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  1. DeadGorilla

    [Story] [Romance] [Comedy] Vanilla Sky (v0)

    i had someone on /w/ shop that to say jazz instead of jass a while back if you want to use a fixed one :v
  2. DeadGorilla

    How's population looking? (specially eng) :P

    everything changed when the chinese nation attacked
  3. DeadGorilla

    SilverSoul/GoldenHeart thing

    this is the first time im ever reading anything like this. mans on some next level shit
  4. DeadGorilla

    Purchase Button at GTL

    yes it is very hard to purchase things like this. look at how i have to close the mon to buy it :v
  5. DeadGorilla

    Shiny Pokémon

  6. DeadGorilla

    New Pokemmo'er: A Few Questions

    i think it might be time for a new sig
  7. DeadGorilla

    a question

    good question
  8. DeadGorilla

    Lookin' for Love (Thursday, Feb. 14th)

    you can do me whenever
  9. DeadGorilla

    New update pvp

    think of it like playing a blind pick moba game, or an fps where you dont know what map is next. its just less competitive w/o preview
  10. DeadGorilla

    New update pvp

    >no preview metas in 2k19 >?????
  11. DeadGorilla

    Full Game Ticket

    only hoenn and kanto tho
  12. DeadGorilla

    Hidden Abilitys.

    More useless PvE events > making the game work. obviously. smh
  13. DeadGorilla


  14. DeadGorilla

    A Spanish Mayor of PokeMMO

    i nominate @SodaNaranja
  15. DeadGorilla

    What is a true Pokémon Master?

    please dont call me out publicly like that

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