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  1. It sort of is. It depends on whether we've finished up features to a point where they can be played, whether we find bugs during the private test build, and how we want to time it (2 day, 3 day, what do we want out of the first day, does it matter whether players have debugs, how long has it been, when's the weekend). Development is mostly halted to run the event, in order to maintain a stable build for the PTS and because we're all watching gameplay / feedback in-game. The exchange to start it basically goes like this: So it's all kind of luck depending on how those first few days went. I did try to give a few day's warning the last time and I'll do so again for the upcoming one if possible
  2. No. The battle renderer has been entirely redone in order to support the new sprite types as well as 3D animations. Yes. We are dropping FireRed as a requirement and moving to an NDS base ROM, which necessitates the 3D renderer be common among all regions.
  3. ?
  4. It's being looked at for Unova and falls under the "Overworld item rebalancing" I had mentioned here. It's a bit more complicated than it appears though: But anyway, I'll be taking a look at the cost:reward ratio for berry powder over the coming weeks. Thanks for bringing it up
  5. Understandable, have a nice day
  6. After Sinnoh I guess. Does anybody even want a region where you can already get all the species in Sevii?
  7. Both the EXP curve & wild encounter design is vastly different in Gen 5 than in Gen 3, and needed to be rebalanced to match Gen 3's gameplay. Gen 5 did a lot of very odd things which I'm not happy with, in order to make the game easier and to appeal to casual console players. Some of my notes on the topic: I've already solved most of these problems though. The main issue now is automating the solutions, since we're now looking at around ~300 maps with wild encounters in the game (which is only getting worse with Gen 4 / Dungeons in the future).
  8. Backlogged behind: Difficulty curve rebalancing (2 wks) Horde/Encounter/Pickup rebalancing (2-3 wks) Overworld item rebalancing (2-4 wks) Updated software renderer (1-2 wks) Note that several of these are a consequence of Unova being vastly different than Gen 3 in terms of gameplay, which is why they've taken priority. Thankfully I was able to automate a lot of it, and they've had significant work put into them already, so these are estimates from time of posting. Takes 1-2 months to design a dungeon from scratch, some of which is already done, but requires an overarching concept for a series of dungeons (trios) which pushes that into a realistic span of 2-3 months from start to completion of 1/3 Legendary of a trio. For context, North Pole took around 2 months and was only ~60 maps, although I've gotten better at map design since then. A realistic timespan is "first one in 1-2 patches after Unova's release." We were able to explore the very basic concepts of co-op gameplay last Christmas so those problems are already solved. Requires: UI rewrite (Scene2D) (1-2 months) Pure LibGDX renderer for Android (2-3 months) The current PTS client is a LibGDX/LWJGL2/TWL frankenstein, but shifting our focus to finishing framework ports is something we will probably be doing around the time that Dungeons are being worked on. It's very likely that there will be at least 1 major functionality/bug fix patch for Unova after its initial release, afterwards we would be looking to port to Android if we can sustain a 3-6 month dev cycle on it. So, to summarize: we need to finish Unova to a reasonable degree before working on either of them. We're getting towards the end and scripting is coming along well, but there is still quite a lot to do. We're about halfway through the storyline at the moment, the battle particle engine is coming along nicely, and rebalancing efforts have around 6-8 weeks left in them. I had already said this in the Dev Blog, but release will start to be planned for after the next PTS (which we've been staggering every 3 months, currently).
  9. If we didn't rewrite the entire client and break literally everything related to backend data, we'd consider it. There's also the fact that Unova's scripting is still extremely fragile and that characters break pretty regularly. So we're basically rewriting the game at this point, and you can't half-ass that without creating a (literally) broken game. It's just not good enough for release yet. Sorry.
  10. 10 y e a r s s i n c e P o k e M M O u p d a t e. I w a l k t h r o u g h t h e e m p t y s t r e e t s t r y i n g t o t h i n k o f s o m e t h i n g e l s e b u t I a l w a y s e n d u p s i t t i n g i n f r o n t o f m y c o m p u t e r. I s t a r e a t t h e s c r e e n f o r h o u r s a n d t r y t o s u m m o n D e s u. I m a k e m y 4 8 3 1 s t w a l l t e a m t o g r i e f V e r m i l l i o n, b u t i t i s n o g o o d. T h e e n d i s n e a r. T h e n I l o o k o n t h e u p d a t e h i s t o r y a n d c r y m y s e l f t o s l e e p.
  11. I come from China.I like this game very much and often play with my best friends,Often swap with my friends pokemon,Often swap with my friends


    Please, please help me 。My friend(YIBU) and I took part in the translation pokemmo

    I will take the rules of this game seriously next time, hope to give me a chance again, really, really

    1. YIBU


      You have never become a member of the Chinese translation group. Stop lying in the name of me and other translation volunteers!

  12. It's something I was planning on doing, but there are some technical limits to mixing conditional spawns (Season+Daytime/Nighttime+Day of Week) which need to be addressed prior. "Changing spawns" isn't very impactful to the overall game though, it's just nice to have (and at least several week's worth of work), so it's low priority to me currently. I may try to expand "Seasons" to drop tables too at some point. It's probably not going to be used to expand into Gen 4-exclusive species, though; we need something aside from the storyline to make Gen 4 NDS regions worthwhile. I'd really like to be able to use it to get some things out of Safari Zone restrictions since the original planned times for seasons were 1 real month (same as NDS). I'm not sure how well that's going to play, though. It impacts our meta quite a lot and pins some species into "you can only breed good ones during Spring" restrictions.
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  14. Aight boys IPB can't sort by upvoted content, and you're all a bunch of trolls, so you don't get to downvote things anymore. Tough luck.
  15. There's no option to downboat. I'm disappointed.