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  1. Ziuna

    help me to change my e-mail account, because the yahoo account e-mail that I created cannot enter Yahoo and I can't see the vertification of the code to enter the game


    I can't login my e-mail yahoo in yahoo mail because my e-mail yahoo stuck 


    This is really my account


    Changes my e-mail account pokemmo , ([email protected] to [email protected])





    Reply Kyuu

  2.  revise please


  3. 5252

    Hello Admin,I'm a chinese pekommo player.I have a game account number,I haven't played in a while.I have a friend in discussion group.He like this game too,so I want give he this account number.But I can't revise his Email in https://pokemmo.eu/ add.So I trying Contact you and get help.

    Plese help me replace my old email add by his email add.

    Keep the reply.

    Thank you very much.


    account number:as2mi

    my old email add:[email protected]

    his email add:[email protected]

  4. Your account was terminated due to persistent sexual content in public chats and general chat rulebreaking under several accounts. You were given this warning the last time that you were banned for it, earlier this month: Your inappropriate messages, each of which were either related to sexual or racist content in public, resulted in 8 warnings/mutes under your main account within this past year, a few under alternate accounts, and culminated to a permanent ban. Unfortunately, we're not interested in serving players who can't stop talking about their boy bits, and we feel like you were given more than enough chances to quit it.

     Good evening dear administrator, I am a Brazilian player recently banned on all my Pokemmo accounts, according to the warning I was banned for using "BOOTING", but I WAS NOT USING ANY UNLAWFUL WAY OF PLAYING, I was simply training my Pokemon. more than 5 hours when suddenly I get a permanent ban. I don't know what happened, I'm still in shock for losing all my accounts today and yesterday, even though I was not doing anything wrong in the game, I didn't use any third party programs or anything, I was just investing my time in My bills, and I lost my bills by simply TRAINING.

     Please admin help me recover my accounts, I invested a lot of my time in Pokemmo because I love this game, and getting an unfair ban like this makes me think about giving up the game, I beg help me recover my accounts. Account emails are:


    - [email protected]

    - [email protected]

    [email protected]


    Please I don't deserve this punishment, I didn't break any rules, I was just training my pokemons using my time, I love Pokemmo, please help me.

    This message will be passed on to other Administrators for help.


  6. Hi Kyu,


    The pokemmo-installer available in the Debian Testing and Ubuntu 19.10 repositories is having problems with the java 11 version, could it fix it in GitLab?




    Then I will send it to Debian in version 1.4.8.



    Captura de tela de 2019-11-10 20-04-44.png

  7. Changelog: 1/11/2019 Balancing Pumpking 2019 difficulty adjustments: Broom Cookies will now clear the entire field of stat stage adjustments, instead of just the allied field Wither stat stages will now take effect at the end of the turn, rather than immediately after skill damage Reduced the amount of junk items from both Goodie Bag 2019 and Pumpking Goodie Bag 2019. These items now have additional consumables Bug Fixes Fixed Stat display ordering in stat tooltips Fixed broadcasts for several Halloween skill effects (Cat Cookie end, etc.) Fixed an issue where a christmas item was available on new characters, and removed it from existing characters Fixed a crash when starting battles Fixed Greedy Gulp AI handling of faster targets
  8. Halloween 2019 PokeMMO's Halloween event has returned for 2019! This event will run from October 30th to November 5th Beat up children to steal their candy. Feed the pumpkin to win a prize, or lose trying! Special wild ghosts have been spotted in Unova, with higher IVs and a chance at being bestowed with a particle unique to Halloween 2019. Balancing X Items (X Attack/etc.) may now only be used once per party member while on the field, until the party member is swapped Gift Shop Plague Doctor's masks have been made available for Halloween 2019. This limited edition item will only be released during this event: Ghost Hats have been made available for the Halloween season, with special night-time glows: The "Bats" particle has returned for Halloween 2019. This item is only available during the Halloween season The Hex Cloak has returned for Halloween 2019. This item is only available during the Halloween season Bug Fixes Fixed several client crashes Fixed an issue where PC tooltips may have been unclosable in some scenarios Fixed an exploit where Sticky Barb could be gained from NPCs permanently Fixed Snore AI Fixed UI targeting candidates for battle items (X Attack/etc.) Fixed "Shift" button visibility in Triple Battles Previously, this would pop in / out of existence sporadically Improved several UI elements for Double/Triple battles Time limit labels are now shown properly in PvP after half the match's duration has elapsed Fixed an issue where Friend Guard may have infinitely stacked Fixed an issue where Follow Me would redirect all of the enemy field in Triple Battles. It now respects move targeting restrictions, e.g. adjacency targeting skills Improved AI when handling heal skills which don't target the caster (e.g. Heal Pulse) Item icons are now shown properly in battle UIs, and more appropriately respect the field's conditions Stat stage indicators are now shown in battle frame tooltips Fixed an issue where Running during certain un-runnable battles could result in a turn being forfeited Fixed Eggs pretending they had a characteristic / flavor preference
  9. What is or isn't allowed in chat typically falls to the discretion of GMs. This includes both the directives issued by the Code of Conduct, as well as personal discretion entrusted in each GM / Global Moderator. Regardless of discretion though, drug discussion in public chats has been something which has been consistently disallowed by GMs for several years. Since there's confusion about it due to not being "officially against the rules", we'll update the Code of Conduct later this week to reflect it. Note that we don't typically care about topics like this in private discussions, i.e. Team / Link / Whisper chats.
  10. 你好,我的账号不小心按删除角色删掉了,有办法可以帮我弄回来吗

    1. 2315173878




    2. SneakyTeddi





  11. hello KYU and all admins. My ids are rottiora canberkcan canberk johnnycan yellowcan and crebnac. ı want ask question pokemon platinum come soon ? or another pokemon game come to pokeMMO ? thanks :D

  12. Theet

    Hello Kyu, 


    I wanted to make a request to to get my character back. I made a few extra accounts and I was trying to delete those and my mind slipped and I accidentally deleted my main character. I dont care if you cant recreate those other characters but i really want to have my main character back. I have like more than a 1000 hours or maybe even 2000 and its the character ive had since 2012 or 13. The name of the character is Theet. I know you guys don't usually do this but please please please can i get this one character back? Ive been playing this game forever and he was my main character that ive always played with. Thanks and I hope you'll consider my request. also i didn't get banned or anything I just made a reallly silly mistake. anyways thanks again, and have a nice day. 

  13. 171595


    "Character name": weckn
    "Account name": 171595
    "What were you banned from?": Game
    "When were you banned?": 24/08/2019 09


    1. Situation: I don't know what happened. I should say that I have been playing a normal game lately, unless I traded an acorn with someone the day before yesterday, but I traded it with 45,000 gold coins, and then I played NPC. It is also possible, because my elves have just hatched eggs in the past few days. The grades are a little low, and they can be repeated a little more often, but it will not cause Botting to be sealed.


    2, Memories: This is my third game account. The first one is that I have a violation of the rules. The second one is that I have too many transactions with my friends. It is a bit abnormal, I admit, but this time my game is really normal. I 'll have customer service or an administrator check it out for me.

    3, Request: This game, I played for 10 days, I never play normal games, to play normal games. I play every day in order to be with my friends and to catch up with them. According to Chinese working hours, I am basically free to play games. Maybe I want to catch up with my friends. I was mistakenly sealed because of the NPC, but I really wish I could be unsealed. If I can't unpack, maybe I won't play the game, because I'm really tired. I'm a normal game player now and I want to be treated fairly.



  14. Kyu

    Changelog: 23/07/2019

    Changelog: August 14th, 2019 Features Added Characteristics, the most important feature of the game Initial support for Discord "Rich Presence" This feature is optional, and may be toggled in the Settings menu Added "Share" functionality for Android in some locations Changes The minimum Java version has been increased to Java 8. This does not affect modern Desktop installations or Android platforms. This primarily affects portable / legacy PokeMMO installations prior to 2016. This is increased from Java 7. For affected Java 7 systems, please update to Java 8 using https://java.com or redownload the installer package from https://pokemmo.eu/downloads Bug Fixes Improved support for keyboard input/controllers in many UIs Fixed screenshot alpha channels Many other minor changes
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