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  1. I think he's talking about machamp doing dynamic punch and if it confuses every time the opponent
  2. Team Name: NORE'nt Team Tag: NORE Registered Players: UmbraMol, MiraiZura, xLuneth, Lazaaro, MaatthewMLG Team Captain: xLuneth
  3. IGN: MaatthewMLG Time Zone (GMT format): GMT+1 Tiers: All but my best is afk Fluff: epic xd moment
  4. IGN: MaatthewMLG Motivation: Choke king since 2016 Competitive Accolades: i beat Frags once in my life Other stuff: wallah i'll do my best this time
  5. hé ils ont delete le club fé 1 truk mek

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