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  1. DeadGorilla

    What do you like to do while playing PokeMMO?

    sit in verm 2 until i get afk kicked. repeat how ever many times as desired.
  2. DeadGorilla


  3. DeadGorilla

    New abilities patch

    hidden abilities are still not implemented. all the abilities listed in the patch notes work, but only on mons that have them naturally. only NPCs can have hidden abilities right now.
  4. DeadGorilla

    Is there a way i can play heartgold?

    with desmume :]
  5. DeadGorilla


    its finally soonTM
  6. DeadGorilla

    Comp Salamence Lottery

    egg moves?
  7. DeadGorilla

    An Idea to add Pokemon Black/White 2 in

    Lets get what we have working first :]
  8. DeadGorilla

    Pokemon mmo

    Hey thats me
  9. DeadGorilla

    Alakazam Price?

  10. DeadGorilla

    Be a moderator

    only in my dreams
  11. DeadGorilla

    Be a moderator

    no more no name CMs like @ImFunk please
  12. DeadGorilla

    [WiP] Teambuilder Excelsheet

    https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/teambuilder http://pokemonforever.com/teambuilder.php
  13. DeadGorilla

    WTS Cheap Comps/Vanities

    hold the mandi for me pls ty

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