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  1. I think we're pretty well set on our current path. To pursue shortcuts like that, we'd have to be desperate to release things quickly.
  2. Me too. Big projects I can lose myself in are my favorites.
  3. They're not actively being worked on at the moment, but I hope to change that soon.
  4. No, HAs were not considered for this changeset
  5. Both Cloud Nine & Fury Cutter have been fixed and are pending release
  6. I'll see what I can do, I guess. No idea. I only test in prod
  7. Not for this one. I'd say a few weeks after the major patch is when we'd consider it
  8. Kyu por fa mi juego ni carga el mapa ni el centro poke namás me pasa en sinnoh las cosas son transparentes me ayudarían porfa 


  9. I'll give everything a lookover and try to, thanks
  10. Hey kyu a friend of mine had 14 M stolen and some bars here the evidence the men have traded the pokemon and the money a another account







  11. This would only be required if seeking perfect randomness, which my implementation did not. Sufficient randomness is achieved by queueing players after winning, then pairing random players from that queue while a minimum player count remains in the queue. Minimum player counts are derived based on the round's match states, which has the drawback that, the further the round proceeds, the more predictable your opponent becomes. This has a minor drawback of causing players who completed early to wait a few minutes longer before further rounds, but does not increase total tournament time. Scouting is not a solvable problem in our game, which is why I did not seek perfect randomness for my round shuffling impl. As you mentioned, perfectly anonymizing tournament participants is required to resolve it, and we're not willing to sacrifice the social experience for that. It should be noted that round shuffling is only effective while the player group is too large to be documented by spectators. If a large group of players coordinated simultaneously to document everyone's party, a reasonable prediction of playstyles and parties could be created in real time. The best way to handle scouting from a player perspective is to build more teams and play a variety of styles, and work with other players to borrow items to give yourselves more possible variety. The lack of the ability to develop teams in secrecy is an interesting oversight, and we may consider an option to suppress Spectatorship for direct duels between Friends/Guildmates. You are only gaining new options. All new TMs/TRs were implemented as standard TMs.

    hello kyu, I wanted to ask you what would happen to the hidden abilities, the fairy type and several generations that have not yet implemented 

    incidentally some improvements in pokes which nobody uses so they can return to the meta

    1. eliasale


      sorry I didn't know the letter would come out huge

  13. All TMs from Gen 8 have been included, including Aura Sphere. We did look at it briefly, but it wasn't able to be done for this one. It will require redoing how replays work. We're willing to do it, it'll just take a while, so I think I'll schedule it for later this year. I'll see what I can do about this one. Thanks Yes, speed changes were included. I didn't mention it for brevity's sake. I'm not sure it's been noticed because UU/NU RMM is so unused, but we do have exclusivity periods where only one RMM game mode is active. It's not very convenient, as it still requires 2x the playtime commitment per day though. In general, when players are queueing multiple tiers at a time, the match coordinator will bias the player's match selection depending on their match history, which should see more matches in smaller tiers being played. But, I think this problem is ultimately solved by enabling Ranked permanently, and I hope we can do that pretty soon. I'm very skeptical whether the RMM time slots are necessary anymore, but some of us are concerned about match fixing.
  14. The former No ability changes were done for Garchomp They will be in every Center, alongside a combined Relearner+Deleter NPC. Only one type of Shard Tutor NPC will be in each region's Centers though (Kanto's = Red Shard Tutor, Hoenn's = Green Shard Tutor, etc.)
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