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    Is confirmed that in this month pokeMMO for Android?




  2. for when the legendary and to enter a black city
  3. Note: This solution does not apply to older versions of Ubuntu / Debian. Problem: On recent versions of Ubuntu (17.10+) / Debian (Buster+), PokeMMO may fail to connect to secure servers with the error: javax.net.ssl.SSLException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected error: java.security.InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty This may occur with both the Updater and Game Client. Solution: Ubuntu 18.04 distributes a broken ca-certificates-java package which is incompatible with Java 10. To resolve this: Open a Terminal Type the following commands: sudo sed -i 's/keystore.type=\s*pkcs12/keystore.type=jks/' /etc/java-*/security/java.security sudo rm /etc/ssl/certs/java/cacerts sudo update-ca-certificates -f Afterwards, relaunch PokeMMO.
  4. Kyu

    The monumental failure of clubs

    https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/43-paid-club-memberships-and-other-club-improvements-r1065/ 4.3 seems like it will fix most of the readability issues tbh, at least for participants. Do you think this is enough?
  5. por favor me han silenciado por 32.900 segundos ose acomo 10 horas minimo por publicar por error en canal global cambio metagros por gengar osea  no me hablan ni nada si no me silencian de una ves por favo rquieroq eu me desmuteen ya 

  6. I thought that I was clear in the first post that I'm on the fence about it, but incase you missed it, the "Maybe" that I prepended my concerns / motivations with means that it's not certain whether we'll go down this path. Since I guess you're having trouble reading, "whether it's 'necessary' is up for debate, since there are a few unknowns for future content (e.g. Gen6+ data being implemented)" means that my opinions will change based on whether I believe we have a reasonable shot at implementing content in other ways. I'm not sure where the rudeness is coming from, but please stop with that. Thanks! :)
  7. It's only fitting that our first dungeon would be tied to our first region, right?
  8. The topic of money is an entirely different conversation for a different day, imo. I honestly don't really care about shinies in this context either. No. You're misunderstanding the issue; the problem isn't money, it's the fact that "comps" will trend towards saturation over time because they're not consumable. When you run out of things to make, the game is over. You win. That's why we change things over time and dripfeed content, to keep it going. No, the area is just broken.
  9. Maybe. It depends on whether the target of the feature is to be a direct upgrade path for existing species, or an entirely new class of species. The initial proposal called for the latter because it adds more longevity to the game by forcing people to rebreed in order to keep the economy from stagnating in 3 years, but whether it's "necessary" is up for debate, since there are a few unknowns for future content (e.g. Gen6+ data being implemented) Sorry I don't have a better answer atm No, they're going to be locked behind storyline goals, i.e. there will be "Kanto/Hoenn/Unova" dungeons which correspond to their respective legendaries, and are accessible after the storyline is complete for the target region. They will probably be targeted entirely as end-game PvE for now
  10. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. They're permanent pieces of content, like regions, though. The former. If you've purchased any amount of RP, you'll have access to it.
  11. It will be a focus, but not so all-encompassing that nothing else is being done. The majority of our problems at this point are UI and IPv6 networking (which we're going to kick the can on for a while because it's a pain). The major issues, i.e. engine optimizations / build system changes have been mostly resolved over February/March. Skills/Abilities/Items are still being worked on, but they are a lower priority than Android fixes at the moment (these are almost entirely handled by @Desu). There are around 20 in the queue for release as-of this post (mostly skills) Dungeons are something which are currently in design stages, and are actively being worked on by other people. We're currently finalizing the art style and map design of the first "dungeon" area, afterwards storyboarding for the storyline, then implementation/testing
  12. I would recommend waiting for the minimum specifications to be posted before going out to buy anything. We don't want you to buy into a beta for a device which potentially won't run the game well We should have a better idea of the system requirements within the next week or two and we'll publish them then. For now, I think @Desu's Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a flagship phone from 2012 with 2GB RAM, was pulling 40-50FPS in Unova @ 720p.
  13. It is a possibility, but we do not think it's worth the time. Because it 100% requires a jailbroken device in order to function, we do not think there is much of a playerbase for it

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