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  1. when platinum is released? 

  2. Is there any way I can change my "display name" on the forums to be a different name? I wanted it to represent my main if I can rename/change it to "FenixFox" that would be amazing.

  3. I'm happy to see such universal support for our Mayor, Bestfriends. It touches my heart. With his many years of community contributions, he truly deserves the role. I've never seen a 100% vote rate for a candidate, but I think this election deserves a special commemoration. I'm happy to announce that Bestfriends is now the Eternal Mayor of PokeMMO. I'm sure he'll make you all proud.
  4. Ziuna

    help me to change my e-mail account, because the yahoo account e-mail that I created cannot enter Yahoo and I can't see the vertification of the code to enter the game


    I can't login my e-mail yahoo in yahoo mail because my e-mail yahoo stuck 


    This is really my account


    Changes my e-mail account pokemmo , ([email protected] to [email protected])





    Reply Kyuu



  5. Nice to meet you, Kyo!
    I wanna to help your translation-team in RU-project. How can i help you in that?

  6. No he didn't No It's a lie, and if he plays under more accounts, he'll probably be permanently banned again by the GMs.
  7. Aonde fica o NPC que bota ataque nos pokes?

  8. Hello, I'm sorry if something is wrong, I do not speak English, so I hope you understand, they silenced my account for 3,000 seconds, I know it's little but I just made a joke saying that I liked minors that is a parody to a song Latin American, that's why I want to comment, that you put moderators who do not ban for such a thing, because if this continues, nobody will play the game because of moderators who only want to ruin the game experience

  9. Beaean

    i sent you a dm, help me PLEASE <3

  10. network decided to suck today for about 15 minutes, it resolved itself. No ddos / etc.
  11. HXV

    Hi just sent you a message regarding recovering my account, this probably isn't the place to remind you but i'm kinda desperate here lol

  12. Faster than last time, we'll have a proper Q&A around the first PTS
  13. Diano

    rip johto

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