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  1. [WiSo] Wicked Society

    Do you guys have any team I can be invited?
  2. [Forum suggestion] General miscellaneous (shitpost) thread

    I agree with the sugestion and I already thought about making a thread myself, since I am used to have this kind of shitpost threads on other forums where I frequent. Tbh, I am surprised we don't have something like this yet.
  3. What's your fav pokemon

    Do I even have a favorite?
  4. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    This time you really helped me, since I haven't noticed Blissey's base speed is higher than Conkel's. I guess nobody runs speed on Conkel, right? Gonna fix it later.
  5. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Quiet with 0 speed to take less damage from ferro's gyro ball. Not like it's really necessary, I just felt like doing while I were on the breeding process, since I don't expect to outspeed anything with it anyway.
  6. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    My team is generaly offensive, but the problem is, I have a Blissey (quiet with sp.atk investment and 3 offensive moves) and that's where the Conkel comes in. Obviously, I should get rid of my Blissey, or find something that can switch on Conkel and scare it away, but I like my Blissey so much...
  7. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    I suspected that was the reason you had that demon.
  8. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    So... did you guys found any effective answer for conkel? We don't have wobb anymore btw.
  9. Gen 4 Pokemon??

  10. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    It's like Conkeldurr. You rarely see it on matchmaking, but they are everywhere on tours and rankeds.
  11. OU Viability Thread

    That seems like I play Lilligant (with Torkoal), except that it has clorophyl and healing wish instead of hazards.
  12. Implement single IV increase bottle caps

    Would be better to have a usage limit for this, like for example being able to use this kind of item 3x per mon (not per IV) if possible. I doubt something like this would be even close to devaluate 6x31 mons.
  13. OU Viability Thread

    What about the new fossil mons?

    The very problem with this update is: it came way too late. The genderless breeding is something they should have made around the time they changed the breeding mechanics or as soon as they realized how overpriced the dittos and genderless were. The "shinies having at least 1x31" update is probably to make it easier for ppl to rebreed their comp shinies when we get the HAs, but you know, it would be much better if they just gave us a way to still get the HAs on already built mons, even if it had to cost over 1 or 2 milions for each or hard dungeon grinding, instead of devaluating a market just for the sake of something that god knows when they will manage to introduce in the game.
  15. UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    I had the same concern before starting to build, but this was easier to play around than it seems, also, of course you won't be playing 6/6 weather abusers on a team.

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