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  1. Nice to meet you, Kyo!
    I wanna to help your translation-team in RU-project. How can i help you in that?

  2. No he didn't No It's a lie, and if he plays under more accounts, he'll probably be permanently banned again by the GMs.
  3. Aonde fica o NPC que bota ataque nos pokes?

  4. Hello, I'm sorry if something is wrong, I do not speak English, so I hope you understand, they silenced my account for 3,000 seconds, I know it's little but I just made a joke saying that I liked minors that is a parody to a song Latin American, that's why I want to comment, that you put moderators who do not ban for such a thing, because if this continues, nobody will play the game because of moderators who only want to ruin the game experience

  5. Beaean

    i sent you a dm, help me PLEASE <3

  6. network decided to suck today for about 15 minutes, it resolved itself. No ddos / etc.
  7. HXV

    Hi just sent you a message regarding recovering my account, this probably isn't the place to remind you but i'm kinda desperate here lol

  8. Faster than last time, we'll have a proper Q&A around the first PTS
  9. Diano

    rip johto

  10. Hi kyu, i need your help, 

    let me explain to you, I was calm in the pokemmo, and it turns out that the game takes me out and re-enters, I format the launcher and it was still that way, so I decided to change the password and the mail to see if it worked, and when I started my session gmail will not let me in, it turns out that someone changed their password, apparently they hacked me completely, I did not pass my password or account or gmail at any time, I'm a little scared, I have too many things and shinys and more than 2k of hours played so that happens to me, please I need you to respond urgently


    hi, i speak spanish so i'm using google translator okay .. I have been banned for using "RMT" but I have not done it, they have banned me unfairly

    1. awkways


      Hey there,


      Kyu's not gonna respond to this because this isn't the proper place to complain about something like this. If you think your RMT ban was unfair make a post here:



  12. Emlee


  13. I'm not taking pot shots at the GMs, but it's not really their place to discuss things like inflation because it's not their expertise. Half this topic was devoted to the current state of the economy, half of it is tournament prizes and general PvP stuff which they don't really know our plans on. It was meant to be more of a joking comment because topics like these are tiring, but I'm not upset at our players for being mad at us or anything, and I know the GMs would handle it if it were a GM-y matter. I'd be mildly perturbed if someone who didn't know what they were doing showed up and tried to lecture you guys about the goings-on of the economy and all that, because it's misinformation from an authority figure, even if it's meant in good faith. Also, if you have to ask, the answer would probably be "Please do not."
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