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  1. at least you payed not like that guy Quinn
  2. Ya i will if you need a middle man for any futures bets over 5m just ask me.
  3. What happened first you say you bet you would finish first in the group then you bet against Nore not making playoffs,
  4. one more thing if you do respond or anyone else from live responds from my post i will not respond back. this is all i think about from your responses https://imgur.com/rfiCfSL
  5. actually i will respond you guys in live claim to have the best UU players in the game please explain to me why the last 2 weeks u guys are not in playoffs right now is because of your UU players who are supposed to be the best in game lost? It seems you guys are currently only ladder in UU nothing else.
  6. please shut up ty you do not wanna see me respond.
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