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  1. if its not too late i found an image i kinda like for the login screen images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQvK42fgAbGLBgYkD3RpwF

    1. whodafispaul


      i Do like that, amazingly i did not find this one when i was looking for login screens. might use it if i can find a good size and render so it doesnt pixelate 

    2. whodafispaul



      This is the one that i was thinking of using 

  2. i would love it if you did i understand work life tho and these things take time
  3. cant stress patience enough
  4. any possibility of a ho-oh version in the future
  5. nice money sent that's totally going on our recruitment page
  6. pokemon ho-oh team glow a nice midfall/winter background
  7. i am still in love with mine can you do a team signature for our recruitment page
  8. amnesia brace should totally be tradeable
  9. this is why i love my amnesia brace
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