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  1. ShadowBruhh666

    PokeMMO: Secret Base Basics

    A very helpful and much needed guide. Thanks Bestfriends!
  2. ShadowBruhh666

    Pokeball changer

    I agree completely with this suggestion, would be nice to see if this actually happened.
  3. Draco meteor has the best animation imo
  4. ShadowBruhh666

    Is Pokemon Platinum Be implemented in PokeMMO?

    Yes, it is said that the next region being planned for the game will be sinnoh. It’ll take a while but it will happen eventually, just be patient.
  5. ShadowBruhh666

    [Art] Soda's Skatches 2.0

    Hey Soda, could you perhaps do a colored drawing of my character with a shiny gyarados This is what he looks like https://imgur.com/a/OqI4tgK I'll make sure to pay 300k if I turn out to like it
  6. ShadowBruhh666

    Things you hate, what really ruffles your feathers?

    I hate it when people smack their godamn lips while eating. It’s literally one of my top 3 pet peeves.
  7. You could try selling Pokémon and useful items on the gtl since they’re also good ways of earning money.
  8. ShadowBruhh666

    [Sig]Matt's Signature Shop

    Yooo, this is awesome! Thanks Maatthew :D
  9. ShadowBruhh666

    Have a good day

    Will do, thanks fren :]
  10. ShadowBruhh666

    [Sig]Matt's Signature Shop

    Name: ShadowRennagan Team (optional): WinD Background (optional): Anything Render (Pokemon/Character): Shiny Gyarados
  11. ShadowBruhh666

    Is there any way to breed a shiny and get a shiny?

    You could either breed two shinies who are in the same egg group which will guarantee a shiny mon, or you can just breed a regular mon with a regular mon together and pray the offspring will be a shiny. (Note: Breeding a shiny mon with a regular mon doesn't help the chance of a shiny.)

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