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  1. im done i give up i really cant do this shit no more
  2. IGN: iMat Reason: XD Preferred Tiers: OU UU NU Dubs Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): i won a CC once idk which one Discord contact (optional): mat#0182 Other random stuff:
  3. Luke Lotus YettoDie LeJovi Jaawax imabe RDL Sebat totally not nore biased ^_*
  4. IGN: iMat Reason: Other random stuff: wallah im good this time
  5. Team Name: NoRematch Team Tag: NORE Registered Players: abstractt BlueBreath kiwikidd Luke LifeStyle NikhilR aftershocker theworstt Titinn xLuneth xSparkie Zymogen Lotus xLaz Axoa Team Captain: Luke
  6. Madlad said he would breed my togekiss in 6h and really did it, would recommend and totally safe 10/10
  7. @iJulian @redbluegreen time to smash dubs r-right
  8. Team Name: NoRematch Team Tag: NORE Registered Players: iJulianFNT, xLuneth, Luke, abstractt, Zymogen, Titinn, Rendi, dinofish, kiwikidd, xSparkie, iMat, Axoa, Lotus, LeJovi, BlueBreath Team Captain: Luke
  9. 2 more days, u better not have lied to me or... *sheathes Katana*
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