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  1. hey admin yo no hablo ingles :v pero en mi pc descarge el pokemmo pero no me funciono no tiene buen rendimiento y no se como solucionarlo ayudame 
    POSTADA:puedo demandar esta pagina si no me ayudas

    1. brayanale2


      el admin no tiene la culpa de que tu pc sea una mierda

  2. we're actually just going to do them all desu's too busy noseposting to say that
  3. Raw HTML has never been allowed. You can drag/drop images into the Post window or use the "Insert other media" button at the bottom right. Only certain image hosts are allowed, so just use imgur for general images or hotlink from bulbo
  4. PTS

    Seemed more coherent to drop players into BW, then add BW2 later
  5. PTS

    The main issue over the past month is getting the different map types to work. Gen 5 introduced a non-grid (I called this "3d maps" in the last PTS notes) style of map which took a while to figure out. See: (Obviously this isn't complete due to a lack of camera angle support) Beyond that, the next major issue is world scripting. We understand most of the NDS's scripting language, but there are a few event-specific triggers we don't understand yet. I think the next PTS would be around the time when we have the basic world scripting completed.
  6. Are you trying to have conversations between officers, or are you just trying to make an announcement to the entire team?
  7. como entro al servidor pts?


  8. smh cursor in screen
  9. PTS

    Open a Terminal in the PokeMMO folder using In that new Terminal, what does java -Xms128M -Xmx512M -cp ./lib/*:PokeMMO.exe com.pokeemu.client.Client output?
  10. Damn good job on this.

    Ofc id rather itd be Sinnoh. But hell I still gen gen 4 Pokes. Thank you.

    1. GiratinaXTrainer


      Where do we report issues? Gen IV starters dont open.

    2. GiratinaXTrainer
  11. PTS

    Your hardware is not good enough. We are increasing the minimum PC requirements for the game because we are updating the game engine for Unova. Did you extract the full folder? "" needs to be in the same folder as "PokeMMO.exe"
  12. PTS

    I don't know. We haven't gotten there yet. I don't want to screw you guys too badly though, so I'm sure we'll figure some way to grandfather things in Post the contents of the console.log file
  13. PTS

    They don't exist yet.
  14. PTS

    It'll be open until April 2nd 12AM UTC