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  1. DeadGorilla

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    someone invite me back when dungeons come pls ty ily all
  2. DeadGorilla

    wts vanities

    i can offer you my heart
  3. i hope they did what they did with Halloween 2017 and bypass the even in favor of giving us a functional game.
  4. DeadGorilla

    Selling 2017 Christmas Vanities / LF breeder

    ill breed you
  5. DeadGorilla

    Singleplayer mode/Offline Mode for pokemmo

    i dcnt think you know what "mmo" means
  6. DeadGorilla

    Is PokeMMO a MOD, a Emulator or What?

    an afk simulator
  7. DeadGorilla

    Last Words before leaving

  8. DeadGorilla


    Whew another uselss update. Good work boys
  9. DeadGorilla

    Weather Team Counter

    its not often theres a thread that i cant think of a reply for, but holy shit lmao.
  10. DeadGorilla

    Donator Status Timer Freeze Upon Logging-Out

    RP is finally back to a reasonable price and you want to do what????? lmao
  11. DeadGorilla

    Do u remember this?

    rip Gizmo
  12. DeadGorilla

    The POKEMMO Servers.

    i dont understand why people cant just use the regular font ahhhh
  13. DeadGorilla

    What keeps you coming back?

    daddy pls gib money

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