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  1. Are you trying to have conversations between officers, or are you just trying to make an announcement to the entire team?
  2. como entro al servidor pts?


  3. smh cursor in screen
  4. PTS

    Open a Terminal in the PokeMMO folder using In that new Terminal, what does java -Xms128M -Xmx512M -cp ./lib/*:PokeMMO.exe com.pokeemu.client.Client output?
  5. Damn good job on this.

    Ofc id rather itd be Sinnoh. But hell I still gen gen 4 Pokes. Thank you.

    1. GiratinaXTrainer


      Where do we report issues? Gen IV starters dont open.

    2. GiratinaXTrainer
  6. PTS

    Your hardware is not good enough. We are increasing the minimum PC requirements for the game because we are updating the game engine for Unova. Did you extract the full folder? "" needs to be in the same folder as "PokeMMO.exe"
  7. PTS

    I don't know. We haven't gotten there yet. I don't want to screw you guys too badly though, so I'm sure we'll figure some way to grandfather things in Post the contents of the console.log file
  8. PTS

    They don't exist yet.
  9. PTS

    It'll be open until April 2nd 12AM UTC
  10. PTS Please see: for debug commands
  11. PTS

    That should work fine. What error are you seeing?
  12. PTS

    We use an external Java Runtime Environment for macOS, because it doesn't provide its own To test the PTS client on macOS, you'll need to download the latest JDK (which provides cli tools for java) & run the PTS client via the shell script provided in the zip
  13. Remember to report all issues found in the Test Client Bug Report section. Download the PTS client by clicking here Changes since 26.12.2016 LIVE: Features Unova A Black 1 or White 1 NDS ROM is required to launch the game A FireRed ROM is required to launch the game // This is a temporary requirement only for this PTS event. Tested languages: EN/ES/KO This region is a work in progress. Please refrain from making bug reports about very obviously broken features in new areas. Storyline NPCs will not interact. Many invisible NPCs exist in the overworld. Many areas will not render correctly. 3D movement areas (such as Castelia City) do not support movement yet, and forced perspective areas (such as Bridge Gate) may show visual glitches around the edges of the map. LibGDX engine Anti-aliasing is now available for 3D areas in the Settings menu. Up to 16x MSAA is available. This increases the minimum specifications for PokeMMO from an OpenGL1.4 compliant GPU to an OpenGL 2.0 compliant GPU. This breaks compatibility with very old chipsets (12y+), such as G31/G33, and primarily affects Intel Integrated Graphics. Users of these very old chipsets will need to use compatibility mode to play the game on Windows, or may play using a driconf tweak on Linux. For a list of affected GPUs, please visit Intel's website Add Korean translations Balancing General Skills have been temporarily reverted to Gen 5 stats while Gen6/7 BP/Accuracy changes are analyzed for balance Gen 5 species now abide by Gen 6/7 base stat updates if applicable Berries have been rebalanced around 24/48/72h timers. Full notes will be listed in the live patch notes Certain debug functions are enabled during this test. These are: /debugspawn <ID> <LVL> /debuggivemoney <value> /debuggivebp <value> /debugsetability /debugsetlevel <party slot id> <value> (Party Slot ID = 0-5) /debugsetnature /debugsetskill /debugsetivs <party slot id> <0-31> <0-31> <0-31> <0-31> <0-31> <0-31> (Party Slot ID = 0-5, Order for IVs in this command is: HP ATK DEF SPEED SPATK SPDEF) /debugwarptobf /debugskipstory /debuggiveitems Teleportation is enabled through a special menu in-game for the Unova region. To access this menu, press the Game Menu button and select 'PTS Teleport' Individual tiles can be teleported to by using the LShift + LCTRL + Arrow hotkey combinations NPC aggro is temporarily disabled for this PTS event Additionally, the following changes are exclusive to the PTS: Dex data is exposed permanently and coincides to the internal IDs required for /debugspawn Known issues: Skill animations have been disabled for this test as they are incomplete. Battle strings for NPCs are incomplete and will show {STRING_0} by default. A VRAM memory leak currently exists which causes 4MB of new VRAM to be allocated every battle. You may need to restart the client as you test to prevent memory exhaustion. // This was discovered last-minute and will be fixed during the next PTS release. Compatibility Mode is currently untested with the new engine. Anti-aliasing may not work on certain Intel Graphics GPUs even though the option is set. This is due to a driver bug which shows MSAA as available, where support doesn't exist.
  14. I think this is shitbox v5 actually. I've killed 3 or 4 computers by testing this game on 10~15 year old hardware. A guy also complained that we shattered his glass table because his laptop got too hot, back in 2013.
  15. We've actually seen improved performance for 3D areas > 2D because the LibGDX backing is more optimized compared to our LWJGL2 live builds. But, we have a special computer nicknamed "the shitbox" which runs a LGA775 E6300 w/ integrated graphics & 1G RAM we use for performance regression testing. So, please don't worry that we've forgotten you. We are aiming for the same hardware requirements.