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  1. as titled. Pokemon evolves when you collected 3 of a kind
  2. I believed votes are just votes, just for players to show if they liked this idea No one says high votes will 100%be implemented
  3. 标题:比骷髅头还帅气的头盔!拐杖糖骷髅骑士 描述:以前无聊搭配出来的,结果发现看着比骷髅头好看,也曾有不少路人问怎么搭配。 时装:橄榄球帽(黑),闪焰眼镜,骷髅衣服(可用细纹代替),手套(红),拐杖糖 其中手套也可用白、 背饰可用恶魔翅膀(深红),黑白披风,扫帚,姜饼人等任意喜欢/拥有的随意搭配
  4. Iirc ufo hat was once 3m+ few weeks ago due to similar actions of a group of people
  5. It's not about tension, it caused more panic than tension This year LNY hits on 2nd day of Lunar calendar. With only 5/10min notice (and on midnight of Beijing/SEA time) we can hardly make arrangement as we speculate event probably comes a few days later. I understand that we have no ETA to anything from devs, but if event is certain and arranged, why not to make it known earlier? Even for in-game grinding, says I have just used Amulet coin/shiny charm/entered contest or anything else requires commitment of time, and update earthquake hits, what do I do? How would I feel? Do I continue to do whatever I wanted to do when server is up? Or do I join event immediately? Doing bug fixes doesn't necessarily mean event will be bug-free and players can always find new bugs for you
  6. I would like to ask for a small changes for event, that is announcement of starting date/time several days before actual event. I believed this would help players to arrange their time and be prepared for event. Take the most recent LNY event for example, MMO's event started on 2nd day of LNY where most Chinese are still celebrating. While event is meant for all, Chinese would feel they missed out at least one day (if irl arrangement could be made) Besides, I don't see cons of announcing starting date/time of an event if the event is certain
  7. U have moves info in ur pokedex once you own the Pokemon
  8. @Dontea wow thanks for your input. I would appreciate if one same character gets multiple slot be addressed, though it doesn't (and probably never) affects me As for the long hours of single dungeon run, I do hope these "experimental" dungeons would contribute input for future legendary/h.a dungeon.
  9. Actually he is good friend of mine, and I didn't meant to make it difficult for him, that's why 4. was in the list The purpose of 5. Is IF 4. were to be implemented, meaning purposely occupying more than 1 party's slot
  10. There is nothing to worry if you never do anything against the rules
  11. I didn't play the event but have heard from friends, would like to understand from others(you). 1. Too many berries spawn Would it be better if items are random from a similar pool, says 1x each choice item, 4x certain berries and 4x evolution item. Would this reduce possibilities of failing dungeon early due to no power item/evolution? And progress to following waves would add more powerful held items to pool so that may appear next wave. 2. Leaderboard category While some may attempt to beat with less members, would it be appropriate to add different category, eg 2-member, 3-member and 4-member ranking. This is due to full party has advantage over lesser party. 3. Reward- percentile I believed our community is huge and many has made attempt to get Nian hood. It was made clear that it would be back next year. I am thinking if it will be better if reward made to top percentile of ranking, instead of specified number of party. Leaderboard would still be similar, just that it will have another page states the current percentile holder score and player (your) best score. 4. Party / Individual Reward If party clear with exact same members, maybe it's better for leaderboard to update their score instead of letting the party takes 2 slots. 5. Alts If one knows the trick to event, is it allowable for them to have 4/8 or more characters to occupy the leaderboard?
  12. Couldn't help with what was done but hope it will prevent future accidents
  13. You could use some berries (of Chansey dislike flavour) to reduce happiness
  14. Silver and Gold were never here. Probably another game? XD
  15. I believed both are at most ~3m each Could try your luck at trade channel for cheaper shinies
  16. So far, for most dungeons we have seen, it takes very long if one would like to score higher. I personally don't have a consecutive long hours to play game, let alone learning a single dungeon run from scratch. Proposed: - save point/check point after every wave. Players can opt to leave dungeon temporarily, continue or end dungeon (similar to Battle Frontier) Leader takes the choice and pop out window for members to agree/confirm with leader. If leader chooses leaves temporarily, all link members leave dungeon with progress saved until they rejoin or forfeit current run. - along with save point, players can continue to play next wave with potentially different team/member (who have reached same wave AND opt to leave temporarily) Leader should have an interface to check each member's current wave. Party can join lowest wave if members are with different progress, eg wave 4/4/2/5, the party can only join wave 2. - leaderboard score This would potentially affect scoring system. The score may now use highest wave, time used for the wave as standard. Rewards should still be made to party instead of individual. - training ground A simulated place for players to test-fight normal wave (excluding bosses) at faster pace and learn about items that may appear
  17. Probably a swarm, it happens but it's rare and pokemon appears are not always same
  18. Not sure which egg group you need. You can open GTL, advance search egg group and leave blank other options. Then, you can see all the listings and check where they are caught from summary.
  19. These pictures are from a friend 1. The dragon mask being unknown item 2. Searching for ox/dragon with text "unknown" 3. Character wearing ox cloth (im not sure if the item name) 4. Character with both dragon head and ox cloth
  20. With the leaderboard, I doubt difficulty will be adjusted unless there is major bug that is being widely exploits
  21. You can just go ahead and try out your team. Gym rebattles are easier coz we can have lvl 100 against lv 80+. Their team member are pretty consistent. The only thing (for me) to note is that beware of Hidden abilities of pokemons, leader can have them, eg Multiscale Dragonite at Fortree city. Many of them run weather oriented team, fire/grass type are often seen with Drought lead (HA Ninetales or Torkoal) I would ignore weather most of the time but will always break Hail. The Snow cloak evasion can be irritating Last but not least, don't be surprised if they use any pokemon that is not if their signature typing in rebattles
  22. How long would it take to hatch all? With flame body 5 min per round?
  23. Yeah i hope this wouldn't hurt those who run fast (i consider myself a decent runner) and would help those who have just finished the storyline and encourage them to tackle gyms. We have seen Typhlo Drought, Hydreigon Krokodile in almost every gym team. I do hope people can use their favorite pokemons when they play
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