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  1. Hi everyone, Big scary news [] came out yesterday about CloudFlare, the main CDN we use for our public websites. A vulnerability was found which could potentially leak private session data from logged in users to the greater Internet. Some people reached out to us, concerned about their account's security, but we are not aware of any exploits used against PokeMMO's users. Because of the extremely random and localized nature of the exploit, it's very unlikely that any PokeMMO user data was compromised. We'll continue to monitor the situation and let you know if we believe something serious has happened with the websites. If you're feeling extra paranoid, you can update your passwords at [] // [] and enable 2FA for the Forums @ []. Attached below is the letter from CloudFlare we received earlier today, explaining the issue better:
  2. I don't really think it's our role to do this tbh. During TS3's "peak", it held maybe 50 people. I think this suggestion is more people looking for the "good old days" of voice chat, but we can't really provide them nor do we want to. It's a pain in the ass to maintain a public voice server and it's just another burden on most Mods/GMs who we already ask too much of. I think this should fall to individual guilds to host what they want. Oh, and to who @'d me: I don't use Discord.
  3. We'd go straight to Alola if we could. Unfortunately, everything about the 3DS is a mystery, so that'll have to come later on. Edit; As well as the 3D modeling of player characters means we'd have to redo all of our hats
  4. jealousy is unbecoming
  5. how can they be bad posts when I'm drowning in LIKES?
  6. alright just making sure
  7. You know we can work on more than one thing at a time, right?
  8. I don't particularly care if you guys are really attached to Gen 3 for whatever reason. It's not going anywhere. You can go sit in Viridian & spam LF 6V6 TORNEO whenever. Yeah, we can actually. Ok. Sorry to hear that. We're pretty sure most people will enjoy it, though. Because we think it's a better foundation and will appeal to more people. Regardless of what you think, we can pick up on the sentiment that nearly everybody's really god damn bored, and they want something new. We are doing what we think is best for the game we made, and you all enjoy. This may not be what you want, but it's what we think most people want, hence why we're doing it.
  9. This is not a Gen 3 game. Edit; You might think that way, because that's all we could offer, but it was never the intention.

    Sorry to bother you but I get this poster and I did nothing inappropriate


  11. I like you!

  12. hopes and dreams

    1. Galata


      Don't kill them.

  13. when we're closer to a PTS yeah
  14. we could have done that? next time I guess