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  1. just saying, i dont think most players will pay for just lvls. Some player have EV service that lvl your comps also So if you would do both also i think you get more players to look at your service
  2. I am not home now you can mail them i will give mail cost back If you trust me a little lel
  3. The oportunity to play with friends and compete together for TT glory So yes PvP mostly
  4. The vermillion pokecenter is my spot, easy acces to my box and the spot where i do battle most of the time Vermillion has that PSL HYPE so most of the comp comunity will go there anyway
  5. Yes fuck everyone tho
  6. all good thanks bro
  7. no i mean like in my name, can you do that in the eyes of the render? sorry for being a pain in the ass lol
  8. my english is bad i dont know how to tell you sparkles in the eyes of Marshadow?
  9. no no this is pure beauty thanks! can i make a request? is it possible to make the eye of the pokemon light up? if not this is great anyway, moneyy coming your way
  10. Name: Shallos Team: / Render: Marshadow Text Colour: black/grey Stain Colour: white/gray Donation: 100k if you make it spooky i will be happy lel
  11. I can not judge something i have not seen, if you look at wins only, Frags.
  12. I would say Frags since i have seen him play myself, others like KingBowser where before my time. Depends on which time period you join the game. players come and go but it seems like only a handful really leave a mark
  13. these r very nice bro thanks! im mailing right now
  14. Name: Shallos Team: / Render: Decidueye / Text color (optional): green/gray Stain color (optional):black Donation: 100k
  15. IGN: Shallos Timezone: GMT Tiers: NU / UU Fluff: let me in on the psl experience