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  1. hasta donde yo se aun no funcionan los mods de voces de pokemon en android, si en cambio los de musica, preguntare por ahi a alguno si esto ya esta implementado pero lo dudo
  2. you speak for me surely bro but you should change that part of "i peak for the people" cause you see it brings just ppl dont like jotho and some other but hurted
  3. if you dont want the region its ok, but a lot of ppl always wish for that, if they bring it, wont change anything for those who dont want it easy, just cut the Kanto part, and make it unavailable, just like that part of Unova thats closed but if you ask me i dont mind to have kanto twice
  4. the change was made for the exploit of E4 bro, still work for changing pokemon thou just without the boost on stats
  5. if it works you should post it, im gonna test it later
  6. sorry Cries Mod arent supported yet on android
  7. the post demonicdax wrote there, and you have a newer one, look into the forum there they are hoy estare trabajando en ello, primero que funcionen los audios, si funciona lo hare aunq me llevara bastante tiempo
  8. i have told them need to be on mp3. or .ogg if i can make them work im gonna make the mod
  9. yes, inside sounds folder, put a 0 folder for kanto, 1, for hoen, and 2 for unova, inside that you put all your songs, if you want to make it for androd look the other comment i made, good luck friend
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