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  1. hé ils ont delete le club fé 1 truk mek

  2. i is needing 2 great players to carry my ass, can play every tier but i suck on all
  3. UJN44dF.png

    felt cute, might never delete


    jk i gave up psl xdddddd


  4. someone help me i really don't know what to do
  5. I love how this shit went too far, specially BF making alt forum accounts just for vote himself and exceed Prof. I think we should just let BF keeping his precious mayor title and let him promoting PokeMMO by doing some very fun and interactive videos. We all know (competitive players) in our heart that Prof is the hero we don't deserve but not being mayor won't stop him from hosting tournaments #BF42020Mayor #XD # LMAO #YOWTF
  6. me when some of my "friends" voted for BF: GO PROOOOOOOOOF
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