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  2. Love you senpai 

    1. raddevil


      Gib canadian dong senpai

  3. I think the two mountains means the dev team is retiring to live in Tibet cya
  4. Looking for senpais 



    1. MathewMat


      gatinho gostoso
    2. raddevil


      @MathewMat hey gib all u got quik just to test a thing

  5. "But when will Johto be implemented??"


  6. Lets assume phenomenon is irrelevant and a huge flop and move on with our lives, shall we
  7. "You been warned by using non english language without putting the propper transtalation bla bla bla"


    meucu, hotaria

  8. They need to make this game more annoying to play, that's why special phenomena only pokes exist. 3 months without a single update is not enough. <3
  9. tumblr_o4knzgYKNq1tt9lrzo3_400.gif


    Terresa looks so gud in this gif

  10. The only one who matters is Senparkie, the rest is a bunch of I Don't Know Hers
  11. I find so funny how ppl act "attacked" and "offended" when they see that ppl wants updates and the current state of the game is lacking, because that's just how it is since we havent seem a single update in like 3 months. 


    "Oh but the Dev is sooooooooooooooooo busy"


    well looks like uguu is in coma

  12. All of these things make the game less enjoyable and ppl should stop pretending it is not a big deal. It has been said and it will be over and over til they are implemented. That's community feedback.
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