everyone to download, and always give you the credit for ripping this and also a big shoutout cause, for me you deserve it! Can't wait to have more time to make something with that theme haha c ya have a wonderfull and prosper 2021 Again anything you need count with me!
  9. I need to check that out, maybe they following this topic as we talk a lot and seems we messing with some files hahaha
  10. I'm glad you like it, i went to hell and back not just for testing it also for making it, it was actually a mix of my Starmie theme, as a default, and i edit a few things from the Android one, if you want to use this for your own i can fix some of the issues for you, for me it was something i wanted to try as i love modding, specially graphics, but as i couldnt root my phone, and also i don't play almost never in android, and the only person with root enabled to change the themes it's you lol I'm gonna focus on modding the Android Theme for PC, been talking to Jared maybe we find a way to
  11. sadly i can try it, i dunno why my virtual machine´s pokemmo app dosnt get the roms y-y https://www.mediafire.com/file/efadeydpkylzpo6/base.apk/file check it out for me if you can i needed to upload my rom and download it from the virtual machine just to make it work lol well there is the link feel free to try it, check pokemmo dosnt need any update before overwriting haha **** I forget to change one of the fonts!!! hahaha damn
  12. let me try i already made it work but, just in time like usual, they updated, soo it screwed my edit lol hahaha when i see everything goes cool i give you my file to download, you just overwrite the ak
  13. yes my actual surprise its that the apk have that default theme inside, i mean, its like from 2012 lol i think they surely invest in upgrading all that system ... maybe in 4 or 6 years when the next gen of devices comes out ... lol im going to make my first try with my theme
  14. OMG inside the Android apk there is the default theme from PC... Lol ahaha
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