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    Holy shit! It's running really smooth! Much better than the old client! How the fuck you guys do this?

    there's a PTS running now?
  3. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    Same here. It's a pain in the ass to do things with mouse.
  4. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    Smeargle is a dog?
  5. [SHOP] [ART] Monochrome Boutique ~CLOSED

    That looks amazing! Won't make a request tho.
  6. Yes, as I said, it was just a test run
  7. Ah, thanks! The blur thing was really bothering me but I didn't knew how to deal with it. The image link I posted before is dead for now because the site is off, but this is the reference: @edit I will probably have to re-do the whole shit... SAI has anti-aliasing on everything excpet the binary pen, do you guys recommend any program?
  8. just a test run probably there's a lot of things wrong here
  9. Trying stuff here, doesn't seems that hard, but I am a bit confused about the resolution. I should edit it at 64x64? Can I do it with SAI or should I use especific program?
  10. Gonna try it after I finish some stuff here.
  11. Is this design good to go as a base?
  12. For the Camerupt line, do we need a new sprite for Numel too or the current one is good enough?
  13. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    Gonna give a try.
  14. New meta is coming (part 1/2)

    Half of my defensive mons run choice bands.

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