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  1. Alright let's go. #1 Jazz and Blues. Because I can relax to it, it has feeling, soul, and isn't in my face. #2 I can't say that I don't like anything. I like to think everything has strengths to it. Even mainstream pop at the moment, bland as it may be. Offers a social narrative and discourse to look back on in the future. #3 I really like Nina Simone, other than that, I tend to judge songs on individual merits, not by who made them. #4 Almost any club song from 2011, bad year. #5 Nope. #6 I have friends who are in metal bands, so I go to their gigs occasionally, other than that just a few music festivals here and there. #7 0, I tend to have movie things in stead.
  2. Hey I have a Hasty Blaziken, HP Grass, I was wondering about EV spread and moveset for him?
  3. Hey, what's up, technically my names, Chris. You may have seen my usual toxic self on ch 1. Just starting up with forums so hi I guess.
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