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  1. sup weebs, I need a break from gundam & jojo mango. Know anything good?
  2. but that takes the fun out of sieving through all the garbage
  3. @Nobarsmcgee I made it at 2 different speeds, so choose what you prefer.
  4. @FinnTheMember Current Prog, needs a lot more shading, possibly colouring and to be put into a signature but here it is so far. @TheNightArch How's this?
  5. Welcome man! Hope you stick around
  6. Nah I agreed to do them for free then. I'll be a bit slow making signatures, I've got a lot of work I'm handling right now.
  7. Cool stuff, I'm no longer doing free stuff. If possible, please use the format. It helps me know better what kind of thing you want me to make (I don't really want to entirely remake it if you don't like it). Thanks! I'm no longer doing free sigs, but I'll make sure it's good!
  8. Sorry, I forgot to do that earlier Edit - it looks weird, I'll try to fix it
  9. Update Bupdate: Free Ones: 1) Ploegy - still on it 2) @FinnTheMember - will need to finish this rough thing, colour, then turn into a sig 3) Nobarsmcgee 4) Goku 50k: 1) Nightarch 2) @Mookynesis thanks for the font, here's the sig. 3) AlitoFernando
  10. Peristalsis, and draw the wave-like muscle contractions in the small intestines. Bless yourself
  11. Thanks man I'm glad you liked it! Current Queue: Free ones: 1) @Ploegy Current Prog: 2) Dolittle 3) Nobarsmcgee 4) Goku 50k: 4) @TheNightArch
  12. Here's KaynineXL's, sorry I spent some time trying to draw something but it didn't work so I went with this. Uploading made it look a bit naff with the animation and borders. Current Queue: 1) Ploegy - I've got an idea but the problem is that I've only drawn guys before, so you'll start out as a muscley guy then I'll just shred and chisel it to be more feminine. 2) Nobarsmcgee 3) Goku
  13. Page is a WIP, so formatting's a bit crap sorry. Hey, I'm Peristalsis (as in the wave-like contractions of how you swallow food). I'm learning how to animate and will be making some signatures. Pop in a request with whatever content or specification you like. I don't have an extensive portfolio unfortunately, but there's no harm in trying! Do place some requests, because the more practise I get at this, the higher the quality of stuff I can produce. Requests might take a bit of time, because I'm drowning from school pressure. We've got two main options here of signatures: simple animations in signatures or banners, or customised drawn stuff. For the former, the kind of stuff I'd be working is similar to the content here. Do note that I made it a while back, and I hopefully can produce better. As for the latter, I'm really up to draw anything (preferably to be animated). Under here I have some random things that I've drawn on whim, but again we're lacking in much content. I'd love to draw and such but I never know where to start, so if there's something you want I can try my best. I'm avoiding So I can do signatures, banners, art, whatever. Animated stuff tends to take longer so it'll look a bit rough or it'll be short (I'll try to keep anything animated under 10 seconds). If you like using formats, here's one: Name/ign: Type of work (art/sig/banner): If not a signature, what size?: What do you want (try to add as much detail as you can): Any graphics/pictures you want me to include?: Do you want me to draw something? Colour scheme: Animation? Y/N: What kind of animation (or shall I just add something simple to it): Finished sigs: No more sigs since I'm being violated by all orifices due to work.
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