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  1. Staff and Ex-Staff Appreciation thread (Added Staff)

    The only one who matters is Senparkie, the rest is a bunch of I Don't Know Hers
  2. RNG-less battle mode

    Great idea, except not
  3. I find so funny how ppl act "attacked" and "offended" when they see that ppl wants updates and the current state of the game is lacking, because that's just how it is since we havent seem a single update in like 3 months. 


    "Oh but the Dev is sooooooooooooooooo busy"


    well looks like uguu is in coma

  4. Things that Tilt me about pokemon mmo

    All of these things make the game less enjoyable and ppl should stop pretending it is not a big deal. It has been said and it will be over and over til they are implemented. That's community feedback.
  5. Eviolite

    Is there any plans to implement like ANYTHING at all? - the real question since last update was in 2017
  6. new mayor of pokemmo BESTFRIENDS

    white the fuck
  7. PP Up/Max for BP or something similar

    They'll probably make it a RP item so this game become a lil more pay to win, because that's pretty much what they wanted with these "economy fixes". You know, making money with a game you barely have a copyright distribution license and barely developed after making all sources of grinding in game horribly non-profitable. #justsaying. #weseeit #wenoticed
  8. Shiny trade is dead

    Well I think we all knew that with unova update that would happen, since past gen shinies are no longer that surprising since theres a lot of new pokemons people are looking for and unova shinies don't have professional follower sprites and not everyone liked that mod. Plus, the fact that lots of ppl were holding shinies to sell in case they need money for the update lowered shiny prices too, since a lot of this ppl now actually need that cash bc farming trainers and gyms became slower and not as proftable as before; and the overload of exclusive vanities we got from late 2017 also got prioritized in market.
  9. plating leppas is slow and boring flipping can go wrong and you can lose money ev training is not that profitable if u consider the amount of time u take shiny trade u need to find shinies nothing here is guaranteed or fast.
  10. all methods of farming became slow and boring good luck
  11. Suggestion about ingame currency.

    Honey, I have money and I do grind. This is not the matter, the matter is: ppl are getting bored and there's plenty other games that we can play. If u want to stay in a game, you should really find something interesting to hook you in. You know, the community is growing unexcited and the gen 5 is long gone. ps: the Universe doesnt revolve around ur bellybutton. Hope u can sleep at night after this breaking news.
  12. Suggestion about ingame currency.

    translation: I have gathered money before update and I want everybody to stay poor so I can feel richer. So if everything's fucked up ok, I this game community can screw itself, I only want mine.
  13. Suggestion about ingame currency.

    plss bc its getting really unexciting and underwhelming playing this game.
  14. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    then literally nothing matters in this game
  15. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    In the beggining I thought this whole "devs change rates for each one" was pure lies, but then I got to see the whole staff and how they behave. Its very likely they do. Well, not that it matters having a different colored pokemon in an unofficial fan made game, tho.

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