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  1. Well i think if this boy really DDoSed you he would down everyone on the tournament and then win. You just had bad luck with you net at the wrong moment i guess
  2. Team Name: I'm done. I give up. I really cant do this shit no more... IGN: XXXMATTENTACION IGN: LUKETHESLUMPGOD IGN: XD IGN: XD
  3. Well since i'm not really good at writing farewell messages, i would like to thanks Roxxass and specially Cali for hosting this tournament in tribute to indeed a Legend of Doubles. Totally thought it was a prank when Mike told me this during 1st April and i praised it was a bad joke but well that kind of shit happen. You and your Trick room team will be missed and remembered, i hope you could find a way to rest in peace. I remember the first time we faced each other in a doubles tournament and i run Clefable Cosmic Power #neva4get. : ^ ) Here's actually a footage of the tournament hope you could see it from where you are. Timestamps: DoctorPBJ vs gbwead 00:00:00 - 00:09:43 (Start at turn 4) BlueBreath vs Hopy 00:09:59 - 00:16:06 (Start at turn 18) Tawla vs xSparkie 00:16:10 - 00:27:57 DoctorPBJ vs SoFiiK 00:28:00 - 00:41:20 Hopy vs SoFiiK 00:46:16 - 01:07:47 DoctorPBJ vs xSparkie 01:07:49
  4. Why i'm on this list but not Yubel ? Im bad lol
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