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  1. no, me aviso q me diste acceso pero parece q dura un rato nada mas, dame acceso otra vez hoy estare pendiente para entrar
  2. bueno compile las canciones tal cual me las enviaste y parece que funciona https://www.mediafire.com/file/7j7p68iaejo96t5/JOaM.mod/file si ves que algo no funciona me dices para arreglarlo
  3. @SomePleb here is my tutorial what you think? you said have some things you still dont know tell me if i can help you
  4. mira lo he visto estan todos en midi, para hacerlos funcionar habria que convertirlos y nose si podre, si lo puedes hacer tu mismo y enviarme los mp3 u OGG yo te lo preparo de una sino me tomara el doble de tiempo convertirlos
  5. can you try my ROM, took me a while to find it but i think it works better than those you show you can see it in this video if you want (because i dont know if i can link ROMS here, please check my video, i would give you the direct link but i dont want have any trouble here) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5XIrgTE5i8&t=17s if you have some tile patch for Hoenn, even if they dont work propperly it would help me a lot because i have some issues with tile pallets and i cant find the way to make a Hoenn tile patch with new graphics for PokeMMO i been wor
  6. its done hope it helps you, you can comment any issue or doubt you have there, good luck friend
  7. [How to edit GUI/Themes ~ Como editar Themes/GUI ] EN: First of all I want to clarify that I do this for enjoyment and help the community, I am not looking for any kind of benefit or recognition, I enjoy editing but I am not a professional and I learned all this by myself through trial and error, apologize if I have not been able to clarify everything, but I think there is enough here to create a theme how you want to do it, i will link my video on "how to edit themes" guide but in spanish if you want to see this in movement with all the examples: https://youtu.be/rEHjY7P
  8. yes i know the hoenn ones are broken but you still have a link for download that?
  9. can you link that hoenn tile mod? i been working editing tiles of hoenn but i dunno why still dont work properly maybe i can make work that one you got
  10. now fonts are the same as the original theme: https://www.mediafire.com/file/824x7lks8pttcwo/Dark+Theme+U2021.zip/file
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