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  1. Your account was terminated due to persistent sexual content in public chats and general chat rulebreaking under several accounts. You were given this warning the last time that you were banned for it, earlier this month: Your inappropriate messages, each of which were either related to sexual or racist content in public, resulted in 8 warnings/mutes under your main account within this past year, a few under alternate accounts, and culminated to a permanent ban. Unfortunately, we're not interested in serving players who can't stop talking about their boy bits, and we feel like you were given more than enough chances to quit it.
  2. Changelog: 1/11/2019 Balancing Pumpking 2019 difficulty adjustments: Broom Cookies will now clear the entire field of stat stage adjustments, instead of just the allied field Wither stat stages will now take effect at the end of the turn, rather than immediately after skill damage Reduced the amount of junk items from both Goodie Bag 2019 and Pumpking Goodie Bag 2019. These items now have additional consumables Bug Fixes Fixed Stat display ordering in stat tooltips Fixed broadcasts for several Halloween skill effects (Cat Cookie end, etc.) Fixed an issue where a christmas item was available on new characters, and removed it from existing characters Fixed a crash when starting battles Fixed Greedy Gulp AI handling of faster targets
  3. Halloween 2019 PokeMMO's Halloween event has returned for 2019! This event will run from October 30th to November 5th Beat up children to steal their candy. Feed the pumpkin to win a prize, or lose trying! Special wild ghosts have been spotted in Unova, with higher IVs and a chance at being bestowed with a particle unique to Halloween 2019. Balancing X Items (X Attack/etc.) may now only be used once per party member while on the field, until the party member is swapped Gift Shop Plague Doctor's masks have been made available for Halloween 2019. This limited edition item will only be released during this event: Ghost Hats have been made available for the Halloween season, with special night-time glows: The "Bats" particle has returned for Halloween 2019. This item is only available during the Halloween season The Hex Cloak has returned for Halloween 2019. This item is only available during the Halloween season Bug Fixes Fixed several client crashes Fixed an issue where PC tooltips may have been unclosable in some scenarios Fixed an exploit where Sticky Barb could be gained from NPCs permanently Fixed Snore AI Fixed UI targeting candidates for battle items (X Attack/etc.) Fixed "Shift" button visibility in Triple Battles Previously, this would pop in / out of existence sporadically Improved several UI elements for Double/Triple battles Time limit labels are now shown properly in PvP after half the match's duration has elapsed Fixed an issue where Friend Guard may have infinitely stacked Fixed an issue where Follow Me would redirect all of the enemy field in Triple Battles. It now respects move targeting restrictions, e.g. adjacency targeting skills Improved AI when handling heal skills which don't target the caster (e.g. Heal Pulse) Item icons are now shown properly in battle UIs, and more appropriately respect the field's conditions Stat stage indicators are now shown in battle frame tooltips Fixed an issue where Running during certain un-runnable battles could result in a turn being forfeited Fixed Eggs pretending they had a characteristic / flavor preference
  4. What is or isn't allowed in chat typically falls to the discretion of GMs. This includes both the directives issued by the Code of Conduct, as well as personal discretion entrusted in each GM / Global Moderator. Regardless of discretion though, drug discussion in public chats has been something which has been consistently disallowed by GMs for several years. Since there's confusion about it due to not being "officially against the rules", we'll update the Code of Conduct later this week to reflect it. Note that we don't typically care about topics like this in private discussions, i.e. Team / Link / Whisper chats.
  5. Kyu

    Changelog: 23/07/2019

    Changelog: August 14th, 2019 Features Added Characteristics, the most important feature of the game Initial support for Discord "Rich Presence" This feature is optional, and may be toggled in the Settings menu Added "Share" functionality for Android in some locations Changes The minimum Java version has been increased to Java 8. This does not affect modern Desktop installations or Android platforms. This primarily affects portable / legacy PokeMMO installations prior to 2016. This is increased from Java 7. For affected Java 7 systems, please update to Java 8 using https://java.com or redownload the installer package from https://pokemmo.eu/downloads Bug Fixes Improved support for keyboard input/controllers in many UIs Fixed screenshot alpha channels Many other minor changes
  6. We don't care about static analysis, it's not like anyone can stop you anyway. We frown upon posting decompiled information though. p.s. Don't tamper too much, or you'll get banned regardless. If you find a gameplay-affecting exploit please report it at [email protected]
  7. only 7 gyms omg gm
  8. This test has concluded. Thank you to the participants Features Generation 4 Sinnoh is now a playable region PokeMMO now requires a Platinum ROM file for Sinnoh Some content is restricted for this PTS release. Only Gyms up to the 7th are currently available Notes Debugs are disabled for this PTS release, to test default region balancing
  9. Kyu

    Changelog: 23/07/2019

    Changelog: July 25th, 2019 Balancing Removed Amulet Coin from Persian held items Amulet Coins may still be found on Meowth Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Berries would not be consumed in Tournament Mode battles Fixed an issue where Sap Sipper/etc. could trigger on self-targeted skills Minor UI changes
  10. I don't get it. What exactly are you wanting, and what are you having trouble with?
  11. There won't be any purely passive amulet coin like the old implementation in the future. The reasoning for the change is that, when you create a passive buff which sets rates ahead of baseline, and there's no penalty/cost for using the item, it becomes the de facto rate. If we want to set rates similarly to the old amulet coin passive buffs, we'd do so by increasing baseline trainer money gain instead of introducing another item for you to stack together. This would have the benefit of applying to all players as well.
  12. Features Added Out of Battle abilities for: Cute Charm, (Hustle/Pressure/Vital Spirit), (Intimidate/Keen Eye), No Guard, Quick Feet Synchronize has been updated from 15% to 20% chance to match Nature Added a "Toss Items" option for Bags Ball catch rates are now shown in tooltips Various Dex improvements: Added an "Untiered" category for species whose usage falls below the Never Used (NU) tier Abilities are now shown, and the Move List is now more usable PvP tiebreaker rules have been updated: When the clock hits 60 minutes, both players will have their battle resolved for them, with the winner being whoever wins the first of the following scenarios: More party members alive Higher aggregate % points of party members (e.g. 52%+47%+31%+0%+0%+0% = 120 score) Higher aggregate HP of party members Higher aggregate PP of alive party members PvP time limits have been enabled for Automated Tournaments (Default: 60 minutes per match for rounds which are not Finals/Semifinals/Quarterfinals) Changes Support for Android x86 has been removed Note: x86 is a processor architecture which affects very few phones. This primarily affects desktop emulation of android The game client now prompts for target languages during setup Excessively repeating character names (e.g. ilililiililil, wwwwxxxxx, yyyyyWxWx) are now automatically rejected Balancing Out of Battle abilities no longer function while the party lead is fainted Lucky Egg / Amulet Coin are now Charm-type consumable items Lucky Egg has been split into two items: Lucky Egg (+100% EXP / 1 hour), and Lucky Egg (Small) (+50% / 30 minutes) Increased the availability of Lucky Eggs Amulet Coin is now a (+50% Money / 1 hour) charm type Luck Incense's secondary effect has been removed Charms only consume time while online. Berry sell prices have been updated: Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Oran, Persim -> $550->$400 Razz, Bluk, Nanab, Wepear, Pinap -> $550->$500 Liechi, Ganlon, Salac, Petaya, Apicot -> $1050->$550 Leppa, Figy, Wiki, Mago, Aguav, Iapapa, Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, Tamato, Cornn, Magost, Rabuta, Nomel, Starf -> $600 Spelon, Pamtre, Watmel, Durin, Belue, Occa, Passho, Wacan, Rindo, Yache, Chople, Kebia, Shuca, Coba, Payapa, Tanga, Charti, Kasib, Haban, Colbur, Babiri, Chilan, Enigma, Micle, Custap, Jaboca, Rowap ($900~$1050) -> $700 Seeds gained from Pickup are now untradeable Sell prices for Seeds are now 0 Frisk no longer displays detailed held item information of wild encounters (but continues to do so for PvP battles) The Healing Spot in Lavender Tower no longer heals PP Shiny wild encounters now have a minimum of 1x 31 IV, up from 1x 30 IV Gift Shop RP Vouchers are now available in the Gift Shop. RP Vouchers are tradeable, and allow redemption of the face value of RP. They're available in (100/500/1000RP) values Reward Points gained from RP Vouchers can not be used to purchase other RP Vouchers. Bug Fixes Damage calculations have been updated: Sheer Force, Flare Boost/Toxic Boost/Normalize, Mud/Water Sport, Charge, Helping Hand, Muscle Band / Wise Glasses, and Reckless now affect Base Power instead of Damage Weather, Thick Fat-like Abilities, Multibattle damage penalties (Double Battle 0.75x penalties), Life Orb, and Flash Fire no longer affect Base Power. They now affect post-Base Power calculation Damage Burn no longer halves the ATTACK stat, but rather halves Physical Damage Early damage calcs have been reordered to: 1. MultiBattle calcs (Double Battle / 4P) 2. Weather 3. Crit 4. RNG (0.85~1.0) 5. STAB 6. Effectiveness Secret Sword no longer takes Burn penalty (Please report any damage oddities along with party builds of both participants to the Bug Reports section) Fixed Unburden applying through Baton Pass Fixed an issue where unfocused FPS could exceed Max FPS configs Endeavor no longer deals damage to the caster if the target's HP exceeds the caster's (Previously, this would always deal at least 1 damage) Shield Dust now affects Flinching Fixed missing flee message for Run Away Light Screen / Reflect can no longer reduce damage to 0 Recoil moves no longer deal damage to the caster if the target never took damage (e.g. against enduring targets with 1 HP). Previously, this would always deal at least 1 damage Assist can no longer call Bestow / Rage Powder Magic Guard now protects against Curse damage Rapid Spin no longer removes entry hazards if the caster dies to retaliatory damage during the same turn of casting (e.g. Rocky Helmet) Fixed an issue where Sand Veil on a caster could cause the cast of Counter/Mirror Coat/Metal Burst to fail Fixed Stall not applying after the first turn Fixed Sap Sipper not blocking / boosting against Grass-type Status moves (e.g. Spore) Chat language swap enforcement no longer applies to Whisper chat channels Fixed an issue where temporary item consumption could propagate from a PvP party to its owners. This was primarily an issue when combining e.g. Fling with Iron Ball, where the item should not normally consume Evasion Clause and OHKO Clause now destroy PP when their clauses are violated. Previously, this could result in an unwinnable battle if both players were violating the clauses Fixed an issue where, if Roost were cast before another elemental changing ability on the same turn, e.g. Soak, Roost would unset the new elemental change When cancelling a spectate, the battle renderer now closes much more quickly Fixed several issues with Android button interactivity Fixed Trade Window item display in confirmation dialogues Fixed default bag subcategories of previously uncategorized items (e.g. Big Mushroom) The search function for the bag now draws results more appropriately Gender information is now shown in GTL search results Multiple Mysterious Gems may now be crafted at once Fixed gender icons not being displayed if an opponent led with a genderless species Heal Ball no longer restores PP of targets when captured Fixed many other UI-related issues
  13. [You need a PokeMMO Platinum Account to be able to read this post]
  14. [You need a PokeMMO Platinum Account to be able to read this post]
  15. I'm happy to see such universal support for our Mayor, Bestfriends. It touches my heart. With his many years of community contributions, he truly deserves the role. I've never seen a 100% vote rate for a candidate, but I think this election deserves a special commemoration. I'm happy to announce that Bestfriends is now the Eternal Mayor of PokeMMO. I'm sure he'll make you all proud.
  16. No he didn't No It's a lie, and if he plays under more accounts, he'll probably be permanently banned again by the GMs.
  17. network decided to suck today for about 15 minutes, it resolved itself. No ddos / etc.
  18. Kyu


    already done, thanks
  19. Faster than last time, we'll have a proper Q&A around the first PTS
  20. I'm not taking pot shots at the GMs, but it's not really their place to discuss things like inflation because it's not their expertise. Half this topic was devoted to the current state of the economy, half of it is tournament prizes and general PvP stuff which they don't really know our plans on. It was meant to be more of a joking comment because topics like these are tiring, but I'm not upset at our players for being mad at us or anything, and I know the GMs would handle it if it were a GM-y matter. I'd be mildly perturbed if someone who didn't know what they were doing showed up and tried to lecture you guys about the goings-on of the economy and all that, because it's misinformation from an authority figure, even if it's meant in good faith. Also, if you have to ask, the answer would probably be "Please do not."
  21. It's not really because of "mean replies", it's just draining as hell to sit here and get yelled at. This is an all-day event, because I can't disengage halfway through without looking like a jerk. My initial reply took an hour to write, and the turbonerds who provide feedback spent a few hours debating the topic between themselves prior to me doing so, but it's not really a good use of anyone's time if we can help it. They do try to listen, though. Most of them just aren't very good at the economic details, and don't want to say something dumb, because that becomes "the staff response."
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