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  1. While technically possible, the android client has very limited support for controllers right now. This means that most UIs do not behave as expected when interacting with a controller. If you're willing to deal with cumbersome controls, there's nothing stopping you, though I'd recommend bringing a proper mouse to handle UIs which otherwise expect touch inputs.
  2. It looks like Kaspersky is whining again, so we'll see what they have to say. The last few times we queried them, they just whitelisted it manually, so it'll likely be resolved by the end of the day again.
  3. There are no clear answers to give here. GM behavior depends on the individual case. In general, we do not impose IP bans against individuals, nor do we forbid ownership of new accounts for first-time permanent account bans (but obviously, exceptions will occur for extreme rule violations.) An SGM will advise the user in their appeal whether they're allowed to create a new account or not.
  4. We've released a game update to address this and other AV vendors' false positives. Hopefully it sticks this time. Thank you for your report.
  5. axx

    After today's update my antivirus quarantined parts of the client infected with Kahlesi, just a heads up.

    1. Kyu


      Which AV?

    2. axx


      Kaspersky, nuking the exe and vm64.dll

  6. These are mostly my feelings as well. I'm of the opinion that arcadey game modes need a bit of bullshit in order to be really fun. Small correction here: Gems weren't actually removed because they're a dead drop, it was due to an infinite gem exploit which occurred with event parties sometimes. To tack onto this, 4p teams actually take a small penalty compared to 2p teams (-2 score), though it's not obvious. Players eventually decided that the hat / utility of the 3rd/4th characters was worth it though. I'm not really a fan of splitting the leaderboard ei
  7. Congratulations to the Lunar New Year 2021 event winners! Event rewards will be sent automatically to the Top 25 teams at February 22nd 00:00-UTC. As a reminder, players will only receive one reward for their high scores. If multiple high scores are eligible, only the topmost score is credited. The final results are listed below. Thanks for playing!
  8. He does mean in-game cash, and as far as I'm aware, the user has enough to purchase one outright (though the last time I looked at these prices was years ago). He's doing so through an alias obviously, but it's a valid request.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. The update is now available for users of 10.11+ on the website, but macOS platforms < 10.13 will display as "unsupported" in the game client after the next update. Unfortunately, I don't think we can reasonably accommodate for 10.9/10.10. Nobody tests for these platforms, and our metrics indicate less than 100 people have logged in with 10.10.x over the past 3 months, and less than 10 with 10.9.x within the same timeframe. I'll keep this thread in mind when we next discuss improving support documentation though.
  10. As-of February 18th, the macOS launcher has been updated to increase compatibility to 10.11+, instead of 10.13+. Affected players may redownload the macOS launcher from the website at https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/mac/
  11. I've made a new build which is marked for compatibility with 10.11.6+, available here. Before deploying it I'd appreciate anyone using 10.11/10.12 check if it actually works and is stable- we only test against 11.0+ internally.
  12. Yeah, just a shoddy copy/paste job. I'll notify when it's changed
  13. It's much preferable to try to increase compatibility for the package. We already have too many installation methods available and it creates problems for our support staff, who usually aren't familiar with macOS in the first place. I'll be looking into the problem this week as to whether we can build against a different jdk which has documented compatibility against older versions of macOS. We set the minimum version to 10.13 per Azul Zulu's documentation, but others have it set much lower- e.g. AdoptOpenJDK with 10.10+ and BellSoft's Liberica with 10.11+.
  14. This item is a trophy and trophies are not given to everyone. It's made for the best and most dedicated players who want it. The only significant changes which I'd make in the future are the amount of placements which can earn it, e.g. Top 50. The Nian Hood is marked as Seasonal and will return during the next LNY Event. We're not instilling massive wealth upon players who earn it; it's not tradeable. Much like our PvP-exclusive Crowns, it's made for good players to brag about, and I don't see anything particularly wrong with its conceptualization.
  15. No, there is no P2P networking.
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