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  1. Kyu

    Halloween event 2018?

    We would like to, yes.
  2. Hi everyone, As the game has increased in popularity over the Summer, RMT and botting related activities have also been increasing noticeably. There seems to be some misunderstanding about what isn't allowed in-game, so I would like to clarify that today. Real Money Trading and other illicit services upset the balance of the game by providing an unfair advantage to some players, and as such, are prohibited under the Terms of Service. RMT activities also contributes to other forms of cheating, such as where RMT vendors will use dedicated botting characters in order to create and sell gold. Since August, we have terminated more than 3,500 accounts related to RMT activity and botting, and are still banning hundreds per day. You may have heard stories of players professing their innocence by claiming that they were banned for trading with their friends, but we do not ban for normal trades with friends, transfers between alternate accounts, giveaways, or in-game sales of Gift Shop items. Often, players have been banned for receiving millions of gold from automated script characters while trying to hide the source of the money. Other times, players may have a dedicated botting character which they use to cheat on, then they are shocked when we take their main account, because they "weren't cheating on it." Regardless of how we find them, there is no statute of limitations to these types of rule violations. Usually, we will take action a few weeks after we find the violation, when they think they are safe. We are not immune to mistakes, but right now, the rate of approved ban appeals from these types of violations is less than 5%. When we make a mistake, it's almost always due to a legitimate trade with an RMT vendor. We believe this false positive rate is still too high, and we are working to improve it. In order to ensure the fairness of the game is maintained, we have diverted significant development resources to our administrative tools so that we can better handle this scale of cheating. We hope this knowledge will put normal players at ease. Finally, we would like to thank the players who have taken the time to report RMT and botting activity to the Game Masters. Reports help immensely, and we are very grateful for them.
  3. "Character name":JMTLZJ
    "Account name":lzj1239825268

    "What were you banned from?":game
    "When were you banned?": 21/9/2018
    "Take a Screenshot of the message": https://imgchr.com/i/inaHZq




    I am a Chinese player. My account was inexplicably named at 12 o'clock at 9/21/2018. I just played the 9-hour number and worked so hard for so long. I want to complain, but I can't find an entrance as a new one. I hope I can unblock it. I have no violations, but it shows cash transactions. I have no channels. Troublesome staff to help me with this senior pokemmo fan. I almost forgot, my big name is JMTLZJ, I am bothering you, sorry.

  4. This notification does not apply to Android clients. We will begin requiring Java 7+ for the game client during the next game update. If you are using Java 6, you will need to update Java. If you are using OS X 10.6/Snow Leopard, your platform will become unsupported during the next update. For the past several years, PokeMMO has bundled the latest version of Java 8 for the standard Windows/OS X installers. If you are using the standard installer, you do not need to change anything. This warning is mostly for players who are using the "Portable mode" zip. If you are concerned your computer will become unsupported, please see the logs/console.log file of your PokeMMO folder to view the current JRE.
  5. jxn110

    I am a Chinese player.My game account was blocked in July 30th.I made a complaint that day in Ban Appeal.I have not done any irregularities, I waited for a reply for 24 days.Why did no one deal with it?I am a loyal fan of the game, I hope I can get a reply,Thanks very much.

    1. Kyu




      Your appeal has been denied, please view this topic for more information:


  6. Fbts

    I can not play because the update fails.
    does not finish loading at all and sends me to the main menu of the phone.

  7. Kyu

    PvP Time Limit Tiebreaker Feedback

    Our problems come when we have to weigh the "fun"/fairness that a single match is having, in comparison to the rest of the tournament. Because tournaments have grown massively, and 7 round 128-man tournaments are now commonplace, it affects other people significantly when a match gets stuck in the early rounds, and it can force players to wait several extra hours as the matches resolve themselves. We're trying to be lenient on how many matches have time limit enforcement, and we can probably reduce the amount of rounds affected by time limits even further, but I believe they are a necessity to ensure that larger tournaments take place within a reasonable amount of time. That is why we are looking for any ideas towards a fairer representation of who "won" the match when it reaches its limits.
  8. Kyu

    Changelog: 13/08/2018

    Changelog 20/08/2018 Features Tournaments now have a 60-minute time limit placed on early round matches. Finals, Semi-Finals, and Quarter-Finals matches do not have time restrictions. When determining winners in PvP time limit tiebreakers (RMM/Tournaments), the team which dealt the most damage will now be declared the winner Balancing Added Draco Meteor move tutor (Opelucid City) Note: Draco Meteor has been removed from the Hydreigon evolution tree's learnset due to balancing concerns. It may be implemented at a later date. In Double Battles, Rage Powder may now be ignored by Grass-types or those with the ability Overcoat Freeze Clause has been removed Note: This option was never enabled by default in any PvP game modes. It has been removed to prevent confusion and erroneous tournament match creation Mental Herb may now cure Infatuation, Taunt, Encore, Torment, and Disable conditions for the holder. Bug Fixes Fixed several client crashes Fixed an installation issue on Android for updating clients Added Rocky Helmet to BP shops Fixed Sap Sipper stat change type (previously, Speed, now, Attack) Fixed Leech Seed bypassing Sap Sipper immunity Fixed an issue where, if Defiant activated off of a non-skill stat stage change, e.g. Intimidate, an error message could be shown Fixed wild encounter music track in FR Fixed Sheer Force bypassing Sturdy/Focus Sash Fixed missing string for Snow Cloak out of battle effect Fixed Defog messages Fixed Acrobatics+Flying Gem base power modification Fixed an issue where, if a semi-invulnerable skill failed to be cast due to Protect/etc., the attacker's sprite would not always re-render Fixed an issue where parties may not always update immediately when using the PC Fixed an issue where channel change cooldowns may show erroneously high times in some cases Fixed an issue where claiming certain species from tournament prizes could result in an error Redundant stat stage animations for multi-stage changing skills (e.g. Superpower, Quiver Dance, etc.) are now skipped Fixed an issue where Speed Boost ability owners would boost Speed during the turn it was swapped in, while not replacing a fainted party member Fixed adjacency selection for Intimidate, Trace, and Flame Burst when encountering Hordes Fixed an issue where, if an attacker became infatuated through contact with a target with Cute Charm, and the attacker had Destiny Knot, the wrong infatuation message may be shown for the now-infatuated Cute Charm owner Berry Crushing no longer requires a Powder Jar item Overleveled EXP warnings no longer display if the stored EXP exceeds 2 levels above the capped level Fixed After You failing in some situations Probably fixed some issues where game notifications would not always dismiss automatically Fixed a display issue with ranked matchmaking queue notifications The Frenzy Plant/Blast Burn/Hydro Cannon move tutor in Kanto will now accept Gen4+ starters Fixed Hyper/Super Vitamin names in Spanish Fixed an issue where AI may become suicidal when handling opponents with recoil damage items (Rocky Helmet) Known Issues Ally Switch has been temporarily disabled in co-op battles due to issues with multi-battles. It will be re-enabled at a later date.
  9. Kyu

    Changelog: 13/08/2018

    We are aware of some issues with automatic deleveling not occurring for people with the new caps, and are looking to fix it for the next patch. Thanks for your patience Edit: As-of the latest patch, deleveling should now occur for party members on login. Deleveling does not occur for PC/GTL monsters. If your party did not delevel correctly, please notify a GM using the in-game Support Request menu.
  10. Kyu

    Changelog: 13/08/2018

    We have noticed a large amount of players crashing when trying to apply custom themes. Because custom theme compatibility has been broken, please remove them until mod authors update their themes. Features Added moves: Gravity, Magnet Rise, Telekinesis, Smackdown, Wide Guard, Quick Guard, Foul Play, After You, Circle Throw, Dragon Tail, Incinerate, Psycho Shift, Me First, Guard Split, Power Split, Flame Burst, Round, Echoed Voice, Ally Switch, Quash, Retaliate, Final Gambit, Wake-Up Slap, Worry Seed, Captivate, Chatter, Seed Flare, Synchronoise, Glaciate, V-create, Acupressure, Soak, Fling, Natural Gift, Judgment, Techno Blast, Lucky Chant, Heal Pulse, Chip Away, Sacred Sword, Wonder Room, Magic Room, Embargo, Reflect, Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, Heal Block, Lunar Dance, Heart Swap, Miracle Eye, Relic Song, Bestow, Fire Pledge, Water Pledge, Grass Pledge, Freeze Shock, Ice Burn, Shadow Force Added in-battle items: Air Balloon, Iron Ball, Muscle Band, Wise Glasses, Expert Belt, Light Clay, Toxic Orb, Flame Orb, Destiny Knot, Icy Rock, Smooth Rock, Heat Rock, Damp Rock, Float Stone, Quick Powder, Elemental Plates (+20% Elemental Damage effects), Black Sludge, Eviolite, Ring Target, Binding Band, Occa/Passho/Wacan/Rindo/Yache/Chople/Kebia/Shuca/Coba/Payapa/Tanga/Charti/Kasib/Haban/Colbur/Babiri/Chilan/Jaboca/Rowap/Custap Berry, Grip Claw, Absorb Bulb, Cell Battery, Odd Incense, Rock Incense, Wave Incense, Rose Incense, Luck Incense (Amulet Coin clone), Focus Sash, Zoom Lens, Metronome, Rocky Helmet, Sticky Barb, Big Root, Lagging Tail, Full Incense, Power Herb, Razor Claw, Razor Fang, Poke Toy, Dire Hit, Guard Spec Added out-of-battle item effects: Berry Juice, Sacred Ash, Old Gateau, Sweet Heart, Casteliacone, RageCandyBar, Heal Ball, Friend Ball Added abilities: Tangled Feet, Motor Drive, Rivalry, Steadfast, Snow Cloak, Gluttony, Anger Point, Simple, Sniper, Stall, Aftermath, Filter, Storm Drain, Contrary, Klutz, Leaf Guard, Dry Skin, Flower Gift, Ice Body, Solar Power, Reckless, Weak Armor, Heavy Metal, Light Metal, Moody, Justified, Overcoat, Sand Force, Telepathy, Poison Touch, Flare Boost, Poison Touch, Rattled, Sap Sipper, Toxic Boost, Mummy, Wonder Skin, Moxie, Prankster, Zen Mode, Anticipation, Unaware, Victory Star, Infiltrator, Magic Bounce, Slow Start, Multitype, Friend Guard, Normalize, Unnerve, Defiant, Big Pecks, Unburden, Harvest, Bad Dreams, Healer, Pickpocket, Analytic, Sheer Force, Mold Breaker, Turboblaze, Teravolt, Honey Gather, Cursed Body, Frisk, Forewarn Note: Where applicable, all moves/items/abilities have been added with their Gen 7 effects. Improved client performance significantly Improved performance of GBA maps during night-time Improved performance of NDS map object culling Added GUI Scaling & High DPI font support for Desktop for high DPI screens Added character render limits under the Settings menu. Default Desktop: Unlimited, Default Android: 20 Improved animations for battle sprites Updated overworld legendary movesets/builds Improved AI capabilities Added IME input support for macOS This option is experimental, and can be enabled by adding the configuration option client.input.ime=true to your config/main.properties file Improved default UI This update breaks compatibility with all custom UIs. Added EV/IV totals to the Summary Added font scaling Please see data/themes/default/fonts.xml for current size definitions. A UI will be added for font scaling at a later date. CJK languages show at a higher text size than LGC fonts, and may have graphical glitches in some windows. If your client is set to a CJK language and shows small CJK text, please make sure you are using the latest versions of strings files. The strings file must have a typeface parameter in its header, e.g. <strings lang="zh" lang_full="中文 (Chinese)" is_primary="0" typeface="sc"> Added 4 additional Ranked PvP timeslots Ranked PvP now occurs every 3 hours Balancing Egg hatch times are now consistent across all species Leppa Berry can no longer be recovered via Recycle/Harvest Double Battles in Tournament Mode now use Sleep Clause. Mail items will now cause skills such as Trick, Fling, Bestow, and Thief to fail if the target or attacker is holding them Smoke Ball: No longer consumes when activated Increases flee chance by a percentage (up to 100% if you are higher leveled than the foe). Allows bypassing of Trapping skills (Bind/Ingrain/Mean Look/etc.) Toxic may now hit semi-invulnerable targets if the caster is Poison-type Stench now has a 10% chance to flinch the target In Triple Battles, Intimidate targets adjacent foes instead of all foes In Triple Battles, Trace targets adjacent foes instead of all foes Abilities which grant immunity to types of status ailments (Limber, Magma Armor, Oblivious, etc.) will now cure their status ailments on battle start, or if applied via Mold Breaker Cleanse Tag-type held items and Stench overworld effects now stack multiplicatively Cleanse Tag / Stench / White SMoke now each reduce encounter rates by 15% (Stacking) Figy/Wiki/Mago/Aguav/Iapapa Berry now activate at 25% HP, and heal for 50% HP When using Sweet Scent, players will now always encounter the maximum horde size of the map Notes: For example, if a map has both 3-sized hordes and 5-sized hordes, only 5-sized hordes can now be encountered. For hordes where the species was exclusively in 3-size hordes, they have been increased to 5-size. Contests now support Gen 4+ skills GTL updates: Auction durations have been reduced to 3 weeks Maximum listings per type has been reduced from 300 -> 250 The minimum item fee has been increased $100 -> $150 Minimum price for monsters has been increased from $1,000 to $1,500 The maximum fee per-item remains $25,000 These changes are temporary due to high server load. Sorry for the inconvenience Taxes for items are now calculated per-item instead of per-stack. Notes: Previously, players who sold high count stacks of items would gain an advantage over players who sold smaller stacks of items. This changes makes fees fair for all stack sizes. Added Berry Juice recipe for crafting Requires 1 Berry Powder / 1 Fresh Water Updated Rare Candy recipe for crafting Now requires 25 Berry Powder / 1 Balm Mushroom / 3 Big Mushroom OR 25 Berry Powder / 1 Balm Mushroom / 6 Tiny Mushroom When cleaning up a dead berry plot, there is now a small chance to gain an item Updated held items for many wild encounters X items now increase stat stages by 2 Prices for these items have been increased slightly, and they are now available in most Marts Level caps for the storyline have been updated to: Kanto: 20/26/32/37/46/47/50/55/62/100 Hoenn: 20/24/28/33/35/38/44/47/58/100 Unova: 20/24/27/31/35/38/42/45/56/100 Levels of gym leaders in many areas have been reduced slightly Storyline NPCs now distribute more effective held items in GBA areas Updated berry held item activation requirements: Oran Berry now activates at 50% HP Figy/Wiki/Mago/Aguav/Iapapa Berry now activate at 25% HP, and heal for 50% HP Updated ball formulas for: Dive Ball: Underwater ball bonus is now 2.5x Net Ball: Bug/Water ball bonus is now 2.5x Timer Ball ball bonus is now (1/1.66/2.33/3) for turns (<6, <9, <13, 13+) Quick Ball ball bonus is now 2.25x Level Ball ball bonus is now: 1/1.5/1.75/2/2.5/2.75 for levels (<=10, <=20, <=30, <=40, <=50, >50) Heavy Ball ball bonus is now: 0.5/1/1.75/2.5/3 for weights (<= 99,9kg, >=100kg & < 200kg, >= 201kg & <300kg, >= 301kg & <400kg, >= 400kg) Moon Ball ball bonus is now 2.5x for Moon Stone evolution trees Updated BP prices for items: Mental Herb 175BP -> 85BP White Herb 200BP -> 100BP Power Herb 200BP -> 100BP Added Absorb Bulb 100BP Added Cell Battery 100BP Added Air Balloon 100BP Added Focus Sash 100BP Added Toxic/Flame Orb 6400BP Added Zoom Lens/Wide Lens/Muscle Band/Wise Glasses/Ring Target/Binding Band/Iron Ball 4800BP Added Eviolite 9800BP Bug Fixes Fixed many client crashes Fixed an issue where berries/Defeatist would not always activate at the correct percentage (<1% difference) Fixed Assurance move effect Fixed an issue where true damage skills could bypass type immunities Fixed Leftovers compensation for PvP timers Fixed Clear Smog base power Fixed Light Screen / Reflect / Taunt end messages Fixed Future Sight being able to damage Dark-types Fixed Curse bypassing Substitute Fixed an issue where Encore calling Metronome calling semi-invulnerable moves could potentially leave the caster permanently semi-invulnerable Fixed Thrash interruption Fixed an issue where, if an attacker fainted while using a multi-hit move against a target with retaliatory damage (Rough Skin, etc.), the multi-hit move would not end immediately Substitute now clears Trapping effects on cast Counter / Mirror Coat will now have 1 Base Power if the last skill dealt 0 damage. Fixed Counter / Mirror Coat damage calculation. These moves will now deal damage based on actual HP lost, instead of the maximum possible damage. Fixed an issue where, in Double Battles, Magnitude could cause different damage depending on the target Stat stages of the opponent are now copied when doing Transform LightningRod now boosts Ground-types Fixed an issue where, when holding a Life Orb while the attacker has Magic Guard, a message would play indicating Life Orb damage had proc'd Fixed PP healing (Leppa Berry) on Transformed targets Fixed an issue where Explosion-type skills could endlessly stall a match in Tournament Mode if Self-KO clause activated Fixed Defog's messages Fixed Quick Claw / Trick Room interaction Fixed an issue where Quick Claw would never proc on the first turn of the holder's battle. Added messages for the item Ability broadcasts for damage modification abilities are now suppressed Previously, this affected Heatproof, Thick Fat, Solid Rock, and Multiscale Flatter can no longer be cast on a target with Substitute Fixed recoil damage message Fixed Encore+Disable not allowing attackers to Struggle Fixed an issue where, if an attacker and target had identical Choice items, and the items were switched using Trick, choice skills would not be unset Fixed an issue where, if a party member with an ability which activated on swap-in (e.g. Intimidate) fainted while swapping in (due to Entry Hazards), the ability would still activate after fainting Fixed an issue where Keen Eye could not bypass Evasion stat stage changes Rough Skin will now always deal at least 1 damage Stat stage immunity abilities now indicate when they prevented a stat stage reduction (e.g. by Intimidate) Fixed an issue where Shield Dust would prevent stat stage reductions from self-targeted drops, e.g. Superpower In battle, Gems are now only consumed on successful attacks (previously, they would consume on Miss) Fixed Focus Punch charge-up message Fixed Synchronize activation indicator Fixed Conversion 2 type change targeting Fixed aggro/victory music for many storyline-significant NPCs Added Surfing music Pressure will now stack if multiple opponents have Pressure. Fixed Pressure messages Balls can no longer be wasted against invulnerable targets (Fly, Dig, etc.) Recipes for berries are now reused between plantings Fixed GBA disobedience level messages in gym leader badge scripts being misleading Fixed Psywave bypassing Dark-type immunity Channels for players are now more dynamic, and will be automatically created if too many players enter the same area. There are now hard caps on each channel's population Fixed escape rates for many species Fixed many issues where, if a move was restricted by Disable/Encore/etc., and the player reconnected, they could potentially become stuck if they were unable to Struggle If a party member has stored XP, it can no longer be traded Reduced bandwidth requirements further Fixed Aura Sphere learning for Squirtle evo tree Fixed sell count displays in Shop sell dialogues Fixed Unihan typeface rendering for CJK characters E4 cooldowns no longer apply on storyline runs for GBA regions Probably some other things, who knows? Known issues: Currently, some characters of alphabets will no longer display (e.g. Polish). We will try to address these issues over the next week.
  11. Marlon

    hello I have a problem I can not enter the game  
    1. lokisers


      igual yo tampoco puedo ingresar al juego 

  12. Takens

    why aren't we allowed to see again the thinks you guys were working on the PTS? i mean like the notes on the update post says this "Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. "

    1. Kyu


      Because the patch notes are not final, we didn't want misunderstandings to occur


      You can view the PTS notes here if you want: https://pastebin.com/raw/JeducAZn

    2. Takens



  13. Kyu

    time to mess with the economy again?

    I guess we'll just have to reduce your item listings to 10, that should solve it
  14. Kyu

    time to mess with the economy again?

    We are pushing several performance optimizations for the GTL during the next update, but we are not fully confident that they will resolve the problems we're seeing. We are trying to slow down GTL traffic to the point where we don't have 100k listings per week, because the growth is currently unsustainable. If the performance optimizations aren't enough, we will restrict it further until traffic is reduced. I don't know what you want here, considering we ran several PTS events during Unova's development to demo it, and were fairly open about questions for it. I think you're just going out of your way to be angry at this point, and that you're getting off topic of economy changes.
  15. Kyu

    time to mess with the economy again?

    Ok. Here's the reason why it's being nerfed slightly: We hope to have it back to the previous fees if the server performs well after the next update. Sorry that we didn't make note of it prior to now, I really didn't think it would be a Big Deal™.

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