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  1. Team Name: XĐ Team Tag: XĐ Registered Players: XXXMATTENTACION, ImposterXD, LukeTheSlumpGod, RJVDW Team Captain: RJVDW
  2. We won in my heart they unbenched me last minute ^_*
  3. AIoned vs woxiangsinile lf someone has an epic playlist i can play along send to me uwu
  4. 1.KaynineXL 2. enchanteur 3. Mkns 4. Axellgor 5. Mlhawk 6. Sebat 7. heichicoda 8. Luke amen
  5. IGN: iMat Time Zone (UTC format): GMT+1 Tiers: OU UU NU and Dubs + LC if someone lend comps XD Fluff: ^_*
  6. IGN: iMat/MaatthewMLGMotivation: for my ego and PSL seasons in which you participated as a player: PSL IX - Tenacious Tentacruels (overToasted) PSL X - Transformers, Assemble! (pachima) PSL XIII - The Trashtalking Taillows (YettoDie) PSL seasons in which you participated as a manager: PSL XI - Spared No Expense PSL XII - No Shaymin Losing i'm a sig maker main UwU
  7. https://www.haxball.com/play?c=FFNbQHT1qiE same pw
  8. https://www.haxball.com/play?c=fISTVZVqRFc&p=1 password: XD with the homies @[email protected]@xLuneth
  9. @MathewMat owes me 200k @Wallarro owes me 100k @Sintaticowes me 100k ign: iMat
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