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  1. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    please enjoy this piece of a riveting monologue about friendship and growing up while Mike melds with the singularity
  2. Future of PokeMMO

    Hardcore "I won't play anything else but Gen 3" players aren't an audience which we are willing to cater to, and we do not believe they represent a majority of players or the potential audience to the game (if they were, I think they've already played all we had to offer over the past 5 years.) I had stated this fairly early on in this cycle's development blogs, but GBA ROMs are extremely difficult to work with and hold us back as a Dev team, which is why they are being moved to "optional content." Because the maps will exist within the same world as Gen 5, Gen 3 areas will be updated for economic balance's sake, so that they are not outclassed by new species or team builds. This means Gen 3 areas will be rebalanced with Gen 5 builds in mind, although they will keep the themeing of the areas ("Kanto species stay in Kanto").
  3. Future of PokeMMO

    No, you're not going to get an old broken down version of the game where you can't talk to other people because a quarter of them speak Portuguese, a quarter speak Spanish, a quarter speak Mandarin, and another quarter speak English. The reason these features exist is because there is literally no way to sift through thousands of trade entries via /tr // the Forums, or for tournaments to scale with GMs running them. Reverting these would cripple the potential of the game and would ensure that it can never scale past your group of friends. The question you should be asking is "How do we make these features more social, so that I can feel more connected to other players?" As I've referenced in the past, de-anonymizing the GTL and bringing back globalized /tr is one of the main ways we plan to establish communication between buyers and sellers. I've also stated that we do plan on helping to socialize automated tournaments through spectator chat as well as a 'spectator arena' which players are moved into to give a more similar feeling to the older tournaments.
  4. Guild's Topic

    It's been approved, but policies for management are still TBD by GMs/SGMs. The first wave will keep Clubs restricted to Teams, but afterwards more general Clubs may be allowed.
  5. PvP in the game rn

    Its entire purpose is a playground so that people can either play around with builds or dip their toes into PvP without impacting their main rank. The main issue with Ranked is that there's a severe disparity between "really good/old PvP players" and "new PvP players". What this means is that we have severe issues when trying to convert players coming from the Storyline into PvPers. This is partially due to the lack of opportunity provided by the game itself to learn how to play the end-game (due to a lack of end-game PvE), partially due to the immense burden of knowledge required to play this game competitively, and partially due to the amount of time required to build a competitive team in the first place. What that means is that there's not enough PvPers in the first place to allow an unlocked system without BP abuse occurring in Ranked (people rigging matches to farm BP between themselves or teammates), and until the game gets better in general at promoting end-game content, I don't think that's going to change. The way we're trying to handle this problem is by working to make the end-game harder to teach players mechanical skill, as well as trying to create an environment where players naturally gravitate towards teams to share the burden of creating new competitive mons. The guild system is something which is underimplemented though and fails to accomplish the goal (lack of free information trading between guildmates aside from /t), and the game itself doesn't promote teamwork, which is why co-op content is a priority over the next year. We don't necessarily want to buff the creation of competitive mons through breeding because the system is inherently inflationary, so it's fairly fragile economically. Yes, I don't think we're accomplishing this properly either. Imo the ELO compression doesn't work quickly enough, but tbh, I don't think it was a good system to begin with. I think something like Overwatch's "seasons" is more appropriate for our game and this type of ranked reward, but there's also a lack of inherent reward to the ranking aside from epeen, so that'd need to be addressed too. I haven't given a lot of thought to this problem though. The main issue with this is that there wasn't really a "tournament" map which was suitable, aside from Emerald's Contest map, but since we now have that with a Black base ROM, I think that'd be the most suitable place to warp players into when spectating. Imo the only real thing we can get done before Unova would be a spectator chat, but that doesn't really accomplish what you want, so it's pretty meh.
  6. What would you think of a "Unova Questions Megathread" where everyone with a question related to Gen 5 can post and you can reply to them en masse when you have free time? A FAQ section in the OP would be good to have too.

    1. Kyu


      If I really wanted to reach literally everyone, I'd take a Q&A and shove it in a Dev Blog. I think a 'megathread' like that turns into a mess after a few pages, like


  7. No, rate limiting will be done in a similar manner to E4 with per-player cooldowns or innate limitations to a dungeon (e.g. key item requirements).
  8. Yes, I think so. Otherwise it wouldn't really work. We haven't worked on the breeding complexities yet, so I don't have a good answer for you. Sorry.
  9. When I said "stagger them," I did actually mean it. I don't know how long it'll take to release the first set (we're trying to have the first one released 3-4mo after Unova), but this isn't something which we want to release all at once. No, we are not intending to give HAs to already existing mons. This is still preliminary, but we're trying to treat HA species like an entirely new release rather than an upgrade to existing work. This means we're going to release them very slowly, and to make sure we don't screw with balance too much when we do it. That kind of upgrade is something which could be possible, but it's too early to give definitive info on the instances' reward systems. We're still at the very early stages of designing and it's not a problem which has been thought on yet. Edit: And yes, I do recognize this system will probably result in complex bans for HA'd species. It is a problem which will need to be addressed by TC & the limitations of Matchmaking.
  10. Unfortunately I was told "grandfathering" them in was dumb, so for now, we're intending to assign them as dungeon rewards. This is for a few reasons: So that we can provide more uniqueness to a dungeon's rewards (in addition to both the Legendary and the monetary rewards, certain areas would have certain species with certain HAs under certain conditions) So that we can stagger their release and make sure that we still have new carrots, aside from Legendaries themselves, in order to fuel desire for new dungeons as well as to make PvP's evolution over the years more interesting. We don't believe that the Legendary may be enough of a reward for the end-game PvE I want, and it'll become more clear why when it begins to be shown. This means that, while they may be implemented on release, they won't necessarily be available until our end-game PvE is more properly fleshed out.
  11. Do you have any estimate on the next PTS since you have one for the release?

    1. Kyu


      Probably a few weeks before release. The storyline's almost entirely done (we had to take a detour for cutscene support), so it's just testing edge cases / world data / hardware compatibility at this point. I gave us a pretty long ETA since @Desu wants to try to get in some key Gen 5 moves before release

  12. hey kyu ever tought about adding dig and teleport ocarina in the game? maybe a sweet scent one to with something like maybe a cooldown of 50 or 100 steps or maybe even a leppa berry cost.

  13. can u rig it so i can get my shiny lapras

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    2. Kyu


      im sry i tried i cant fix it

    3. Toast


      just because its not the same as the others doesnt mean u cant fix it :(

    4. Parke


      me next, shiny smeargle thank u

  14. Choices

    1. mmead


      :D SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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