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  1. bro plz help pls send me sumblit code in may new email [email protected] because my old email [email protected] its removet and no work enymoore

  2. Make multi-factor authentication optional

    That's alright. I'll help you out. Here's a screenshot from my PTS folder from last July with the same savedcredentials.properties file and the same style of session token (omitting my username): Now, I'm sure that we all know that "The Devs" are leet hackers and can change timestamps on a filesystem, but to be quite honest, if you believe that's what I'm doing here, then you're beyond hope. Anyone who participated in the last Public Test Server who turned on "Remember Me" can go look in their config folder and they'll find the same type of file. We didn't find any Forums posts regarding plaintext passwords in the registry (deleted topics are actually kept for 60 days before they're permanently deleted) but we didn't look that hard. The only Discord messages I saw from you regarding the Windows Registry are from January 30th in #support, before I even joined Discord. You can go look at them by searching for "registry." I don't really understand where this narrative of " 'The Devs' are trying to coverup something and turn everyone against Daedalus" is coming from, but I will say this: If I wanted you gone, I would have just banned you, because that's a shitload easier than faking things and letting you be a jerk on the forums. We have a lot better things to do with our time than conspire against forum trolls, so please stop with that. It's really obnoxious. Since the OP's question has been answered by @Desu and there doesn't seem to be more to add, I'm closing this now.
  3. hello my name is dangeeron I would like to apply for the post of cm I have 1000 hours of games and dominate English and Spanish
    1. Dangeeron


      hello my name is dangeeron I would like to apply for the post of cm I have 1000 hours of games and dominate English and Spanish
  4. Make multi-factor authentication optional

    I'm not trying to dog on you for this, but just to be clear for the sake of everyone's knowledge/safety: We have never offered a plaintext credential storage using the "Remember Me" function. You're mistaken. This is how it has always worked, since the system's initial implementation in 2014. The hashes which are stored in savedcredentials.properties aren't real- they're just session tokens which are sent from the server when you request an authentication ticket. They do not represent your password in any way shape or form. Infact, if you copy them over to another computer or you try to login from a different network, you'll notice that they become invalid and your login will be rejected (this is to protect you against having your client stolen) because they're just session tokens.
  5. Make multi-factor authentication optional

    Authentication tokens are stored in the game client's config directory and look like this: They're not a representation of your password. I'm not sure where you got this idea, but it's wrong.
  6. tengo un problema con mi cuenta kyu no me deja entrar a mi cuenta ya ingrese el codigo que me enviaron y no puedo entrar ayudenme

  7. Changelog: 27/02/2018

    Changelog 06/03/2018 Phenomena will now occur much more often Phenomena's IV bonuses have been reduced from a 50% chance to have at least 1 31 IV, to a 30% chance to have at least 1 30+ IV
  8. I want to see you shill on /vp/ now.

    1. Kyu


      I'm busy shilling my bags on /biz/, sorry

  9. I need help.


  10. Hello Kyu! I send a message for you, I need your help =)

  11. Battle zone not 100% playable.


    Hello, good evening in the combat zone (version ruby, sapphire, emeraude) the reptile of combat, the pyramid of combat and the dome of combat are unplayable. I'd like you to please activate his buildings.

  12. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    feebas and hoenn are dead memes
  13. Changelog: 27/02/2018

    Edit: We have re-enabled the email verification process and it is slowly being rolled out to old accounts. If your email address is not verified, you may be prompted to validate it when you login. If you have lost access to your email address, please visit https://pokemmo.eu/account_change_email/ to change your email.
  14. Changelog: 27/02/2018

    Features Account Security Multi-factor authentication is now enforced for accounts Unknown devices logging into accounts are now prompted with a pincode entry Pincodes are sent to your registered e-mail. If you have lost access to the email address associated with your account, please visit the following webpage to request an email change: https://pokemmo.eu/account_change_email/ If you are having trouble receiving the email please check your spam folder or whitelist mail.pokemmo.eu Phenomena Phenomena are special encounters which occur randomly in all areas of Unova, and have 4 appearances: Rustling Grass, Rippling Water, Flying Shadow, and Dust Clouds: All players share the same Phenomena locations and appearances, and may interact with them once per cycle. Wild encounters which occur via Phenomena have a very high (>50%) chance to have at least 1 31 IV. Phenomena may drop Mysterious Gems or Fossils, depending on the encounter type. Certain species are now exclusive to Phenomena. Fossils All fossils may now be revived in the Nacrene Museum Gems Added Gem in-battle effects When held, Gems will boost the Power of the first move used of a target typing by +50%. Gems are consumed upon use. Mysterious Gems may be converted into 5 Typed Gems (e.g. Flying Gem) by combining 1 Mysterious Gem and 1 Typed Item (e.g. Sharp Beak) When used from the Bag, 20 Gems may be used to override the Hidden Power typing of a party member If 20 Normal Gems are used, the override will be removed If no override is inplace, the HP Type will be calculated by IVs. This is the same behavior as prior to this update Audio Added SFX for moves / world objects / etc. The MIDI engine has been removed GBA music and SFX are now played back using a new high fidelity GBA audio engine Added an option to mute BGM when the game client isn't the focused window General Added animations for most moves Animation processing is experimental and may have graphical glitches. Please do not report issues with move animations playing incorrectly at this time (but do report client crashes and other explicit error messages) Unova's NPCs now use custom movesets for all trainers Previously, this only encompassed Gym Leaders / the Elite 4 This does not change the amount of party members or levels for common trainers, but prevents issues like "default NPCs having no damaging moves due to levelup learnsets of some species" Added rematches for most Trainers in Unova Trainers are rematchable every 18 (real) hours Trainers can be rematched at any portion of the storyline, but will become more challenging after Badge 5 Added daily scripting for Morimoto Shiny species now have a 100% chance to have at least 1 30~31 IV This does not apply retroactively The Move Relearner can now teach moves learned at later levels Added Magnetic Field evolution areas to Kanto/Hoenn Added a Watering Can to Unova for Berry Farming This can be found by speaking to an Old Man in Mistralton City near the Berry Patches Watering Cans may be hotkeyed by registering the item in the Bag, then using the item while facing a Berry Patch EXP is now granted when catching wild species Channel population limits are now calculated per-region instead of per-channel This increases the amount of players which are allowed in a channel, and more evenly distributes players across less populated regions The amount of Channels has been reduced from 8 to 5 Added automated crash log uploading Gift shop The following items have been added to the Gift Shop: Sailor Cap / Sailor Uniform Tracksuit Balancing Breeding Genderless species may now breed with other members of their evolution tree For example, a Magnezone may breed with a Magnemite, Magneton, Magnezone, or a Ditto Genderless species are now marked with a "Genderless" breeding group in the Dex Ditto is an exception and may not breed with other Ditto When breeding, TM / Move Tutor moves are now added to the "hatch moves" relearnability list Previously, the "hatch moves" list in-Summary only encompassed Egg Moves which were passed to a child while breeding This allows these moves to be relearned via the Move Relearner Shedinja may no longer breed Shedinja will now inherit 3 random IVs from the Nincada which it spawns from Shedinja's movepool has been updated to include both Nincada's and Ninjask's moves Shedinja will now inherit hatch moves from Nincada during creation Move Tutor moves now have equal priority to TMs during move passing Removed the wait time to obtain Eggs when breeding Egg Moves / Prevo Moves / Special Moves are now an exclusive classification in the Dex, and are only listed if they're not obtainable in any other manner Crafting PP Up requirements reduced from 30 Berry Powder / 2 White Herb to 9 Berry Powder / 1 White Herb PP Max requirements reduced from 90 Berry Powder / 6 White Herb to 24 Berry Powder / 3 White Herb Moves The default Critical Hit chance has been reduced from 6.25% (1/16) to 4.167% (1/24) General Kanto Game Corner's prices have been updated: GC Coins are now flat pricing ($5/ea) TMs are now 6000 GC Coins Porygon's price has been reduced from 9999 to 4999 GC Coins Kanto/Hoenn now have crafting NPCs staggered throughout their storylines TMs have been reorganized in all regions, to more properly reflect their value vs their introduction in the storyline This means that, the further you get in your storyline, the stronger the TMs you have access to TMs have been consolidated to 4 merchants per region, 3 of which contain "Tier 1/2/3" TMs in various Marts, and the fourth containing Generation-exclusive TMs in their Department Store Most TMs have had their prices adjusted to more properly reflect their current viability: Sucker Punch / Roost / Tailwind / Drain Punch Move Tutors have been reassigned from BP to Item Tutors. They are now accessible via the Harlequin tutors in Unova Dragon Pulse has been added to the Harlequin tutors in Unova Feebas's tiles now change on 45 minute intervals, up from 30 minutes Elite 4 rematch base money rewards have increased by 10% Bug Fixes Fixed various client crashes The game client should now recover from corrupt ROM files more cleanly in some cases Previously, failed IPS patches or ROM corruption could cause a black screen on character login if map data wasn't read correctly. This should now error more visibly Fixed addon displays in the Gift Shop Fixed extended LGC (Spanish/etc.) characters being misaligned in Battle fonts Added Chinese battle effectivity indicators Fixed Italian's FireRed strings Fixed an issue where party member levels wouldn't broadcast correctly if leveling up against an NPC's last member Fixed an issue where Ability Pills could be consumed on a target with 1 ability Fixed an issue where the EXP bar wouldn't roll over correctly Fixed an issue where Soundproof wouldn't block Roar Fixed Fishing Rod encounter tables for many GBA maps Fixed an issue where OHKO / True Damage skills wouldn't display their battle effectivity indicators correctly Fixed an issue where the Advanced Search function of the PC wouldn't take you to the first match Fixed an issue where Hoenn could be selected for region travel without an Emerald ROM loaded Fixed an issue where Berries which depended on HP % (Liechi/Salac/etc.) would activate 1% higher than their defined percentage Fixed an issue where, if an Egg hatched mid-battle and a player otherwise fainted, certain scripts could be bypassed or otherwise broken Fixed an issue where forced movement (water rapids, etc.) over GBA map connections could sometimes cause issues Fixed an issue where Flinch rates would not be affected by Serene Grace In-game seasons are now monthly (January -> Spring, February -> Summer, March -> Autumn, April -> Winter, etc.) Fixed levelup evolution information for gendered level up species in the Dex Fixed Elfbot 2017 items having no animations Fixed an issue where berry tree sprites could become corrupted in some cases Fixed an issue where out of battle moves could be usable by Eggs Fixed Sea Incense Water boost % 5% -> 20% Fixed an issue where Crater Forest would not connect correctly with Giant Chasm The GTL can now be purchased from during NDS trainer matches This does not apply to scripted events, such as storyline fights. This only applies to "simple" trainer matches / rematches. Fixed various missing TMs from movepools This primarily affected TM21 - Frustration, but also affected several others, such as Shiftry's ability to learn TM52 - Focus Blast. Fixed various missing Tutor Moves from movepools This addresses issues where the species learned a Tutor Move from their "Level Up", "Egg Moves", or "TMs" movepool, but it was not accessible via Tutors. Fixed an issue where Forms would not gain STAB from changed typings Fixed an issue where, if a party member fainted on the turn of using Volt Switch / U-Turn, and they had the ability Regenerator, and they were holding a Life Orb, they could be revived from fainting Fixed an issue where Volt Switch / U-Turn would require a swap if the attacker fainted Fixed Unown spawn tables in Sevii Isles Fixed various graphical issues with Skill Learn dialogues Fixed missing restrictions on Unova's Tall Grass movement. This no longer allows sprinting / biking through it. Some NPCs in Unova will now aggro players if they try to run past them Fixed various issues where players could get stuck if they relogged at certain points, if they relogged and reset the positioning of certain NPCs Fixed an issue where players could get stuck if they logged off while in a Castelia City Elevator and failed to reconnect during its cutscene Fixed an issue where Bad Poison's damage incrementer would not reset if the caster acquired it via Synchronize Sweet Scent will now use Safari steps if cast during a Safari Zone event Fixed an issue where Pressure would cause allied PP use to increase Fixed world map pop-in for Tubeline Bridge / Marvelous Bridge Fixed an issue where, in a tournament, if one player disqualified, both players would receive a message that they were disqualified (although only one actually was) Fixed Growth's stat boosts Fixed an incorrect message being displayed with Hoenn's Name Rater if the player didn't have enough money Fixed an issue where Followers would sometimes fly off if passing through certain GBA map connections Fixed an issue where Psywave's strings would not display correctly if used on a species with the ability Color Change Fixed an issue where Effect Spore would not display the correct message if the target was poisoned Entry Hazards (Spikes, etc.) are now processed before Abilities in battles Readded Leech Life to levelup movepools Added Razor Fang item effect Scripted items from many NPCs in the Unova storyline are now untradeable This primarily affects TMs and other similar items which are obtained through scripted events, but were missed during the initial untradeability changes Fixed an issue where certain NPCs in Dewford Gym would not aggro without being spoken to The sleep duration for wild encounters which were encountered during night-time has been reduced from 2 turns to 1 turn Fixed an issue where, if a multi-hit move was called with Sleep Talk, it would only strike once Fixed an issue where players could fish into certain non-water tiles in the Battle Frontier Fixed an issue where wild encounter battle start throw animations would hang slightly during battle start Fixed an issue where Poison-type species would not absorb Toxic Spikes if switching in while they were already afflicted by a status ailment
  15. Sorry in advance for my English, I do not speak English too much, I am French.

    So, after downloading the MAC version of PokeMMO, having it put in Applications, and having launched it, I have a script editor page that opens, and that's from there that I am lost. I watched a lot of tutorials, I applied them to the letter, but it does not work. How can I install it properly and be able to play it? I updated my Java to 9.0.4.jdk, the latest version. Please answer me quickly, hoping to clarify this problem. Thank you


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