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  1. Akshit's Asylum [EV Training Services]

    great dude. great service. 10/10
  2. Nature Pill for Genderless Pokemon

    taking all the value out of it. gud idea. :^)
  3. Frequently asked questions.

    funk for cm :v
  4. Rival's Name

    game breaking 1/10 would not play
  5. Help with Alakazam team

    mag is really the only thing that does what it does. you could forgo it and just rely on hp fire from zam(or blast on mence if you take my recommendations), which does ~70 to ferro, and IIRC is like a 20% roll on spdef forre. no idea what the calc on skarm is tho. the thing about relying on zam is that youre weakening it a lot. tho everything faster than it forces it out anyway, and you dont really need health on zam. could replace with duggy to trap the ttar thats inevitably going to come in on the zam tho.
  6. Suggestion on how to implement legendary pokemon

    so the first dude to RNG lando just wins every game :v
  7. Help with Alakazam team

    zam is really hard to build around without magic guard imo. skarm/forre as a defensive core is pretty dong, even more so with potential probo. i can see wanting spin over defog if you can reliably set hazards, but lefties skarm and forre are just mag bait. skarmbliss is meme af but i mean it works. spikes/roost/defog/brave bird skarm with shed shell, and rocks/wish/twave/ice beam on blissey. mag is ran mostly as a trapper, which is how you should use it here, because ferro/forre/ opposing skarm would give you a pretty hard time. i would personally run scarf on this team because of how important it is to dispose of scizor to allow zam to shine. granted you lose the ohko on ferro and its a roll on spdef forre (guaranteed at 2 spikes, or 1 spike + rocks), id say its worth. id replace hax with scarf mence. takes care of ttar, every other dragon, another answer to steel types, and a shaky volc check. just need to pivot into it. intim is always nice as well. lastly id replace kingdra with gyara. another ground immunity, another intim, and unfortunately another rocks weakness. https://pastebin.com/epFJ0H76 its not the standard MMO fatness, but its a quick build, and meh, thats waht RMTs are for. also took the speed off skarm since no taunt.
  8. League of Legends. Let's talk.

    what happened to nashors runegaive :v
  9. Allow spectators in instances (mainly E4)

    teach me senpai
  10. Allow spectators in instances (mainly E4)

    ...elite 4....coaching?
  11. effectiveness visible in moveset

    people will actually complain about anything lel
  12. Showing More Info In A Battle

    itd be more or less the same as showdown
  13. 2D girl appreciation thread

    shes 2d in my head

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