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  1. oNYKOo

    Updater Bug, Actualizacion bug

    The same thing happened to me and I downloaded the client again google translate :.3
  2. oNYKOo

    vanity christmas event

    new vanity :v
  3. oNYKOo

    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. los regalos de navidad . cuales son los trajes que traen este año ? FELIZ NAVIDAD PARA TODOS christmas present. what are the vanity of this year? ( GOOGLE TRANSLATE ) =_=" MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR ALL :D
  5. christmas event this december ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  6. oNYKOo

    [GUI] Lilligant dark theme

    yeaa bro ty for that act :,3
  7. hello bro, i need a theme with my edition. that how much ? (sorry , i have got a bad english =_=" )

    1. Echonight


      Hi ,


      I do not sell themes .


      If you have a suggestion , tell me which pokemon would you like to see in the theme or send me some images , then i'll add you into my list .

  8. Onix ... ¿dónde estás? v
  9. oNYKOo

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    community little cup ?
  10. oNYKOo

    Add 8 pp to Sweet Scent

    I already asked for it
  11. oNYKOo

    Muting in team chat

    team muting neeeeeeeeee .. A private chat for those who have ranks REALLY GOOD :D GOOGLE TRANSLATE .

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