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  1. Kyu

    Quick Wishlist

    This thread is to gather requests for small changes or features which can have a big impact on your experience. It is meant to be a dumping ground of basic ideas for common annoyances. Put elaborate ideas or content changes in their own thread.   Post up to 3 quick and simple things that would matter a lot to you if implemented.
  2. Kyu

    Changelog: 27/11/2018

    This update performed a data prune which removed history of trainer battle rematches for common trainers (normal NPCs you rematch). Please do not report issues of low level trainer fights; they will scale back up after defeat. Please report any script issues (broken gameplay) arising from this. Thanks
  3. Kyu

    Changelog: 27/11/2018

    General HMs/Out of Battle skills can now be hotkeyed through the Summary frame Android: Onscreen DPAD deadzones are now configurable in the Settings menu Android: Added DPAD Directional Assist This sensitivity setting can be configured in the Settings menu. Android: Enabled MSAA options (on devices which support it) UI Global Trade Link changes: Added previews for addon items Added a "Claim All" function Particle filters no longer include Shiny particles Fixed tier list filtering GTL Mail will now be automatically deleted after claiming items PC/GTL/Mail: PC-function enabled PC/GTL/Mail windows can now be opened at once PCs are now considered a valid inventory for GTL sales/Mail sending Fixed an issue where Held Items couldn't be taken from the PC Some monster tooltips now show more stats Added "Always show battle HUD" setting This option prevents skill animations from hiding the battle HUD. Default on for PvP/Spectate Added battle indicators for entry hazard effects Bug Fixes Fixed a startup crash with some older Linux distributions (Notably, Ubuntu 14.04) Please note, you may need to redownload the game client if it does not update correctly. To do this, remove the ~/.pokemmo folder and redownload from the website. Fixed sound mod loading Fixed sprite corruption which may occur with some hats (commonly seen with Witch hats) Fixed a crash while viewing old battle replays Contest descriptions for skills are now omitted if you're not in Hoenn Some HMs/Out of Battle skill animations may now be skipped after being seen Fixed Flinching causing pauses in battles Android: Fixed performance issues related to Sandstorm/Hail battle weather fx Fixed an issue where Scrappy would not affect Counter Fixed an issue where Aromatherapy/Heal Bell's ailment heals wouldn't correctly display for status ailment tooltips Fixed Mimic ignoring Gen 4/5 skills Android: Fixed various issues with the battle UI Fixed an issue where battle tooltips may flash when damage was taken Fixed an issue where Spit Up could change the target's stat stages, instead of the caster's Android: Fixed item counts not showing in hotkey bars
  4. Kyu


    No. We don't change RNG rates depending on past bans. Our ban policies today are not the same as they were 5 years ago. If this person were found cheating today, they would have earned a permanent account ban too. We don't go back and revisit old bans when we do policy changes, which is why their account is still open.
  5. Kyu

    Changelog: 30/10/2018

    Changelog 11/11/2018: Bug Fixes Fixed broadcasting of current battle states on spectate / reconnection Added some indicators for current status ailments / HP % to the battle UI Added weather effects for battles Fixed UI flashing during battle swaps Fixed particles suppressing the UI Fixed an issue where hitting a target behind Substitute with Future Sight might trigger retaliatory effects (Rocky Helmet, etc.) Fixed Shiny animation causing a small delay on swap Held item effects should no longer play in Contests
  6. Kyu

    Changelog: 30/10/2018

    Halloween 2018 This event will run from 30/10 to 05/11. A giant pumpkin has been spotted near Driftveil City. Beat up children to steal their candy. Feed the pumpkin to win a prize. Special wild ghosts have been spotted in Unova. These special ghosts may have higher IVs than normal wild encounters. There is currently a 25% chance to have at least 1 >29 IV. These ghosts may have some other mysterious attributes. UI Particles, such as the Shiny entry animation, are now optional and may be toggled through the summary frame. Particles no longer block battle actions when swapping in. All non-Shiny particles will be inherited by children during breeding. Gift Shop The "Bats" particle is now available for the duration of Halloween. This item is seasonal, and will return next year. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where some players may always connect to the server "Kars". Probably fixed an issue where players on Android would sometimes see an "Another User Has Logged In" message due to networking conditions Fixed an issue where some idle animations for follower sprite NPCs would be corrupted Fixed an issue where stat adjusting abilities (Marvel Scale, etc.) would not be affected by Mold Breaker Fixed an issue where Synchronize could have triggered on abnormal conditions Possibly fixed an issue where Recoil could break "PvP winner" calculations Notes Spooky Candy from the 2016 event has been deleted.
  7. Assuming you mean in the overworld, probably not
  8. Yeah, we're planning on general "premium" particles, with free/limited ones released with events. Basically the same as how other cosmetics in-game work
  9. It's exclusive to pumpking goodie bags, but I'm not sure if it's exclusive to 2018. I'm indecisive about it. For now, until there's a message in the particle which says "Exclusive to Halloween 2018", you can assume they'll return next year.
  10. Kyu

    Changelog: 30/10/2018

    Update 3 Halloween 2018 Made the boss harder again Added a Pumpking-exclusive particle to the Pumpking Goodie Bag Pumpking reward increased to 4 bags Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where some players could get stuck on Tubeline Bridge on certain days Added a basic particle filter for the GTL Future Sight has been updated to Gen 5+ battle mechanics: Future Sight will now calculate damage on the end turn, instead of the casting turn Future Sight will now respect type-changing effects such as Normalize, Sturdy effects such as Focus Sash and Endure, Wonder Guard, can now inflict critical hits, and is affected by stat stages of the caster and target Fixed a bug where Future Sight would not trigger berries on damage Fixed a bug where Future Sight would not be affected by No Guard Fixed a bug where Future Sight would not trigger Bide damage Brick Break will now only destroy Reflect/Light Screen if the skill landed (substitute included) Added some weather effect messages Fixed an issue where wild event ghosts could not be run from
  11. Kyu

    BS Pumpking Buff

    k, I'll make it harder
  12. Kyu

    Strategy to defeat the pumpking

    The skills have been temporarily disabled due to balancing problems with the boss. We will re-enable them tomorrow with less strength. If they are still too powerful after that, they will be disabled for bosses.
  13. Kyu

    Changelog: 30/10/2018

    Update 2 Halloween 2018 Made the boss harder. Bug Fixes Fixed unlocked particles not showing in summaries in some cases Fixed trick-or-treater music in Unova Fixed mart sales of items
  14. gm when xmas event?
  15. Kyu


    Unova only this year
  16. yeah that was a good event shout outs to @Rache for animating those sprites in the like 12 hours we gave her. it would've looked weird without them
  17. sorry, which event?
  18. halloween is on wednesday though?
  19. Kyu

    Let us Customise Team Ranks

    I am but a simple pumpkin farmer. No thanks are necessary
  20. Kyu

    Let us Customise Team Ranks

    It's been on the backlog for a while now. I don't mind it, just can't spend time on it atm
  21. 10 years since halloween event.i walk through the empty streets trying to think of something else but my path always leads to the pumpkins. i stare at the screen for hours and try to summon the pumpking. i play overwatch girls with no heads but it is no good. i flame the devs in global and try to resist the vampire mods but it is all meaningless. the end is near.i then usually watch some old royrogers vods and cry myself to sleep.


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      Its an anagram. If you reverse the captials using the earth rotation speed as paramether to skip the letters you ll find the secret code:   




    3. Toupi



      10 years snce halloween event.i walk through the empty streets trying t think of something else but my path always leads to the pumpkins. i stare at te screen for hours and try to summon the pumpking. i play overwach girls with no heads but it is no good. i flame the devs in glbal and try to resist the vampire mods but it is all meaningless. the end is near.i then usually watch some old royrogers vods and cry myself to sleep.

      you've made a mistake, Johto is spelled with "J"

    4. Summrs
  22. Kyu

    PvP Time Limit Tiebreaker Feedback

    We disabled it 7 weeks ago because people told us the tiebreaker rules weren't good enough. Shoo. Edit: I thought someone told you guys but apparently they didn't. I blame the Tier Council Leader, @DaftCoolio
  23. Kyu

    server with serious delay

    Hi, We are working to setup additional routes for Chinese players within the next week. It should help alleviate the connection problems. Unfortunately, we are having troubles with the hosting company. Thanks for your patience

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