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  1. M Mienfoo Jolly 28/31/28/x/28/31 F Mienfoo Impish 28/30/31/x/28/28 OT LUKE M Larvesta Adamant 31/31/31/13/30/31 eggmove: morning sun F Elekid Jolly 30/31/29/x/27/31 eggmove: cross chop F Vullaby Bold 31/x/31/27/29/27 F Vullaby Timid 6/x/31/31/31/31 M Pawniard Jolly 30/31/30/x/30/31 eggmove: pursuit M Clamperl Timid 27/x/28/30/28/31 G Magnemite Modest 29/x/29/31/29/31 F Tentacool Calm 31/x/31/29/28/28 eggmove: rapid spin M Tentacool Bold 30/x/31/26/31/31 eggmove: rapid spin G Porygon Calm 31/x/31/30/31/14 G Porygon Modest 24/x/25/30/26/31 M Onix Jolly 30/31/28/x/29/31 M Ponyta Jolly 21/31/30/x/31/31 eggmove: morning sun M Timburr Careful 31/31/31/x/31/31 eggmove: mach punch F Koffing Bold 31/x/31/30/31/11 eggmove: toxic spikes F Anorith Jolly 30/31/30/x/23/31 eggmove: rapid spin F Frillish Bold 31/x/31/31/31/19 F Cottonee Bold 31/x/31/27/31/28 eggmove: encore, memento, switcheroo M Abra Timid 28/x/28/31/27/31 F Archen Jolly 30/30/29/x/29/30 eggmove: head smash F Chinchou Modest 28/x/28/31/28/31 M Grimer Adamant 29/31/28/x/29/30 eggmove: shadow sneak, curse M Dwebble Jolly 18/31/24/x/15/31 eggmove: spikes G Staryu Timid 28/x/28/31/29/31 M Ferroseed Impish 31/25/31/x/26/27 eggmove: spikes, leech seed M Gastly Timid 28/x/28/31/29/31 special: sludge wave (bp move) F Misdreavus Timid 28/x/30/30/30/28 eggmove: destiny bond offer below, some might not be perfect i want to get rid of those so maybe ill accept cheap offer
  2. Server update in the middle of a tour woah
  3. Player one: TohnR Player two: MaatthewMLG Team name: c'est quoi les bails lol seems to be 1min too early
  4. Player one: TohnR Player two: MaatthewMLG Team name: c'est quoi les bails
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