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  1. @Starmind I need you to log on mmo so i can mail you your prize, you have not been on in a while and i can't mail you
  2. I'll donate 5m and help host, allah yarhamou lavabobo
  3. Mexico VS Shame Argentina A Tie Breaker OU-Wallslife VS Lkrenz Dubs-Kokenocastro VS Gasaiyunosan Smou-Camineko VS BlackHunterX
  4. Congratulations To Belgium On winning Pokemoo World Cup #3
  5. Thanks for taking your time to do that bear. <3
  6. https://challonge.com/ujprkx8t Winner is RichardBenzina in 2nd place is Jaafri
  7. For future dm me on forums if you have an issue finding your opponent you already know this, I'll do all I can to find that player for you so you guys can play your match. Hopefully you guys can reschedule your match soon. <3
  8. This has Happened a few times I suggest players do not bet with MiraiZura he wont pay you but will collect the money if he wins, he is not someone you wanna bet with in vermillion in any world cup match
  9. Just like garchomp but did you guys in tier council stop that
  10. We will go by July tier changes, reason is because no one has played a match yet. So we will go by the new tier changes.
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