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  1. xSwitchy

    IM BACK :D

    Welcome back. Cyruss isn't active anymore. #R.I.P. Have fun.
  2. Welcome.

    I hope you will enjoy your new team.

  3. Render: N (Near) from the anime "Death Note". Name: xSwitchy. Team: Additional information: Donation amount:
  4. Let me log in for the donation. Thank you.
  5. xSwitchy


    Welcome, I love green, purple and pink. Have fun sir!
  6. Hi.

    I didn't know why you left when you was already Senior Game Master but now you are back. 

    So, congratulations and good luck. 

    1. Noad


      Many thanks! Have a lovely evening ~

  7. /revived Render: Link from The Legend of Zelda. Name: xSwitchy. Team: WIND. Additional information: Donation amount: I will surely donate something if I like the signature. Thank you in advance.
  8. Oh, okay. Have fun. We will surely meet us in game very soon.
  9. Welcome back ex-GM. I hope you will enjoy the "new" PokeMMO.
  10. Don't cry and be patient.
  11. Hey @TheBum, feel free to contact me in private if you need anything else. I'm never 100% free but I can try to help you.
  12. xSwitchy


    Spanish : Hola. Por favor, edita tu post y pasado esta Inglès traducción : English : Hello. Please, edit your post and past this English translation : - I was on the forums of PokeMMO since two years ago, but meh. I do this because I need to post on the forums. That's it. In the forums I was fairly inactive until now haha. -
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