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  1. 角色名:adenu(好像是叫这个)











  2. 8天都没到,就封号了,怎么回事,我还充了1200块钱





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  4. hello i leave a message for you

  5. 关于忘记密码,我想说它太麻烦,我现在还没有找到我两年前的密码

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  6. I'm fairly indifferent on the items. As has been repeated multiple times thoughout the thread, these items are bad, so it's not really a problem for the TC to address in the first place imo. Obviously they're just not fun to play against so it's an emotional topic. I am more interested in why this type of RNG is being rejected yet others like Snow Cloak/Sand Veil are more readily accepted by the community. I'd guess it's because they occur less often and abilities are more innate than items/moves, so you can see them coming, and you can't take them away without violating the characteristics of a species. Though, as has been mentioned in that smogon thread- it begs the question why others like BrightPowder have also been rejected. Anyway, smogon constrains themselves by the rules of the rom games, but we don't, so I don't really care what solution they ended up with. It is more our style to nerf something into the ground than delete it. We'd already decided last month(?) that the items need to broadcast their existence on sendout, but I'd be interested in rates adjustments as well.
  7. Kyu

    Changelog: 11/05/2021

    Changelog: 03/06/2021 Bug Fixes: Fixed a client crash which could occur if no PvP bans were active macOS: PC UIs now allow Cmd+Click hotkeys as substitute for the Alt+Click hotkey macOS: Display modes except for Windowed are now disabled. macOS: Fixed an issue where, when refocusing the window after switching to a different window (e.g. via popups), when attempting to select the game client, the last button may be fired again macOS: Added an option to allow low-power, integrated Intel graphics, where applicable While this option is available for all macOS systems, it will only function for systems which have dual graphics available (Intel+Nvidia/AMD) Desktop: Fixed various issues with transitioning between Windowed/Borderless Windowed/Fullscreen mode which could leave the game client stuck and non-interactable
  8. An updated macOS launcher is now available for download at https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/mac/ This package resolves issues specific to Apple M1 machines which prevented the game client from starting. The game will still run under Rosetta2 emulation for the time being. For issues related to the launcher, please create a ticket at https://support.pokemmo.eu/
  9. Kyu

    Changelog: 11/05/2021

    Changelog: 20/05/2021 General Move tooltips now show stat stage adjustment percentage chances if the move's effect does not always proc (e.g. Crunch) Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where client inventories could become corrupted if deleting / gaining items very quickly Android: Incremental patching has been enabled for Android 11+. This will only affect future updates Fixed a video memory leak which could occur with some spawn particles Fixed an issue where certain TMs would have their item text run out of bounds
  10. I refrained from commenting on this until after the latest patch because people were in the mood to hate on "money-grubbing devs", but Frisk gaining the ability to peek at hordes' held items was actually a bug. I think I introduced that one in Xmas and it was forgotten about until after CNY. That's why it was listed under bug fixes. Sorry to turn off your guys's money fountain, but no, it was kind of dumb. When the going rate for a stack of damp rocks on the GTL is $150/ea, it's very obviously problematic to the game, and should be a huge red flag to anyone who cares about making money selling individual items. We threw you a bone in this one to make it less miserable, but item inflation isn't something you actually want.
  11. Kyu

    Changelog: 11/05/2021

    Changelog: 14/05/2021 General Move tooltips now indicate Natural Gift typing and power, Critical Hit ratios, and Recoil/Absorption percentages The maximum listing price for a single GTL item has been increased to 1,800,000,000 Balancing Thief no longer fails when fainting the target and does not bypass Sturdy Hordes now carry less items and Pickup occurs much less frequently vs Hordes Bug Fixes Fixed inventory text becoming unreadable on Desktop clients after certain events (Use/Give/etc.) Fixed an issue where status animations wouldn't cancel if being replaced by another status (Rest/etc.) Fixed an issue where, when exiting some rental battles instances (Battle Frontier/Tents), the party information wouldn't revert to the original party Kanto's Route 10 fly point now unlocks at its healing center, instead of at the Power Plant Notes This update includes an experimental workaround for compatibility issues seen with Windows 10 and certain old Intel GPUs (e.g. Intel HD Graphics 3000/4000 series), to allow hardware acceleration on these platforms. Users with affected Intel GPUs who have been prevented from playing after the last game update are encouraged to reinstall the game client via https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/windows/ This update addresses an issue where users with overzealous antivirus clients may prevent correct installation on Windows. This was first seen with Avast after the last update. Users with affected installations ("Java 11 is required" startup failure) are encouraged to reinstall the game client via https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/windows/
  12. Kaspersky has been complained at yet again for false positives. We are currently investigating the virtual machine false positives as well for Windows 10 users
  13. Battle Bug Fixes Various fixes for Snatch: Snatch no longer breaks targeting if the target Shifted (Ally Switch/Triple Battles Switch) Snatch can now be cast multiple times by all players during a turn Various fixes for Lock-On / Mind Reader: These moves now only allow the caster to use a move with enhanced accuracy. Previously, they would allow any ally to boost their accuracy (even within the same turn) These moves now expire after 1 turn (except when Baton Passed, where they now expire after 2 turns). Previously, they would continue locking-on until a move was cast against the target. Casters can now only cast lock-on against a single target. If another target is already locked onto, the move will now fail. Various fixes for OHKO moves: Level tests are no longer skipped when handling Telekinesis OHKO Moves now respect Lock-On / No Guard Sheer Cold now has reduced accuracy when used by a non-Ice type Fixed an erroneous tooltip for Odor Sleuth Fixed an issue where Critical Hits would not display against Substitutes When using Struggle, players may no longer select the enemy targeted Fixed an issue where, when calculating Evasion/Accuracy, an attacker with Mold Breaker would not ignore Sand Veil/Snow Cloak Fixed an issue where, in Multi-Battles, if an entry hazard resulted in fainting, in some cases the battle would deadlock with no chooseable moves Frisk no longer shows which opponent is holding an item in Hordes A notification will now play if a player enters a battle (e.g. Matchmaking) while the game window is minimized "Little Cup" is no longer a selectable tier and its associated tiering data has been removed Fixed an issue where battle timers would not display correctly when reconnecting Fixed an issue where damage could overflow to 1 in some rare cases Burmy now transforms correctly after battles in the Old Chateau Fixed an issue where Zorua would show prematurely in Multi-Battles' target selection Disqualified players (players who disconnected before receiving a match) in tournaments now receive rewards if their final placement would have given them rewards Pressure no longer affects an opponent's self-targeted moves (except for Acupressure, where it does) Rage now increases Attack stat stages by 1 if its caster has used Rage consecutively. Previously, this would start a counter which, while separate from stat stages, behaved the same way as stat stages (except that it was unset after Rage was broken) Fixed an issue where, if a Horde casted Aromatherapy/Heal Bell, a very long delay would occur for seemingly no reason After a match has been evaluated, players who are disqualified from matchmaking rewards are now given a more helpful message stating why Status ailments are now more visible when viewing the battlefield Fixed an issue where, when responding to a Duel request, players using battle boxes > 15 could not select the correct one Eruption / Water Spout no longer re-evaluate the HP of the caster between move cast targets Previously, this could result in a situation where one target had lesser/greater power than the other target (e.g. if the caster fainted due to Destiny Bond when fainting Target 1, Target 2 would receive much less damage than intended) Fixed an issue where, if a faster attacker using Trick was holding a Choice item which was Tricked onto a slower target holding a Choice item, the slower target would not lock its move Fixed an issue where, if a Zorua was targeting a fainted last party member, it would use its particles (despite the new target not using them) Fixed an issue where random adjacent foe targeting types (Outrage/etc.) could not be redirected by Follow Me/Rage Powder Fixed an issue where, if an attacker with a Choice item was Confused, and they hit themselves, they would unset their Choice move Matchmaking queues are now cancelled if a player disconnects This change does not apply for Tournament queues General Bug Fixes Android: Players can no longer break their movement configs while the onscreen DPAD is enabled Android: Fixed an issue where a black screen could occur when leaving buildings with a full screen UI element open Android: Improved handling of ROM Imports during initial setup Players who achieve the maximum amount of money (2B) will now have trades rejected, instead of having their money destroyed when acquiring more. Note that NPC-related actions, like Pay Day, or trainer battles, will no longer grant money if achieving this value. Players can now reorder moves & select particles for monsters in the PC Fixed an animation error which would play when a monster with the Solar Power ability fainted because of it Fixed an issue where, if a player thieved an item in Oreburgh Gate of Sinnoh, the item would not be tradeable When breeding, if a player already has the OT Dex entry for a child species, non-OT breeders will now breed full OT eggs When breeding, if a player has bred a male OT shiny with a non-OT female shiny from the same evolution line, the result will now be the player's OT Fixed Ability Pill pricing information Fixed an issue where reward selection for biweekly Matchmaking cycles could deadlock in some scenarios Fixed an issue where model caches would corrupt when handling corrupt ROM files Fixed an issue where, after winning a battle, NPCs would not always unlock until after a manual directional change Fixed an issue where "Can't Escape!" messages would not display correctly unless FireRed was installed Fixed a floating Sailor in Hoenn Fixed an issue where chat configs could be corrupted by creating a chat tab in some situations When handling locales which are not supported by the game's fonts, e.g. Arabic locales, we now default to English/US formatting Improved game client performance when handling extremely large inventories (>1000 items) Previously, extremely large inventories would crash the game client when searching, while used with the default memory constraints Fixed various seasonal texture issues Fixed vending machines not showing proper prices for some items Mystery Box vanity items no longer pretend they're rarer than they are When interacting with your Mom at home, your Mom now makes extra sure you want to return to your home region Improved word wrapping for text elements in the Mail / Move Tooltip UIs Fixed PC Box advertisements Fixed an issue where some Inside map encounters would be shown as Grass encounters in the Dex (e.g. Dragonspiral Tower) Fixed a crash which would occur when throwing a Safari Ball in Sinnoh without FireRed installed Several Gift Shop items can no longer be Tossed Notes The Compatibility Mode Software Renderer has been removed from distribution. Players using Compatibility Mode may still continue to play with this option on, but this option will not be available to future installations. Players using Compatibility Mode are advised to backup the game files to prevent being unable to play in the future.
  14. wish you a happy wedding

    In Chinese 祝你们幸福久久

    So, when will our game be updated?

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