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  1. Name: Zeyen. Team (optional): Background (optional): I will let you choose. Render (Pokemon/Character): Lag, from Letter Bee. Additional information (optional): Add "The wild bird" under "Zeyen" please. Kisses, dear friend.
  2. Hey, nice thread @Noad! In game name: Zeyen. Join Date: 11th October 2016. Hours played: 10 hours. The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: Pokemon Sun & Moon trailer (HAWAII!! ♥). Your autobiography would be called: "The wild bird". Sweet or Salt Popcorn: Sweet Popcorn ♥. Your super hero power would be: Teleportation. (1) Favourite and (2) Least Favourite Pokemon: (1) Lugia - (2) Magikarp. Favourite Movie: Strange Things. Your favourite TV show as a kid was: Pokemon. Last meal you ate was: Potatoes.
  3. Zeyen


    Hi, I'm having fun and you? Thank you cute artist.
  4. Zeyen


    Thank you and yeah I'm enjoying. The in game chat needs a little bit more moderation but I love the game. :3
  5. Zeyen


    Hi, thank you and of course. Kisses. ^^
  6. Zeyen


    Hello, I'm bad for introductions. Ask me anything you want if you are curious about myself.
  7. Do you like Dubstep musics? I love Dubstep musics. Here is one of my favorite music:
  8. Hey, I'm crazy about your PokeMMO themes. I'm downloading every themes available on this link. Thank you for all, dear Startear.
  9. !Hello! I'm so curious about something in this community. Do you like the old Pokémon or the new Pokémon? Old (1 GEN - 5 GEN)? or new (6 GEN - 7 GEN)? - I'm talking about the generations and not the versions. - About myself I prefer the old generations but the new generations are not disgusting. The new generations are like a second life for Pokémon (6 GEN - 7 GEN).
  10. Name: Zeyen. Team (optional): Background (optional): I let you choose for me. Render (Pokemon/Character): Murkrow. Additional information (optional): Under "Zeyen" I would like "The wild bird" if possible. Thank you.
  11. Zeyen

    Hi all

    Hi, nice to meet you. I'm myself a new member in this community. I hope find you in game soon, have fun.
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