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  1. No he didn't No It's a lie, and if he plays under more accounts, he'll probably be permanently banned again by the GMs.
  2. network decided to suck today for about 15 minutes, it resolved itself. No ddos / etc.
  3. Faster than last time, we'll have a proper Q&A around the first PTS
  4. I'm not taking pot shots at the GMs, but it's not really their place to discuss things like inflation because it's not their expertise. Half this topic was devoted to the current state of the economy, half of it is tournament prizes and general PvP stuff which they don't really know our plans on. It was meant to be more of a joking comment because topics like these are tiring, but I'm not upset at our players for being mad at us or anything, and I know the GMs would handle it if it were a GM-y matter. I'd be mildly perturbed if someone who didn't know what they were doing showed up and tried to lecture you guys about the goings-on of the economy and all that, because it's misinformation from an authority figure, even if it's meant in good faith. Also, if you have to ask, the answer would probably be "Please do not."
  5. It's not really because of "mean replies", it's just draining as hell to sit here and get yelled at. This is an all-day event, because I can't disengage halfway through without looking like a jerk. My initial reply took an hour to write, and the turbonerds who provide feedback spent a few hours debating the topic between themselves prior to me doing so, but it's not really a good use of anyone's time if we can help it. They do try to listen, though. Most of them just aren't very good at the economic details, and don't want to say something dumb, because that becomes "the staff response."
  6. Yes. This is literally "not my department", I don't have any say in tournament prizes, and the only thing I can recommend (I can poke the GMs and say hey guys you're doing something dumb) is based on whether I believe the economy is stable, or whether the prize tiering is too uneven. None of the GMs wanted to touch this topic because of replies like yours, so I'm the best you get, sorry. That'd probably be a good way to recycle them, but I can't recall whether the motivation of it was purely for asset reasons (we are, eventually, going to run out of ideas), or whether there was some economic reason to it being brought up. If it were just for asset reasons, highly derivative stuff like that would be an ok way to manage it imo. What I was alluding to in my original post was whether free players have access to items which are immune to inflation without having to dump money into the game, and without having to trade with another player. Currently, within our current event model, they do. They still do even if we stop giving them away, it's not like we're tiering tradeability based on how much money you threw at us, but being able to access that class of inflation-immune item by themselves helps kind of bridge the divide between free/paid players, and probably helps players resent us less. But, maybe I'm overthinking it, and nobody really cares. I think this knowledge of inflation-immune items only recently became a topic of the public consciousness as the rest of the system showed cracks, so maybe they care now, though. When it comes to discussing economic issues, we usually don't want to comment on specifics like this, because if I said in this moment "We're nerfing berries into the ground", the market would probably hyper-inflate as everyone rushes to get as much money as they can out of it. I'll write you a book sometime later though. So, like I said above, this is literally not my department, but yeah, the IV stuff is just a technical issue which hasn't been addressed. We do want to dump a few months into PvP, it's a little bad atm, and the tournament prizes didn't change when the meta's IV importance did. It's literally impossible for them to assign anything other than 4x25,2x31 atm iirc, so that's really our fault. I'll ask one of the prize tier people to look at this topic, but I'm pretty sure that conversation is going to go like this: We are very concerned over whether staff-driven events cause issues in-game due to prize distribution, but I think those concerns may just be outdated as it's all a drop in the bucket compared to our playerbase now. So you might get a lecture about how staff event-driven inflation is bad for the game, or you might get silent changes, or maybe nothing will happen, because hey, making sweeping changes to a standardized system during times of economic volatility probably really is a bad idea.
  7. It's something which we're debating internally, iirc. The last time we talked about it was probably Christmas or Halloween 2018. We're considering re-releasing them after an extremely long period of time, e.g. a few years from now, but I'm not sure we ever will. Depends on if we get to the point of running out of ideas for events, or if we run too many (3x per year already feels like too many imo, but this was an exceptionally bad year due to how much work was required to make them work in NDS areas, so we'll see throughout 2019). Good catch though, I completely forgot about that. That would push the debate of whether free users have the same opportunities as paid users. I don't know man, it's so bad. It's the worst hat we ever sold, it's a meme at this point. I don't think the guy even realizes he has one. Unless it's you, in which case, congrats. I guess someone already told everyone.
  8. Hi, so, I see we have a bit of an inflammatory topic to bait me into posting, so here you go: This has been covered several times by other posters so far, but I just want to note, this isn't Venezuela. Lopping zeroes off your currency doesn't solve your problems. We only did that once, and it was because we made an irreparable mistake at the time which forced a hard reset. I think what you want is to try to address inflation, so I'm just going to give a brief overview of inflation in MMO economies real quick: - Yen Inflation When you build a berry or you explode a gym leader/NPC, you get gold. When you get gold, you spend gold, on players or on NPCs. When you spend gold on players, you're not actually destroying gold, you're just moving it around. If we made a mistake here, the proper way to address it is to either stop the gold flow or make you spend more. - Item Inflation When items are built, the supply of "built items" becomes inflated. You turn gold into items. The items don't degenerate in our game. That means we need to have planned obsolesence built into our game's release schedule, which is why your items "degenerate" whenever a new metagame develops by way of a major content update. That's why you get mad at us when you start thinking about HAs and Gen 4. So, the way that we've historically managed this problem is by cutting money supplies, then forcing you all to build new items in some way. We have several major "reset buttons" left, with Sinnoh, HAs, Legendaries, etc. We just have to actually deploy them. While I'm always concerned over hitting a proper level of money flow within the game, I'm not overly concerned about oddities like these past few months, because we have leeway to make mistakes. You should note that I didn't mention any vanities in that paragraph. Those items don't expire. Infact, they're the only items which are immune to inflation by design, because they're released once. RuneScape also has this, although it's called the "party hat economy". Whether that makes the game better is debatable, because while it may seem "pay2win" (protip: we release free versions of limiteds literally every event, although they're not perfectly equatable to paid variants due to natural supply/demand of free vs paid users), it not only provides a store of wealth where it's otherwise impossible, but it ensures that goods traded between players for normal gameplay are able to be consistently inflated (HIGHLY AVAILABLE) by pegging peak wealth against something which is untouchable, which helps user adoption during the mature stages of a game's life by allowing us to make sure that gameplay-affecting items are inflated while retaining the prestige of having something valuable. Probably. Wealthy players don't play the same way that you do, anyway. They shift gold/items around for most of their gameplay. There are no inherent costs to doing this by design, because stifling trading by introducing taxation is pretty toxic for the game on a fundamental level. Wealth inequality within a game is not inherently bad imo, but taxing this type of player is not easy, because you either need to break the promise of wealth being stored in certain types of items (we're not going to do this), you need to deflate their assets, or you need to tax the process of trading. Alternatively, you can just try to convince everyone that a hat is worthless. All of this value is imaginary, and created by you. If I had to pick and choose what "the real problem" is, I would say that there's a disconnect between yen / item inflation which is making players mad because they're finding that it's faster to just throw $5 at us than actually play the game. That's an indicator of yen inflation, and I don't really like the level of inflation we're currently seeing, which you can see in our last patch notes, so we'll continue to make adjustments. (Fun fact: There's one player who has the rarest hat in the game, the only one of its kind, which is completely worthless because he not only didn't sell it, but it looks terrible.) The GMs aren't actually going to do anything in the short-term, unless there's something really dumb going on with prize distribution (1st vs 2nd vs 3rd is too different). They would want to see long-term trends of monetary inflation before considering the adjustment of prize pools against the current state of the economy (when they make a decision). You guys get really mad when they reduce prizes, so they don't want to overbuff then say "oh no we messed up" and nerf it again, so they're always going to be tepid about it. The fact that I'm posting this will tell them that, no, they really shouldn't be touching prizes, it's a really bad idea to do it during a volatile economy regardless of how many angry people there are. No. We made a promise that they would be released once. No. We have been looking at reforms for formatting of official PvP events for a few months now, although we haven't had the opportunity to realize them yet. You'll understand why fairly soon, but we're pretty busy behind the scenes atm. I'd like to dump about 2 months into the PvP system fairly soon, I think you'd be happy with it by the time we're done. I'll make sure to keep the IV request in mind. Sorry for the informal tone for all of this, this thread is long. This is a very complicated set of questions which requires a lot of thought, and is definitely not addressed by "just make em all poor lol." This probably doesn't have the answers you want, but hopefully it'll give you a bit of insight to the thought process behind it all. nerd
  9. Kyu

    Changelog: 08/02/2019

    14/02/2019: Balancing CNY2019: Nian rewards (Lucky Red Envelope) now scale up per Nian defeat in an instance, with a formula of ((defeated*2)+(nian-1)), scaling as 2->5->9 for 1/2/3 Nians defeated per instance Updated wave clear bonus gold coins: Previously, this would give +1/+3/+5/+7 gold coins for every 3 waves respectively (capping at +7) Now, the event gives +1/+2/+3/+5/+7 for every 3 waves (capping at +7, with a minimum of 3 waves required for +1) Nian rewards retain their 1x bonus for each nian defeated (+1 GC for 1 Nian, +2 GC for 2 Nians, ...) Increased copper coin ratios slightly NPC sell prices for Berries have been reduced slightly: Cheri/Chesto/Pecha/Rawst/Aspear/Persim/Razz/Bluk/Nanab/Wepear/Pinap berries have been reduced from $700 to $550 Figy/Wiki/Mago/Aguav/Iapapa/Cornn/Magost/Rabuta/Nomel reduced from $900 to $700 Spelon/Pamtre/Watmel/Durin/Belue/Occa/Passho/Wacan/Rindo/Yache/Chople/Kebia/Shuca/Coba/Payapa/Tanga/CHarti/Kasib/Haban/Colbur/Babiri/Chilan reduced from $1100 to $900 Liechi/Ganlon/Salac/Petaya/Apicot/Lansat/Starf/Enigma/Micle/Custap/Jaboca/Rowap/Lum reduced from $1300 to $1050 Bug Fixes Distance calculations for AoE aggro in coop events now uses a round radii (previously, this was square) Fixed battle timers breaking in some PvP battles Fixed an issue where, if one player died to the Nian in CNY2019 but won the battle, a life would be eaten Red Envelopes no longer give untradeable TMs Fixed an issue where, if both players attempted to aggro a coop NPC at the same time, sometimes the last person seen would get stuck temporarily
  10. Kyu


    We're aware, yeah. We'll try to manage it for the next major update. It requires a significant change to how battle data is tracked. The duration is 1 hour. Shiny Charms are available in a different box, although at a very low rate. No
  11. Lunar New Year 2019 A fortune teller has appeared in Nacrene City seeking assistance for the lunar new year. Abundant Shrine is a 2-4 player co-op mission. Defeat as many enemies as possible and may good fortune shine upon you. Lunar New Year 2019's event will run from February 7th until February 15th. General Team Preview has been enabled for Tournament Mode battles Team Preview is a battle state which occurs before a battle is started. During this state, players can change the order of their party and view a summary of their opponents. This state lasts for 1 minute, or until both players confirm their team ordering, whichever comes first. Added the Illusion ability. Users of this ability have been reported hiding among friends in a particular forest. Balancing Dugtrio's Attack has been reduced from 100 to 80 Bug Fixes Present can no longer apply its heal to immune targets Fixed an issue where Present would not always consume Normal Gems Knock Off will no longer trigger berry effects Fixed an issue where, if a player entered a battle in the Safari Zone, and their team lead was not within obedience levels, they may have fainted. Fixed an issue where Beat Up may have triggered hits too many times during the Elite Four. Fixed an issue where "Box X is full" messages would use the wrong box number When using out of battle skills, the highest PP value party member will now be used Fixed an issue where effectiveness would not be calculated correctly for secondary typings when Scrappy/Miracle Eye targeted a normally "immune" target Fixed Sneasel's Fake Out egg inheritance Added an FOV option for Android Fixed an issue where particles would layer incorrectly with some battle backgrounds Fixed an issue where Color Change would not proc from Future Sight/Doom Desire
  12. There is a hidden "MMR" for Unranked matchmaking, which is separate from Ranked. Your friend's unranked MMR is so low that he has a negative bonus.
  13. It's not unconsidered, it just probably requires a major technical change to allow for concurrent damage application. I'll get around to the request later. Not sure why there's so much speculation of perceived value of time spent watching HP bars go down in this topic. I don't consider it a motivator for this change; this gameplay is already limited by item-based resources, and the correct way to balance horde grinding is by tweaking availability of items which allow encountering them instantly (i.e. Sweet Scent/Ether-like item availability/resource requirements).
  14. I'm not convinced that the game modes we make for holidays are good enough to run for more than 10 days. They're usually shallow and repetitive, and I imagine they get old quickly once the meta is discovered. This is due to the way we use events as "feature incubators", where we test experimental designs to see how fun they are, or how our development cycles need to change. We don't want them to overstay their welcome, nor do we really want to babysit the events as they run to make sure they stay "fresh" throughout their entire duration. That's why they're usually so short. Contrary to what my lighthearted forums posts may tell you, we're not actually having fun by delaying everything until the last minute, and it is immensely stressful for everyone involved. The Christmas 2018 event was completed 30 minutes before we started building releases for it, and the level of polish should make it obvious how rushed it was. Halloween was similar, due to the huge amount of unforeseen issues caused by porting events to Unova. This isn't really anyone's fault; the entire game basically got a rewrite for Gen 5 to be possible, and events aren't really cared about until we actually have to do them. It was in a similar situation for release, to where we were still tweaking stuff hours before its release. So, if we're dropping an event on the same day as the holiday, it's because we made a mistake, and it took too long to make, for whatever reason. Sometimes we get too ambitious, sometimes things go wrong, but regardless, it's not intentional. johto confirmed
  15. Kyu

    Changelog: 25/12/2018

    December 28th, 2018: Balancing Fire Elfbot ability -> Speed Boost Water Elfbot ability -> Damp Grass Elfbot ability -> Prankster Electric Elfbot skills updated to Thunderbolt/Overheat/Heal Pulse/Follow Me Flying Elfbot skills updated to Fly/Heat Wave/Heal Pulse/Follow Me Psychic Elfbot skills updated to Psychic/Signal Beam/Heal Pulse/Follow Me Dark Elfbot skills updated to Dark Pulse/Brick Break/Moonlight/Follow Me Santa's Present vendor requirements reduced to 1 Big Robot Part, 3 Tiny Robot Parts Forfeiting the Xmas 2018 Coop Mission will now grant rewards to the forfeiting player Bug Fixes Fixed Unranked matchmaking battle points rewards Maybe fixed some issues related to player aggro distance calculation Fixed multi-hit skills / berry heals not rendering the HP bar properly Fixed a battle freeze when alt-tabbed Fixed motion of Rising Star particle fx Fixed EXP Gain total messages not including held item exp Current total score can now be shown after 1 BRP is turned in, in the Xmas 2018 mission
  16. Kyu

    Changelog: 25/12/2018

    Since the game mode is new and does not play like anything else in-game, here are some developer's tips: Scoring There is a minimum amount of "score" which is required before rewards will be paid out. Score is increased for every Big Robot Part you collect, and for every wave you clear. The requirements to complete a wave will increase as waves are cleared. After you clear some waves, it will be given an exponential bonus. Players The game mode is best played with 4 players, with 2 squads of 2 players. Willingness to communicate with each other and coordinate your actions will significantly impact your team's viability. All players share a pool of 5 lives in which they can die. If your link faints 5 times, the next person to faint will be kicked from the link and their game will end Building your team Classes of Elfbots are meant to work together. Talk with your teammates to decide what is best, and decide at the beginning of the mission. While in your starting area, your Elfbot can be changed an infinite amount of times. Use this to search for a build complimentary to your team. If you leave your starting area, you may only change your Elfbot once more. Afterwards, you are locked for the rest of the mission. If you change your Elfbot type, you will fully heal Enemies The aggro mechanics are similar to an action role playing game: Whoever aggros the enemy will bring in their closest ally to fight with them, if they are within range. It is recommended you stay close together, and share the burden of damage. Presents Presents will respawn every 2 completed waves, in the same spots Presents come in 4 types: Healing (Green) These will fully heal your team, including status and PP Stat Up (Red) These will increase the EV stats of every member of your link Big Robot Part (Pink) Collect these, and bring them back to your base Held Items (Blue) Held items are random. I recommend that you talk to your party and see who needs what item Good luck.
  17. Xmas 2018 Santa Claus has found his way to Icirrus City, seeking help with malfunctioning elves. Twist Mountain is a 2-4 player co-op mission. Defeat as many enemies as possible and lead your team to victory. Christmas 2018's event will run from December 24th until January 1st. Special wild encounters have been spotted in Unova These special encounters may have higher IVs than normal wild encounters. There is currently a 25% chance to have at least 1 >29 IV.  These encounters may have some other mysterious attributes. Gift Shop The Rising Star Particle Effect is now available from December 24th until January 1st. The limited edition Christmas Lights vanity is now available from December 24th until January 1st. Bug Fixes Fixed several client crashes Fixed an issue where, in some cases, ball catch formulas would calculate incorrectly for low-end balls This primarily affected cases where status ailments and a large level disparity would allow guaranteed catches, instead of correctly scaling the formula. Other edge cases may have been affected. Offline players can now be blocked Added a Link chat type Fling will no longer allow you to destroy some "important" items by default In PvP, if an item is stolen from another player, Fling will now always allow you to Fling the stolen item Fling can no longer be called by Metronome/Assist Fixed an issue where Korean (한글) IMEs may not have worked properly in search dialogues Fixed an issue where fainted party members would be omitted from skill hotkey usages Desktop: Simultaneous directional keys should now rollover properly Notes: Tiny Robot Parts, Big Robot Parts, and Children's Presents from the 2015-2017 events have been removed with this update.
  18. Yeah, it's a co-op thing. The mechanics are simpler though, we ended up yeeting the north pole stuff since not a lot of people really liked it
  19. one of these days boltblade might be right and you'll look really silly dude

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