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  1. Please could you add an outgoing message tab to the mail feature. I use the mail a lot now and have recently heard a lot of people have sent their pokemon or money to the wrong person, and now with this new scamming rule I don't want to be accused of getting the mail when it has been sent to the wrong person, if this is implemented then the person sending the mail can see themselves who the mail got sent to. I think this would cut out a lot of accusations within the game as it is there for the person to see who they sent the mail to.
  2. I dont want ou to be nerfed at all, the point of this thread is to get an explanation for why the other tiers are suffering. It becomes a direct failure when people are using uu/nu teams in "ou". Hosting plenty of nu/uu officals is all well and good but this only increases the elitism within these tiers. I am still shocked as 90% of people believe the nu/uu options to be bugged thus forcing players to focus on ou for their bp. This issue has to be addressed asap. Again I am not asking for increased rewards etc only for us to be able to use the tier of our choice.
  3. ok so 1hr for ranked let try to get as many people as we can to join nu
  4. Hi I was wondering when the uu/nu matchmaking will be sorted out as I feel forced to play ou or do the battle frontier for battle points. I think more attention needs to be given to these tiers, I have seen people use uu and nu teams in ou ranked just to be able to play. If your going to make a lot of official events (which I have seen quite a few lately) for u.u/nu then people need to try out teams and be able to get battle points for moves etc but atm we are unable to use the pvp tab unless its ou. Please would you look into this as a lot of people don't want to play ou all the time
  5. I agree with this but before this happens lets sort out the nu and uu options
  6. I'm trying to see finished comps when listed rather than scroll through pages and entering each individual pokemons name
  7. It would make it a lot easier if we could search for tiers on the gtl, please could you add it into the advanced search
  8. IGN : Nadeelia Tiers : NU Timezone : BST Fluff : There's this noob in my team called Schuchty that I always 6 : 0
  9. Team name: Fallen Leaves Name tag: [Léaf] Registered players: Nadeelia, DrButler, WaterFTW Team captain: Nadeelia
  10. very nice ty whisper me in game for your money
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