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  1. I love how it is not limited to OU pokemons only. Thank you for guide!
  2. If you wanna play games, please, learn english, you can't live in the internet nowadays not knowing english, and it's not even hard to learn. Yes, I am a Brazilian too.
  3. I honestly don't see any excuses besides the possible "it's hard to implement" thing, but I doubt it is hard enough to not worth it!
  4. Bringing the machamp subject to this thread... What about Hariyama? I guess it can do about the same, but with a bit less speed / atk and more bulk.
  5. No matter how I think about it, it's just unnecessarily inconvenient. Fortunately for me, it's not something I need to care about.
  6. What EV spread and nature would you use for this btw? I have been interested on Emolga for a while, but have not played for a good while (waiting for the update while doing other stuff) so I am not in good position to formulate and figure stuff by myself.
  7. The thing about running psychic on Blissey was to not give Conkeldurr a safe switch on it. "but you are doing an offensive blissy just for it?" I were already using a offensive Blissey to begin with, not like it is something to be seriously discussed.
  8. Except that on the original games, the cap is only for traded pokemon.
  9. It's actually a nice idea imo, I would like it.
  10. I agree with the sugestion and I already thought about making a thread myself, since I am used to have this kind of shitpost threads on other forums where I frequent. Tbh, I am surprised we don't have something like this yet.
  11. This time you really helped me, since I haven't noticed Blissey's base speed is higher than Conkel's. I guess nobody runs speed on Conkel, right? Gonna fix it later.
  12. Quiet with 0 speed to take less damage from ferro's gyro ball. Not like it's really necessary, I just felt like doing while I were on the breeding process, since I don't expect to outspeed anything with it anyway.
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