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  1. christmas in july ✕ halloween in june ✓
  2. This is Part 2 of PokeMMO's 10th Anniversary patch series. Check back after the event's over for Part 3! 中国玩家请访问此链接 PokeMMO's 10th Anniversary PokeMMO's 10th Anniversary Event has arrived! Every Gym Leader and Elite Four member from PokeMMO's regions have come to celebrate by challenging players to a 14-day battle bonanza! Track down roaming Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members to fight, and receive exclusive Anniversary Chests Collect Anniversary Medallions from Chests to challenge this year's boss: The Original You. Winners receive an exclusive Alpha Starter reward, a unique Particle and Golden Anniversary Chests which may contain ultra rare items! PokeMMO's 10th Anniversary event will end on July 8th, UTC+0 12:00pm Gift Shop The Fire Dragon Robes , Poisonous Flower Hat , and Giant Turtle Shell are now on sale for a limited time! Shiny Charms (+10%) have returned for this event! Professor's Assistant The Professor's Assistant is an NPC in all regions' Research Labs who is researching Hidden Abilities This NPC now gives an Ability Patch for Starters after the player has finished a Region's OT Dex. This item unlocks the Hidden Ability rare attribute for whichever monster you choose. Players who have completed the Regional OT Dex can claim 1 Ability Patch (Fire/Grass/Water) from each of these locations: Kanto: Professor Oak's Lab (Pallet Town) Hoenn: Professor Birch's Lab (Littleroot Town) Unova: Professor Juniper's Lab (Nuvema Town) Sinnoh: Professor Rowan's Lab (Sandgem Town) Please note, the item given will correspond to whichever starter you chose in the region Balancing Added the Competitive ability Competitive causes Special Attack to boost by 2 stages if a stat drop is caused by a foe This ability is available for Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Igglybuff, Milotic, Gothita, Gothorita, and Gothitelle Added the Snow Plow ability Snow Plow causes Speed to double in Hail This ability is available for Cubchoo and Beartic Added the Reactive Gas ability Reactive Gas suppresses all other abilities on the field, except for Reactive Gas, Multitype, and Zen Mode This ability is available for Koffing and Weezing Torchic/Combusken/Blaziken's Hidden Ability has been removed Bug Fixes iOS: Fixed an issue where multiple accounts on the same local network could trigger the "Another User Has Logged In" login error Mobile: Fixed fainting party member cries playing at high pitch Improved support for (Korean) Hangul jamo conjugation for platforms which don't use IMEs Fixed an issue where the wrong abilities would be shown for party members which were given Hidden Abilities in the Battle Frontier rentals formats Fixed monster tooltip details in the GTL / Mail windows When the server is shutting down, matches in Matchmaking are now automatically ended as a draw if the shutdown commences while the match is in progress Fixed an issue where Illusion would reference the wrong party member after team preview Fixed an issue where Eggs would be given a blank HP bar when shifting party slots Fixed an issue where one of the Elite 4 members in Sinnoh had fewer party members than intended If a foe with Unnerve leaves the battlefield, if any active party members are able to eat their berry, they will now do so immediately Fixed an issue where, if attempting to load the game with a corrupted Platinum ROM, the game may have gotten stuck in a boot loop Fixed Cursed Mask rendering Fixed an issue where Hat/Hair rendering would not occur correctly in addon previews Fixed animations for water in Route 230 of Sinnoh Fixed an issue where multiple evolution stones could be consumed for a single evolution if a player made multiple requests before the evolution started Fixed an issue where Ally Switch would always fail in coop battles Fixed an issue where spawn animations would not always playback correctly Feebas now has the Oblivious ability as an alternate choice Follower sprites are no longer scaled down in GBA areas Fixed an issue where Arceus would count against National Dex restrictions in Sinnoh scripts Followers for players who only have B/W ROMs installed now properly show shininess Notes Monsters with the Alpha attribute may breed with each other to pass their attributes. If one parent lacks the attribute, their child will not inherit it The Hidden Ability attribute will be inherited by a child if the child matches the evolution line of the parent which has it
  3. Event pushed back a few days while we continue work on bug fixes and features. Thanks for understanding

  4. We're aware of an issue with iOS which is preventing multiple users on their local network from connecting simultaneously. It will be resolved in the next game update. Thanks for your report
  5. Changelog: 13/06/2022 Features The GTL and PC now allow searching by Shiny/Secret Shiny The last used item is now automatically navigated to in the in-battle item use UI Desktop: The item use UI in-battle can now be double clicked to use the item Added an "Extra Large" chat buffer size option Balancing Scripted encounters (NPCs which occur during the storyline) for Volcarona, Musharna, Spiritomb, Rotom, Kecleon, Snorlax, and Sudowoodo now use normalized IVs (15/15/15/15/15/15), neutral natures, and cannot be shiny Bug Fixes macOS: Fixed an issue where the client could crash if resizing, changing window position, or becoming fullscreen A new macOS Launcher update has been deployed to fix this issue. Please visit PokeMMO - macOS Downloads to download the latest version (v46) Fixed Secret Shiny preview in the Breeding UI Fixed Zen Mode base stats / typing alterations after transforming Fixed various positioning issues with icons Fixed there being a prompt for Shininess when running away from a non-Shiny Ditto which was transformed into a Shiny Fixed multiple Sweet Scent prompts being able to be shown at the same time Fixed Randoms generating incorrect levels for Wormadam/Rotom alternate forms Rock Smash TMs have been removed from Marts Fixed Wish / Future Sight not failing when the battle slot they were targeting had nothing in it Fixed the Mail icon in the HUD displaying out of battle ability tooltips in some cases Fixed various issues with move learning which would result in players being prompted multiple times for the same move, or invalid moves (if the target already knew them) Fixed Cell Battery / Absorb Bulb activating from recoil moves (e.g. Wild Charge) Fixed Dig being unable to be written over by HMs Fixed an issue with Rotation Battles where the resulting team ordering from Team Preview would not be as expected Fixed an issue with Rotation Battles where abilities which activated upon swap in (e.g. Drizzle) would not be triggered correctly Fixed instance clear counts / cooldown information not displaying correctly if switching characters to one which didn't have any history Fixed hordes being able to damage themselves through AoE moves (e.g. Surf)
  6. No, we did not create our own randomness algorithms for the game, and your activity cannot affect other players' RNG rolls. For shiny rates (and any other important RNG calls) we use cryptographic RNG via Java's SecureRandom engine. Basically: If it is good enough for government encryption keys, it's good enough for you and your shiny randomness. Sometimes, interesting things happen which players can visualize patterns in, but they don't actually exist.
  7. Changelog: 10/06/2022 Bug Fixes Mobile: Fixed a crash which could occur with Rotation Battles when pressing the Rotate button iOS: Fixed several fatal crashes Fixed an issue where Overworld Legendary battles would not start Fixed an issue where cosmetic items could experience texture corruption after loading other characters Fixed an issue where the Sleep icon on the party bar wouldn't load correctly Fixed Black City's name string in the Town Map, when using a White ROM Fixed several issues related to misplaced party info icons Fixed an issue where a Substitute would not disappear after being destroyed Fixed Zorua's spawn locations Fixed Ally Switch's skill effect Fixed Pursuit's priority Fixed Aromatherapy/Heal Bell's party cure effects Fixed an issue where Helping Hand could not be selected vs Hordes Fixed Unova Rock Smash NPCs never going onto cooldown Notes Added an "Enable IPv6" setting to the Settings Menu. Users experiencing networking issues after the latest update may disable this setting to test for networking issues
  8. Yes No. Please read above; Restored fossils / Game Corner purchases may also be secret shiny
  9. Shiny Charm / Donator Status modifications only affect the base rate, so it would be 1/27000 -> 1/16
  10. Yes Yes No It takes the place of the normal shiny particle, so you can't have both
  11. This is Part 1 of PokeMMO's 10th Anniversary 3-patch series. Click here to see what released in Part 2! Features PokeMMO for iOS PokeMMO is now available for iOS 11+ as a 3rd-party IPA package 3rd-party applications on iOS require sideloading for functionality. Please visit this link for installation instructions via Altstore.io 中国用户,请访问此链接 This client is currently in Beta. Several issues are currently known and are being worked on: iOS keyboard changing may be slightly delayed iOS "Display Zoom" mode does not always render correctly Various audio issues are currently present. These may include audio stopping for no apparent reason, and audio being delayed For additional issues, please report them to https://support.pokemmo.eu/ Rotation Battles "Rotation Battles are similar to Triple Battles in that three party members in each team are sent onto each side. However, they are sent out onto a circular platform. The platform can be rotated in either direction without wasting a turn. Strategy revolves around predicting which party member the opponent will select and switching to the appropriate counter on the player's side." Added Rotation Battles to duel/tournament options and enabled the battle type for relevant NPCs Movepools have been updated to Gen 8-5 (including changes from BDSP & LA). New moves are summarized below: Randoms has been updated to include Generation 4 species Some Limited addons now have animated profile sprites Phenomena may now occur more frequently Phenomena and Swarms now last slightly longer when spawned Darmanitan Statues now occasionally reappear in Desert Resort of Unova Honey Trees now allow multiple layers of Honey to be applied, to attract more foes at a time Using Sweet Scent without enough PP will now prompt to replenish it with an available item (Leppa/Ether/etc.) Unova now includes Rock Smash encounters Unova now has a Rock Smash HM, available where the previous TM was distributed. Players who have already claimed this TM may return to the NPC to claim the HM. Ability Pills now show available selections before changing the ability Rarity flags (e.g. Release date / Event tie-in) for Particles are now shown in the summary too Added an Ice Ball tutor to the Yellow regional move master PokeMMO now allows connections over IPv6 networks This change is seamless, but may result in better networking performance for mobile networks Balancing Multi-hit moves no longer have multiple chances to flinch when combined with an item which causes Flinching (e.g. King's Rock). Abilities which cause flinching (e.g. Stench) retain the previous multiple chance formula PokeDoll pricing has been reduced from $1,000 to $300 This also fixes a stray mart in Kanto which had an unusually high pricing for this item Honey pricing has reduced from $1,000 to $750 In Randoms Matchmaking, players who lose against opponents which have a ranking at least 75 points lower than them will now have their ELO losses halved The catch rates and pricing for several balls has been updated: Nest Ball: The maximum level for a bonus has been updated to 30. The capture rate is now (7 - (0.2 * (level - 1)) with a maximum value of 4. Pricing was increased from $1,000 -> $1,200 Dive Ball: 2.5x bonus now applies to Water / Fishing as well as Diving Timer Ball: The capture rate is now (1 + (turn count * 0.3) with a maximum value of 4, where the first turn is now counted for its bonus. Pricing was reduced from $900 -> $800 Quick Ball: The capture bonus was increased to 5x if used on the first turn Repeat Ball: Pricing was increased from $1,350 -> $1,500 Changes Schedules for Season Finale Tournaments for PvP Matchmaking have been adjusted: NU / UU Season Finale tournaments have been moved to 1 week prior the OU/DB tournaments. The schedule is now as follows: NU (2nd to last Saturday of the PvP Season) UU (2nd to last Sunday of the PvP Season) Doubles (Last Saturday of the PvP Season) OU (Last Sunday of the PvP Season) Character deletions are now limited to 5 per 24 hours per account Previously, they were limited if the character was created within the past 2 days Increased the maximum amount of money able to be sent via Mail from 20 Million to 2 Billion The UFO Hat now has a triggerable animation Bug Fixes Mobile: Fixed status icons shown in various UIs Mobile: Fixed various sizing / positioning issues with the Dex's mobile UI Mobile: Fixed an issue where the DPAD may disappear if opening / closing menus really quickly Desktop: The in-battle UI for Item Usage has been improved Desktop/macOS: Fixed an issue where the client would stall if opening the file system via the Client Management / Rom Management menu. These options have been re-enabled Android: Fixed a zombie process which would stay in the Recent Tasks menu if exiting the game via the Exit button Android: Fixed an incompatibility with Android 13 which could result in game accounts being temporarily banned for client tampering Android: Fixed an issue where Mods could get stuck when importing if the user closed the application before the import was completed. Improved the import experience for mods Fixed many issues for many scripted NPCs in NDS areas Fixed physics playback issues for particles Fixed an issue where tournament seats would not be loaded correctly in the game client for very large tournaments (128+) Fixed an issue where fishermen would haunt the Distortion World Fixed enemy trainer animations in NDS areas Fixed an issue where TM shop scrolling would occur out of order for controller / keyboard inputs Duplicate items are no longer shown in the Character Customization vanity selection window Sky Drop is no longer affected by Follow Me-type moves Fixed the truck in Littleroot Town rendering backwards Fixed battle types for Charles and "Kumi & Amy" in Unova Fixed an issue where GTL listings were unpurchaseable while rematching Gym Leaders in Unova/Sinnoh Fixed an issue where Mutual Disqualifications could cause tournaments to stop allocating battles Fixed HG/SS ROM status in the Client Management menu Updated battle action priority. Actions are now prioritized as: Fleeing/Resigning -> Disobedience -> Swap -> Item -> Rotation -> Moves Fixed a crash which could occur if 6+ spawn particles played back simultaneously Fixed Plus/Minus abilities boosting when fighting an enemy with Plus/Minus Fixed an issue where, if a move with 90% Accuracy was used with a Wide Lens, it would never miss Fixed an issue where Nature Power, when used by a party member with Prankster, could still call a move against a Dark-type foe Fixed an issue where Aromatherapy/Heal Bell, when snatched by Snatch, would have no effect on its caster Fixed an issue where Aromatherapy, when affecting a target with Sap Sipper, wouldn't correctly broadcast its absorption Fixed an issue where Aromatherapy/Heal Bell which could cause no message to play when the move was cast Fixed many issues with the Battle Arena / Fallarbor Battle Tent battle format (SetKO) Fixed icon sizes for Nidoran ♀ / ♂ in the battle font Improved support for Polish custom ROMs in FireRed/Emerald Fixed an issue where healing animations for Berries would playback in the middle of other animations Fixed an issue where Shiny particle animations would cause a slight delay when sending into battle Improved render speed for character sprites Fixed an issue where Randoms Duels would check for the battle clause validity of players' real teams where they wouldn't apply Fixed Species Preview (e.g. Starter selection in Kanto) widget positioning Fixed an issue where, when fighting alongside Lorelei in Icefall Cave, players could encounter wild encounters while scripts were playing Fixed an issue where players could break their Kanto Mom by unstucking too early Fixed an issue where, when a Fire/Water/Grass Pledge was comboed with another Pledge move, and one of the moves failed due to e.g. Flinch, the entire combo would fail Added Fire/Water/Grass Pledge combo field effect animations Fixed an issue where Transform wouldn't use the correct species name when broadcasting its initial Transformation message Fixed an issue where Transform wouldn't inherit the target's shininess Fixed an issue where Transform would only change to Male variants of species with distinctly gendered sprites After Transforming, the inherited ability from the target is now displayed in battle tooltips Fixed an issue where Wonder Guard users wouldn't be able to be hit by moves which had super effective typing, but static damage (e.g. Shedinja vs Night Shade) Bosses are now immune to Encore Fixed Cursed Mask layer rendering Fixed an issue where Self Destruct / Explosion could broadcast an error if multiple opponents were immune to the Self Destruction Floating sprites in B/W no longer pretend they're hitting the ground when sent out from a ball Fixed an issue where, if Confused, the self-damaging hit could hit a Substitute if one was active Fixed an issue where Download could proc against a fainted opponent Fixed an issue where hotbar slots would not show the current PP / Item Count of a hotbar slot if either no hotkey, or an invalid hotkey, was assigned to the slot Fixed an issue where EV counts shown in multi-item use dialogues wouldn't be correct if exceeding 510, in some cases Fixed inconsistent Porygon pricing in Kanto/Hoenn Game Coin marts Fixed a crash which could occur when consuming all available Mysterious Gems in your inventory Chat History is now cleared when switching accounts The "Mute Audio While in Background" setting now applies to all sound channels, instead of just background music Purchase pricing is now only shown for items which can be purchased from Marts When queuing up item actions in battle with multi-battles, invalid items are no longer offered for selection Fixed an issue where, if interacting with a PC, players could create multiple menus with the NPC, making them stuck until they closed the PC menu Fixed an issue where Sleigh mounts would be half-rendered for players who are quick rendered Removed several illegal moves from Shedinja's learnset: Shedinja may no longer use Swift, Uproar, Air Cutter, Ominous Wind, Attract, Roost, U-Turn, Air Slash, Defog, Captivate, or Acrobatics Users who were affected by this change have been credited $30,000 per move removed Fixed the Giratina form which is written to the Dex during the Sinnoh Distortion World boss Players who have impossible species in their Dex entries have had them removed Fixed an exploit where some Safari Zone actions could have their animations skipped The grace period for berry wilting during server maintenance periods has been increased
  12. Base patch out Wednesday. Event 1wk after that

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      I will be right here waiting for you~

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      @katto your wish has been granted. Once the maintenance is complete, then enjoy the game!

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      will the vanity be released in part 2?

  13. This game is not structured in a way where we can divvy out work into hyperspecific chunks. All of the developers here wear all the hats they can, because that's what the project has needed up until this point. It allows us to run on a very lean team which is very good at producing results. If we were looking to invest into more software developers for the game, I'd guess it'd take around a year to train someone to fully understand the project like I do. It's pretty big, at over a million lines of code and 40 subprojects atm. And we're kind of picky, in that if we're looking to hire someone to work on the actual product, we don't want a revolving door of useless year 1 CS students touching the codebase with their grubby messy hands. If we did find someone who's both competent and underemployed, I'm pretty sure it'd cost at least $100 if we want them to show up every day. So yeah, it's pretty expensive. I'm sure it does. It annoys me too, I'm tired of working on this patch. But throwing more people at the problem doesn't actually solve this particular situation. When it comes to development, usually goals and their problems can be categorized in one of two ways: A goal with an objectively correct solution. Like: "Make the skills work like they do in X game." "Make the game run on iOS." "Make an animation which does X" A goal which is open ended. A vague idea, like "Make an event which commemorates our 10th anniversary, somehow." For #1, you can absolutely throw more cooks into your kitchen to get the thing done. It's easy, there's a correct way for things to occur, and if you don't do it that way, you failed to do the thing. We do occasionally contract people for this type of work, especially if it falls out of our areas of expertise. For #2 though, we have found that more cooks does not make the creative process better. They can do more things at once, provided that their problems can be categorized as #1, but that's not really the issue when it comes to events. The bottleneck is designing and iterating on whatever mechanics we come up with, and that role is restricted to 1 or 2 (extremely experienced) people out of necessity. Otherwise you get the problem of too many cooks in a kitchen all trying to make the same pot of soup, and nobody is happy with how it tastes. I've yet to find a way to improve that, so the real lesson is what we came up with 10 years ago, and what I should have done in the first place- "just don't give ETAs lol"
  14. 2 months ago, a few of our more attentive players noticed that March 29th 2022 would be the 10th anniversary of the forums coming online. As a brief history lesson for everyone, the first public test of the game started a few weeks later in April 2012, then the "alpha" (now known as PokeMMO Epsilon™) was released in June 2012. While originally we were just planning on a large content update to commemorate the date, maybe throw in some massive tournament or something, we had the brilliant idea to instead make a one-time event outside of what we call "event season"- the period of Halloween/Christmas/Chinese New Year where we normally don't permit large, breaking changes so as to not interrupt the events by leaving you with an unplayable video game. "Get hyped" we said, because it'd be good. Then, despite our better judgment, we doubled down by not only giving ourselves a deadline to come up with something and get it out, but a public deadline. Several in fact, and we've managed to blow all of them in a fantastic fashion. Today marks the date of our 4th deadline being missed, and I'm happy to announce that we're commemorating this feat of project logistics by releasing the Torch & Pitchfork Seasonal items. These items will be available until the next update releases. We expect that to be Soon™ish, probably around Two Weeks™, but we're giving ourselves some leeway so we don't need to make more announcements about announcements. When we get there, this will also be an unusual update process. We'll be breaking it into a 3 part series: The major, fragile changes will occur before the event. This will be our launch of the open beta iOS client, general changes like moveset updates, bug fixes, and a large suite of scripting changes to help us support future regions. A few days later, after we're sure that the game's not completely busted, the event will start. Finally, after the event ends, a new permanent feature will launch. We'll keep that one a surprise for now. Until then, See you Soon™!
  15. If I were a pedantic man, I'd tell you the oldest characters on the server were created 20/06/2012 and that we're actually way ahead of schedule I hope you like playing rotation battles, because they were a pain in the ass to write. (I do not expect you to like rotation battles.) If I have time, sure. The former's trivial, the latter not so much
  16. Normally I wouldn't try to estimate release times, but for this one, I don't think it's acceptable to say "We don't know when." Several I'd say it has a healthy mix of features for both types of players at the moment
  17. We've delayed the event a bit more so we can introduce some new permanent features alongside it. At the moment, we're tentatively planning for sometime around the 10th of May (2 Weeks™). Thanks
  18. Will be fixed next update. Thanks for your report
  19. It'll be a little more than that, thankfully
  20. It dismays me that some people think this announcement was a joke because of the graphics design and the date of the announcement. I have replaced it with a more professional graphic to help accentuate its seriousness.
  21. ok, I'll make rotation battles too. I know a lot of people have been waiting for those
  22. thanks I put a lot of work into it
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