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  1. Same here. It's a pain in the ass to do things with mouse.
  2. Counter to Venusaur?

    Altaria also can run haze for growth venus if you like it.
  3. Counter to Venusaur?

    spdef metagross is cool too (I have one), venu can just 6hko it with hp fire unless if it's a full offensive venu.
  4. Counter to Venusaur?

    I tought about spdef weez too, but isn't crobat better?
  5. Counter to Venusaur?

    The best checks (not counters) I know are: Tentacruel Crobat Arcanine (spdef builded) Ninetales (spdef builded) Flareon (spdef builded) Altaria (spdef builded) Gardevoir Charizard (sludge bomb hurts, but still work with some predict)
  6. [SHOP] [ART] Monochrome Boutique ~CLOSED

    That looks amazing! Won't make a request tho.
  7. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    If they start running HP electric it will just make things easier for me, since HP fire is what annoys me the most on it.
  8. Yes, as I said, it was just a test run
  9. Ah, thanks! The blur thing was really bothering me but I didn't knew how to deal with it. The image link I posted before is dead for now because the site is off, but this is the reference: @edit I will probably have to re-do the whole shit... SAI has anti-aliasing on everything excpet the binary pen, do you guys recommend any program?
  10. just a test run probably there's a lot of things wrong here
  11. Trying stuff here, doesn't seems that hard, but I am a bit confused about the resolution. I should edit it at 64x64? Can I do it with SAI or should I use especific program?
  12. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Seems like Venusaur usage droped a bit.
  13. Gonna try it after I finish some stuff here.
  14. Is this design good to go as a base?

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