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  1. Breed me some more lcs hannah <3 mailing you list tonight
  2. @Taystee vs Caleb @Getovaherez vs @PoseidonWrath Best out of 3
  3. Added @Fixedgaming New grimer grats, Added @hannahtaylor new Ducky!!! Added @rain112 to showcase added @Kamowanthere and @669 to showcase! updated @Raritymon grats on durant and hydr, added @Forfost to showcase if anyone else wants to be added please ask
  4. Team Name:lävaTeam Tag:lävaRegistered Players: Getovaherez, TheDH, badbaarsito, Samehada, Azphiel, Kamowanthere, xzoraboyx, xxJorelxx, Sudakill, Manytears, Zonified, NoNougatine Taystee, Takens, Poseidonwrath Team Captain: HannahTaylor
  5. Welcome to the community if you are looking to tryout ask @Dibz his name is dede
  6. Battle points go to hoenn battle tower
  7. The Great Eevee Hunt Date Sat Feb 28th Time 12:30PM Time Zone Converter Location Route 17 - Kanto - channel 1 Duration 1 hour for catching Another 10 minutes for players to submit entries Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Species Bonus + Nature Bonus = Total Score Pokemon accepted as valid entries Rules Only members of team läva are allowed to join this event. To win this event u must submit an entry that scores the highest in total Your entry must be caught within the time of the event is held Your entry must be unchanged(untrained/unevolved) Your entry has to be your ot You can only submit 1 pokemon as entry If a score tie occurs ,the winner will be determinated by the earliest catch time Host @MathewMat 「 1st Prize 」 800k 「 2nd Prize 」 200k
  8. Dibz Metronome Mania Sun Feb 29, 12:30PM EST Time Zone Converter RULES: Must use 3 Togepi holding a leppa berry Must send the duel in Tournament Triples LC mode (This scales the level down to 5) The Togepi used must only use the move METRONOME (if a move is rolled that locks metronome like disable/imprison/torment, rematch). If all 20 metronomes have been used up, the player is allowed to struggle. Any other move used will result in an auto win for the other player Location: Island 4 ch1 PRIZES: 1st Place 800k 2nd Place: 200k
  9. Seems everyone getting shiny's but me. Shiny rate fair.
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