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  1. Team Name: Brasil Team Tag: BR Registered Players: Jhowteon, Makarovmaster, Deadwind, Shentiger, Elvessss, Rafapallet, AndreyMalthuz, ByakuyaXl, Alerqs, Shiforinfulas, BiondiOito, Boyscap, xYugin, Kaarnaa, Joaogrilo, RickAlvares, Tacamura, MULEKINN, johngaldencio Team Captain: Makarovmaster
  2. Team Tag: [BR] Team Name: Brasil Registered Players: makarovmaster, Deadwind, Elvessss, Shentiger, Melikos, Jhowteon, Rafapallet, Alerqs, ByakuyaXl, BiondiOito, Shiforinfulas, xYugin, AndreyMalthuz, tacamura, RickAlvares. Team Captain: makarovmaster
  3. Team Name: Brasil Team Tag: BR Registered Players: Elvessss, shentiger, deadwind, melikos, rafapallet, byakuya, shiforinfulas, biondioito, tacamura, makarovmaster, jhowteon Team Captain: makarovmaster
  4. Team Name: Brasil Team Tag: BR Registered Players: makarovmaster, Elvessss, Deadwind, Melikos, Boyscap, JhowCrazy, xYugin, Shentiger, Rafapallet, AndreyMalthuz, ByakuyaXl, Biondioito,Shiforinfulas, belegado, joaogrilo Team Captain: makarovmaster
  5. Team Name: Team Brasil Team Tag: BR Registered Players : Quakaroto, Elvessss, boyscap, jhowcrazy, shentinger, rafapallet, joaogrilo, deadwind, belegado, makarovmaster, andreymalthuz, shiforinfulas, melikos, byakuyaxl, feitpet. Team Captain: Boyscap
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