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  1. do you want an award or something?
  2. What about the MMOBA?

    ye. which makes it annoying for something like mmo. not to speak for everyone, but whos got time to breed 6 mons a week.
  3. Can we trade a pokemon safely to evolve it ?

    tfw you cant close threads anymore
  4. New Player -> Lvl cap is a bunch of shit! So i quit!

    who are you?
  5. No game audio?

    is your headset/speakers plugged in?
  6. Android Release HYPE [Coming Soon]

    3rd times a charm
  7. What exactly is PokeMMO?

    afk simulator 2k12-2k18.
  8. No Bidoofs?

    i mean they did certainly top the bidoofs this year
  9. Pokemmo - A Thank you to the Players

    >not "Appreciation for the players"
  10. Allow us to delete characters

    whats the point of deleting a character tho
  11. Staff and Ex-Staff Appreciation thread (Added Staff)

    Please keep the chat appropriate :3
  12. No more rain

    Sunny day ocarina when

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