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  1. when they update the tutorial I will upload all updated mods. I notice about any change.
  2. You have almost 400 hours, I have more than 4000 hours of play. better than your everything related to the competitive, the pokemon legendary would be ubers, would not be used to compete, just for fun the reason why 3 masterballs are enough is because there is no pokemon rare or difficult to capture, just shinys, I have 3 with my OT and I have not needed masterball either.
  3. I greet everyone, I've been playing pokemmo for 5 years and after that time i'm bored with the game, I do not know if other players have the same problem. The main problem is that there not have events, or new content every so often, so basically most of us enter the game to farm $$ or capture pokemon for breeding most of the time. That makes the game boring and repetitive when you reach a certain number of hours playing and you have reached a high level in the game. my suggestions are incorporate events: - Weekly events: these events would be done every week, in the event you can add an npc or several as if it were the elite 4 alternative invented by the administrators or even a fight vs red. The npc or npcs should give a reward of $ 5,000 and the boss $ 10,000 and some items like mistery box and other objects difficult to obtain or that are too expensive. -months events: these events would be done every month, in the event you can make a quest in which some enemy (team rocket, team magma, some invented ...) want to hurt some city or get a legendary pokemon ... and we have to prevent it. the rewards as in the weekly events, but the prize is an item to be able to change the nature to a pokemon for one to our choice. You can also sometimes give a prize masterball, so you can catch a shiny that appears easily. These objects can not be exchanged or sold. -seasonal events: these events would be celebrated every change of season, such as winter, summer, spring ... here you can do a quest, dungeon, ect ... in which we can capture a legendary pokemon and be able to use it, although it was not allowed in tournament mode, this way it would not affect the competitive and we would have legendary pokemon to use them in farmear, fight vs friends for fun, etc ... the ivs of the legendary pokemon 25 iv in hp, atk, sp atk, def and sp def, only 31 ivs in speed, nature ramdon or neutral, so each player can put the nature he wants with the change item of the nature of the monthly events. the legendary pokemon can not be exchanged, just like the pokemon gift of history. - Annual events: this event can be celebrated every anniversary of pokemmo, make a special event and that the prize was an item or that some npc transforms you a pokemon into shiny, the pokemon and the item can not be exchanged or sold. A shiny each year is not a big deal, nor would it affect the market because it can not be sold. There are already lots of rare shinys, such a gift every year to the players does not hurt the game. clear that to regulate this should establish some requirements, not to abuse or create massive accounts. some requirements may be having a certain number of hours in the game, having a certain number of pokemon captured, have all the medals ... that are not very difficult to obtain but that avoid the abuse of secondary accounts. with these changes the game would be more attractive and every few time we would have events to obtain those awards and change the game routine. they also do not interfere in the market, since rare items can not be sold or exchanged, nor can pokemon annual event or shinys. every year we would obtain: -8 nature change items and 4 masterball -4 legendary pokemon -1 shiny those would be the most important prizes, I do not see it as abusive since there are many legendary pokemon, it would take many years in getting them all, 8 changes of nature is not much, 4 would be used in the legendary pokemomn just like the masterball. The majority of players get 1 shiny each year, it is not abusive one, since you can not do business with it. I do not know if they will agree with me, but if they are, they should leaveme a "like", if some of these proposals come true. greetings to all pokemmo players and sorry for my bad english. TRADUCCION A ESPAÑOL Saludo a todos, llevo jugando a pokemmo 5 años y despues de ese tiempo estoy aburriendome del juego, no se si a otros jugadores les ocurre lo mismo. El problema principal es que no hay eventos, ni contenido nuevo cada poco tiempo, asi que basicamente la mayoria entramos al juego a farmear $$ o capturar pokemon para crianza la mayor parte del tiempo. Eso hace que el juego sea aburrido y repetitivo cuando llegas a cierto numero de horas jugando y has alcanzado un nivel alto en el juego. mis sugerencias son incorporar eventos: -eventos semanales: estos eventos se harian cada semana, en el evento se puede añadir un npc o varios como si fuera una elite 4 alternativa inventada por los deserrolladores o incluso luchar vs rojo. El npc o los npcs deberian dar una recompensa de 5.000$ y el boss 10.000$ y algunos items como mistery box y otros objetos dificiles de obtener o que sean demasiado caros. -eventos mensuales: estos eventos se harian cada mes, en el evento se puede hacer una quest en la que algun enemigo (team rocket, team magma, alguno inventado...) quiera hacer daño a alguna ciudad, hacerse con un pokemon legendario... y nosotros tengamos que impedirlo. las recompensas igual que en los eventos semanales, pero que el premio sea un item para poder cambiar la naturaleza a un pokemon por una a nuestra eleccion. Tambien se puede dar en algunas ocasiones una master ball de premio, asi puedes atrapar a un shiny que aparezca facilmente. estos objetos no se pueden intercambiar ni vender. -eventos estacionales: estos eventos se celebrarian cada cambio de estacion, como en invierno, verano, primavera... aqui se puede hacer una quest, mazmorra, ect...en la que podamos capturar un pokemon legendario y poder usarlo, aunque no se permitiera en modo torneo, de esta manera no afectaria en el competitivo y tendriamos pokemon legendarios para usarlos en farmear, luchar vs amigos por diversion, etc... los ivs del pokemon legendario 25 iv en hp, atk, sp atk, def y sp def, solo 31 ivs en velocidad, naturaleza ramdon o neutra, asi cada jugador puede poner la naturaleza que quiera con el item de cambio de naturaleza de los eventos mensuales. el pokemon legendario no se puede intercambiar, igual que los pokemon gift de la historia. -eventos anuales: este evento puede celebrarse cada aniversario de pokemmo, hacer un evento especial y que el premio fuera un item o que algun npc te transforme un pokemon en shiny, el pokemon y el item no se pueden intercambiar ni vender. un shiny cada año no es gran cosa, tampoco afectaria al mercado al no poder venderse. ya hay montones de shinys raros, un regalo asi cada año a los jugadores no hace daño al juego. claro que para regular esto se deberia de establecer unos requisitos, para no abusar ni que se creen cuentas masivas. algunos requisitos pueden ser tener cierto numero de horas en el juego, tener cierto numero de pokemon capturados, tener todas las medallas...que no sean muy dificiles de obtener pero que evite el abuso de cuentas secundarias. con estos cambios el juego seria mas atractivo y cada poco tiempo tendriamos eventos para obtener esos premios y cambiar la rutina del juego. tampoco interfieren en el mercado, ya que los items raros no se pueden vender ni intercambiar, tampoco los pokemon de evento o shinys anuales. cada año obtendriamos: -8 items de cambio de naturaleza y 4 masterball -4 pokemon legendarios -1 shiny esos serian los premios mas importantes, no lo veo abusivo ya que hay muchos pokemon legendarios, se tardarian bastantes años en conseguirlos todos, 8 cambios de naturaleza no es mucho, 4 se usarian en los pokemomn legendarios al igual que las masterball. la mayoria de jugadores obtienen 1 shiny cada año, no es abusivo uno a su aleccion, ya que no se puede hacer negocio con el. No se si estaran de acuerdo conmigo, pero los que si lo esten que dejen un like, haber si algunas de estas propuestas se hace realidad. un saludo a todos los jugadores de pokemmo.
  4. 341: Battle (VS Wild Pokemon) does not work with the new update either.
  5. I made a music mod but it does not work the victory song in hoen, the number 412, it worked fine before the update, help
  6. yes, it´s possible. substitute the songs of a mod for which you like the other mod and change the number according to where the song is located. Here the tutorial:
  7. Put in your pokemmo client the final fantasy soundtrack DOWNLOAD: FINAL FANTASY VII OST FOR KANTO: https://www.sendspace.com/file/t65jry FINAL FANTASY VIII OST FOR HOEN: https://www.sendspace.com/file/y9wrpu FINAL FANTASY X OST FOR UNOVA: https://www.sendspace.com/file/r67lca * In FINAL FANTASY X OST FOR UNOVA i added other Final Fantasy Soundtracks for complete the MOD. HOW TO USE: Place This Zip Under Mod Folder "\PokeMMO\data\mods" Give me "like" if you liked the mod :D
  8. Music About Golden Sun Music At : Golden Sun Bonus Animated Login Screen : Yes.
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