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  1. PokeMMO graduated from alpha to eternal εpsilon a few months ago. But yeah, 2 weeks™-ish from now. We're still trying to fix some outstanding issues @ Android, but the general release was intended to be the milestone where we moved the majority of dev work to gs/desktop again
  2. Hi everyone, Android builds are now available for all players at https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/android In case you missed it, PokeMMO recently performed a closed beta Android test for donors. This test has concluded, and PokeMMO for Android is now available to everyone. As has been mentioned before, if you want to play the mobile version, you will be keeping your same characters and progress as the Desktop client, and will be able to interact with Desktop players seamlessly. The game client currently requires Android 5.0+, which should be available on nearly all recent (2014+) smartphones and tablets. To install the game client, you need to enable Unknown Sources. To do that, As with the Desktop client, the Android client will automatically prompt you to update when an update is available. Please note that, if you have never logged into your account from your phone, you will be prompted to submit a 2FA code which will be sent to your email address. If you have any suggestions for the new mobile client, or you encounter a bug with it, please visit the Android Beta Subforum to submit feedback. Thank you
  3. Kyu

    Inquiry: Bandwidth/Lag?

    No, the server isn't strained. We monitor load / networking very closely, and typical pings are <150ms for NA/EU players. We will also be updating the network infrastructure during the next game update to improve them further. Usually, if there is abnormal latency in one of the routes, it is resolved shortly after it's introduced. Some network connections (satellite/cellular) have a lot of latency to them inherently, but I'm not sure that's what you're talking about. They will definitely be able to feel it, because their character will snap back during aggro if their client's movements are desynced from the server's. It is a very slow-paced game though, and we have put a lot of work into latency compensation to make the game playable on poor connections. I've found it playable on satellite connections with ~1k ping, myself. Unless you're in an extremely packed area (hundreds of players in a tiny map where you can all see each other), typical throughput is <10KB/s, so they should be fine.
  4. Kyu

    Reobtainable Rocky Helmet

    Yes, it will be sold via BP shops. It is not sold right now because the item doesn't work on the live server, but the next update will enable it.
  5. Nope, not really. We have a lot of things to do right now. Feel free to throw out ideas on what you think would be good though
  6. If I had to guess, I'd say around 2 Weeks™ after Android is released to everyone.
  7. It's undecided, but probably not. It'd only be useful for a day or two to make sure we don't have any dumb crashes related to client optimization
  8. Kyu

    Smokeball consumable?

    At the time, it was presenting a balancing issue because 100% guaranteed flee mechanics force you to put difficulty into scripted encounters instead of wild encounters. But apparently I forgot that Run Away exists when doing it, and I ended up deciding that an RNG-heavy flee chance for dungeon hordes was a better way to handle the problem anyway. It also invalidates a class of consumables, being Poke Dolls / Fluffy Tail / Poke Toys. If I had to revisit it now, I'd probably just give it a 25%~50% chance to guarantee flee instead of 100% so the ability / consumables are better. Whether a held item slot is more important than an ability slot in PvE contexts seems a topic for debate though.
  9. A rough number would be "at least a dozen evolution trees." There are a lot of HA species to release, so we're not being picky. To prevent confusion as to what does and doesn't an HA in-game, we're just going to be restricting the wild encounters to species which can have HAs. Generally, their release will be themed upon the area, e.g. a Jungle area may have Grass/Water/? wild encounters. We don't plan on enforcing a time limit while inside the area. The limiting factor will be the items you take with you, since you'll be using a separate bag with limited slots. There will be cooldowns associated with them, since there are more prizes inside than just the legendaries. They'll be invoked immediately on entrance, but the cd duration is undecided Yes. I don't expect us to introduce instances in the middle of the storyline since it's so short
  10. Kyu

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    I couldn't say, sorry. That's too far down the line I am skeptical that we would do unique dungeons for every mythical / legendary species, tbh. As you've mentioned, there is only so much gameplay variation which you can do within our mechanics, and I think that eventually the sprawl will be too much. So, consolidating potential areas is something which has been on my mind for a while.
  11. Kyu

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Somewhat, but not really. The idea is that the instance's gameplay changes between what are storyline-focused runs, and what are farming-focused runs. So we run a cool little storyline the first time, then the second time onwards we make it about the loot, and maybe in subsequent runs it changes a little more. But there can't actually be many difficulty changes between the 2nd and 99th run, because that encourages alt farming.
  12. Kyu

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    I didn't say they were going to be breedable. An upgrade system similar to that where stat refinement is tied to the instance is what we planned on Edit: I don't think that limiting them to one per player is good though, because it limits accessibility to the species to the people who are willing to do the PvE associated with it. Having legendaries able to come to market by way of other players farming seems important to the health of the PvP scene to me
  13. It's not been done yet, but it's on the shortlist for implementation after Android hits general availability Probably not for this one, sorry. I have made a feature request for it internally though

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