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  1. Balancing

    • Added early badge scaling for Sinnoh's common trainers (Badges 5~8)
    • Various items in Sinnoh are now marked as untradeable when obtained through the storyline / common NPCs
    • Added another prize exchange NPC in Veilstone City


    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed items not consuming properly in PvP
    • Fixed a battle crash which could have occurred with Sky Drop
    • Fixed an issue where follower mods could corrupt overworld swarm spawn's sprites
    • Fixed several incorrectly assigned TM moves (e.g. Heal Bell on Poochyena). These are now properly assigned to Tutors again.
    • Fixed Eject Button trying to play the last queued action after triggering
    • Possible fix for Spectating / Running not cancelling SFX correctly (most prominently seen with the Black Hole particle fx)
    • Fixed battle replays requiring players to move before they could watch another
    • Fixed various issues with "On Evolution" move blocks
      • Fixed several missing moves
      • Silcoons/Beautifly with the incorrect move "False Swipe" have been patched, and the move removed from them
    • Fixed Honey Tree levels shown in the Dex
    • GTL searches should now be less prone to getting stuck with "Loading.."
    • Abra/Porygon trade gifts are no longer given in Sinnoh's storyline
    • PokeMMO's distributed JRE was updated to j8u242


  2. Bug Fixes

    • Improved server performance to handle additional players
    • Fixed Eject Button / Red Card broadcasting effects out of order
    • Fixed non-tradeable Honey usability
    • Fixed wild Dex entry rates for non-Winter seasons
    • Fixed an issue where, if a Choice item were given to a target before they used their move for the turn, the selected move would not be locked in immediately
    • Fixed several possible issues for stat stage changes in weird scenarios (e.g. White Herb triggering off of positive stat stages)
    • Fixed GBA storyline string export util
    • Endgame Sinnoh areas are no longer restricted by the National Dex
    • Sinnoh's National Dex now only requires Seeing each species within its Regional Dex
    • Fixed negative page numbers showing for GTL/Mail widgets
    • Fixed Encore being permanently castable in some scenarios
    • Fixed Bestow message targeting
    • Bike tires now get gummed up in swamps
    • Future Sight may now target empty battle slots, and will not fail to cast if the target slot's fainted during the turn
    • Future Sight no longer bypasses semi-invulnerable states, e.g. Fly/Dig
    • Fixed Future Sight failure message reasons
    • Fixed an issue where Sky Drop may have caused participants to become invulnerable if the caster fainted while holding the victim
    • Shift actions in Triple Battles now test validity of both the action slot & target slot of the shift
    • Fixed an issue where Drag Below could leave a player in a semi-invulnerable unattackable state in some cases
    • NPC trainers in Sinnoh's postgame rematches remembered that they have full parties, and that they should bring them with them
    • Players with overworld legendaries can no longer queue for matchmaking / tournaments
    • Form-specific icons are now displayed properly in the battle UI
    • The last used battle box for PvP is now cached in the client
    • Fixed an issue where overworld legendary battle challengers could be forced to use battle box parties if they previously entered matchmaking with them (they'll now always use their real parties)
    • Fixed a server crash which could have occurred (and did!) with charm link sharing
    • Fixed various issues with Multitype
    • Fixed an issue where UI scaling / Immersive Mode would displace GBA NPC battle indicators
    • Fixed an issue where switching routes in GBA areas could cause the screen to flash
    • Sinnoh scripted TMs are now untradeable
    • Fixed GBA trainer names not being overrideable in translations
    • Sketch, when used by a wild encounter, will now temporarily keep sweet scent PP until the end of the battle
    • Restrictions for player online times for mail now only apply if sending an item with the message


    On 2/14/2020 at 4:02 PM, Munya said:

    FYI to those of you in the future, Sweet Scent is always learned with 0/Max PP, so in the case of sketch smeargle will always struggle after sketching the move.

    As was stated here, this isn't a bug, just ignorance of mechanics. Maybe will tweak it so it only wipes PP after the battle has ended.


    On 2/14/2020 at 4:55 PM, Akshit said:


    @Squirtle @Desu @Kyu Give me something to help recover from this trauma your bullshit mechanic has made me go through.

    please enjoy this gold star of compensation:  

  4. 12 minutes ago, Archiver said:

    What I'm worried about is will this set a precedent to other moves you guys find to be broken in PvE. I'm going to be honest with you, the AI isn't really that smart. Sure it likes to switch in Pokemons that deal super effective moves on you but you can use it to your advantage to cheese E4 (which apparently is the main reason you guys nerfed Baton Pass). Basically I can set up Stealth Rocks and maybe a layer or two of Spikes and I can just just Whirlwind/Roar my way to victory effectively cheesing the E4. Combine that with Recover, Roost, Softboiled, Wish and maybe even Rest and I hardly use any potions. And don't get me started on Substitute shenanigans when the AI just completely loses it.


    Will you guys nerf these moves also because it can also completely trivialize PvE. Or does the move have to be completely broken in both PvE and PvP before you guys nerf it?

    Contrary to popular opinion, we do in fact have brains and can distinguish between AI issues and mechanical issues. Baton Pass's issue was with its mechanics.


    We've done balancing changes for PvE before, but I think the last one was a nerf to Base Power of a low-level Fire skill which stomped everything <lvl 15, or something. It's very rare that we nerf anything solely because of PvE performance


    Edit: It was Incinerate, because it stomped Snivy pickers when getting hit by Gym 1 in Unova. We've also omitted base power updates for Rock Tomb because it stomped players when Brock showed up.

  5. 9 hours ago, razimove said:

    And dont mix pve memes with pvp please.

    We had 3 choices when dealing with Baton Pass:

    1. "Let it rot, banned in PvP and working as an 'I Win' button in PvE"
    2. "Delete it from the game because it's too bullshit"
    3. "Remove the problematic mechanic of it."

    We chose #3 obviously. So how do you go about that?


    Do you trade additional complexity for LC/Doubles viability, or do you reintroduce dry passing / sub passing everywhere else and remove the problematic mechanic? What makes the game in its totality better?


    As far as I'm aware, stat passing via baton pass was only significantly viable in LC anyway, as it was a niche strat in Doubles. So is LC worth taking away these strategies from OU/UU/NU?


    I don't think it's a very hard question; We're not going to split mechanics based on tiers, so you have to give and take somewhere.

  6. 14 hours ago, BowieSwift said:

    Time to put your guesses in as to when johto will arrive :P

    I feel like we'll need at least a year to be interested in doing another region. There's an alarming amount of "not yet implemented" within the current ones, as well as gameplay polish which needs addressed for non-regional content (PvP Seasons, etc.)

  7. Lunar New Year 2020

    • Lunar New Year has returned to PokeMMO!
    • A fortune teller has appeared in Nacrene City seeking assistance for the lunar new year.
      • Abundant Shrine is a 2-4 player co-op mission. Defeat as many enemies as possible and may good fortune shine upon you.
    • Lunar New Year 2020's event will run from January 28th until February 3rd


    Gift Shop

    • The Phoenix Tail, Hood, and Robe are now available for a limited time.
    • Seasonal Firework Particles have returned for Lunar New Year 2020.
    • Shiny Charm (+10%) have been added to the Gift Shop for a limited time. These will also return in later sales.


    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a client issue where, on certain macOS configurations, extremely low FPS would occur in 3D areas
    • Improved performance of battle fog particles
    • Fixed various issues with the Sinnoh regional dex, and form/base form Dex unlocking
    • Fixed vending machine prices in Sinnoh
    • Fixed a crash could occur when Red Card / Eject Button activated
    • Fixed missing elevator floor assignment in Veilstone Store
    • Fixed Sinnoh rod tier data
    • Fixed Elite Four Flint rematch scripting
    • Fixed an issue where players would regain control too soon during the Sinnoh HoF
    • Fixed Ability displays for some species' form entries (e.g. Basculin)
    • Fixed TM teaching to form-specific TM entries (e.g. Rock Tomb on Sandy Wormadam)
    • Fixed legacy FR/LG TM items
    • Fixed PC "advanced search" filters persisting past a single PC session
    • Forms are now shown properly in Team Preview
    • Fixed region names for non-EN ROM files
    • VS Seeker is no longer auto-hotkeyed
    • Old/Good/Super Rod auto-hotkeys no longer clobber eachother when assigned

  8. Changelog: 25/01/2020



    • The scripted Odd Keystone Spiritomb fight in Platinum will now result in a Gift Spiritomb if captured. Other wild Spiritomb encounters are unaffected.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed fishing in Unova
    • Fixed Unova daycare dialogue
    • Fixed a Giratina boss skip if players lost the initial fight
    • Fixed Honey pricing (now $1000)
    • Fixed an Unknown Item error when gathering Unova storyline fossils
    • Fixed Sinnoh's Flash overlay
    • Hearthome Gym is now instanced per-player
    • Fixed a storyline skip issue where destroying some objects could result in others being destroyed too (Rocks/Cut Trees)
    • Fixed an issue where Galactic HQ could become unwinnable if disconnecting / reconnecting after some fights
    • Sinnoh fossils gathered from wild rock smash encounters can now be revived properly
    • Fixed Mt. Coronet's "Magnetic Field" / Eterna Forest's "Moss Rock" / Route 217 evolution areas
    • Fixed Korean Platinum strings
    • Fixed an issue where, if fainting during the first Sinnoh Rival battle, you could be placed out of bounds when reviving
    • Fixed a client crash which would occur when Natural Cure healed a status
    • Windows: Fixed several issues where Compatibility Mode would not always be invoked when needed
    • Fixed an issue where Beautifly could be created with no skills
    • Fixed an issue where some party members could get stuck in the Daycare
    • Honey Trees no longer generate underleveled species
    • Readded ExtremeSpeed for the Dratini line's SPECIAL moves block
    • Obedience is now enforced properly in co-op NPC battles
    • Fixed an issue where players could paste newlines in chat
    • Fixed an issue where players could be teleported out of bounds when exiting the Great Marsh
    • Sweet Scent is now restricted in Fog

  9. 5 hours ago, UmUsuarioQalquer said:

    Kyu This hapenned when I oppened the laucher in the new update 

    agr aparece isso.png

    This is normal to happen once.


    4 hours ago, Beren said:

    Same for me. And nothing happened after i pressed the OK button. 

    This error happened again when I opened the launcher again.



    3 hours ago, Popolocrois said:

    same, nothing happened

    Does the message continue appearing even after several .app launches?


    What happens if you remove the app completely and reinstall from the dmg?



  10. 3 hours ago, suigin said:

    I have fantasized about how this would work in practice numerous times since it's actually a fairly interesting idea,  but I believe in the end it's probably a bad idea to implement this.

    Aside from the fact that you could simply ban out the checks and counters to certain fringe Pokemon and go ham with them, forcing people to also permanently ban them, you could also very easily ban out entire teams by removing a key component of them. A simple Pelipper ban would indirectly remove Kabutops, Mixnite and Kingdra from a player's usable pokemon pool. This would force newer players to take much, much longer to get into the comp scene and there's a big difference between grinding out 6 Pokemon to get started and grinding out 12 to avoid getting banned out.

    Like you said, on the 2 minutes I thought of this topic, the only way I can see it being functional is: You bring (15?) candidates to choose from. Your opponent chooses (5?) to ban. You try to create a cohesive team from the (10?) remaining. Fill it in with whatever numbers you want. From that pool, players ban out the most versatile options you have, limiting your ability to create a cohesive team.


    I don't find it terrible in concept, it's just.. a completely different game to what we have now, but with the same problems. You still lose in the "draft", you're just hoping you get lucky and the opponent misplays their bans so you can create the strategy you want. And if the issue is "grind" like the second post said, then I'm failing to see how it actually addresses it, and why this approach would be better than cutting out the middleman and just introducing some form of rentals for players who want to skip straight to PvP.

  11. This PTS event has concluded.




    • Platinum
      • The Sinnoh region is now available.
        • Storyline content for this region has been completed, but several post-game areas (e.g. Battle Frontier) are currently in development.
        • This region requires a Platinum ROM file.
    • PvP
      • Battle Boxes are now available in the PC for inventory management.
        • Battle Box parties may be used wherever PvP is possible.
      • "Normal"-type duels no longer affect overworld party statuses / HP.
        • They now behave as temporary battles, in the same way as Tournament Mode / Matchmaking battles.
      • Added a "Forfeit" button for PvP battles
      • Consumed held items are now automatically replaced when consumed in PvP.
    • General
      • The VS Seeker now automatically broadcasts NPC rematch statuses when loading into a map
        • The VS Seeker item's function has been removed. It will be reimplemented with a different function at a later date.
      • Added effects for the held items: Red Card, Eject Button, Micle Berry.
        • Red Card and Eject Button are now available from BP vendors.
        • This completes battle held item support for Gen 5.
      • Added Sky Drop
        • This completes move support for Gen 5.
      • Added TMs for:
        • Leech Life, Nature Power
      • TMs are now region-agnostic, and are available with all levels of ROM file support. Previously Gen 3 / Gen 4-exclusive TMs are now available in several shops throughout the world.
      • Swarms now show species in the overworld.
        • Swarms no longer adjust encounter tables.
      • Battle sprites now render at higher internal resolutions.
        • To adjust this scaling, see the Front/Back Battle Sprite Render Scale options in the Video tab of the Settings menu.
      • Dex updates:
        • Wild encounter information in the Dex should now be much more accurate, now shows Hordes, and now shows time blocks (Morning/Day/Night) for species if applicable.
        • Forms are now shown in the Dex.
      • Added Item Finder functionality
      • Rare Candies can now induce evolution if the target is lv. 100
      • Added Icy / Moss Rock evolution areas to Kanto/Hoenn



    • Encounter rates of species and hordes for all regions have been rebalanced.
    • EXP gained from the Daycare has been reduced from 60% to 20%.
    • Daycares can no longer violate regional badge cap restrictions when picking up a target. If excess XP is given, it will be stored and available after the next badge is completed.
    • Many species will now learn some moves "on evolution". These are marked in the Dex under the  "EVOLVE" category, and can be relearned through a Move Relearner.
    • Watchog EV yields updated from 1ATK->2ATK



    • Rival names have been removed. Rivals will now use default names depending on your language.
    • PokeMMO now uses lwjgl3 for graphics APIs (previously: lwjgl2).
      • This modernization may result in a "none to slight" performance increase for most players. We don't expect to see any performance regression from it.
      • HDPI monitors should be better supported
      • This also allows support for Java 11+ environments. This primarily affects modern Linux distributions which distribute Java 11/Java 13 as default-jdk
      • Windows XP and Windows Vista are now deprecated platforms. Support for these platforms may be removed at a later date.


    Bug Fixes

    • Many errors with skill data have been fixed. This primarily affected:
      • SPECIAL/EGG-move deduplication (for new TMs, and legacy SPECIAL/EGG moves becoming more available)
      • TM/TUTOR propagation (where applicable)
      • Removed an erroneous tutor from the Weavile tree
      • Fixed Shedinja's PREVO_MOVES block
      • Sinnoh-dependent EGG moves are now possible to see / breed
      • Fixed Volt Tackle display for the Pikachu family
    • Many errors with skill animations have been fixed:
      • This primarily affected unsupported motion types for some skills, e.g. Ember
      • Also adds support for many status ailment skill animations
    • Improved zoom levels in GBA areas with varying resolutions
    • Held items are now automatically removed when a target is released in the PC
    • Fixed repel counts not being correctly displayed when logging in
    • Rare Candies can no longer be used if the target has stored XP
    • Fixed fanfare sfx not resuming music if sfx volume was off
    • Android: Fixed an issue where some icons would grow bigger every time an object was moved between PC slots
    • Fixed an issue where, if a target was holding an Everstone, and it was temporarily removed from battle (through e.g. Thief/Knock Off/etc.), it would not prevent evolution
    • Fixed an issue where untradeable seeds could not be planted
    • Added a confirmation prompt when releasing from a PC, via a Summary window.
      • This and existing Release confirmation dialogues now also default to "No".
    • Fixed Fling cast restrictions
      • Fling can now fling items which have no battle effect, e.g. Potions.
    • Unnerve no longer restricts Fling / Natural Gift
    • Fixed Binding Band's % description

  12. 6 hours ago, Dibz said:

    My Club Penguin history caught up to me

    Your account was terminated due to persistent sexual content in public chats and general chat rulebreaking under several accounts. You were given this warning the last time that you were banned for it, earlier this month:


    On 11/5/2019 at 11:49 PM, Rache said:

    This is quite obviously inappropriate, I'd think that you would know better by now. It's fairly mild for the default duration, so I'll reduce your ban to 3 days (24h left) this time, but please be warned that the next ban may be permanent if you continue to talk this way in public. Please keep statements like this to private chats (team / whispers / link) only, we don't care what you say there.

    Your inappropriate messages, each of which were either related to sexual or racist content in public, resulted in 8 warnings/mutes under your main account within this past year, a few under alternate accounts, and culminated to a permanent ban. Unfortunately, we're not interested in serving players who can't stop talking about their boy bits, and we feel like you were given more than enough chances to quit it.

  13. Changelog: 1/11/2019



    • Pumpking 2019 difficulty adjustments:
      • Broom Cookies will now clear the entire field of stat stage adjustments, instead of just the allied field
      • Wither stat stages will now take effect at the end of the turn, rather than immediately after skill damage
    • Reduced the amount of junk items from both Goodie Bag 2019 and Pumpking Goodie Bag 2019. These items now have additional consumables

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Stat display ordering in stat tooltips
    • Fixed broadcasts for several Halloween skill effects (Cat Cookie end, etc.)
    • Fixed an issue where a christmas item was available on new characters, and removed it from existing characters
    • Fixed a crash when starting battles
    • Fixed Greedy Gulp AI handling of faster targets

  14. What is or isn't allowed in chat typically falls to the discretion of GMs. This includes both the directives issued by the Code of Conduct, as well as personal discretion entrusted in each GM / Global Moderator.


    Regardless of discretion though, drug discussion in public chats has been something which has been consistently disallowed by GMs for several years. Since there's confusion about it due to not being "officially against the rules", we'll update the Code of Conduct later this week to reflect it. Note that we don't typically care about topics like this in private discussions, i.e. Team / Link / Whisper chats.

  15. Changelog: August 14th, 2019



    • Added Characteristics, the most important feature of the game
    • Initial support for Discord "Rich Presence"
      • This feature is optional, and may be toggled in the Settings menu
    • Added "Share" functionality for Android in some locations


    • The minimum Java version has been increased to Java 8.
      • This does not affect modern Desktop installations or Android platforms. This primarily affects portable / legacy PokeMMO installations prior to 2016.
      • This is increased from Java 7. For affected Java 7 systems, please update to Java 8 using https://java.com or redownload the installer package from https://pokemmo.eu/downloads

    Bug Fixes

    • Improved support for keyboard input/controllers in many UIs
    • Fixed screenshot alpha channels
    • Many other minor changes

  16. There won't be any purely passive amulet coin like the old implementation in the future. The reasoning for the change is that, when you create a passive buff which sets rates ahead of baseline, and there's no penalty/cost for using the item, it becomes the de facto rate.


    If we want to set rates similarly to the old amulet coin passive buffs, we'd do so by increasing baseline trainer money gain instead of introducing another item for you to stack together. This would have the benefit of applying to all players as well.

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