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  1. Hi everyone, Over the first week of matchmaking of the 29/07/2020 patch, we saw over 100,000 battles recorded through matchmaking, a very alarming number. During this time, many players achieved significant progress against seasonal matchmaking rewards, which are meant to be an in-game goal which progresses over the entirety of a PvP Season- 3 months. Players attempting to farm these rewards were primarily achieving them through quick games, with no skill requirements. This quickly led to issues with abuse, and before the 04/08/2020 update, we had banned around 60 players for coordinated match manipulation / win trading. This system was neither fair to our normal PvP audience nor reasonable from a gameplay perspective, and we apologize for not getting it right the first time. As a result, we ended up rebalancing the matchmaking rewards against two major criteria: ELO & time played. This means that, the higher the skill of the players in the game, the higher the base matchmaking reward you get. If your game goes longer than the average match time, we'll give you a bit more to compensate for that; the system is biased towards short matches, but it's an important goal to compensate players running "safer" teams fairly for their long match time. We still haven't gotten it quite right. Higher-end players are still seeing less than they'd expect, and the average match time was a bit shorter than we'd estimated, meaning that the average reward point value is less than we'd like. We'll be addressing these issues during the next game update. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
  2. Kyu

    Changelog: 29/07/2020

    Changelog: 04/08/2020 Balancing Matchmaking rewards have been rescaled Players may now earn between 1~10 Matchmaking Reward Points per battle, depending on their ELO & the duration of the match Excessively low ELOs may now be disqualified from rewards "OP Item" clause has been removed in standard PvP BrightPowder / Lax Incense restrictions have been merged into Evasion Clause When searching for an opponent in Matchmaking, if you've been waiting for a while, your eligible opponents will now expand over time Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where some wild encounters would be spawned without damaging moves Fixed speed evaluation after swap actions in Double Battles (Drizzle+Swift Swim/etc.) Matches in very low ELO brackets, and matches which ended too quickly, will no longer be logged for PvP Statistics Fixed an issue where party indicators would update before health bars when receiving damage Fixed an issue where tournaments would not proceed after semi-finals Fixed Teleport (for realsies this time) Fixed an issue where, if a player descended from the Matchmaking Leaderboard, their ranking would not always be updated In Double Battles, Encore will no longer forcibly redirect target slots, unless the target slot of the encored skill was invalid Reward Claim widgets for Matchmaking / Tournaments now default to 31 for their IV selection Fixed Matchmaking's spectate page support Default sorting is now Ranking for all pages Fixed an issue where, when initiating spectating in Matchmaking, sometimes the client would get stuck Fixed a crash when rendering some species' Statistics pages Notes Weekly rewards & progress for Matchmaking have been reset due to rescaling
  3. Just stop scamming people lmao
  4. "Match fixing / match manipulation will get you banned very quickly, and we'll take away your rewards too." There isn't a delay on spectating. We suspect there's too many battles being played, and the client can't show all of them atm.
  5. As long as you're not trying to fight yourself, we don't care
  6. Match fixing/manipulation will get you banned very quickly, and we'll take away your rewards too.
  7. Hello, a question that you have planned for PokeMMO in these years, will it make the new regions cheaper? Changes in competition? , I am looking forward to your response


  8. ZJH



  9. Kyu

    Changelog: 29/07/2020

    An earlier iteration of the 31/07/2020 patch introduced a restriction where players would receive reduced matchmaking rewards if the battle ended before turn 15. This was reverted, and currently the restrictions are on: Matches which end before turn 6 (normal forfeiture cutoff) Matches played against the same opponents, if your ELO is below 550 We'll be looking over the reward system to better handle griefing in the near future.
  10. Kyu

    Changelog: 29/07/2020

    Changelog: 31/07/2020 Balancing Reduced MMRWP requirements for Seasonal items from 1000 to 500 Matchmaking reward changes: For players with less than 550 ELO, Matchmaking Reward Points & Battle Points will no longer be given if you've beaten the same player an excessive number of times within the past few hours Matches which end very quickly (in less than 6 turns) will no longer give rewards Players are now restricted from entering Matchmaking if they forfeited a battle by disconnecting within the past 10 minutes Reduced BP given for Matchmaking slightly Bug Fixes Fixed several crashes related to Teleport Teleport will now fail if the caster is the last alive party member Fixed a crash which could occur in the Statistics page when loading information on species Fixed rendering for certain hats (e.g. Jellyfish Hat) Fixed form species displays in the Statistics page Fixed a client crash related to Aromatherapy/Heal Bell Fixed several issues with Tournament signups Fixed an issue where Mail could not be deleted properly Fixed Special Move Tutor (BP purchased) purchasing Fixed the Dex showing incorrect tiers for formed species Fixed winner displays for legacy non-randomized tournaments Fixed Cloud Nine not deactivating if the ability owner fainted Fixed Matchmaking Rewards pretending that certain species could have their genders & egg moves selected Fixed Matchmaking Rewards' egg moves selection for evolved species Fixed Sinnoh's Elite 4 rematch data Fixed Trick Room's ending broadcast Fixed string externalization for formed species names Monster nicknames are no longer subject to gibberish rules Fixed untradeable Focus Sash being unconsumable Fixed Flame Orb's activation message Notes This update enables tournament bracket randomization for tournaments which were scheduled before the 29/07/2020 update
  11. OU: 0->1->2->3->0 UU: 4->5->6->7->4 NU: 8->9->10->11->8 Doubles: 12->13->14->15->12 Vanities never leave their tier, and 16 items are allocated for PvP rewards currently. Vanities are scheduled for reintroduction after 1 year at the moment.
  12. For people desperate for hats, we do have 4 active at a time. It's quite a lot if you want to complete more than 1 tier's reward tree during a season at the moment, and we'd like to encourage people to build for more than one tier. I think we'll consider changing MMRWP after we get metrics for how many people are playing the season's tree to completion. It's too early to tell what appropriate values are at the moment. Matchmaking rewards are a crutch to help players become more competitive over time. They are not meant to take the role of perfect breeds, and we do not want to give players an upgrade path which is completely devoid of economic interaction with the greater game.
  13. ye it's a placeholder value which got its way into prod, we're halving the requirements for it next update casual
  14. Oye  pregunta pueden poner jhoto como otra region?

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