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  1. Alright let's go. #1 Jazz and Blues. Because I can relax to it, it has feeling, soul, and isn't in my face. #2 I can't say that I don't like anything. I like to think everything has strengths to it. Even mainstream pop at the moment, bland as it may be. Offers a social narrative and discourse to look back on in the future. #3 I really like Nina Simone, other than that, I tend to judge songs on individual merits, not by who made them. #4 Almost any club song from 2011, bad year. #5 Nope. #6 I have friends who are in metal bands, so I go to their gigs occasionally, other than that just a few music festivals here and there. #7 0, I tend to have movie things in stead.
  2. Hey I have a Hasty Blaziken, HP Grass, I was wondering about EV spread and moveset for him?
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