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  1. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Getovaherez, Tawla, Kriliin, Superman, PoseidonWrath, Endiii, MamaWally, Kamowanthere, Brianattackpro, SnoopySteve, Baneadito, BLACKHOMEXY, HannsPizzaro, LALOCOB, Fermie, SquirrelMix, Largeflower, Grdzick, Seulang, xSerpereorx
  2. Me vs Daddy 200k Umbra vs tohnr 200k Chuck vs Senjutsuka 200k
  3. Gg rip sailor lunatones, only players good in that team are daddy and tohnr
  4. me and east play after kamos match
  5. More interested in watching kamo then you
  6. Vamos @Supermann Vamos @Kamowanthere
  7. Keep on fighting you got people who care for you.

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