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  1. Elmazz

    LF Seasons!

    "Blizzard brewed up"
  2. https://s11.postimg.org/a6jfnxhur/screenshot_1475927534.png I think you should be able to know such info.
  3. Why is the only filter you can put in your pokedex is a Tier? Why can it only be sorted by ID? Why not sort by name, caught first, owned first, caught OT first? Im filling my pokedex up and its very inconvenient to look for pokes that havent caught...
  4. Its kinda hard to know where to EV train, when you dont know what pokes can be found in the area you are in. So i suggest something like this. LET THE PHOTO EVIDENCE IN: https://s10.postimg.org/qzqqawwqh/screenshot_1475675521.png You could basically view poke in your pokedex, go to wild locations and press any location you want to see what pokes can be found in that location. It would act pretty much like a filter for a pokedex. Instead of simple search name there would be location too.7 If there was some poke that you havent seen yet, it would show as a ? (QUESTION MARK) like always in the pokedex. OFF TOPIC: Is there a way to add a picture to this post? I dont really understand how. The guide for adding a picture shows some old GUI for the topic editor.
  5. I would suggest adding a field move hotbar (like we have with items), so we could quickly use a field moves. You would be able to do the same thing as with an item hotbar - you could go to your poke's moveset and drag a move that can be used outside of battle to a hotbar for field moves. Would look something like this: https://s10.postimg.org/wbil3orvd/screenshot_1475436775.png It wouldnt disappear after you click it, so its like an extendable hotbar for each poke in your party that has fields moves.
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