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  1. At the end, i'm not sure if Glenn's eye are still in one piece x)
  2. Hello :) Text: Hemorragie Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Shiny Torkoal Background: I let you choose :) Anything else?: You're good :3
  3. @Draekyn Can you do the same sig without KO? I will pay another 50k :)
  4. Name: Hemorragie Team (optional): KO Background (optional) : Your choice but something that fit with SAO if possible. Render (Pokemon/Character): Asuna Donation : 50k
  5. I think a sig would be a nice start on this forum ! My Character : Espeon Size : Default My background : What you think could be nice but please not something dark. Animated : If you want Border : No thanks My Text : Hemorragie ( KO ) My note : You are good !
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