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  1. charizard and skarmory says: hi
  2. Breed a tentacruel
  3. second ot :) and it's less than 100 after my first, which was a poochyena.
  4. I regret throwing any random stuff I thought looked cute together and calling It a team and then signing up to tournaments wishing to go against some noob who hits his forehead on the keyboards as a strategy instead of really working on team synergy
  5. I like to chase my senpais in vermilion and breeding
  6. Hey Very nice! Thx!
  7. - Template1 - Name: Raddevil Team: Render: Morrigan (from Marvel) Text color (optional): Purple Stain color (optional): Cyan Donation: I'll mail it to you as soon as you're finished
  8. Choice of two colors: Green and Purple Name: Raddevil Render: Lilligant
  9. Jordzi senpai notice me pls
  10. They: Chansey may be banned to Ubers


  11. k, but just a quick reminder: a poke with this kind of strategy shouldn't be posted on forums, bc once ppl know what it is up to, they can counter it with ease.
  12. Your crobat sounds a nice troll, but it can be easily check by something that can't be entoxicated and kill u while you sleep. You could work something instead of mean look, like a sludge bomb, heat wave...
  13. Very nice job. Did I read everything? No. Will I keep trhowing random pokes together and call it a team? Yes. But very gud job.
  14. Angelica, since ur italian, do your nose looks like hypno's?

  15. Peek a boo! I spy a perra once again. *o*