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  1. Here's why this is a bad idea: - Pkhex is a thing, and you can very easily cheat things into VGC tournaments. This style of cheating is not a thing on PokeMMO and we'd like to keep it that way. Here's why this is not as simple as you make it out to be: - PokeMMO does not attempt to make a 1:1 recreation of either B/W or Platinum. Fundamental battle mechanics do not behave the same. We do not have interest in rewriting the server to support Gen 5's or Gen 4's implementations of move mechanics, it's not within the scope of this project. - Even if we had interest in rewriting moves and abilities and all the other stuff to mirror a Gen 5 or 4 implementation, which we don't, the way that the NDS works is fundamentally different. Where we have a standard client-server model in which the client connects to the server and blindly does whatever the server tells it to, the NDS uses a shared state where each client runs its battle independently of each other, only really broadcasting actions†. This means that you have to absolutely perfectly emulate the battle across both clients (something which still hasn't been accomplished, even in projects who care about older gen implementations), otherwise shared state concurrency becomes a problem. But, sure, theoretically possible I guess if you write some gameserver->wfc translation layer and throw a few years at it. - Even if networking were compatible, which it's not, as far as I can tell NDS WFC emulation is pretty dead, with this project apparently being the standard. We don't have any interest in developing a WFC server further. Networking on the NDS is also apparently broken, but I digress. If we overcame all these technical issues and somehow made it work, we have another problem: Nobody would play it, because you wouldn't get any hats. † I'm not actually 100% sure that this is how B/W NDS networking works, but it seems like the most logical way for it to. I have no idea how they handled bugfix releases where move mechanics would have differed, though I guess you could manage it through a weird master/slave state for each NDS where the most recent NDS ROM does all the calculations / move functions.
  2. They were nerfed because Matchmaking is outpacing all other BP sources at the moment, and runaway inflation is a concern. They were reduced from an average scale of (1000~3500) to (500~2000) for the timebeing. We'll be reviewing BP sources & prices to better scale them during the next game update.
  3. Kyu

    UU Reward

    To an extent, but not as much as before now. A 5 minute game will not equal a 10 minute game, but players who try to grief you by forfeiting just before "cut-off times" won't accomplish anything; the system scales much more smoothly due to increased point scales and more tolerant math. We have considered instituting penalties against players who forfeit excessively and early, but I'm not convinced it's a great idea atm.
  4. Kyu

    Changelog: 29/07/2020

    Changelog: 19/08/2020 Update 2 Bug Fixes Fixed AI consuming held items before the turn started Fixed Struggle immunity issues Toxic Spikes will now only be dispelled by Poison-types if the Poison-type is Grounded
  5. Kyu

    Changelog: 29/07/2020

    Changelog: 19/08/2020 Balancing Matchmaking Rewards schedules have been updated Matchmaking rewards are now on a scale of 10, instead of 1. Players with existing rewards have had their matchmaking stats updated to compensate for this change. Various changes have been made to the matchmaking formula to better reward players Bug Fixes Fixed various damage formula inconsistencies which could have led to slightly less damage than intended (This typically manifested as -1, but up to -3 damage in some cases. This issue did not apply to all damage.) Toxic Spikes is now prevented by Safeguard Roar will now bypass Protect/Detect Fixed Pickup for Fishing in Unova Fixed Multi-Hit RNG calculation for Flinch effects Previously, Flinch would only roll once per move. It now rolls for a flinch proc every hit Fixed Sucker Punch's interactions with Me First & Focus Punch Eggs can now be hatched while spectating Fixed Prankster not restricting some status moves, like Taunt, when applying against Dark-types Metronome can no longer be restricted by Torment Fixed Pressure's extra PP reduction for several move types Previously, moves which targeted the field and moves which did not consume PP on the first turn would not be affected by Pressure. Fixed various issues with Custap Berry Previously, this item would not always consume reliably when it activated (e.g. during 2-turn moves), and would not always broadcast correctly. Fire / Water / Grass Pledge move fixes Gems no longer affect Pledge moves Pledge moves, when combo'd with each other, now always have STAB. This is in addition to Combo-moves' base power increase to 150. Combo moves will now invoke the most effective typing, when issuing a combo move (Water > Fire > Grass > Water). Previously, this would use the last move cast Pledge moves can no longer be redirected by abilities such as Storm Drain Bad Poison will now increment its counters even if the target's ability renders it immune to its damage This affects targets with Magic Guard or Poison Heal, which would not receive the correct damage if their ability was removed via e.g. Worry Seed. Fixed Fast Battle Replays crashing on battles with Team Preview Fixed Future Sight's damage calculations and interactivity with many items/abilities Fixed Encore sometimes propagating impossible targeting to Encored moves Pursuit will now seek out any opponent who is switching during Double / Triple Battles Pursuit no longer gains extra power against Teleport Fixed Psych Up / Clear Smog's broadcasting for stat stages Berry Blender NPCs now allow multiple results to be crafted simultaneously Water Sport / Mud Sport now reduce damage by 2/3. Previously, it reduced by 1/2. Focus Items / Endure can no longer proc off of False Swipe When switching, Shed Shell will no longer broadcast its existence unless its restrictor enemy is still on the field Previously, Shed Shell could have leaked its existence if the opponent swapped into something which restricted your swapping on the subsequent turn (but not when the swap action was issued) PP differences are now healed when using PP Up / PP Max Ethers no longer fail if the target is fainted Transform can no longer Transform against Illusioned targets Life Orb will now recoil on 0-damage moves, if they were still a successful attack (not Evaded/etc.) Fixed Stats display ordering for Matchmaking / Tournament reward claim UIs
  6. Kyu

    Changelog: 29/07/2020

    Changelog: 04/08/2020 Balancing Matchmaking rewards have been rescaled Players may now earn between 1~10 Matchmaking Reward Points per battle, depending on their ELO & the duration of the match Excessively low ELOs may now be disqualified from rewards "OP Item" clause has been removed in standard PvP BrightPowder / Lax Incense restrictions have been merged into Evasion Clause When searching for an opponent in Matchmaking, if you've been waiting for a while, your eligible opponents will now expand over time Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where some wild encounters would be spawned without damaging moves Fixed speed evaluation after swap actions in Double Battles (Drizzle+Swift Swim/etc.) Matches in very low ELO brackets, and matches which ended too quickly, will no longer be logged for PvP Statistics Fixed an issue where party indicators would update before health bars when receiving damage Fixed an issue where tournaments would not proceed after semi-finals Fixed Teleport (for realsies this time) Fixed an issue where, if a player descended from the Matchmaking Leaderboard, their ranking would not always be updated In Double Battles, Encore will no longer forcibly redirect target slots, unless the target slot of the encored skill was invalid Reward Claim widgets for Matchmaking / Tournaments now default to 31 for their IV selection Fixed Matchmaking's spectate page support Default sorting is now Ranking for all pages Fixed an issue where, when initiating spectating in Matchmaking, sometimes the client would get stuck Fixed a crash when rendering some species' Statistics pages Notes Weekly rewards & progress for Matchmaking have been reset due to rescaling
  7. Just stop scamming people lmao
  8. "Match fixing / match manipulation will get you banned very quickly, and we'll take away your rewards too." There isn't a delay on spectating. We suspect there's too many battles being played, and the client can't show all of them atm.
  9. As long as you're not trying to fight yourself, we don't care
  10. Match fixing/manipulation will get you banned very quickly, and we'll take away your rewards too.
  11. Kyu

    Changelog: 29/07/2020

    An earlier iteration of the 31/07/2020 patch introduced a restriction where players would receive reduced matchmaking rewards if the battle ended before turn 15. This was reverted, and currently the restrictions are on: Matches which end before turn 6 (normal forfeiture cutoff) Matches played against the same opponents, if your ELO is below 550 We'll be looking over the reward system to better handle griefing in the near future.
  12. Kyu

    Changelog: 29/07/2020

    Changelog: 31/07/2020 Balancing Reduced MMRWP requirements for Seasonal items from 1000 to 500 Matchmaking reward changes: For players with less than 550 ELO, Matchmaking Reward Points & Battle Points will no longer be given if you've beaten the same player an excessive number of times within the past few hours Matches which end very quickly (in less than 6 turns) will no longer give rewards Players are now restricted from entering Matchmaking if they forfeited a battle by disconnecting within the past 10 minutes Reduced BP given for Matchmaking slightly Bug Fixes Fixed several crashes related to Teleport Teleport will now fail if the caster is the last alive party member Fixed a crash which could occur in the Statistics page when loading information on species Fixed rendering for certain hats (e.g. Jellyfish Hat) Fixed form species displays in the Statistics page Fixed a client crash related to Aromatherapy/Heal Bell Fixed several issues with Tournament signups Fixed an issue where Mail could not be deleted properly Fixed Special Move Tutor (BP purchased) purchasing Fixed the Dex showing incorrect tiers for formed species Fixed winner displays for legacy non-randomized tournaments Fixed Cloud Nine not deactivating if the ability owner fainted Fixed Matchmaking Rewards pretending that certain species could have their genders & egg moves selected Fixed Matchmaking Rewards' egg moves selection for evolved species Fixed Sinnoh's Elite 4 rematch data Fixed Trick Room's ending broadcast Fixed string externalization for formed species names Monster nicknames are no longer subject to gibberish rules Fixed untradeable Focus Sash being unconsumable Fixed Flame Orb's activation message Notes This update enables tournament bracket randomization for tournaments which were scheduled before the 29/07/2020 update
  13. OU: 0->1->2->3->0 UU: 4->5->6->7->4 NU: 8->9->10->11->8 Doubles: 12->13->14->15->12 Vanities never leave their tier, and 16 items are allocated for PvP rewards currently. Vanities are scheduled for reintroduction after 1 year at the moment.
  14. For people desperate for hats, we do have 4 active at a time. It's quite a lot if you want to complete more than 1 tier's reward tree during a season at the moment, and we'd like to encourage people to build for more than one tier. I think we'll consider changing MMRWP after we get metrics for how many people are playing the season's tree to completion. It's too early to tell what appropriate values are at the moment. Matchmaking rewards are a crutch to help players become more competitive over time. They are not meant to take the role of perfect breeds, and we do not want to give players an upgrade path which is completely devoid of economic interaction with the greater game.
  15. ye it's a placeholder value which got its way into prod, we're halving the requirements for it next update casual
  16. Features Matchmaking Doubles is now available as a matchmaking game mode "Unranked" has been renamed to "Casual" mode Casual Mode no longer gives any matchmaking rewards Ranked mode is now always available, and no longer carries a signup fee Matchmaking ELO is now tracked based on a Seasonal approach ELO is now reset after every Season. Seasons last for 3 months. Players can now receive exclusive rewards depending on their position in the leaderboards at the end of the Season. Highly ranked players will now have their ELO decay after a few weeks of inactivity. Matchmaking Season Finale Tournaments For each Standard Tier of Matchmaking, at the end of every PvP Season, a series of Season Finale Tournaments will occur. Signup schedule: Last Saturday of PvP Season: Doubles Last Sunday of PvP Season: OU First Saturday of next PvP Season: NU First Sunday of next PvP Season: UU All PvP Season finale tournaments occur twice to accommodate timezones of players. All seats are allocated based on highest ELO of signup participants. Victors can earn up to 10,000RP and an exclusive PvP Crown item for the season Matchmaking rewards have been updated: Matchmaking Rewards Winners in Ranked Matchmaking will now periodically earn random rewards. Reward trees & progress are visible in the Matchmaking Signup window under the Personal Stats tab. Each tier has its own reward tree and progress. Reward trees are separated into 2 categories: "Weekly" rewards, which are refreshed and reset every few weeks "Seasonal" rewards, which will be tracked across a PvP Season Battle Point Rewards Players are now rewarded based on consistent win streaks, and bounties placed on other players. Match rewards now begin at 1000BP, and scale with 5 consecutive wins to 2250BP. Additional bonuses apply depending on your ELO and how strong your opponent is. Losers may now receive a small conciliatory bonus PvP Mystery Boxes have been removed from Battle Point vendors, and existing items have been marked as "Legacy". These items have been replaced by a new set of rewards in Matchmaking Rewards. Players may now queue into multiple tiers and rankings simultaneously. Players can now Spectate while queuing for matchmaking or tournaments, and will no longer be cancelled as "Busy." Tier usage is now shown in the game client under the Statistics tab of the Matchmaking Signup window Usage now includes per-species breakdowns of commonly used builds and allies This data is refreshed every 6 hours, and includes both Ranked Matchmaking and Auto Tournament data // Special Note: Statistics will show incomplete data for items, abilities, natures, and allies for the 2020-07 data set. Improved Spectate UI handling Average MMR is now shown in the Spectate menu for battles Improved handling of quickly switching between matches Matchmaking ranks, where applicable, are now shown in all PvP battles. Automated Tournaments Standard Tournament brackets will now be randomized between each round. (Players who are waiting for the next round are now paired together randomly.) Standard Tournaments will now allocate a set of seats -- up to 1/4 of the total -- to players with the highest relevant ELO when signing up. Players must have at least 550 ELO in the tier to qualify for prioritized signups. The remaining 3/4 of seats will remain first come/first serve. In case less than 1/4 of participants qualify for priority seating, the rest will be deferred to the main queue. Tournament prizes have been updated with additional options: When selecting a species's parameters, Gender may now be selected, as well as up to 2 Selectable IVs. Selectable IVs are any value between 0 ~ 31. Items, BP, and "total fees" may now appear for tournament prizes. "Total fees" are displayed as an "Up To" value in the Tournament Info window. This prize depends on the number of seats filled in the tournament. Note: Automated Tournaments are manually managed by PokeMMO's Game Masters and these changes may not appear for tournaments which have already been scheduled. Spectators will now join battlers in their arena when spectating Tournaments. General Held Items are now shown in the Dex Battle Box management in the PC is now less arduous Special Tiers (LC/etc.) are now shown in the Dex where applicable Added a "Fast Battle Replays" configuration option // This option will skip the wait time between turns of battle replays. It may cause graphical glitches or undesired behavior. Please report issues to the Bug Reports section of the Forums. Balancing Gen 8 Moveset Changes Movesets for all species have been revised to include Gen 8-2, LGPE, Gen1/2 VC, and GOv1. This changeset encompasses several thousand changes, and can not be summarized. View the in-game Dex to see what's changed Data for all NPCs has been updated to respect their new movepools Many new TMs have been introduced. TMs have been added for: Air Slash, Bug Buzz, Power Gem, Razor Wind, Brave Bird, Whirlwind, Nasty Plot, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Psycho Cut, Horn Drill, Take Down, Leaf Storm, Power Whip, Pin Missile, Cross Poison, Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Bubblebeam, Submission, Mega Drain, Dragon Rage, Fire Spin, Heavy Slam, Electro Ball, Fissure, Agility, Rage, Teleport, Stored Power, Hex, Focus Energy, Bide, Egg Bomb, Skull Bash, Amnesia, Razor Shell, Heat Crash, Tail Slap, Hurricane, Psywave, Tri-Attack, Curse, Reversal, Scary Face, Spikes, Zap Cannon, Detect, Charm, Megahorn, Dragonbreath, Baton Pass, Encore, Sweet Scent, Crunch, Future Sight, Whirlpool, Beat Up, Revenge, Imprison, Screech, Blaze Kick, Weather Ball, Fake Tears, Cosmic Power, Sand Tomb, Muddy Water, Icicle Spear, Mud Shot, Magical Leaf, Leaf Blade, Dragon Dance, Rock Blast, Close Combat, Assurance, Power Swap, Guard Swap, Pay Day, Toxic Spikes, Flare Blitz, and Aura Sphere. Where applicable, Move Tutor scripts in GBA have been updated to give TMs instead. This change removes duplicate methods of gaining the same moves across Tutor / TM systems. Speed is now evaluated after every battle action in Double Battles. This affects cases where Speed changes in the middle of a turn, such as when Paralysis is inflicted, or Tailwind becomes active. Rapid Spin now increases Speed by 1 stage when used. Base Power has been increased 20->50. Howl will now affect all allies when used. It is now prevented by Soundproof, except when the caster has Soundproof. Teleport has been reworked: Teleport is now -6 priority. When used by a Trainer, Teleport will now swap out the caster. Teleport is not affected by arena trapping conditions, like Arena Trap or Shadow Tag. "In a pinch" berries HP gain reduced from 50% to 33% When Healing Wish is used, if the target that would swap into the caster's place would not be affected by Healing Wish, Healing Wish will now wait for the next swapin to check whether it would be affected. Intimidate is now prevented by Own Tempo, Inner Focus, Oblivious, and Scrappy. It will now trigger Rattled. Moody can no longer affect Evasion or Accuracy. When cast, if a Fling user is holding a TM, its power will now be derived from the corresponding move Fling's base power has been capped at 130 The Ralts line now has Chaos/Humanoid egg groups. The Trapinch line now has Bug/Dragon egg groups. Abilities Shadow Tag will now be suppressed after 3 consecutive turns // This change releases Wobbuffet from Ubers to OU for Single Battles PvP Prankster will now cause moves to fail if the target is Dark-type, and we increased priority of a Status move with it Gengar's ability has been updated from Levitate to Cursed Body General Shard Move Tutors have been consolidated to 4 NPCs across all regions: "Regional Move Masters." These Move Tutors request a certain shard & item to teach each move. These NPCs may be found in every PC. Move Relearners & Deleters have been added to all PCs. Move Deleter service prices have been reduced to $1,000. Kanto/Hoenn Marts have been updated to include all TMs in Celadon/Lilycove respectively. (Accessible after 8 badges). TMs given throughout all storylines have been rebalanced, reducing duplicates and worthless TMs Rock Tomb's BP 50 -> 60, Accuracy 80 -> 95 The Wynaut egg in Hoenn's storyline has been updated to give a Wobbuffet instead. Level caps for some badges in Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova have been increased slightly. Obedience levels are now: Kanto: 20/26/32/37/46/47/50/55/62/100 Hoenn: 20/24/28/33/35/38/44/48/58/100 Unova: 20/24/27/31/35/38/43/46/56/100 Sinnoh: 20/27/29/34/37/43/46/52/60/100 NPCs in storyline battles now have more limited PP for healing moves Riches Charm effects have become more powerful, and no longer pretend that they can stack with other Money charms (Amulet Coin/etc.) Added Draco Meteor to Hydreigon's evolution tree // This was previously omitted in the 13/08/2018 update due to balancing concerns. General Changes A Traditional Chinese translation is now packaged with the game client Common auction durations have been reduced from 3 weeks to 2 weeks. High Value auction durations have been increased from 3 weeks to 4 weeks. High Value auctions are defined as: Monster auctions where the monster is shiny, or it has at least 3 perfect IVs Item auctions where the item is a donation item, or vanity item When listed via the GTL, shiny species now have a minimum price of $250,000 Nickname changes are no longer restricted to Name Raters and no longer require a fee. Nicknames for monsters can now include more Latin-Extended characters. Several abilities now broadcast their presence when their behavior is triggered, like No Guard against semi-invulnerable targets PvP: Players may now be notified of "suspect tests" for tiering within the game client Bug Fixes General Reduced system RAM requirements in Platinum areas This primarily affected low-RAM devices on Android. Players who ran into OOM errors in Platinum areas are encouraged to try again after this update. Fixed an issue where, if a player disconnected while an evolution was taking place, if a player reconnected, the evolution would not prompt until the next session Fixed an issue where matchmaking / tournament start timers would be delayed by 30s Reverted font changes from the 23/07/2019 changeset This fixes charset rendering for SC/TC/KO/JP in certain unicode blocks The adjusted font size for CJK can now be toggled in the options menu String overrides for translations have been reordered to NDS->Overrides->Base This change only affects custom strings distributed externally; no behavior changes for default languages. Arcanine can now learn ExtremeSpeed on evolution Game controller inputs are now suppressed while the window is minimized or unfocused Fixed Cut potentially bypassing storyline requirements in Kanto Mods: Added a "Dex Dump" utility TMs for GBA storyline areas have been changed to untradeable variants Woobat's Base HP has been updated from 55 to 65 Android: Fixed Tournament UI Fixed an issue where formed species would not be correctly displayed if forms differed in tiers Fixed many issues with Swarm data Fixed an issue where Hoenn's Elite 4 would sometimes allow bypassing fights in rematches Fixed zero PP skills on the hotbar pretending that they were invalid Battle Issues Fixed Fury Cutter power cap & scaling // This change re-enables Fury Cutter for player use. Fixed Cloud Nine / Air Lock leaving weather unable to be cast for the duration of the battle // This change re-enables Cloud Nine for player use. Fixed Flinch's stacking odds Previously, the Ability & Held Item rolls were rolled into one. This change increases the chance to proc Flinch where the player had both Flinch items, like King's Rock, and a Flinch ability, like Stench. This does not affect moves with Flinch, or cases where Flinch stacked via (Moves+(Ability|Held Item)) Effectiveness indicators will now respect type override moves, like Soak, and abilities which affect types, like Normalize Normalize will no longer affect Hidden Power, Natural Gift, Weather Ball, Judgement, or Techno Blast. Fog field effects will now reduce Accuracy in battle. Sleep Talk can no longer call Mimic or Sky Drop Rocky Helmet no longer affects Magic Guard users Odor Sleuth will now cause Evasion to be ignored Fixed Metal Powder / Quick Powder percentages (Previously, +50%, now, +100%) Fixed an issue where Transform would show incorrect sprites if Transforming into a species with alternative base stat forms (Rotom/etc.) Fixed an issue where blocks in Hearthome Gym wouldn't despawn consistently for some players Fixed an issue where, if a player was teleported while inside the Driftveil Gym for e.g. Matchmaking, when returning, the elevator would not always respawn Recycle / Harvest will now seek out items last used by its caster, instead of by its battle slot Anger Point and Cute Charm can no longer activate if the ability owner faints while being hit Added Unova's "Elemental Hyper Beam" and "Pledge" tutors Fixed semi-invulnerable targets (Fly/Dig/etc.) not displaying their status on reconnect Fixed stat stage tooltips application Fixed battle tooltips not showing correctly for wild encounters Fixed stat stage messages playing too early sometimes for battle chat Fixed an issue where, if a player was evolving or teaching a move to a party member when a battle started, the battle would not render. This primarily affected Matchmaking and Tournaments, where battles are scheduled by time. Fixed an issue where damage would not be calculated correctly against Bosses with Wide Guard / Quick Guard Fixed Fling not activating secondary effects for untradeable held items Skill Swap now properly fails against targets in a semi-invulnerable state (Fly/etc.) Fixed Wish's message broadcast Fixed Clear Body's message Fixed Flame Orb / Toxic Orb messages Fixed an issue where berry activation messages would not trigger if a stat was already maxed out Fixed Shed Skin's ability description Fixed a misleading message which could occur if Sweet Scenting while having 0 PP available Players can no longer send requests (Duel/Team/etc.) to players who they have blocked Fixed level displays of challengers in Tournament Mode duels, where the challenger's team had participants less than lv50 Fixed an issue where, if multiple EXP Shares were active, the broadcasted EXP would be slightly higher than the actual gain Fixed an issue where pure status heals could be used where not effective Notes This update reduces compatibility with Windows XP and Windows Vista. Players on these operating systems may see more warnings, and are encouraged to update to a modern, supported version of Windows.
  17. We're currently finalizing things and weren't planning to release on Monday. When I said "there's nothing really holding it up", I was referring to any outstanding features or critical bugs.
  18. Nothing's really holding it up at this stage imo, and we wanted to release it this week
  19. It depends on the day. If I want something sweet, I prefer pink moscatos. But, most of the time I'll take a cheap sauvignon blanc. I'm not big on deep red wines, but if I had to pick, I'd pick a well reviewed pinot noir. I find merlots unpleasant.
  20. My weekend went alright, thanks for asking. I've been watching Monster and I'm almost done with that, and I was able to talk to some family who I've been missing due to corona, so that was nice. We have a mandarin tree which is in season, and I've become very fond of them. They pair well with wine as a snack.
  21. Sort of. We ended up pretty close to that, with Ranked being the default game mode, and matchmaking rewards exclusive to ranked games. We still believe that Unranked has its place as a test bed for people who just want to clown or practice though, so we didn't outright delete it.
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