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  1. Hi, Sorry, but we do not plan to ever support JP GBA FireRed/Emerald roms. It is difficult to do so, and we don't think it is worth the time. We will support JP HG/SS later on.
  2. hello, my IGN is longvip, i accidentally trade with wrong people 2 really good rotom, can you help me to know who i had trade with, please help me

  3. We've seen extreme traffic surges, yeah. We can actually pinpoint when China began their city quarantines with our metrics. I'll decline to say exact numbers, but we expect more as the world locks down. I'd expect an American / Euro traffic surge next, then SA (though we're already seeing higher than expected Brazil traffic).
  4. Kyu

    Changelog: 17/03/2020

    Update 2 Bug Fixes Fixed battle icons not displaying faint status in Team Preview matches Fixed chat server reconnecting in client Fixed blocklist enforcement
  5. Bug Fixes Improved server performance to handle additional players Battle icons are now permanently revealed after Team Preview completes Fixed battle replay generation for tournament matches won by forfeit Fixed an issue where Teleport would end horde battles immediately if used by wild encounters, instead of removing an individual enemy Genders are now selected before egg creation in breeding This primarily affects Nidoqueen/Nidoking/Illumise/Volbeat species lines, where the egg species was randomized before now Fixed White Herb's handling of moves which drop multiple stat stages simultaneously (e.g. Superpower) Roar-type moves will now fail if a wild encounter uses the move, while the target is a higher level Fixed several battle crashes related to AI Fixed Anticipation reacting on non-damaging moves Fixed double Multitype ability broadcasts Fixed music tracks when encountering hordes in Hoenn Fixed an issue where Defog status would not be applied when reconnecting after use Fixed a storyline skip issue with Sinnoh's Surf HM NPC Trainers have learned how to use marts, and have purchased a variety of balls for their use Fixed "Forfeit" button in PvP not showing correct strings
  6. Kyu

    Changelog: 27/02/2020

    Changelog: 06/03/2020 Bug Fixes Fixed Swarm NPCs causing crashes on clients with follower mod overrides
  7. 超过30个帐户在3年内被禁止。 多个自动脚本帐户。 多个RMT帐户。
  8. Afaik there hasn't been serious discussion on whether it's needed yet. If I had to pick, I think our favorite method of nerfing Garchomp would be to remove its evasion in PvP, effectively giving it no ability. Rough Skin Chomp is still very strong

    Check This Out! Let Others Know! ^^

  10. hello I was scammed a poke iv 31x4 with his nature in an exchange the nick of the user is (IVOLV) and that was something very unfair since I am almost a rookie yet I do not ce

    1. Teddi




      Please contact us in the correct place about this issue and provide the required information:



      We will help you and investigate this scam once you report it there. Thank you!

  11. Balancing Added early badge scaling for Sinnoh's common trainers (Badges 5~8) Various items in Sinnoh are now marked as untradeable when obtained through the storyline / common NPCs Added another prize exchange NPC in Veilstone City Bug Fixes Fixed items not consuming properly in PvP Fixed a battle crash which could have occurred with Sky Drop Fixed an issue where follower mods could corrupt overworld swarm spawn's sprites Fixed several incorrectly assigned TM moves (e.g. Heal Bell on Poochyena). These are now properly assigned to Tutors again. Fixed Eject Button trying to play the last queued action after triggering Possible fix for Spectating / Running not cancelling SFX correctly (most prominently seen with the Black Hole particle fx) Fixed battle replays requiring players to move before they could watch another Fixed various issues with "On Evolution" move blocks Fixed several missing moves Silcoons/Beautifly with the incorrect move "False Swipe" have been patched, and the move removed from them Fixed Honey Tree levels shown in the Dex GTL searches should now be less prone to getting stuck with "Loading.." Abra/Porygon trade gifts are no longer given in Sinnoh's storyline PokeMMO's distributed JRE was updated to j8u242
  12. hi kyu I ask you that I have a problem with my pc and my phone that the sinnho region does not show me the houses and when I enter one there is nothing please help me please please thank you

  13. Ambias

    First of all, I cordially greet the game manager, pokemmon
    well I will tell you my situation I have been in the pokemmo community for years, although this forum account is new.
    The reason why I believe it is simple, after a long time I wanted to play the game again because I saw that there was a new region and finished one that had started that was pokemon heart of gold, and when I entered my name and password asks me for a code of a gmail that I currently have no access for X reasons the thing is that I would like to know if there is a way to contact you in one way or another already be through discord steam gmail or other ways I do not care, the The fact is that I am a Spanish user so that it is difficult to write this that is clearly being translated with Google translator so I apologize first of all if there is any other typographical fault or intangible things well I leave here my gmail that I do not have access to and The one I have currently.
    In addition to the name of the account that is: .ambias. I think remember with pefeccion

    In addition to a photo to show that I could access and that I get the code problem

    It should be noted that I already tried to access this hotmail but it was not possible to try to contact microft or the account to which it was linked which does not currently exist as well as the registered number

    If there is a way to recover my account, which I take a lot of time, please I ask you from my heart, help me contact me at

    [email protected]

    Thank you for your attention and understanding

    att: Ambias

    hotmail account that I don't have access to
    [email protected]




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