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  1. jash

    hi Kyu i can't play the as it says it needs a ROM which I don't know what that is and I am a Mac user

    Please help me


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    2. DaksBoy


      Thanks! Lab u ❤️

    3. Bestfriends


      Something tells me that the Pumpking is transforming into his 2021 form. Roy Rogers News is looking forward to fighting it on camera!

    4. FighterChamp
  2. Quakkz

    boss skin better be also a hint for the limited this year, looks cool

    1. CaptnBaklava


      Staff vanity for the handslot sounds good

  3. Is dat a Kirby galarian form?

  4. Well, let's start this year's Avatar speculation. I guess it's a new copy of boos using super power


  5. We reserve the right to terminate your game account for any or no reason. We don't do this often because it's bad for business, but sometimes people violate rules we haven't explicitly stated in the Terms of Service and this covers it. If your account is inactive for a very long time and you don't have anything valuable on it, we might delete its contents so that you don't take up names which new players can use. Every modern online game has an anticheat component, PokeMMO included, and this covers what the client can theoretically do. We collect data related to the client which we use to prove terms of service violations, of which handling is outlined in the Privacy Policy. Diagnostic data may be collected for our own metrics so that we know what we should fix or focus on. Unless we're legally compelled to reveal this information (i.e. through subpoenas) or you're threatening the lives of others, we don't share this information with other people. Mishandling personally identifying information is bad for business and only a few people are authorized to handle sensitive information. If you send us so much money that you can't eat anymore, you don't get to hold us liable if you starve to death. If a pandemic or any other "Act of God" stops our ability to host the game, you can't sue us for failing to provide the service. You agree to handle any formal disputes through an arbiter instead of through the courts.
  6. Changes Randoms tiering stats are now available in the tiering window This mode does not provide explicit species data Android: Added "Instance Info" widget in the main menu Balancing Dugtrio's Base Attack has been increased from 80 -> 100 Updated Contest move data Geodude now also learns Tackle at lv5 Bug Fixes Desktop: Quick summaries now close if clicking away Pursuit no longer pursues allies who are switching out Possible fix for an issue where team preview widgets would sometimes show after matches started Beat Up now respects attack stat stage modifications by the caster Pickup no longer allows permanent item restoration from NPCs Randoms is no longer a selectable tier in some UIs Fixed Bide's message ordering Move Tutors can now properly teach Ominous Wind Fixed an issue where Do Not Disturb mode wouldn't be correctly exited when whispering other players Fixed Leftovers animation timings not being correctly calculated when multiple occurred at the same time Fixed a crash where tournament spectators could become stuck if entering a matchmaking match simultaneously Fixed an issue where tournaments could become stuck after a mutual disqualification occurred in a previous round Fixed contest stat / effect displays Fixed several crashes related to contests Fixed "Untradeable" displays for mart item purchases
  7. 怎么换邮箱

  8. Npkthc

    My username is DogFlame I lost the access email I have proof of the account because I have the first email registered in the account

    1. Npkthc


      Meu nome de usuário é DogFlame Perdi o e-mail de acesso Tenho prova da conta porque tenho o primeiro e-mail registrado na conta

  9. Kyu

    Changelog: 21/09/2021

    Changelog: 25/09/2021 Features Added a Quick Summary button for PvP Team Name Change Plaques are now available in the Gift Shop Balancing Randoms is now more picky with how it selects new teams No more than 2 of the worst possible tiers of species can be selected (either Unown/Ditto or Lv83, currently) at the same time No more than 2 of the same typing can be selected at the same time No more than 1 of a dual typing combination can be selected at the same time (i.e. Fire/Flying may not select another Fire/Flying, though pure-typed Fire/Fire may select another pure-typed as long as it abides by the former rule) Randoms now reduces Attack stats if the party member has no valid attacking moves When reducing Speed in Randoms due to Trick Room/Gyro Ball/Metal Burst, IVs are now reduced too Randoms BP rewards were reduced from half of normal matchmaking to 30% Fortnightly rewards for Randoms will have reduced quantities next cycle Party members with Pursuit, Arena Trap, and Shadow Tag will no longer be selected as leads for a randoms team Many Randoms builds have been updated to suck less Bug Fixes Mooncakes now live in the Medicine pocket Rocky Helmet will now always retaliate for at least 1 damage Fixed an issue where parties would broadcast incorrect slots during some actions Fixed an issue where some Mac hardware had extremely low fps Fixed an issue where the numkeypad's Enter button wouldn't correctly Enter things Fixed an issue where accounts could become stuck during login Fixed Sinnoh's Sprayduck Disable is now reset on Baton Pass Switching a poison-type into Toxic Spikes no longer pretends that all entry hazards were despawned Fixed a rare client crash during team preview For further feedback on the Randoms game mode, please see:
  10. Gente o pokémon está em manutenção? não consigo entrar, sabe dizer quando volta?😭

  11. Features Randoms Randoms is a 6v6 matchmaking game mode which allows players to battle with randomized parties. Species from Generations 1 - 3 are currently available. Species availability will be expanded in future updates. This game mode is enabled after Badge 4 for matchmaking and dueling. General Vanity items now show metadata related to their release. This can include which year they were released in, exclusivity, or where to find them now Trainers in Kanto & Hoenn now have improved rematch parties to better align with gameplay from more recent regions Abilities Added the Pickup battle ability effect This ability allows its user to pickup an item from a random adjacent foe or ally if they used an item this turn. Pickup may retrieve items which are consumed, like Red Card, Eject Button, Focus Sash, and Berries if they haven't already been recovered. It will not recover items which are unrecoverable, like Air Balloon or Incinerated berries. Miscellaneous Players can now control the zoom level of the camera. This option is accessible in the Settings menu Added Healing Wish to Mr. Mime's egg moves Mysterious Gem crafting can now create multiple stacks at a time (Processing up to 99 Mysterious Gems at a time) Name Change Tickets can now have their availability checked before purchase Sinnoh's berry plots now function as berry plots Player render limits now function properly in GBA regions Players may now sign up with battle box teams if they're in a partially completed region, if they meet the minimum badge requirement in at least one region. Previously, if a player attempted to sign up for a tournament after having completed one region, but before they met the badge requirements in their current region, they couldn't sign up even if they had a valid party available Balancing Razor Fang, Quick Claw, Focus Band, and King's Rock will now broadcast their presence when swapping in. Typed Gem creation has been rescaled Mysterious Gems will now create double the Gems, but Hidden Power modifications will now cost double. If the final party members in a battle faint due to Rocky Helmet retaliation damage, the attacker is now the winner (previously, the defender would be). Repels now work normally in the Safari Zone Heal Powder's sell price has been reduced from $450 -> $400 Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Hidden Power would consume Normal-type Gems Fixed an issue where players couldn't forfeit if the first battle slot in Doubles was empty (due to fainting/etc.) Fixed an issue where players could be afk kicked prematurely while fishing (Android) Fixed several audio-related crashes seen on various phones (Android) Fixed an issue where reordering parties could become stuck & unresponsive Fixed an issue where a targeting error would display if fainting occurred while swapping into multiple entry hazards Fixed an issue where Quick Guard would incorrectly block some moves cast through Assist Fixed a deadlock which could occur during Multi-battles if many party members fainted simultaneously to entry hazards Players with extremely out of date clocks will now have a useful error message shown, instead of being stuck Connecting.. forever Fixed an issue where Honey would not render a string for its out of battle effect Fixed an issue where battle status icons would not render if the player didn't have FireRed installed Fixed an issue where breeding would assume a default gender if the player disconnected during some dialogue Wild encounters may no longer knock off a player's items Fixed an issue where, if a player cast Fling and they missed, they could destroy otherwise un-flingable items Various fixes for Bide: Bide now properly respects Protect & Semi-Invulnerable states (Fly/Dig/etc.). Bide now ignores type immunity. Bide can now target allies if they were the last attacker. Fixed an issue where Plates could be swapped away from Arceus Healing Wish & Lunar Dance now trigger upon Ally Switch Fixed an issue where Arceus would not use the correct form upon capture Fixed an issue where Mental Herb's target would not broadcast correctly when handling Cursed Body Fixed an issue where Future Sight's end turn could be delayed if the target battle slot was empty Unnerve no longer restricts Berry Juice from being consumed Fixed an issue where Pressure would affect all opponents, instead of opponents which targeted the Pressure ability owner Fixed an issue where Safari steps would be cleared after moving inside of a PvP Spectate map Fixed an issue where battle timers would not properly respect Volt Switch/U-Turn's animation times Fixed an issue where mailed money could be deleted if it exceeded the maximum money cap Fixed an issue where the Dex would not display correct data for hordes during different time slots (Morning/Day/Night) 中秋节快乐!
  12. Nerf gary dude. Nerf every NPC's status move chance and holy f nerf their flinch rate & sleep rate & poison hit rate.

  13. No. It's not an open source game
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