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  1. DeadGorilla

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    seeing them /hypothetically/ put off something so important for so long is really disheartening :/
  2. DeadGorilla

    EV training service (Unova).

    god bless
  3. DeadGorilla

    Assault Vest

    mmo meta is already bastardized enough, we really dont need to fuck it up any more than it already is.
  4. DeadGorilla

    Pokemmo money 2018

    >trying to make money on mmo in 2k18
  5. I always told myself id never post in suggestions but w/e. Basically, link forums account to an in-game account or character. Until that character or account reaches x (lets say 100) hours, that player can only post in the "new player" portion of the forum. Basically like how there is a 10 post requirement for the suggestion box, but hopefully this might actually work. It doesnt necessarily need its own sub-forums, or at least not as many as we already have for the "regular" forum. Just something so that there aren't people who are 3 gyms in spamming posts about "gib megas", "how do i delete a character", "special steelix/how to use butterfree", etc. I dont know if the servers could actually handle it, but I feel this would really help clean up the forum and ease the work load on staff members. TL;DR How to cut down on shitposts I cant format to save my life sorry ily
  6. DeadGorilla

    Why haven't hidden abilities been released yet

    to be fair, we havent had one for 6 years.
  7. DeadGorilla

    PLEASE rebalance obedience levels on kanto

    its worth the struggle man. you only have to go thru the story once then you get to AFK in verm for years.
  8. DeadGorilla

    Pokemon Breeding

    LF all the wild 5x31s ive given him
  9. DeadGorilla


  10. DeadGorilla

    Pokemon Breeding

    "how to break the economy even more than it already is"
  11. DeadGorilla

    [Art] Soda's Skatches (Not Taking Requests)

    need sig for forums. dont remember dimensions. literally what ever you want. i trust you. color pls. will gib 200k and hold your hand
  12. DeadGorilla

    Gen 6 Implementation Theoretically Possible?

    how many posts can you make about this in like 3 days jesus fucking christ.
  13. DeadGorilla

    new generation

    i have such good memories of victory road being the end game. was a simpler time
  14. DeadGorilla

    new generation

    easier than youd think tbh

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