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  1. So what will your avater to be some days later?

    Maybe a tiger?


  2. i just realized those servers names are jojo references, who made em you or desu

  3. Sethen

    I've never seen you in mmo why?

    1. Kyu


      gotta make the game dude

    2. 3065640587


      Kyu is everywhere in mmo


  4. Our wishlist for the GTL includes an order book and auction support, similar to other MMOs, as well as qol features like saved searches. I cannot give you a timeframe for when they may be worked on though, sorry. We're pretty busy right now. thank you for your support, stay tuned for the kickstarter
  5. LC was very unpopular when it was deleted. We did not want to support an unpopular feature, because it cost us a lot of time and complexity.
  6. My excessive experience in both being a thief and administrating this game has indicated to me that sometimes posts aren't worth responding to seriously. While I didn't need to respond with my first draft script of the opening scene of PokeMMO: Where Thieves Lie (Part 1)(Release TBD), we've found over the years that sometimes our players enjoy the admins riffing on our less than useful postings. "devs are bad because they copied randoms feature from showdown" is not a statement which gives me any opportunity to have a positive interaction with the player (unless they got a smile out of my response). It's not even "criticism", it's just flaming because they're dissatisfied with us. So, there's not much to do here except either ignore it, beg for their forgiveness, or overexplain the intricacies of responding to forums posts to someone whose opinion of my movie production is apparently already very negative. (I chose the third path because it relieved the tedium of rewriting the mart system to accommodate for the LNY event for a little while.)
  7. Prande

    The vanity market is just as bad as your avatar. When are you going to change your avatar for the Year of the Tiger







    1. Prande


      Vanity is part of the game, but it seems to take up too much space that it doesn't belong in

    2. Kyu


      i like my avatar though

  8. The year is 2022. The Devs™ are still poopy buttholes. The ferry to Johto is years behind schedule, and no ship could be seen on the horizon. But for what reason could they possibly care? The fat capitalist pigs roll in their money stolen from working class players. The others could surely see that a better game awaits, if only they would stop throwing fistfuls of cash at the bourgeois. Cries of "Johto When?" echo through the channel chats. They fall on deaf ears; The Devs™ have lost all ability to communicate except in Mandarin. The only sounds that could be heard were "做得好! 下一个限定项目是什么时候?" Truly, my homeland has been lost. I would never taste an Apricorn again thanks to their blind greed. I clench my fist. Wait- Was there a berry here before? I don't remember grabbing it from my bag. And when did I even log in? It bursts into juice and the insatiable urge to create PokeBlocks overcomes me. I head to Lilycove and make 30 Blue Pokeblocks+. Did I even want to do this? Oh no. A new Year of the Tiger vanity just released, limited edition. Suddenly, my browser navigates to my donation URL. Dark patterns convince me to move my mouse over the "Purchase" button and my bank account is now $1500 lighter. I frantically make a support ticket for a refund, but The Devs™ respond the only way they know how: "No Refunds." I lament my situation and accept my fate. I click the Gift Shop button, throw my mouse over the Tiger, and click "Buy." "Hey- They let me purchase more than 1 at a time now? Wow, The Devs™ really do care." As Kyu sips on his mojitos on the beach after a decade of developing the game, he winks into the camera. End scene.
  9. I think you may know about the problem that many android users cannot update properly: Error during unzipping

  10. Hi, We don't support 32-bit x86 linux because our upstream libraries don't either. The client is not purely java and requires native libraries which are targeted per architecture. We don't provide arch linux packaging, so I'd suggest querying the contact of whoever is maintaining it to prevent distribution on Arch32. I'm not familiar enough with the AUR to know if that's an actual option though.
  11. Kyu

    Changelog: Xmas 2021

    Congratulations to the winners of the Xmas 2021 Leaderboard: Prizes for the Top 50 teams will be sent out on January 6th at 12:00am UTC+0. For those who posted multiple high scores, please note that you will only receive a reward for the highest score you posted. Thanks for playing!
  12. Kyu

    Changelog: Xmas 2021

    Changelog: 27/12/2021 Bug Fixes: Fixed the Attribute Recombinator not reassigning stats correctly in some cases, and not broadcasting nature changes Fixed the ElfUp: Gold Edition™ not functioning if the player did not have badges in Unova
  13. Kyu

    Changelog: Xmas 2021

    Changelog: 26/12/2021 Bug Fixes: Fixed an issues where presents would never respawn during the Xmas Coop event Fixed an issue where the Config: Sandboxed ability would not allow self-targeted moves to work, like Protect Fixed an issue where PP bonuses would not apply correctly to Player-made Elfbots Because there have been multiple bugs which caused an unintended difficulty for the first day, the Xmas event has been extended by 1 day. It will now end on January 5th at 00:00 UTC+0
  14. Kyu

    Changelog: Xmas 2021

    Changelog: 25/12/2021 - 2 Bug Fixes: Fixed a client crash which could occur when spectating or reconnecting during some battles Basic Present rewards for Xmas Coop 2021 have been increased slightly Fixed an issue where players would have differing elfbot partners displayed to them during Double Battles phases of the Xmas Coop event Fixed several server crashes related to the Xmas Coop event
  15. Features Return to Twist Mountain Twist Mountain is a Christmas-themed co-op event for 2-4 players Trade with your friends and build the best bots you can to defeat the rogue elves Collect Big Robot Parts and clear as many waves as possible to win prizes This instance is accessible in Vermilion City, Slateport City, Hearthome City, and Castelia City This event will be active from December 25th until January 5th 00:00 UTC+0. Enjoy your holidays! Xmas 2021 features a leaderboard with an exclusive vanity item for the Top 50 teams, the Starlight Hat Gift Shop The Christmas Sleigh has been added to Winter's seasonal items, available now: The Santa Hat & Santa Suit, Rising Star Particle, Earmuffs, and Scarf items have returned for the Winter Season. These items will be available for a short time this year and will return next. Changes The Android theme is now selectable on the Desktop client Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where AI would not calculate Flinch effects correctly when weighing priorities of moves Improved animations for the Motorcycle item
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