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  1. MathewMat

    The Flying Karp (Sunday, 20th January)

    Almost time for the flying pig event can't wait, need the rp and to win that magicarp
  2. MathewMat

    Villa Gathering II (Saturday, Jan. 19th)

    I'll donate the 325k you need ^^
  3. MathewMat

    Charmander great hunt !

    Who won?
  4. MathewMat

    The Grinch

    Does it matter your unlikely to finish top 2(
  5. Yep my mistake thanks for that
  6. MathewMat

    Top Anime

    No thank you I have already seen to much Peter pan when I grew up,
  7. i need about 1k of leppas ill talk to you in game as soon as i see you ^^
  8. MathewMat

    Top Anime

    Ya it really is does not look like there will be much to watch this season so gotta find out what are the good ones to watch
  9. MathewMat

    Villa Gathering II (Saturday, Jan. 19th)

    back off Roxas chan is all mines!
  10. MathewMat

    AGIS 1st original OT in MMO

    Agis thanks again on hosting this great event.
  11. MathewMat

    Shiny Showcase

  12. MathewMat

    Shiny Showcase

    Updated shinyshowcase list if i am missing anything please check and let me know <3

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