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  1. An updated macOS launcher is now available for download at https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/mac/ This launcher update is currently optional for players who already had the macOS launcher installed, but will be forced after a future game update. This package increases the minimum macOS version to High Sierra (10.13.6), up from Mavericks (10.9.5). The updated application should resolve installation issues observed on recent versions of macOS. This application does not support macOS ARM64 (Apple M1) and currently requires an Intel Mac (x86_64). We will notify the community whe
  2. The maximum size of a wave is 20 enemies. The game runs as long as you are capable.
  3. The highest I've noticed is a group which hit wave 25 with a score of 90+ after the most recent changes, but lost by feeding a life getting caught out in a 1v2. It seems like anything which gets past 24 got very lucky with their item drops; 16~23 Doubles becomes an endurance round which tests how well you banked your resources in the early game.
  4. Changelog: 29/12/2020 Update 2 Xmas Twist Mountain Balancing When fighting Double Battles waves, the initial partner will now always be a variant of the overworld sprite. Previously, this was randomly generated Increased the chances to obtain rare items from item presents, and added PP Ups/Maxes to their item pools Xmas Twist Mountain Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where, after wave 16, enemy NPC waves would transition immediately into Doubles+SOS Fixed an issue where players who had full HP & no status ailments would not be eligible for PP heals when a
  5. I don't believe we'll be going through any more major revisions. It's unfortunate that the economics of the event's rewards suffered, but the event was very negatively received and it would've been inappropriate to do nothing about it.
  6. Changelog: 29/12/2020 Xmas Twist Mountain Balancing Added event-exclusive out of battle skill effects for: Recover-type moves, Rest, Heal Pulse, and Aromatherapy/Heal Bell Self-targeted heals consume 2 PP when used out of battle. Ally-targeted heals and AoE heals consume 1 PP Removed elfbot changing after exiting the entrance map Reduced the maximum size of waves to 20 Reduced the scaling of wave increases from 2 -> 1 Waves now progress as 10->11->12 as opposed to 10->12->14.. NPCs now scale power
  7. So now santas bossess if we defeat first one and get 1, then defeat 2nd one we will get 2 big robot parts? 

  8. Changelog: 26/12/2020 Balancing Santa's Presents now exchange for 3 Big Robot Parts, up from 1 Bosses in Twist Mountain now give an additional Big Robot Part for each boss defeated in the instance's run, scaling from 1 up to 6 per win The amount of elfbots which may be summoned by SOS battles has been reduced from 2 to 1 in early waves Aggro distance for coop partners has been slightly increased Updated movesets for several elfbot and boss configurations Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where losing to Bosses in Twist Mountain would cause double l
  9. necesito hacer un reporte como ago?




  10. Dec 24th 12a ~ Jan 1st 11:59p. Or maybe Jan 2nd 11:59p. I can never remember if these dates are 0-indexed
  11. Features Return to Twist Mountain Twist Mountain is a Christmas-themed co-op event for 2-4 players Trade with your friends and build the best bots you can to defeat the rogue elves Collect Big Robot Parts and clear as many waves as possible to win prizes This instance is accessible in Vermilion City, Slateport City, Hearthome City, and Castelia City This event will be active from December 24th until January 6th. Enjoy your holidays! General Client mods now support gendered battle sprites. The format for battlesprites are now ID-back
  12. Silok

    Hello dear Kyu, I really liked the implementation of maps this year, but there is something wrong that I would like to tell you.
    Legendary dungeons for holiday events would make the game more attractive with better balances on the market and a much more fun competitive game.
    As a long-time player, I still remember that they had a project like that I hope they can do it soon, thanks for reading
    PS: merry christmas and happy holidays

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