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  1. What is or isn't allowed in chat typically falls to the discretion of GMs. This includes both the directives issued by the Code of Conduct, as well as personal discretion entrusted in each GM / Global Moderator. Regardless of discretion though, drug discussion in public chats has been something which has been consistently disallowed by GMs for several years. Since there's confusion about it due to not being "officially against the rules", we'll update the Code of Conduct later this week to reflect it. Note that we don't typically care about topics like this in private discussions, i.e. Team / Link / Whisper chats.
  2. 你好,我的账号不小心按删除角色删掉了,有办法可以帮我弄回来吗

    1. 2315173878




    2. SneakyTeddi





  3. hello KYU and all admins. My ids are rottiora canberkcan canberk johnnycan yellowcan and crebnac. ı want ask question pokemon platinum come soon ? or another pokemon game come to pokeMMO ? thanks :D

  4. Theet

    Hello Kyu, 


    I wanted to make a request to to get my character back. I made a few extra accounts and I was trying to delete those and my mind slipped and I accidentally deleted my main character. I dont care if you cant recreate those other characters but i really want to have my main character back. I have like more than a 1000 hours or maybe even 2000 and its the character ive had since 2012 or 13. The name of the character is Theet. I know you guys don't usually do this but please please please can i get this one character back? Ive been playing this game forever and he was my main character that ive always played with. Thanks and I hope you'll consider my request. also i didn't get banned or anything I just made a reallly silly mistake. anyways thanks again, and have a nice day. 

  5. 171595


    "Character name": weckn
    "Account name": 171595
    "What were you banned from?": Game
    "When were you banned?": 24/08/2019 09


    1. Situation: I don't know what happened. I should say that I have been playing a normal game lately, unless I traded an acorn with someone the day before yesterday, but I traded it with 45,000 gold coins, and then I played NPC. It is also possible, because my elves have just hatched eggs in the past few days. The grades are a little low, and they can be repeated a little more often, but it will not cause Botting to be sealed.


    2, Memories: This is my third game account. The first one is that I have a violation of the rules. The second one is that I have too many transactions with my friends. It is a bit abnormal, I admit, but this time my game is really normal. I 'll have customer service or an administrator check it out for me.

    3, Request: This game, I played for 10 days, I never play normal games, to play normal games. I play every day in order to be with my friends and to catch up with them. According to Chinese working hours, I am basically free to play games. Maybe I want to catch up with my friends. I was mistakenly sealed because of the NPC, but I really wish I could be unsealed. If I can't unpack, maybe I won't play the game, because I'm really tired. I'm a normal game player now and I want to be treated fairly.



  6. Kyu

    Changelog: 23/07/2019

    Changelog: August 14th, 2019 Features Added Characteristics, the most important feature of the game Initial support for Discord "Rich Presence" This feature is optional, and may be toggled in the Settings menu Added "Share" functionality for Android in some locations Changes The minimum Java version has been increased to Java 8. This does not affect modern Desktop installations or Android platforms. This primarily affects portable / legacy PokeMMO installations prior to 2016. This is increased from Java 7. For affected Java 7 systems, please update to Java 8 using https://java.com or redownload the installer package from https://pokemmo.eu/downloads Bug Fixes Improved support for keyboard input/controllers in many UIs Fixed screenshot alpha channels Many other minor changes
    1. Hello, I made a purchase of 1750 gift points, and I wanted to know if you could help me know how they will arrive?
  7. I need platinum


  8. hola muy buenas tardes , me acaban de banear y sospecho por que fue, me gustaria perdirle que por  favor antes de banear, pregunten que paso, si bien insulte, fue por que antes ya me habian insultado ami asi que por favor analicen ese tema con los moderadores. avisen antes de banear. ni siquiera me dicen cuando se devolvera mi cuenta pero encuentro de muy mal gusto esto. pues cualquiera puede sacar un pantallaso solo de mi parte insultando pero no mostrando la de el , ruego una respuesta sino no seguiré poniendo mi dinero real al juego. 

  9. We don't care about static analysis, it's not like anyone can stop you anyway. We frown upon posting decompiled information though. p.s. Don't tamper too much, or you'll get banned regardless. If you find a gameplay-affecting exploit please report it at [email protected]
  10. pls give pokemon platinum pls we want thet generation so badly.

  11. Hola

  12. The PTS event has concluded. Thank you to those who participated


  14. Me robo alguiem llamado sandocan me robo mi darmatitan shiny no puedo mostra una captura de pantalla porque no se como se hace

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