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  1. Gonna talk a bit about something I started to use recently on OU and really liked it: spdef Camerupt. Build: Nature - sassy EVs - 252 hp / 252 spdef Moves - yawn, protect, earthquake and flamethrower / fireblast But why? 1- It's ground type and electric inmumity makes it strong against jolteon. It is also good against venusaur if it doesn't carry earthquake due to it being able to take giga drains pretty well, having poison resist and strong fire stab to hit back. It's also strong against fire special attacker mons who don't have hp water and most minor special attackers. 2- It has nice atk and spatk even for a defensive mon while having strong stabs on both physical and special side. 3- Yawn + Protect is gay af. Cons: Venusaur can run earthquake and fire mons with hp water will one shot you. Also, no recover. Well, it lacks formatation, calcs and whatever because I am posting from my mobile phone, so that's all.
  2. I don't use much standard pokes, especially my walls and most of the time I have at least 3 fire types on my team or stuff like gardevoir. I guess that explains a lot. btw, Tentacruel giving me trouble since pokemon stadium 1
  3. I know it is a noob question, but I still don't get it. Why is Venusaur so popular? I see nothing special about it.
  4. Camerupt has 75 spdef, not 105.
  5. I just do the 31s on the important stats and everything else goes 20+ (not even 25), like: 2x31 / 3x20 / 1x useless stat I just go for more than this when trying to get some specific hp. Anyway, I like how shitty the market is since it allow me to do things at cheap price.
  6. I wonder how high Metagross and Venusaur usage will be this month.
  7. It looks pretty populated for me.
  8. Well, I don't play since january and I just came back to the game. My question is: what changed in the metagame now that Chansey is gone?
  9. Oh, I did it wrong this whole time.
  10. Pursuit / Toxic / Moonlight / Heal Bell
  11. I was talking about choice band on blaziken, but swift band is also good. I guess droping either earthquake or crunch on gyarados is okay.
  12. Since you have pursuit on umbreon, I would suggest some investment on atk. I can't check numbers now, but my umbreon has 100 atk on lvl 50 and it seems to be enough. Taunt on gyarados is good against phazers. I think life orb or a choice band would be better o blaziken. I like your idea on your gardevoir's ev spread, but I would sacrifice a bit of your sp.atk for a bit more hp and sp.def. Also, you want something like hp ground or substitute for houndooms. I also would recommend you to replace your haunter with a physical wall, since you lack one and forretres alone won't be enough.
  13. Idk why I got such habit, but I am completely self aware about. You are the first person to point it out btw.