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  1. Mike don't player hate bby you know I care about you boi make me a butterfree one <3 and put "RIP Gayre" <3
  2. In game name:RogerTheRaichu Join Date:Ive been on since 2013 some times but on this account 16/09/19 Hours played:218 Screenshot of your character:http://imgur.com/B2NsqHV Picture of yourself [Optional]:http://imgur.com/M8zBK1q Country where you live:United States The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: Your autobiography would be called: Life of a raichu Current occupation: Managing Bussinesses Office 365 accounts (Microsoft) Sweet or Salt Popcorn:Salt Your super hero power would be: The power of being able to throw fire out of my hands duh Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: Fav:ButterFree Least:Snorlax Favourite Movie:The day after tomorrow Your favourite TV show as a kid was: Spongebob Last meal you ate was: @XkWreckem
  3. I had one conversation with this person and that was it I asked a simple question and they answered it in a trolling manner so yeah I blocked and when you asked why I didn't feel like sounding like a emo explaining myself so yeah RISE was a family to me for sure but that's only for the people I actually talked to. Glad we had this talk. good luck with your team butler and i will have fun in KO:)
  4. People say this is just a game but to be honest this is a family what we had and it sucks but you are really level headed and I feel like you guys will brush this off
  5. - So Basically, no Sweet leaving wouldn't break the team we were all bonded and liked being around each other, we would get on teamspeak, have fun, laugh, talk about comps, all of this without sweet. I know I'm not valued and I know I'm nothing to any of you but I was a member and I felt like nothing to any of you and I'm not speaking for wreckem at all but this came out of his mouth "They don't care about us" of course without all the swearing he did but you get the gist. Onto another thing the kicking of EVLGOON was just not cool, i'm not defending him or jovi but to be really fair jovi does like to troll everything and everyone it's not right to tell anyone to stop or to kick anyone for firing back that's so silly, no one even warned him you guys just went ahead and kicked him, so that's all I have to say P.S I hope you guys do get everything all situated and I hope you guys do become what you wanted to become in the first place Burt and mike are honestly my best buds I wish this team the very best
  6. I cant its to prove a point that I'm in KO now :c (No one cares)
  7. I'm happy with my move I'm just going to mess all my friends in RISE but its to the point of no return
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