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  1. The best part is "Hassan wouldn't call Sparkie a uguu" that was gold lmao
  2. You guys be stalking my profile like I committed a crime or some shit lmao. I hope everything is well with you DS.

  3. Yo Jice, you da man.

  4. Jon

    Hey Gilan, wats good bro

    1. Gilan


      Hey Hassan =)


      Nothing much. Just doing some shiny hunting and building a Little Cup team.

    2. Gilan


      how about you? (haven't seen you in a while =P)

    3. Jon


      Nice, I've been looking forward to spectate the LC tournaments but I pretty much fucked up and got myself banned. I can't even participate in PSL which would've been my 3rd season :'(


      Other than that I've been really focusing on college work and hitting the gym plus work keeps me busy. 


      I just wanted to check on you, good luck with your shiny hunt o/

  5. Holy shit Nick, you still alive?

  6. Hey Levi, just stopping by to check if you're still handsom as always.

    1. Leviticus


      Of course bro, it's scientifically impossible for me to be ugly

  7. I don't want to hear your shitty excuses. It wasn't, I had to pay top dollar for the name. Thanks, I'll start creating my in-game account later on tonight.
  8. Jon

    I find it rude that you stalk my profile without saying hi, what ever happened to our friendship.... did you already forget about me bby?

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    2. Jon


      Ya, it's been a while bro. How's life been treating you?

    3. Bishav


      Same old same old. Just when you begin to think that all is good in this world, prelims show up. How about you? 

    4. Jon


      I hear you bro, I've been too busy chasing the American dream. 

  9. Don't listen to this guy, let me know if I'm accepted so I can go through the process of creating an in-game account.
  10. Alright I guess you're the only one left. Sparkie, how's college and everything going for you? Feels like it's been a long time since we spoke. These people are refusing to urban my account, say hi to the family for me.

  11. It's awesome to see that we're team mates for the third PSL season but these people aren't unbanning my account for some reason. I will be sending down blessings from up above o7

  12. Harry, how are the ladies treating you bro?

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    2. TeamRocketHarry


      U and ur infinite alts

    3. Jon


      Noad and Rache be banning me every fucking time I make an account, but I swear on this day fourth that I will bring hell upon them until they urban my account and possibly give me thier numbers.

    4. TeamRocketHarry
  13. Hey Alatea, long time no talk. How's everything going for you, I hope all is well. 



    1. AlateaOlwyn




      It has been a while indeed. I read your post in team thread and already wondered who it could be. For me things are just as usual. How have you been?

    2. Jon


      I'm doing great, work and college are just kicking my ass on a daily basis lol. It's great to see everything is going ok for you :)

  14. Yo Billy, wats good homie. I hope everything is going well.

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    2. Bilburt


      Oh you know...

      nothing changed, playing 10 hours a day cuze wynaut

    3. Jon


      Take it from me when i say enjoy it while it lasts :)


      Also, I wasn't serious about creating a new account. I don't have the time to invest on this game anymore.

    4. Bilburt


      ye man still going strong


      ye I guessed you wouldnt

      still good to be able to talk to you man <3

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