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  1. I think we're pretty well set on our current path. To pursue shortcuts like that, we'd have to be desperate to release things quickly.
  2. Me too. Big projects I can lose myself in are my favorites.
  3. They're not actively being worked on at the moment, but I hope to change that soon.
  4. No, HAs were not considered for this changeset
  5. Both Cloud Nine & Fury Cutter have been fixed and are pending release
  6. I'll see what I can do, I guess. No idea. I only test in prod
  7. Not for this one. I'd say a few weeks after the major patch is when we'd consider it
  8. I'll give everything a lookover and try to, thanks
  9. This would only be required if seeking perfect randomness, which my implementation did not. Sufficient randomness is achieved by queueing players after winning, then pairing random players from that queue while a minimum player count remains in the queue. Minimum player counts are derived based on the round's match states, which has the drawback that, the further the round proceeds, the more predictable your opponent becomes. This has a minor drawback of causing players who completed early to wait a few minutes longer before further rounds, but does not increase total tournament time. Scouting is not a solvable problem in our game, which is why I did not seek perfect randomness for my round shuffling impl. As you mentioned, perfectly anonymizing tournament participants is required to resolve it, and we're not willing to sacrifice the social experience for that. It should be noted that round shuffling is only effective while the player group is too large to be documented by spectators. If a large group of players coordinated simultaneously to document everyone's party, a reasonable prediction of playstyles and parties could be created in real time. The best way to handle scouting from a player perspective is to build more teams and play a variety of styles, and work with other players to borrow items to give yourselves more possible variety. The lack of the ability to develop teams in secrecy is an interesting oversight, and we may consider an option to suppress Spectatorship for direct duels between Friends/Guildmates. You are only gaining new options. All new TMs/TRs were implemented as standard TMs.
  10. All TMs from Gen 8 have been included, including Aura Sphere. We did look at it briefly, but it wasn't able to be done for this one. It will require redoing how replays work. We're willing to do it, it'll just take a while, so I think I'll schedule it for later this year. I'll see what I can do about this one. Thanks Yes, speed changes were included. I didn't mention it for brevity's sake. I'm not sure it's been noticed because UU/NU RMM is so unused, but we do have exclusivity periods where only one RMM game mode is active. It's not very convenient, as it still requires 2x the playtime commitment per day though. In general, when players are queueing multiple tiers at a time, the match coordinator will bias the player's match selection depending on their match history, which should see more matches in smaller tiers being played. But, I think this problem is ultimately solved by enabling Ranked permanently, and I hope we can do that pretty soon. I'm very skeptical whether the RMM time slots are necessary anymore, but some of us are concerned about match fixing.
  11. The former No ability changes were done for Garchomp They will be in every Center, alongside a combined Relearner+Deleter NPC. Only one type of Shard Tutor NPC will be in each region's Centers though (Kanto's = Red Shard Tutor, Hoenn's = Green Shard Tutor, etc.)
  12. Yes Cursed Body yes, NP maybe. We're not sure yet.
  13. There's no definitive plans for these at the moment, but we're toying with the idea of "featuring" alternate game modes which would have exclusive rewards. LC, Triples, Rotation Battles, Co-op Doubles/Triples, and FFA battles would fall under this category, and could be rotated out regularly for some gimmick variety, perhaps on a weekly basis. In hindsight, Doubles is probably a better choice for a secondary game mode in MM than either UU or NU. We will likely support it for MM in either this update or the next. UU & NU are naturally harder to understand than Doubles due to the restricted species set, and I noted earlier on that we have no real explanation of how tiers are decided inside the game client. I feel like their turnout is always going to be more depressed than something which is more easily accessible like OU/Doubles, but I hope to be proven wrong. The standard policy used by the GMs is 2x(0-31), 4x25. This was intended to address things like Gyro Ball/Trick Room builds, where 0 qualifies as a perfect stat, and the tournament prize was gimped as a result of technical constraints. Yes Mostly yes. Some recipes will require previously useless items. Some things will be omitted, though we're defaulting to inclusion for almost all moves. We're deferring most of the decision-making to the TC, and NP was noted for exclusion on Hydreigon. Whether Hydreigon will see DM is up to the TC if they believe it falls off too hard after Gen 8 I think. The list of moves which will be excluded hasn't been finalized yet, sorry I can't give a better answer.
  14. Hi everyone, The next game update will feature a wide list of changes for PvP players. This will include a general balancing patch, refinement of most PvP systems in the game, and refinement of management tasks like move tutoring. ==== Automated PVP Updates Matchmaking will see a suite of changes, including updated reward structures, a seasonal based matchmaking ELO system, and features to encourage more tier participation. For reward structures, we have shifted the BP-based rewards to a streak-based approach. Over the years, we've been hesitant to include an automated Forfeit function in structured PvP due to the potential of encouraging poor quality matches where people forfeit while a match is still winnable. To counter this, players are now more encouraged to stay in a match at risk of losing their streak bonus, and additional bonuses are given if you're fighting an especially well ranked player. Matchmaking ELO decay has been another problem which we let stagnate over the years, which will be resolved by a season system for ELO. Seasons will last 3 months (the first season after the update's deployment will be slightly shorter due to updating in the middle of a season) and will perform a hard reset of ELO once over. Each Season will be capped off by an automated tournament exclusive to the top players of each tier's leaderboard, winners of which will receive exclusive items. To encourage UU/NU tier participation, we've introduced exclusive rewards for all tiers. Players may now also queue for multiple tiers in Matchmaking simultaneously, with a battle box assigned to each tier. Automated Tournaments have seen some attention. Tournament rewards will be more versatile in their choices, allowing for Gender selection & selectable IVs with any value (0~31). PokeMMO's Game Masters may also choose to give stacks of items, vanity items, or BP in future tournaments too. (Note that these changes only apply to future tournaments, not ones which have already been scheduled, or rewards which have been already mailed to players). On the small side, players will now be able to spectate others while queueing for matchmaking & tournaments with no fear of missing their queue. We'll now automatically shift from Spectate mode to Battle mode when a match is found. Battle Boxes are now also less terrible to manage, and can be assigned and changed more easily in the PC UI. ==== Generation 8 Updates With the introduction of Gen 8, many moves have had updated functionality increasing their versatility. Move changes will be included where applicable (Teleport, Rapid Spin, Healing Wish, Fling, and Howl), as well as ability changes (Intimidate, Moody) and egg group updates for a few species trees. This changeset also introduces Gens 1 & 2 TM moves to the relevant species, and Gen 7 changes which we'd omitted until now, including Gen7-3 (LGPE) movepools and missing mechanical changes to Gengar's ability, and the Prankster ability. Movepools for all species have been updated in some way or another, and the changes are far too numerous to note. In general, Gen 8 has priority over all other changes, then additional moves are processed from there. ==== Movepool Management Updates Those knowledgeable with earlier Gens & Gen 8 will notice that we are introducing a slew of new TMs- over 100, actually. This large bulk of items necessitated that we look at how we can better the move learning systems, and we've focused on streamlining the gain of renewable moves. Each region will now host an NPC in every healing center you come across, which will offer to teach you all of the Tutor moves that a region can offer, if you've acquired 8 badges in that region. 4 Shard-based "Regional Move Master" tutors are present in the game, 1 for each region, allowing you to learn regional-exclusive moves for a Shard+Item-based feed. Each of them is also accompanied by a Move Deleter & Relearner NPC. Prices for Relearners will also now more properly reflect the value of the move being relearned. All regions now have a store which will sell every TM in the game in their respective department stores, after you've completed its storyline. Redundant tutor data for all tutors has been removed, meaning no more TM / Tutor overlap. For GBA areas, NPCs with single-move move tutor scripts (e.g. Dream Eater) will now simply give untradeable TMs. Older Shard tutors have been removed entirely, and their moves redistributed as either TMs or into the newer Shard tutors. Overall, we feel it should be much easier to keep track of and learn. ==== This overview is not comprehensive, but covers the most important things we'll be changing this update. We're currently finalizing everything and expect to release it in early July. We hope you'll enjoy. Thanks for reading
  15. The Cloud Nine ability has been temporarily disabled due to issues introduced in the 02/04/2020 update. The Fury Cutter move has been temporarily disabled due to a bug which caused it to scale infinitely. These issues will be resolved in the next game update. Thanks for your patience.
  16. Hola, Please refrain from talking about your genitalia in public. You will have less mutes as a result. Thanks
  17. garchomp has been nerfed ty for bringing this to our attention suigin
  18. Features A book peddler has been sighted in the Celadon Dept Store. Overworld Legendary updates: Overworld Legendary fights now give Battle Points, up to 3 times per legendary instance Overworld Legendary fights are now triple battles Legendaries will now respawn to an npc if a player logs off or would lose it due to being afk, for a limited amount of times Overworld legendaries now spawn less frequently Balancing Abilities which grant evasion in weather have had their evasion status removed in PvP This primarily affects Garchomp's Sand Veil, and Froslass's Snow Cloak Wish now heals for 50% of the caster's HP, instead of 50% of the target's HP EV Wing EVs have been reduced from 5->4 Bug Fixes Android: Fixed an issue where characters with diacritics would not be input via normal keyboards Fixed blocklists. Again. For realsies this time. Fixed stat up berries not showing correctly in stat tooltips in battle Lunar Dance / Healing Wish now proc before entry hazards Cloud Nine / Air Lock now negate weather's effects, rather than nullifying it Fixed Transform copying wrong stats for forms (e.g. Rotom's secondary forms) Fixed Conversion/Snatch interaction Fixed Bounce's paralyze chance Fixed abilities displaying incorrectly for differing forms in the Dex Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in Pastoria Gym during reconnection Players stranded in the North Pole have been repatriated to Kanto Fixed an issue where stat stages could erroneously display for swapped out party members in battle Fixed a missing targeting type for Sky Drop's description Fixed Eggs still pretending they had characteristics Fixed party members captured in Stark Mountain pretending they were traded by NPCs in their capture summary Fixed NPC OT Names / Nicknames for traded party members in Sinnoh/Unova Fixed Wish's caster string Fixed EV Wing descriptions Levitate's description no longer implies it can allow immunity to any trapping effect Reduced held item rates for Gligar/Sneasel/Magmar/Electabuzz evolution items These are now more inline with their current rarity
  19. What does it mean.. to jump?

    1. Koku


      pues cuando saltas sobre algún obstáculo no ?

    2. Bestfriends


      I assume that you own a trampoline? Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

  20. literally this. what's wrong with annie?
  21. Hi, Sorry, but we do not plan to ever support JP GBA FireRed/Emerald roms. It is difficult to do so, and we don't think it is worth the time. We will support JP HG/SS later on.
  22. We've seen extreme traffic surges, yeah. We can actually pinpoint when China began their city quarantines with our metrics. I'll decline to say exact numbers, but we expect more as the world locks down. I'd expect an American / Euro traffic surge next, then SA (though we're already seeing higher than expected Brazil traffic).
  23. Kyu

    Changelog: 17/03/2020

    Update 2 Bug Fixes Fixed battle icons not displaying faint status in Team Preview matches Fixed chat server reconnecting in client Fixed blocklist enforcement
  24. Bug Fixes Improved server performance to handle additional players Battle icons are now permanently revealed after Team Preview completes Fixed battle replay generation for tournament matches won by forfeit Fixed an issue where Teleport would end horde battles immediately if used by wild encounters, instead of removing an individual enemy Genders are now selected before egg creation in breeding This primarily affects Nidoqueen/Nidoking/Illumise/Volbeat species lines, where the egg species was randomized before now Fixed White Herb's handling of moves which drop multiple stat stages simultaneously (e.g. Superpower) Roar-type moves will now fail if a wild encounter uses the move, while the target is a higher level Fixed several battle crashes related to AI Fixed Anticipation reacting on non-damaging moves Fixed double Multitype ability broadcasts Fixed music tracks when encountering hordes in Hoenn Fixed an issue where Defog status would not be applied when reconnecting after use Fixed a storyline skip issue with Sinnoh's Surf HM NPC Trainers have learned how to use marts, and have purchased a variety of balls for their use Fixed "Forfeit" button in PvP not showing correct strings
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