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  1. [PSL 8] Awards

    Win is win and lose is lose Dont matter how or who you beat If we look at it this way, half of you uguus dont deserve even the cred you get cus of ez bracket in tournaments Gtfo
  2. Ofc it become boring how can it not be? Always the same players and managers and like i have seen other people say, this elite thing aint gona make psl better but will help it die in time showdown for NU2 also since it is not SPL but PSL I mean it would make more sens
  3. The AI in Pokemmo is broken

    the only thing broken is that you sometimes get stalled or orb damage stalled with items when doing E4 that is no skill by any mean lol the only thing you need to do is learn how to predict against npc.
  4. Favorite games to play & future games to be Hyped for

    1 word and 1 number people. DESTINY 2.
  5. Channel Wide Mutes

    why even use that cancer call channel chat
  6. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    Does it matter to make bets? Fuck off then idc
  7. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    Take DestructX vs Kanzo
  8. Nice way to treat your members puto Have the balls to put your own face as avi then
  9. @Suneet come back online puto i only came back for your breed
  10. Best Qualities of PokeMMO?

    The oportunity to play with friends and compete together for TT glory So yes PvP mostly
  11. Vermillon city

    The vermillion pokecenter is my spot, easy acces to my box and the spot where i do battle most of the time Vermillion has that PSL HYPE so most of the comp comunity will go there anyway
  12. PSL Season 8 General Thread

    Yes fuck everyone tho
  13. all good thanks bro

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