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  1. sorry that kind of mod still dont work bro
  2. if it works you should post it, im gonna test it later
  3. for now they arent supported yet in android
  4. sorry Cries Mod arent supported yet on android
  5. the post demonicdax wrote there, and you have a newer one, look into the forum there they are hoy estare trabajando en ello, primero que funcionen los audios, si funciona lo hare aunq me llevara bastante tiempo
  6. i have told them need to be on mp3. or .ogg if i can make them work im gonna make the mod
  7. yes, inside sounds folder, put a 0 folder for kanto, 1, for hoen, and 2 for unova, inside that you put all your songs, if you want to make it for androd look the other comment i made, good luck friend
  8. look the mods folder should be this way, /sounds/region numer/song id the regions are Kanto = 0 , Hoen =1 and Unova = 2 soo it should look like /sounds/0/303.mp3 if you changing the kanto song 303 after that, grab info file, icon and sounds folder, you gonna need winrar to make them into 1 archive, grab those 3 files, right click, add to archive, then you gonna see a option like compression method that shows "normal" for default, you have to pick no compression, choose to make a .zip file, and in the name you put the name with .mod like music.mod then accept the winrar will make an archive .mod that can run into android if u have any doubt feel free to ask
  9. when you making the .zip file there is a option to make compress it, normal, high, or just not compress , i m gonna try it now (yes working now)
  10. soo region folder id is 0 for kanto, 1 for hoenn and 2 for unova right? in the changelog it says to use the reginon name like, /sounds/kanto/song.mp3 i asked that dude Desu but seems to busy to reply, and i was looking for someone with more visibility to clarify this thing, thanks to your mod now i can work properly excuse all that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIn8_Q27WFY i find that song quite great, i have my version of that song i edited myself, its basically the same but i could send it to you if you want good luck with your mod friend!
  11. its just the game normal cries almost, with more quality
  12. if you play on PC this ones HD sprites Upscaled back sprites Last gen monster icons Generation 5 Followers sprites Pokemon Stadium cries if you play on Android, you cant add much more than Sprites and Icons
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